Monday, July 4, 2022

🇺🇸 Happy 4th of July 🌈


Anonymous said...

Seasons greetings to all of you colonists. I wonder how you feel about independence now under the tyranny of Sleepy Joe. You’re just lucky he’s not as smart as Trudeaux 🇨🇦 or else it would be a lot worse. Even our American born PM has cut our shackles and let us breathe free again.

Enjoy your 4th 🧨

🇬🇧 Ian Worley 🇬🇧

Anonymous said...

What do these videos have to due with each other???????

Gladstone said...

Y/T Sermon at the top of the stack- @6:30
Catholic Priest takes aim at the Global Synagogue

If you haven't watched it, go and have a look!

Anonymous said...

The striking down of Roe V. Wade was pretty awesome for the 4th and the last video has Charles Coulombe talking about Murika and. singing patriotic song’s.