Thursday, April 11, 2013

France: Calls to Dissolve National Assembly at Scandal Ridden Socialist Government

The furor (see English-language video above) over the revelations of the offshore bank accounts of former Socialist budget minister Jérôme Cahuzac, now banned from the Party, has produced a tidal wave of articles, speculation, recriminations against the government, calls for the resignation of the prime minister and, from Marine Le Pen, repeated calls for the dissolution of the National Assembly. In a brief video at Nations Presse, she commented on François Hollande's television appearance on April 10 during which he denounced the deeds of Cahuzac as an outrage to the entire nation. This was Hollande's second address to the nation in one week:

"He reiterated his desire to fight against tax havens, but you have the feeling that you've heard this speech fifteen times already. I'm surprised because I thought that at the G20 Summit on April 2, 2009, he had declared the end of tax havens. And now I see that in reality that was never done! When there is a rupture of confidence in the men who are leading us, when there is a total rupture of confidence as is the case with the political and economic policies that are being followed, then it is time to dissolve the National Assembly. But that was not the decision made by the president. I am sorry, because there too it was a measure that was, I believe, expected by the French people!”

Back on April 3, 2013, when the public was still reeling from this explosive scandal of tax evasion and lying, Gilbert Collard, deputy from le Gard, who ran on Marine Le Pen's coalition party in June 2012, commented on the responsibility of the government to step down. In the video below, the reporter asks him if he feels, as Marine Le Pen does, that the National Assembly should be dissolved and that the government should resign. He responds:

"The situation is no longer manageable, the government is dysfunctional, the government no longer governs, the president no longer presides, the National Assembly is monolithic - one side systematically says yes, the other side systematically says no. We must arrive at a process that defines our policies."

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