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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hungary's Prime Minister: "A Europe Governed by Christian Values Would Regenerate"

Edit: Hungary has been challenging the established order now for some time, invoking St. Stephen, King of Monarchy, and attempting to abolish abortion. What else is in store? Also, remember, this man isn't Catholic, but protestant, but he's defending a Catholic order all the same.  The following is an attempt to translate the article from InfoCatolica with some help from google:

The presentation of the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, at the XIV Congress of Catholics and Public Life on "Hope and Christian Response to the Crisis", did not disappoint the expectations of the public, with a standing ovation that broke the silence that had followed his conference. Orban said that European economic depression does not respond to a "situation", but is a result of a crisis of spiritual order. Specifically, what is happening in Europe is the result of the forgetfulness of Christian values ​​that were the basis of their prosperity.

(CEU / InfoCatolica) The Hungarian Prime Minister wondered how it was possible that the collapse of the European dream of union based on Christian beliefs was still driven by them. "The European crisis," he said, "has not come by chance but by the carelessness, neglect of their responsibilities by leaders who have questioned precisely those Christian roots, that is, the driving force that allowed European cohesion, family, work, credit ... These values ​​were the old continental economic power, thanks mainly to the development which in those days was done in accordance with principles."

As an example of the economic collapse that led to the crisis, he cited a change in direction of the credits previously granted to persons accredited, as responsible, but have come to offer to those who were not. There was a credit, yes, explained Viktor Orban, but even this was subject to the "standards" of Christianity. Thus, in a "Christian Europe" the excesses that caused the current difficulties, would not have been possible, he said. "A Christian Europe would have noticed that every euro is worked for. A Christian Europe would not have allowed entire countries sink into slavery to credit."

Loans with usury, uncollectible lead to debt slavery

He recalled how the Old Testament prohibited usury and how the Church has always rejected the abusive charging interest ... until the Reformation which gave way to greed, so that now the credits have been stripped of their moral dimension and entire countries have become enslaved by debts. "The yoke is no longer the sword to become debt," he added. This has become a more acute crisis in which political leaders have begun to forget the human aspects to be forced to pay the debts of the former, who in turn, have safeguarded their personal interests placed in large companies or institutions after "a career" in politics, said the prime minister of Hungary. The new leaders look with scorn and mock Christian values, especially for the defense of life, family.

The Example of Hungary

Orban has stated his belief that behind every successful economy there is "some kind of spiritual driving force." "A Europe governed according to Christian values ​​would regenerate" stressed in the light of this reasoning."

He gave the example of his country, Hungary, explaining that a poor country like Hungary with a legacy of communism and where the average pension is 250 euros, has begun to rebuild morally. Calling to mind that their first king, St. Stephen offered the crown to the Virgin Mary, dying without issue.

Your new constitution is based on the dignity, freedom, family, nation, fidelity, and love, with the express obligation to help the poor. That is, it is based on Christian values, something that has deeply angered the European left that came to condemn in the Parliament in Strasbourg , because it wants to make Europe a continent where atheist family concept is replaced by individualism.

As a result of his own experience, Viktor Orban proposed a renewal of culture and politics based on Christian values ​​and, more precisely, in the description that St. Paul makes where charity rejoices with the truth. "We must make our that message and not see another way ..." Orban said at the end of his lecture, enthusiastically acclaimed by the audience for a few long minutes of applause.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cardinal Schönborn Possessed by His Demons in the Cathedral

For about two years the bare breasted grotesque has defaced the Viennese Stephansdom and the memory of a Nun murdered by the National Socialists.

(, Vienna) On Saturday evening the Old Liberal Cardinal Christoph von Schönborn opened an exposition with the theme "The Cross in Sculpture" in his Cathedral museum.

This was reported by the Austrian news agency "kathpress".

On display are about sixty works from sixteen who hate the Church.

Among them is a satire of the cross, Blasphemers by Alfred Hrdlicka (+2009).

Hrdlicka considered himself to be an admirer of the Soviet murderer of peoples, Josef Stalin (+1953).

Cardinal Schönborn is enchanted by Hrdlicka's blasphemies.

Old Catholic Baptism as an Opportunity

For his opening speech, the Cardinal went especially to Hrdlicka's botched works.

He struggled to describe Hrdlicka's parents, who had been slaves of Communism, as victims.

So they had allowed their son to be baptized Old Catheolic for that reason, so that their six year old son would not suffer any disadvantages during the glorious government of martyr and Bundes Chancellor Engelbert Dolfuss (+1934).

Actually, Dolfuss didn't belong like Hrdlicka or the Cardinal, to an Old Catholic or Old Liberal sect, rather the Church.

He was murdered by the National Socialists.  Even that would have been -- had he lived in this time -- not have happened to the opportunistic Cardinal.

Hrdlicka was always demonstrably atheist.  He was buried in 2009 by the Viennese scandal pastor, Anton Faber, in an enormous and public Catholic Funeral.

Cardinal Praises the Grotesque

Even more striking the Cardinal mentioned a shameless 80,000 Euros which was paid in 2009 for the Hrdlicka ordered Demon Display which hangs in the Cathedral today.

The figure defaces a memorial of the Holy Nun, Sister Restituta Kafka (+1943).

Se was murdered by the anti-Catholic National Socialists.

The bust in the Saint Stephen's Cathedral shows a black haired whore with bare breasts.

The names of Communist political prisoners are engraved on it.

Heaven and Hell Can Not be Together

Cardinal von Schönborn  praised the disgraceful connection of the saintly nun with the Communist hooligans.

That shows that Sister Resituta was hung "in the middle of Communist street car workers in the Brigittenau" [20th District of Vienna].

The crucial difference between the two was not noted by the Cardinal:  while Sister was received into heaven, the executed Communists who went to their deaths despising God did not."

Communists Hate Mercy

The prince of the Church found touching words for the political criminals.

As they supposedly  had committed "only crimes" in the eyes of the National Socialists, the Cardinal determined that the crosses on the graves of the "colleagues" could have been placed:

"In the Christian understanding, this deed was an act of mercy" --  as the Cardinal had a misfire.

Sister Restituta was supposed to have grown very close to the Communistic dregs in prison -- slandered the Cardinal.

Hrdlicka had memorialized this connection, in which he engraved the names of the Communists on the bare breast of his representation of  a witch.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

EU Continues to Propose "Sterner Measures" Against Opponents of Same-Sex Marriage

Editor: last week, just before Easter, we heard the rousing declaration of the Hungarian Parliament, along with howls of protest from many quarters, revoking its old Stalinist Constitution and invoking its first Christian King, St. Stephen, affirming Hungary's connection with Christendom and working against same-sex marriage. Here's the story from the German District Site of the SSPX:

Vivanne Reding, European Commissar for Justice and basic rights, read a speech in the last year for the EU-Parliament what the true significance of the EU is:

"We don't want any people to resist same-sex marriage. In case this isn't understood, we will have to employ sterner measures."

Now the EU commission would like to implement what Frau Reding had proposed and put it in a misleadingly good sounding request.

There will be fewer administrative restrictions for EU citizens through the recognition of all personal status among all of the EU Nations: that touches birth status as well as death, marriage, partnerships and adoption status.

That sounds good for the time being, practical and good. There are, however, in the EU, Nations with very different laws in effect regarding what are valid marriage and adoption rights. This will force conservative nations to accept liberal legal requirements, even if these conflict with their Constitutions.

If for example, two Hungarian lesbians "marry" in the Netherlands and receive semen to conceive a child and Mother 2 adopts it, Hungary then has to recognize the artificial "family" upon its return to enjoy all of the rights and privileges of a natural family.

Therefore a nation must recognize this situation, which would be in contradiction of its own legal system. This situation contravenes national sovereignty and the principle of subsidiarity.

The European Constitution prescribes the legal harmony of the right and agreement of family rights of the member states, and is expecting that the EU "guidelines" are enacted to promote "homosexual marriage" without a consensensus through the back door.

This is where the EU shows what its understanding of Democracy is. "A more stringent measure" sounds, if anything, like hard enforcement from above without the consideration of the opinion of the people and must probably deserves to be described as "Dictocratic"! It is also deplorable that these words come, of all things, from the Commissar for Justice and Basic Rights! Who still pleads for the true basic and natural rights of citizens in the EU, as for example, those rights of a child for a natural birth and to be raised in a family with father and mother? Must these adolescent children deserve to be sacrificed to these homosexual ideologues?

Whoever wishes can learn more about resisting the forced recognition of same sex "marriage" by the EU, here. It has English and German.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hungarian Constitution Invokes St. Stephen, Abolishes Abortion

Editor: Of course the EU will want to look into this, ehem. Forget about sovereignty. With a special h/t to Alaric who also posted this on FE.

In Hungary the powers of progress have had the political upper hand. They used the opportunity of the hour to renew the land. By Lajos Weberstein
The Crown of St. Stephen

( The decadent EU does everything to destroy Marriage and Europe and capitulate to the stone age.

Actually, it's not everywhere that Europe is being laid flat by progress.

So the Hungarian Parliament has ratified this Tuesday a new Constitution.

The Constitution was adopted by a two-thirds majority of the national government party 'Fidesz'.

'Fidesz' are the representatives of the anti-Democratic, old and ex-communist Hungary -- and their accomplices in decadent Europe -- they are a thorn in their sides.

It is also the case that this party took part in the fall of the Communist Dictatorship.

After the introduction of the new constitution, the stone age opposition of the Left seethed.

Because the text is such a clear rejection of political masochism, it begins with the words:

God, Save Hungary

National Commitment

We, the members of the Hungary Nation, assert our responsibility to say the following for all Hungary at the beginning of the millennium:

We are proud of the fact that our King Stephen, the Saintly Patron of the Hungarian State for a thousand years had built a secure foundation and placed our Fatherland in the line of Christian Europe.

We are proud of our forebears, who persisted for that, who have fought for the freedom and independence of our Land.

We are proud of the great spiritual accomplishments of the Hungarian people.

We are proud that our people had defended Europe for a thousand years and whose common values were enriched by their talents and enriched its industry.

We recognize the role of Christianity in the persistence of the Nation.

The Constitution protects the institution of marriage as a life in common between a man and a woman as well as the family as the foundation of the nations progress.

The constitution promotes the decision for to have a child.

The defense of the family was the ruling concerning the main focus of the law.

The anti-child opponents wanted to put forward their opposition to unlimited respect for human life.

Actually the new Constitution said:

"The value of human life is unfathomable. Every person has the right to life and human value; the life of the foetus is protected from conception to birth."

The new Hungarian constitution contains also a debt limit, unlike any other European constitution has.

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