Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Society of Saint Pius X Continues to Grow — Sets New Record at 700 Priests


Priestly ordinations of the Society of Pius 2022 in the USA.

 (Menzingen) The Society of St. Pius X (FSSPX) has more than 700 priests for the first time.  The growth is unbroken.  The Society of St. Pius, as the community of priests founded by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre is commonly known, is growing and thriving.  Not everyone in the church is happy about this.

 This is not just about those who are unhappy that the Society is attracting vocations, but about those who seem to have problems with priestly vocations in general.  Cardinal Raymond Burke said in 2019:

 "Anyone who wants a 'different church' does not want priestly vocations".

The decline in priestly vocations is often self-inflicted.  There are various reasons for this, ranging from a “different” understanding of the church to wrong prioritization.  The most recent example was provided by the Corona hysteria, when bishops and leaders of diocesan seminaries south and north of the Alps rejected candidates and threw out seminarians because they did not allow themselves to be “vaccinated” with a genetically modified Covid preparation.

When certain Church circles occasionally complain about the lack of vocations, as in the run-up to the Amazon Synod, this usually serves other purposes.

In Santa Marta, too, the view seems clouded, because Pope Francis is waging a campaign against diocesan bishops and religious orders whose seminaries are particularly well filled or vocations are particularly numerous.  Anyone who "stands out" in this way seems to be annoying.  The confreres in the bishops' conferences feel disturbed with empty seminaries, and apparently Pope Francis also feels disturbed.  The dioceses of Ciudad del Este (Paraguay), San Rafael (Argentina) and Fréjus-Toulon (France) are three well-known examples, as is the Order of the Franciscans of the Immaculate or the Society of the Holy Apostles, all of which have been the target of papal intervention.

The shocking experience of a newly ordained French priest in Santa Marta is significant.

The capricious thought needs to be clarified: when a diocese or a religious order attracts numerous vocations, it is obviously not a reason for Pope Francis to rejoice or even be interested in carefully learning the reasons or the charisms that lead to such a pleasant development  have led.  On the contrary, those who have many vocations are suspicious, automatically placed under disapproving observation, subjected to a visitation... and sometimes radically crushing the work (deposition of the bishop, closure of the seminary, dissolution of the Order...).

Society of Saint Pius X with a new high

The SSPX announced a few days ago that, thanks to the ordinations that have just taken place in their seminaries in the northern hemisphere, for the first time they have more than 700 priests.  Considering the Church as a whole, that is not so much, and yet, as the past has shown, it is a vigorously thriving seed.  The SSPX is thriving, and so are a number of communities that have come out of it in one form or another.

This new record is causing considerable concern in some Church circles.  In contrast to the dioceses and religious orders mentioned, the Society of Saint Pius X is not open to disciplinary or even final interventions by Rome in terms of canon law.

On the occasion of the new high, the Society of Saint Pius X published a statement last Friday:

 "As wished by Monsignor Marcel Lefebvre, his original mission to the Society of St. Pius X (FSSPX) will continue with 'all the works necessary for priestly formation'."

With the ordinations in the Northern Hemisphere, the Society now numbers 707 priests.  In the past few days, 17 new priests were ordained there: six in the USA, eight in Switzerland and three in the Federal Republic of Germany.  Twelve deacons were ordained this year.

The Superior General of the SSPX, Father Davide Pagliarani, is quoted in the statement as saying:

 “The Society of St. Pius X has a duty to help all those souls who are currently dismayed and discouraged.  First of all, we have the duty to assure them, through the facts themselves, that the Tridentine Mass can never disappear from the face of the earth: it is an extremely necessary sign of hope.  Moreover, each of us, whether priest or believer, must lend them a helping hand, because those who do not wish to share the goods from which they benefit are in fact making themselves unworthy of these goods.  Only in this way will we truly love souls and the Church.”

With this "desire to work for the good of the universal Church", the intervention of our Lord is "gratefully recognized" in the "enormous growth" of the Society of St.

 This growth in the number of those who "work for the complete restoration of the Catholic priesthood and of the traditional Mass" is a joy, but should not make one arrogant or lead one to think that this is the work of man, nor should one  satisfied with this milestone," the statement said, because "much remains to be done."

The Society of Saint Pius also refers to other ancient ritual communities.  It is "important" to take their number into account.  The Society of St. Peter therefore has 341 priests, the Institute of Christ the King and High Priest 80 priests and the Institut du Bon Pasteur around 50 priests, which are the three most important former so-called Ecclesia Dei communities.

The statement closes with a word from Superior General Pagliarani on the subject of priestly vocations:

 “We entrust these intentions to the Sorrowful Mother, to whom we address our prayers, because no one has penetrated the mystery of our Lord's sacrifice and his victory on the cross better than she, for no one has been so intimately connected to his passion and triumph.  Our Lord has put the whole world into her hands.”

 Text: Giuseppe Nardi

 Image: FSSPX

Trans: Tancred

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J.V. said...

Why do I get the feeling that, in 30 years, the SSPX will be the salvation of the Church?

Constantine said...

Let's face it! The man who replaced Archbishop lefebvre is really Archbishop Vigano. He is the voice of Tradition at this moment. But it should have been the SSPX. They don't aggressively fight Rome as before. Since Bishop Williamson was expelled from the SSPX. For fear of the Jews?

Anonymous said...

Williamson is still out there doing what he did before.

Anonymous said...

A church that says: "Our Lord has put the whole world into her hands, " is Catholic.

Tom Kirton said...

One day, the entire SSPX will become Catholics and begin serving the People of God and not just an exotic boutique sect.

Anonymous said...

I thought you gays liked boutiques?

Tom Kirton said...

"I thought you gays liked boutiques?"
They do and that's why there are attracted to invert sects such as the SSPX.
Lacy boys!

Anonymous said...

Don’t pretend you don’t love grandma’s lace at your cocaine fueled parties at CDF.

TK said...

"...grandma’s lace at your cocaine fueled parties at CDF." You obviously have first hand experiences of this kind of kinky behavior.
We await the tell all paper back.

Anonymous said...

I do have experience of it from the wide news coverage as a result of people doing what people with your ecclesiology do.

Stuart Alexander said...

Wonderful news.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has never assisted at an SSPX chapel has no right to say anything negative. Go there first. You will not have a negative thing to say.

Hugo DeValera said...

"...assisted at an SSPX chapel.."
What on earth does that mean? Is it some kind of working bee?

Anonymous said...

"Assisting at the Mass" is a phrase that describes attending the Traditional Latin Mass.
Glad to familiarize you with a familiar phrase that has been around for centuries.

Anonymous said...

It’s noteworthy that when someone tries to say something positive, useful and productive, how jealous and full of malice the NO clergy and bolschi hangers on are who come around to diminish what God has given us.

Anonymous said...


Are you Catholic? You should know what is meant by the phrase.

Anonymous said...

Gaybrielle is gay and by definition can’t be Catholic,

Anonymous said...

July 15 @9:56am

He knew. He was trying to be cute.

Anonymous said...

Tom Klirton. I was in a Novus Ordo seminary, and the men had their boyfriend's staying the weekend in their rooms regularly. Who's gay again, sir?

I will see the Novus Ordo annihilated for the abuse I have suffered from it and from people like you.

Catholic Mission said...

The SSPX lke the present popes and the liberals is still interpreting Vatican Council II and other Magisterial Documents with a False Premise. So there is a False Break with the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus and other Magisterial Documents.
The SSPX religious formation for their priests denies Feeneyite EENS. It denies the Athanasius Creed by positing pracical exceptions of the baptism of desire etc which are always physically invisible cases in our reality. So they cannot be exceptions.
They re-interpret the Catechism of Pope Pius X ( invincibloe ignorance) with the same mistake.
So today when Pope Francis does not interpret Vatican Council II with the Rational Premise in harmony with 16th century EENS, the SSPX is clueless.
There is a rational interpretation of the Council with the Rational Premise in which the Council emerges traditional but this was not told to Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. Pope John Paul II and Cardinal Ratzinger also did not tell this to Bishop Bernard Fellay. Even today Pope Benedict is keep silent on this issue of Vatican Council II being dogmatic, in harmony with EENS, when LG 8, LG 14, LG 16 etc are seen only as always hypotheical and speculative and not practical exceptions for the past ecclesiocentrism of the Church.
So the use of the False Premise as a standard part of Catholic theology is there at Econe and also the pontiical universities and seminaries in Rome. In this the SSPX are modernists, heretical and schismatic.
They do not deny this.
If they are asked if the 707 priests that Vatican Council II is a break with Tradition ? They will answer Yes. This is a sign that they are using the Irrational and not Rational Premise to interpret Vatican Council II and so they differ from Brother Andre Marie MICM, Prior at the St. Benedict Center, New Hampshire, USA. He uses the Rational Premise to interpret the Council and his conclusion is traditional and differs from that of the SSPX:

Andy Cymbalak said...

Joseph Ratzinger, the conciliar theological expert, wrote in his Vatican II diaries that large scale reforms had to be made to the Mass of 1570. It had become fossilized and stuck in a Baroque freeze frame. The only thing, in his opinion, that people and priests had in common was that they were under the same roof. The rest was high theatre, with the audience peering on from afar, occupying themselves while the clerical performers clad in their ornate floral drapery did their own arcane thing in a dead language with rubrics that had long lost their original meaning.

The 2800 bishops at Vatican II made the right decision and returned the Eucharist to where it stared and that is with Christ not contained in a counter Reformation rubrics book.

Anonymous said...

The NO is a trite on the spot product designed to avoid offending Protestants and Jews, but little concern about offending God.

AC said...

Five Popes since 1965, the worlds bishops and 99.98% of the Catholic people are out of step with you, Bozo 7.17 pm. Feel better for the shallow vent?

Anonymous said...

Most of the time I’ve been to the NO, it’s sparsely attended by a few bored homebodies wearing shorts and sweatpants. Sermons are often trite, and especially heretical. Lol that must be a sign of positive growth in the reformed mind.

Constantine said...

The Tridentine Mass appeared a bit fossilized because in the early 1900's they resurrected Gregorian Chant. This created a dichotomy between those up on the altar and the choir and people 10-20 minutes behind the text the priest is following. But the separation between people and priest was to some extent necessary, and even existed in the Eastern Liturgy with an Iconostasis. This is so the people understand that they cannot offer a sacrifice to God to forgive their sins without the priest doing it for them.
Furthermore, objectively speaking, one of the undefined yet, implicit, infallible dogmas of the Church is that people have no rights in public to voice an opinion contrary to or diminshing God as ruler of our political, social, moral, economic and spiritual spheres of life.
This dogma has been repeated consistently throughout the 2000+ years of Christianity.

AC said...

A dogma undefined is no dogma at all but simply speculation by a particular theological school. The Assumption was taught widely both in the Western and Eastern Churches for over 1500 years but it was not a dogma until Pius XII defined it as such.

What about 'a little bit dead' or 'just a little pregnant'?

As for the rights of Catholics in great detail, take a close look at the 1983 Code of Canon Law in the long section "The People of God".

Anonymous said...

That sounds like sex predator clergy who are skeptical about whether or not original sin is possible. How self-serving!

The NO is as much a tribute to the laziness of the clergy as it is sub-rational and Christianity is nothing if not a rational proposition.

AC said...

"...Christianity is nothing if not a rational proposition."
Then what's your excuse Bozo?

Read up on syllogisms 101, Twit.

Anonymous said...

Why are you so insincere and defensive Gaybrielle? It shows the real weakness of your position.