Saturday, July 2, 2022


 Edit: I’m going to send 10 euro a month. This is really one of the best informed and enthusiastic Catholic journalists in Europe. You can go to PayPal. Sorry about that! I hate PayPal!!

Update July 3, 2022

Between G Nardi, Messa in Latino, Catholic Church Conservation and Network of German Priests, InfoVaticana, I’ve been able to bring a lot of amazing Catholic figures in traditional circles who used to go virtually unreported before Rorate and a few other blogs. [Neoconservative figures from Washington DC can only say so much] We’ve worked at bringing you tge late and much missed Richard Spaemann, Antonio Socci, Msgr Georg May, del Cigoña, among others. After was hunted from the internet for laughing at an aberrosexual comedian who died, they were one of the few left.  Even some more reliable people were  cowed into parroting the accepted narrative against them and joined in the hunt. The Neconservative e-commerce site, led the charge.

Of course, we could occasionally rely on snotty Rorate, or the Remnant, but those publications are controlled opposition, and won’t criticize you know who…

1Peter Dive has taken it upon themselves to streamline many of a few of the aforementioned figures into wider dissemination, but they are, like New Liturgical Movement, controlled and almost completely void of a political dimension.

Anyway, G. Nardi blocks his site behind  a paywall till he receives about 2,000 Euro every month. This helps me a lot to bring stories and insights you won’t find elsewhere in English. Even if I’m poorly informed, G Nardi and his associates are not. is OK when they aren’t borrowing without crediting.



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