Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hungary May Introduce Constitutional Ban on Homosexual Marriage

[national secular society] Under pressure from the Vatican, the Hungarian government is planning to introduce a complete ban on abortion and any prospect of legalised gay marriage in its new constitutional proposals.

At a meeting with the pope earlier in December, the Hungarian ambassador was told that it was “desirable that the new constitution be inspired by Christian values, particularly in what concerns the position of marriage and the family in society and the protection of life.” The pontiff’s wishes are reflected well in the governing Fidesz party’s proposal, which — in additional to mirroring papal teaching on abortion — says marriage is “the most natural community of man and woman.”

The pope told the ambassador that “Europe would be finished” if heterosexual marriage were no longer “the norm”. He said: “Europe would no longer be Europe if such a basic cell of the social construct were to disappear or to be substantially changed.”

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