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Friday, May 4, 2018

Saint Statues and Crosses Destroyed in Bamburg Churches

The Archdiocese of Bamberg speaks to about the "rash of violence" and says: "We can currently confirm 6 cases of vandalism in 5 churches"
Bamberg ( Saints statues and crosses have been destroyed in five Bamberg churches. Catholic churches and a Protestant church were affected. The spokesman for the Archdiocese of Bamberg, Harry Luck, told on request: "We are shocked and saddened by the violence in Bamberger churches. We can currently confirm 6 cases of vandalism in 5 churches. Sculptures and saints statues were overturned, pictures were torn off the walls and a pane hit. In consultation with the police we call the communities, believers, sacristans etc. to special attention. The police are investigating and will continue to inform during the day. Consult the press office of the police inspector Bamberg."

According to Bavarian Radio, the property damage apparently amounts to several thousand euros, the Criminal Police determined and have promised to give more information about it today.

The Association of Sacristans of the Archdiocese of Bamberg wrote on Facebook: "Keep your eyes open! Here in Bamberg yesterday and today. It was yesterday and today in the monastery church. St. Otto today and the Evangelical Church of the Redeemer also got it."

Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Consecrated Hosts Stolen for Black Masses?

Theft of consecrated hosts: A wrought-iron crucifix was used as a crowbar to break into the tabernacle.
(Rome) Late in the evening of March 22, consecrated Hosts were stolen in a church in the archdiocese of Ancona-Osimo from the tabernacle. The suspicion also falls upon Satanists. The responsible archbishop made the following statement the very next day:
"With deep sorrow I announce the news that on the evening of March 22, 2018 in the parish church of San Francesco alle Scale, unknown hands broke open the tabernacle and robbed two ciboria with the Most Holy Eucharist. This is a terrible act that insults God most severely and deeply offends the heart of our local church because there is nothing more precious in the Church of God than the Holy Eucharist.  
It is an outrageous act deliberately committed to steal the sacred species and misuse It for who knows what sacrilegious purposes. Anyone who has committed this act has incurred excommunication, from which only the Holy See, because of the particular gravity of the act (excommunication latae sententiae ) according to Canon 1367 CIC, can absolve.  
Our hearts are joined in reparation and adoration to pray for the conversion of those who have insulted our Lord Jesus Christ present in the Most Holy Eucharist. I call on all priests to celebrate Holy Mass this week for the remission of sins and to hold a moment of worship with the community, if possible on Holy Thursday, March 29th. On March 23, at 6 pm, I will celebrate the Holy Eucharist with the local parish in the desecrated parish church and adore  the Blessed Sacrament of the altar to worship the Lord and ask for mercy. May the Immaculate Virgin and the holy church patron be intercessors.
+ Angelo Spina, Archbishop of Ancona-Osimo. "

"The situation is clear"

The archbishop indicated in his statement what some media have stated more clearly: The archdiocese is greatly worried that the apparently, the deliberately targeted robbery of the altar sacrament - otherwise nothing was stolen - could serve satanic purposes. The Corriere Adriatico headline on March 24:

"Breaking in the Church: Black Masses with the Consecrated Hosts"
The exorcist, Don Paolo Sconocchini, shares the same view in an article in the newspaper Il Resto del Carlino of 25 March. The exorcist has no doubts: "The sacrilegious robbery" is aimed at "black Masses at Easter". The Satanists would ape the "Holy Mass but celebrate it backwards." Good Friday and the Easter Vigil are for Satanists the most important moments of the year.

Don Sconocchini is pastor of the Church of St. Charles of Osimo.
"The situation is clear. Since the consecrated hosts have no value for a thief as loot, the perpetrators have a different goal. The Satanists have a teaching that turns our faith upside down. The death hour of the Lord on Good Friday is a moment of joy for the Satanists."

Crucifix as a crowbar

He also said that a wrought-iron crucifix was used as a crowbar to break the tabernacle. The crucifix was badly damaged (see picture). Robbers have their burglary tool with them when they go on a heist. In this particular case, the enemies of the Church are at work who have sacrilegiously planned their crime in detail and pulled it off.

In recent years, there have been no similar incidents in the area.
"But it is an open secret that these groups, committed to the occult, gather in holy sites to celebrate their rites."
Satanism is divided into different directions. Also, the role that Satan plays in the different directions is different. Common to them, however, is the rejection of Christianity and the openness to Satan. This is expressed in their symbolism. For them, the number of the animal is important and positively occupied, the three times repeated "f" (the sixth letter of the alphabet, but also the so-called Nero cross, also known as the death rune, as used by the anti-nuclear and peace movement.

The pastor and exorcist speak of "dark powers that are at work in our time." Every generation has committed sins, but there is a difference "from the generation of our grandparents": "Earlier generations still had a clear idea of ​​good and evil. This distinction is becoming more and more unstable and blurred. "

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Youtube / Ancona Today (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Sunday, April 3, 2016

"Worrying Trend of Antagonism to Christians" - Arson Attacks Against Churches

Burning Church of Ylivieska
(Helsinki) The number of arson attacks against churches is in a "worrying" trend, says Corrispondenza Romana.  Behind this stands an increasing hostility towards Christians. Two of the latest examples speak for themselves.
On Easter night, a Lutheran church in the Finnish city of Ylivieska was burned.  The old wooden church, which had been built in 1786, was swept away by the flames.  Despite the immediate intervention of the fire brigade, the church could not be saved.
The faithful were appalled. They insisted in celebrating Easter service at the burned church. The firefighters left no doubt. It was arson. Since the fire was set at the Easter Vigil, where the Christians would commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the grave, there is little doubt that this was a targeted anti-Christian action. A 30-year man is said to have been arrested, according to social networks.  

Arsons in Calais

Saint Pierre of Calais
The fire of Ylivieska is not an isolated case.  Last January two Catholic churches in France were set on fire. A church in Fontainebleau and in Veneux-les-Sablons. Both churches are consecrated to Saint King Louis IX. 
Last Tuesday unknown individuals set fire to the Catholic Church of St. Peter of Calais in northern France. Also in this case, no people were injured. The cultural and moral damage, however, is large.
In Calais the rapid deployment of the fire brigade prevented worse. The organ, a lectionary and altar vestments were damaged. The fire had been set at five different locations. The Mass on Wednesday morning has been canceled because the police had closed the church closed for the investigation.
On Wednesday afternoon because of the sacrilegious attack, a rite of reparation took place instead.  Then  Holy Mass was celebrated. Pastor Pierre Poidevin filed a complaint with the police against the unknown persons.
"Calais, which is flooded with  uncontrolled mass immigration, has experienced, simultaneously with complete indifference of the media and authorities, a criminal form of Christian hostility", said press agency Medias Press Info . The arson in the Saint-Pierre Church was no more than an example.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Corrispondenza Romana / No Cristianofobia (screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Church Desecration: Tabernacle Broken Into and Consecrated Hosts Smeared with Excrement

(Milan)   Again the Catholic Church has been a target of sacrilege. The scene of the crime was the Holy Cross Church of San Giorgio su Legnano, in Lombardy. Unknown vandals broke the tabernacle and threw the consecrated Hosts on the floor and smeared it with human excrement, with which they also defiled the altar.
The statue of Our Lady of Sorrows they blackened with the soot of candles and hot wax was poured  over her head. The face of suffering Jesus and  the large cross was blackened, which is venerated in the church, and gave it its name. The perpetrators stuffed wax in the mouth, ears and eyes of Jesus Christ.
Pastor Luciano Premoli called the parish to atonement and prayer. "We have been faced with such a serious, indeed, unimaginable desecration of the Holy Eucharist," said the pastor. Because of the desecration, the   church remains closed for the time being. Many believers have expressed their outrage, sadness and affection for Christ and His mother by candles and flowers in front of the church door. The mayor and the local government  have offered a bouquet as a sign of solidarity. "To the perpetrators, I can only say: shame on you," said the mayor. 
On Sunday, the Rosary is prayed and the desecrated crucifix will lead the procession. Then the Episcopal Vicar Monsignor Gian Paolo Citterio will say the purification ritual  for the desecrated church.
The Holy Cross Church of San Giorgio su Legnano was consecrated in 1393 by the then Archbishop of Milan, Antonio de Saluzzo (1376-1401). In 1703 it was rebuilt in the Baroque style in its current form. The church belongs to the Archdiocese of Milan, and thus uses the Ambrosian rite of the Roman Catholic Church.
Police are investigating.  The investigators do not want to offer an opinion as to whether or not they are Satanists or not.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred

Monday, May 5, 2014

Anarcho-Leftists Damage Famous Karlskirche in Vienna

(Vienna) Attacks and vandalism against churches have been mounting in Austria are piling up for several years. On Saturday night, the famous Karlskirche was show with paint pellets and daubed with slogans by left-wing extremists in Vienna. "Police said the damage was enormous," as the ORF reported. The perpetrators damaged several statues with their paint on the outside walls of the church. Anarchist symbols and a dripping font "from repression follows resistance" point to the extreme left-wing "autonomous" way. It is assumed that there are multiple perpetrators. The official line is that there is "currently" no evidence of the perpetrators. However, the left-wing extremist scene in Vienna is very well known to the police.

Arson Attack Against Mary Our Lady Church in Bregenz

Arson against Mariahilf heroes thanks church Bregenz

In Bregenz on Lake Constance unidentified perpetrators engaged on Saturday night in an arson attack on the Mariahilf Church. At about 1:20 AM, a 52-year-old woman discovered the fire. With the help of a a 62-year-old man, she tried to extinguish the fire. She had to be treated for suspected smoke inhalation in the State Hospital. The perpetrators had doused the church door with chemicals and set it on fire.

A canister was secured near the church door. The police are asking the community for evidence in both cases.

In March, several churches of Vienna had been damaged. A 37 year old man was detained and confessed to six acts he is alleged to have done on a "divine mission". The police suspect a single perpetrator in this case. The situation is different in the attack on the Karlskirche, which carries clear political handwriting and reveals hate for the Church.

The Karlskirche (St. Charles Church) was build by Emperor Charles VI. who took a vow during the last plague back in 1713. Its patron is Saint Charles Borromeo. The church was built from 1716-1739 by Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach and completed after his death by his son Joseph Emanuel Fischer von Erlach. The church was under Imperial patronage until 1918. The church has been looked after since its construction by the Order the Cross with the Red Star from Prague. (A Lay association founded by St. Agnes of Bohemia) On November 4, 2013 Bishop Vitus Huonder of Chur celebrated a Pontifical High Mass in the Karlskirche in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite.

The Mary Our Lady Church in Bregenz is the parish church of the Vorkloster-Rieden district. It was built in 1925-1931 according to the plans of the architect Clemens Holzmeister. The parish church is also dedicated to heroes for the fallen soldiers in the First World War.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ibrahim A. -- A Ghanian Asylum Seeker as Church Desecrator


On Saturday afternoon of the 29th March 2014 there were four churches of Vienna which suffered severe, religiously motivated criminal damage, especially statues of saints and sacred objects. Alleged perpetrators: an asylum seeker from Ghana.
Has the Archdiocese of Vienna and kathpress has hidden the (alleged) vandal, Ibrahim A.'s religious belief so as not to mess up the Caritas business with the asylum seekers? [Image: National Police Headquarters in Vienna, image quote by]

Systematic property damage

  • the statue of St. Jude Thaddeus was pushed from its by its marble base, in Vienna's St. Stephen's Cathedral,
  • in the parish church Breitenfeld four statues was overturned and the lid of the baptismal font destroyed,
  • in the Lazaristenkirche of Vienna in the fingers of a stone statue of Saint Vincent had its fingers chopped off,   all (!) statues in the church damaged or destroyed, the "wooden body a crucifix" (ie Christ) was torn down and demolished while his arms were chopped off,
  • in the parish church Neuottakring there was property damage.
  • The "Kronenzeitung newspaper" reports of possibly three other acts of vandalism at churches in the district of Meidling.

Ibrahim A. - religiously motivated offenders

In a press release from the Police Headquarters in Vienna from 30March 2014   they describe damage to property in St. Stephen's Cathedral: "On 29.03.2014 at 17:15 hours an unidentified man threw a statue of the saint in the church of St. Stephen from its marble base. A moment later the man wanted to leave the church. Many passers-by forced the 37-year-old Ibrahim A. to the ground in front of the cathedral shop  and held him until the police arrived. The accused described religious reasons as his motive. He was arrested."
The Vienna Cathedral Parish Priest Fr. Anton Faber supposed that the offender Ibrahim A. had "been a madman [I], who was playing religious themed music prior to the incident on his iPod." In addition, the offender Ibrahim had suffered a  "psychotic episode" and been seized by an "internal disturbance".
Ibrahim A. was prevented from the destruction of the Sacred Heart image. 

In the course of detention by those present, Ibrahim A. had also injured a person slightly.

Offender set free - warned by police against renewed arrest

The spokesman for the Vienna State Police, Roman Hahslinger, although the presumption was obvious that the perpetrator was a serial offender, he was not arrested apparently.
Rather, the police didn't   question   Ibrahim A. at the time.  Not until this week will he be asked about the other crime scenes. -  Thus, if he can be found again the police have pre-announced his timely arrest.
Oddly enough the police did not consider the grounds for detention (such as  the danger of recidivism).

Ibrahim A. - an asylum seeker from Ghana

In media reports, the origin and status of the (alleged) church vandal is mostly concealed.
He is the 37-year old Ibrahim A., an asylum seeker from Ghana, who is housed in the care center in Lower Austria Traiskirchen.
How fortunate that he was able to  save, despite the assuredly alleged persecution  in Ghana, his iPod from his African tormentors. Otherwise he would not have gotten the "inspiration",  to "proceed against religious statues." 
The fact that he referred to the Catholic faithful as "puppets", fits well into the picture.

Whitewashing by the Archdiocese of Vienna and the Catholic Press Agency (kathpress)

Characteristically,  the Archdiocese of Vienna and Catholic press was silent on their websites about the origin of the offender and the Cathedral Parish Priest Fr. Faber  himself  and the release of the police referred to the religious motivation of the Ghanaian asylum.
The other assessments of the offender by Father ("seized by an inner disturbance" or "psychotic episode") Faber, however, were cited.
In the OTS- broadcast, the Catholic press (on the following day at 14:02 clock) is rather pointed out that "the uncharacteristic act of vandalism for the otherwise peaceful life of religions in Vienna" and that "also no one was [would be] harmed."
Why is there silence about  the Muslim religious devotion of the (alleged) perpetrator?


For legal reasons, the presumption of innocence for the asylum seeker from Ghana, Ibrahim A. applies. [Naturally!]
Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Church Desecrated in Ohio

Edit: he who plants seeds of hatred against the Catholic Church, as the Leftist press has, reaps desecrated and damaged churches.

The Rev. Dave Ireland points to damage on a 1,000-pound, marble statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The statue and the two St. Anthony statues in the background were pushed from their pedestals over the weekend. They are now in storage to be repaired. Police are looking for suspects in the vandalism.

SOUTH EUCLID, Ohio  --Three statues on the grounds of Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church, including a 1,000-pound, life-size, marble Blessed Virgin Mary, were found early Sunday pushed off their pedestals.
"When we found her, she was lying face-first in the grass and dirt," said Sacred Heart's pastor, the Rev. Dave Ireland. "I don't know how you could get the strength to push it over."
The nose and parts of the veil got chipped in the fall, said Ireland.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Traditionalist Carlist Communion in Spain Plans Response to Church Desecrations

In solidarity with Catholics in Spain, we wanted to draw attention to what they do when faced with the desecration of their churches in a society increasingly hostile to the Church. Numerous desecrations of the churches in Spain, and in particular, an assault on the Madrid University Chapel last year, are prompting not just a vocal response or petitions to the authorities, who will in any case do nothing, but action on the part of the Traditionalist Carlist Communion in Spain.

Students there don't just sit around and wring their hands. They plan things. Here are the following Google x-lations:

We hereby inform you our warmest congratulations for the initiative announced for next April 14 (round table with the title: RETURN OF THE PERSECUTION AGAINST THE CHURCH?).

The organization of this round table is a brave and necessary in a climate of growing anti-clericalism and Christophobia. On the other hand is what is expected of an institution, the University, born to intellectual thought and the pursuit of truth.

We are encouraging our members and supporters to disseminate, support and assist such an act. The desecration of the college chapels featuring anti-Christian groups, and other recent attacks and some sacrilegious calls are announced, they should not go unanswered. It is therefore necessary to achieve a unity of action of all Catholics to defend the rights of the Church. In this effort can always count on the Carlist.

Reiterating our disposal for any specific help we could provide, receive a cordial greeting in Xto. Rey, Rey,

Javier Garisoain Javier Garisoain

Secretario General de la CTC Secretary General of the CTC

Here's another report with a petition you can sign:

We implore you to act in defense of freedom of the Church.

We all wish it had not happened, but there are the desecration of the chapel and the announcement at the municipality of Somosaguas is without any governmental reaction. There will be an anti-Christian procession on Maundy Thursday. Are you one of those who want to think that only a cold spring, as soon as it happens will simply go? Do you think the current governmental system will take appropriate measures to stop the proliferation of such repugnant acts? Do you think the complaints will have an effect? Are you one of those that close a newspaper or switch channels when they hear news like that? Or, finally, you are not aware that something has just begun, and do not know what to do or think?

The next day 14, THURSDAY, 12:30, in the School of Law of the UCM, round table with the title: RETURN OF THE PERSECUTION AGAINST THE CHURCH? We will speak clearly of that, we will analyze the current situation of anti-Catholic persecution, and will extract the lessons of history.

Speakers: Dona Consuelo Martínez-Sicluna, Father Ángel David Martín Rubio, José Javier Esparza and Jose Miguel Gambra.

Event organized by the Association Francisco de Vitoria University Forum in strong protest against the sacrilegious acts recently committed in the chapels of the UCM and in general, the persecution suffered by the Catholic Church in our university and Spain. The results can be viewed shortly at: www. forouniversitariofv . blogspot. com

Read it, spread it and do your best to attend.

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