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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

50,000 at March for Life in Rome -- Dedicated to Mario Palmaro

(Rome) Last Sunday, the 4th of May, the fourth March for Life was held in Rome. Within a few years it became the largest  right to life action in Italy and one of the largest in Europe. On the first march on May 28, 2011 in Desenzano on Lake Garda, 600 people took part. Since 2012, the March for Life will take place in Rome. Last Sunday, 50,000 people for the right to life marched through the streets of Rome to protest against the murder of innocent children by abortion. The fourth march was dedicated to  the recently deceased legal philosopher Mario Palmaro, who was one of the founders of the Italian March for Life.

March for Life has "Revolutionized" the Pro-Life Movement in Italy

The initiative led to a radical change of the right to life scene in Italy. For many years this was coupled in a kind of  alibi for   the ruling Christian Democrats, although here and there in relation to reassure the electorate's anti-abortion position, but took no action against child murders. The March for Life originated in the United States. Its adoption in Italy provided a powerful break from the  political party embrace. Since then, the pro-life movement on the Apennine peninsula is independent and since then, her voice has become audible in the public debate. All major media reported on the extraordinary feed on the right to life march, which coursed on Sunday through the streets of Rome and ended in St. Peter's Square. The success was expected neither by pro-abortion nor opponents, was invited four years ago for the first time to a "march". The march is not an organization but an event and sees itself as a platform for the protection of life. All groups and organizations may participate in it on the basis of a clear common denominator: an uncompromising NO to abortion and the injury of innocent life.

Initiative Traditional Catholics

Relevant initiators of the march are Catholics who could no longer endure the suffocating situation of the pro-life movement in Italy. Among them is mentioned in the first place the historian Roberto de Mattei, as ever, he has  discovered traditional Catholics to play   a central role in the March for Life  in the city of the pope. With this addition to members of various other orders,  the Franciscans of the Immaculate were there from the outset.  Many brothers and sisters took part in the march, but above all they recruited at all their branches and involved churches and places of pilgrimage for the march.
As early as 2012 and 2013, led the march for life again after a two-hour course on St. Peter's Square, where they  participated in the Regina Coeli, as the   Pope concluded. Unlike previous years, this time thousands of Pro-Lifers went immediately to St. Peter's Square. By their banners, the burning issue of the mass murder of unborn children to the media was made ​​even more visible.
Pope Francis, who greeted the participants in the past year and to petition the European citizen petition One of Use - was only evident in Italy, although it was an EU-wide action,   last Sunday stressed yet more the international character, the the initiative March for Life has now. Coming from the U.S. such marches take place as found today in several European cities such marches, including in September, also in Berlin and Zurich.

In Memoriam of Mario Palmaro

In front of  the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli and the Martyrs, the chairman of the initiative March for Life, Virginia Coda  Nunziante said in her speech: "We show that there is a movement for life, that it is alive and that it has not resigned in the face a widespread indifference and the daily killing of innocent children in the womb."
One of the most poignant moments of this year's march was when the Chairman called for a minute of silence for the deceased last March, legal philosopher Mario Palmaro: "This year we have a painful gap in our ranks:  of Mario Palmaro. He was a teacher in thought and life for us. To him we want to dedicate this fourth March for Life ". A banner was to read: "Thank you Mario Palmaro".
Mario Palmaro, who was only 45 years old, died on March 9, from an incurable disease, one of the initiators of the Italian edition of the March for Life. The  convinced life defender  was among the most intellectually fierce critics of Pope Francis and the conduct of his office in his last months of life.  A year ago he had taken yet on the third march for life. In the morning before the march Bishop Marco Agostini celebrated a memorial Mass in the Immemorial Rite in the crowded Carmelite church of Santa Maria della Vittoria for Mario Palmaro. Another Mass in the Immemorial   Roman Rite was celebrated after the march in the equally crowded church of the Fraternity of St. Peter in Rome, SS Trinità dei Pellegrini.

Cardinal Burke held Eucharistic Adoration and Marched Again

14 cardinals supported this year's march. Previously, it was only Cardinal Raymond Burke, who moved especially demonstratively through the streets of Rome and invited the bishops and cardinals  to go anywhere in the world on the road for the right to life and against abortion and euthanasia.
As in past years Cardinal Burke led Eucharistic Adoration on the eve of the March in the Basilica of S. Andrea della Valle. And again  the traditional Cardinal demoted by  Pope Francis walked along all the way from Piazza della Repubblica to the railway station to St. Peter's Square.

Rome Life Forum: Appeal to Bishops, no Communion for Abortion Politicians

On Saturday Cardinal Burke took part in   an international right to life meeting, which took place in Via della Conciliazione in the hall of Pius X.. In his speech, the cardinal affirmed the prohibition of the Catholic Church against giving  Holy Communion to public sinners. The Cardinal thus supported by the presence of 52 leading Pro-Life  advocates from around the world who appealed on the same day to the Catholic bishops, "in a spirit of love and mercy" to refuse Catholic politicians who are for abortion Communion. The appeal was supported by the Rome Life Forum organized by  LifeSiteNews, Human Life International and Family Life International. From the German-speaking countries, Jugend für Leben joined in the appeal next to the offshoots of Human Life International.  The March for Life in Rome was supported by 107 Italian organizations, associations, initiatives, groups, and even parishes.
The next March for Life will take place on May 10, 2015.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Corrispondenza Romana
Trans: Tancred

Monday, September 23, 2013

Over 4,500 Germans Participate in March For Life in Berlin Last Weekend

Edit: in addition to the pro-Life march in Catholic Slovakia, there were 80,000 participants last weekend according to Aletia, there was a Pro-Life demonstration in Berlin. Nothing else on this march appears in the media. Also, there was an event, an ecumenical one reported on and supported also by the SSPX in Germany, of the Pro-Life March for Life in Post-Protestant Berlin with 4,500 participants. Not to fear, the numbers are growing and headway is being made.

SSPX did point out that the Germany media (Including the Catholic) downplayed the numbers at the event. German police authorities estimated the turnout at 4,500.

Here's a report from Kathnews:

Berlin (Catholic news / BVL). More than 4,500 participants took part this year in the March for life in Berlin, which was much higher than last year, in which 3,000 participants were counted. The Chairman of the Right to Life Federation, Martin Lohmann, said "The pro-life movement in Germany is on the rise. Even and especially among younger people there is a growing awareness of life. This is evidenced by the numerous young participants in this year's silent march - an impressive and peaceful witness to life". The March for Life began at 1 O'clock with a rally in front of the Federal Chancellery. The RTL chairman Martin Lohmann stressed: "We are for peace, but against any violence! We are in for real self-determination, for freedom, for true humanity, for tolerance, for creation. Together with Albert Schweitzer we say: Without reverence for life, the human race has no future."

At the rally, a woman who had an abortion of one of her children gave a testimony. "Immediately after the appointment was over, I knew that I had killed my child." An young woman affected by Down syndrome said: "I'm glad that I am in the world, and live!" Hedwig von Beverfoerde, coordinator of European Citizen's Intiative, "One of Us" in Germany, proclaimed at the stage program: "Last week the European quorum reached one million supporters! In Germany alone, more than 92,000 citizens have signed. This is encouraging." Martin Lohmann pointed out at the end of the march: "This year, the Peace March for Life was run without any major complications. The protests against our freedom of movement are ultimately only a strong confirmation that we needed a peace march for life. We say yes to human life and the dignity of every human being, from the beginning until its natural end! We do not want a suicide on demand, prescribed or not prescribed suicide because of old age or disease.

We are for all people, for the life of all people! Those who advocate, referring to his own body, to want to live and love without being patronized, we call for: We like to "patronize" of spirit, heart and mind! We know that we are more than our bodies! Responsibility and freedom have something to do with mind, heart and soul. This is lived freedom. This is the freedom of life. This is freedom for life! We are not afraid of true freedom. We have no fear of life!" March for Life participated with more than 4,500 participants in an ecumenical worship service in the Berlin Cathedral at its end. Here Hans-Jörg Voigt, Bishop of the Independent Evangelical Lutheran Church (SELK), gave his episcopal blessing. Planning: Martin Lohmann, Georg Dietlein Photo: March for Life, Berlin 2013 - Source: Burkard M. Lang Link to Kathnews...

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bishop Tobin a Bit Disappointed in Pope Francis

Edit: we thought this was worth mentioning:

What was your reaction when you saw Pope Francis stop the Popemobile in the middle of St. Peter’s Square earlier this year, lifting up above the crowd young Dominic Gondreau, the disabled son of Providence College theology professor Dr. Paul Gondreau, so that he could pray over the child?

Obviously it was a very blessed moment for Dominic himself and for the whole Gondreau family, and through them for our whole diocesan church. We were truly blessed that day that the Holy Father reached out and touched and embraced a member of our flock. It was a great moment and a great blessing. The other thing I want to say though, is that I’m a little bit disappointed in Pope Francis that he hasn’t, at least that I’m aware of, said much about unborn children, about abortion, and many people have noticed that. I think it would be very helpful if Pope Francis would address more directly the evil of abortion and to encourage those who are involved in the pro-life movement. It’s one thing for him to reach out and embrace and kiss little children and infants as he has on many occasions. It strikes me that it would also be wonderful if in a spiritual way he would reach out and embrace and kiss unborn children.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Pro-Life Doctor Xavier Dor Condemned -- A Desire to Save Lives and Mental Illness?

(Paris) Faster than expected, the judges of the 31st Criminal Chamber of the Paris Court have reached their judgment. The prosecution accused the Pro-Life Doctor, Xavier Dor, of recently praying the rosary publicly "without permission" ( see separate report ). In addition, the physician and president of the right to life organization SOS Tout Petits was alleged to have exerted "mental and psychic pressure" on women determined to have abortions, because he had given the gift of baby slipper to two pregnant women who wanted to kill their unborn children by abortion.

Dor defended himself in court with a reference to the right guaranteed in the Constitution, the (mythical) right to freedom of expression. But the 85 year old doctor was found guilty as charged by the judges. Although freedom of expression is a valuable commodity, say the judges, yet it still has limitations: the respect for the other, in the specific case of the women. Given the fact that they were about the murder of another person, namely the unborn child, it was a masterly euphemism.

Because of his age he is expected clemency. The Criminal Court accepted the proposal of the public prosecutor and sentenced Xavier Dor to one month imprisonment and a related 8000 euro penalty. His efforts to persuade women to save the life of their children, was thus declared a criminal offense. But this was not enough, the judge sentenced the doctor also to a "little psychological therapy."

Because the French judge is therefore not so mentally disturbed, he who kills innocent children (or correspondingly demands legislation for killing and decides on it), but who is committed to the lives of the most vulnerable. Yet it is not clear what kind of "psychological therapy" should be imposed on the doctor, given the fact that Xavier Dor sees its struggle as a "spiritual struggle and resistance against the culture of death."

The judgment clearly shows that the attempt to bring into line the (true) right to life for children and the (wrong) right to abortion can not be brought on behalf of female self-determination. The one excludes the other, which all people of good will have always known.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: SOS Tout Petits
Trans: Tancred


Monday, May 13, 2013

Murderer Gosnell Condemned on Feast of Our Lady of Fatima

[Fox News] A Philadelphia doctor was found guilty Monday of murdering three babies born alive in an abortion clinic, Fox News confirms. He was acquitted in the fourth baby's death, and found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the overdose death of an adult patient.

Dr. Kermit Gosnell, 72, was convicted of first-degree murder and could face execution in the deaths of three babies who authorities say were delivered alive and then killed with scissors at his grimy clinic, in a case that became a flashpoint in the nation's debate over abortion.

Gosnell was cleared in the death of a fourth baby, who prosecutors say let out a soft whimper before he snipped its neck.

Read more:

Image: Our Lady of Fatima...

Monday, April 8, 2013

SSPX Protests Holds Prayer March in Freiburg Against Abortion

Leftists Weren’t Able to
Stop Them
Edit: it’s interesting to take note from time to time about the Society’s efforts in Germany where they still play a significant role in culture and politics on behalf of the Church against Her enemies.

[] On Friday, April 5th, the Society of St. Pius X held their yearly prayer march against abortion in Freiburg city center.

Lefto Fascists attempted to interfere with their free speech by disturbing the prayer march.  Through the professional intervention of the Freiburg police, the officially approved demonstration was allowed to continue without any further problems.  Left radicals, who put themselves in the way, were dispersed by three appeals to their sensibility with a special unit of police.

During the procession through the city center, the estimated 200 Catholics -- most young -- continued with their prayers and songs for the children murdered in their mother’s wombs.  The interlopers were kept well in check by the police.

Herr Walter Ramm, president of Action Leben, held a concluding speech at the Kartoffelmarkt.  From afar, the horns and shouts could still be heard.

See the collage at

Friday, March 8, 2013

Four Million Pilgrims Venerate Our Lady From Vladivostok to Fatima

(Czestochowa / Fatima) in Fatima, Portugal, the world's largest Pro-Life action hitherto extends from ocean to ocean. More than four million people took part in the pilgrimage for Life that stretched across the far end of the world in Vladivostock. Nine months ago, in June 2012 in Vladivostok, in the far east of Siberia, the pilgrimage began for the faithful reproduction of the miraculous image of Our Lady of Czestochowa, the famous Black Madonna. On her way she stopped in many countries, among many nations and languages. The pilgrimage led from the Pacific Ocean through the whole of Siberia, Central Asia, Eastern, Central, Southern and Western Europe to Fatima on the Atlantic Ocean. The miraculous image almost touched the whole of Catholic and Orthodox Europe.

The Pilgrimage for Life was conceived precisely to nine months. Its how long a pregnancy lasts. The aborted children do not even live this short period of life, to be born and to see the light of the world. That was Eva Kowalewska, the director of Human Life International Poland and main coordinator of pilgrimage for life’s idea from the beginning. The Polish Catholic developed the idea of a pilgrimage with Russian lifers with Orthodox Church affiliations. "The aim of the pilgrimage is to make as many people sensitive to the protection of life and the defense of the family," said Kowalewska. The organizers, however, rely primarily on divine assistance. Information and education is only part of the pilgrimage, but there is another side in prayer for the unborn and for an end to the scandal of abortion.

The Pilgrimage for Life covered 65,000 Kilomters, 24 countries were visited and more than four million people accompanied the Blessed Mother for a piece in prayer. A variety Orthodox and Catholic communities, parishes, and religious organizations have supported the prayer of action for life.

On 28 September, 2012 the pilgrimage brought the holy image to the German-speaking world, first to South Tyrol. From the 29th of September to the 14th of October they crossed Austria, then Liechtenstein, from 15-24th October, Switzerland, and finally from the 24th of October to the 2nd of November, the Federal Republic of Germany.

Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, Ireland, France, Spain and since the 2nd of March in Portugal, those are the countries visited. On the 9th of March they brought the picture of grace to the church of St. Mary of Nazareth on the Atlantic Ocean.

Link to original…

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: Von Ozean zu Ozean

Any corrections concerns or comments, e-mail


Saturday, February 9, 2013

German Catholic Communications Professor Fired for Statements About Marriage

Hateful Statements Against Committed Catholics Have Consequences

Edit: the following story appeared in several Catholic media outlets recently about University lecturer and Catholic journalist Martin Lohmann who was recently dismissed from a lecturing position because he does not agree with aberrosexuality.

Cologne (kathnews/CF) The famous Catholic publicist and earlier TV moderator Martin Lohmann is the President of the National Association for Defense of Life (BVL) and speaker of the AEK (Network of Engaged Catholics in the CDU).  Officially he is active as the Chief Director of the Catholic private broadcaster K-TV.  For years Lohmann has promoted convincingly and unshakably  the value of marriage, the  protection of the family and the right of all people to life, especially unborn children.  This clear position has led to intolerant antagonisms and media attacks against this imperturbable Catholic. The "Cologne Express" identified him recently as the lecturer of the Munich based, private "Macromedia Hochschuler fuer Medien und Kommunikation" (MHMK) [Macromedia University for Media and Communication].   Hereupon, the speaker of the University made the following statement on Wednesday, February 6, 2013, which stated that Lohmann's criticism of the right of adoption for homosexuals in December of the previous year had caused intolerant consequences:

"Martin Lohmann is no longer a lecturer  in Macromedia University for Media and Communication in Cologne.  After his statements on "Hart aber Fair" in a broadcast of 12/3/2012, the academic directors of Media Management have decided to no longer retain him as an instructor. The University represents in its fundamental values, a human ideal, in which various sexual orientations are respected.  They reject every form of discrimination.  Herr Lohmann's position as an honorary advisor of the University will be evaluated at present."  Lohmann pled in this talk show -- together with Christian journalist and housewife Birgit Kelle -- for the value of marriage between a man and a woman;  both critics of the Zeitgeist defended the classical family as well as the Christian foundations of the ideal.  Actually, what was earlier self-evident,  turns today increasintly into a gauntlet against public opinion -- with draconian consequences, as the most recent exclusionary action against Lohmann documents.

"Funny enough" MHMK wrote the following in their homepage their own side:  "The MHMK is the University, which reflects media wise today's and yesterday's society."  -- Oho,  that can  make "tomorrow" more pleasant, considering how bleak things stand for the freedom of expression for conservatives.

So much for the much-praised "freedom" in our media Republic - specifically media dictatorship Germany. Mention would certainly add that even the left-leaning "Kölner Express", a proven opponent  of Lohmann concedes in its current summation: "The students regularly carry out reviews of the 55-year-old according to the University  have not yet been ​​a negative." But on professional performance on skill and reputation among students are not factors, it is apparently more important to be "politically correct",  the opinion compatible with the zeitgeist, which may not in any way be "made sickly" by Christian principles.

Link to kathnews...

Foto: Martin Lohmann – Foto: HL – LohmannMedia

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The People Want the Old Church Back

The people want the old Church back -- Society of St. Pius X on the Street -- Stormtroopers Attack a Funeral Procession -- "Homosexual" insult every normal person -- An errant fringe group

The People Want the Old Church Back

Germany.  In many parts of the parishes there is now as before difficulties for the acceptance of the Second Vatican Council. The Essen Dogmatic theologian, Ralf Miggelbrink said this for the Catholic weekly 'Tag des Herrn' in the Diocese of Dresden-Meissen, Erfurt Gorlitz and Magdeburg.  In the hearts of people, the Pre-Conciliar still endures, the Dogmatic theologian says: "Many a pastor,  who had collected a lot of money from their communities in order to saw up  a linden wood high altar during the 70s, has produced harm which still has an effect."

Society of Pius X on the Street

Germany.  Last week about 150 Catholics prayed in front of the baby-slaughter organization 'pro familia' in Saarbrucken.  This was reported by ''.  The human butchery is part of the international child-murder firm 'Planned Parenthood'.  The human rights activists prayed the way of the cross for the unborn and drew along with candle light and torches through Saarbrucken.  They carried signs which had messages like: "God's Fifth Commandment: You should not kill" or "Abortion is Murder and therefore a serious sin".

Occupation Troops Attack a Funeral Procession

Occupied Palestine.  This Wednesday Israeli occupation troops attacked a Palestinian funeral procession in the 13,000 population city Beit Ummar -- eleven kilometers north west of Hebron.  This cause injury to some of the funeral guests.  The coordinator for the local people's committee against the building of the wall and new settlements, Mohammad Awad, reported to the news agency 'WAFA', that near the city cemetery, troops attacked the procession.  They fired tear gas grenades and noise bombs amid the people.  The inhalation of gas caused most of the injuries.

"Homosexual" insults every normal person

Germany.  Whoever reviles police officials as "homosexuals" will not be charged with a criminal offense.  The decision of the court of Tubingen went according to the anti-Church news site ''.  The concept "homosexual" is apparently not damaging to the reputation or degrading but value-neutral.  The accused had insulted a police official as "homosexual", "dirty ...." and "fairy".  For the last two insults and further infractions like assault with bodily harm the accused was fined with a fine of 1,350 euros.

An errant fringe group

"A very strong presence, in the armor of Our Lord, against the homosexual minority, who are treated as if they were a significant part of our society, and not as an errant fringe group.  Keep it up, continue to expose the lies of those who are lost, so that they can be brought to truth."

From a missive to Europe's largest Catholic site ''

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Leftist Plan to Disrupt Peaceful Pro-Life Demonstration in Münster

Edit: a similar demonstration featured what appeared to be thousands of leftist whistling and throwing various objects at the German pro-lifers in Berlin, and even taking their crosses and throwing them in the river. These "Antifa" demonstrators are a good argument in themselves for the justice of the Church's position on abortion.

Radical Leftists plan a massive disruption of the 1000-Cross Action in Münster on the 10th of March

"fundamentalist opponents of abortionist stumble on 1000 crosses" -- under this motto the left radicals are planning to disrupt the 1000-Cross March on the 10th of March.

The organizations are the "Emacipatory Antifas of Münster", "Against 1000 Crosses" and the "Münster Association". At 2:00 about a half an hour before the start, the chaotists will enter the Aegidiikirche square. After that, around 7pm there will be a "Queerfeminist Concert with concluding party against 1000 Crosses" at the Münster armory.

In their call to arms, the leftist radicals aren't mincing any words: "For years there has been a so-called 1000-Cross March in Münster. At the same time, dozens march through the streets with white wooden crosses in order to protest for an end to abortion.  Even this year they want to march in the same week as the Nazi march at 10:30 to 2:30 meeting on the Aegidikirche.

These radical leftists are attempting in their declarations against peaceful pro-lifers to portay them as capable of violence.

It goes like this:  "The attempt to force women, to put their bodies in the service of "saving life"
fetus, is an expression of a violent association, which promise to degrade women to baby machines and deny them their conscience, convictions and self-determination. No one came up with the idea to portray people who refuse to donate blood or organs as murderers, which in this case would be a decision over what they do with their body as a fundamental human right.... Every cross of the 1000-Cross march symbolizes the the ostensibly the "sorrow" of the fetus and stigmatizes the woman at the same time, who has broken off her pregnancy, as a "murderer". The shaming on the part of Christian fundamentalists go then so far as comparing women who decide to terminate their pregnancies with SS-Extermination Teams in concentration camps... In the argumentation the self-described "Life defenders" show themselves in their demand, to rigorously deny women their self-determination over their bodies and their continuing life and to place them in the service of a society infused with force."

Without actually meeting such people, it would be easy to take such expressions as a joke.Actually one recognizes here, that they  actually take this grotesque ideology seriously.  It is naturally less an ideology, than the verbalization of an inner moral state, which is made up of hate and contempt, even against self.

We must not allow ourselves to be afraid, and must, despite these threats resolutely go  to the streets and step forward for the right to life of the unborn.

Link to Kultur and Medien...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tear Gas and Water Canons at March For Life in Zurich

Edit: Look at all the Anarchists who showed up for this. This is their speed. It's really too bad there weren't an equally sizable detachment of Swiss Jaegers nearby to clean up the mess while the police looked away.

Even in Switzerland the hooligans want to attack the „Marsch für´s Läbe“ [March for Life] with violence.  Only police units allowed for the demonstration to take place.

Zürich ( Over 1,000 Christians (according to the police it was 1,500 persons) from various churches marched in Zurich's Helvetiaplatz despite threats from autonomous-left cells.  Already int he beginning of the event, hooligans began with their pipes and hooping in concert.  There the professional sound system couldn't even  overpower it on the Helvetianplatz.  Clearly, they were decided to assault the demonstration with violence.  Only decisive and powerful units of the Zurich police could prevent, that the demonstration, in which many children, youth and seniors were participating, the descent to chaos.

The organizers thanked the police at the same time publicly, for their fantastic assistance.  That the costly deployment of dozens of policemen in full gear were necessary, the Pro-lifers found regrettable.  An event which calls for the unlimited defense of life, should not be put on the taxpayer for the cost of police vehicles, water canons and tear gas.  Actually, the guilt for these precautions aren't born by the organizers of the pro-life event, rather the radical anarchists and egoistic partygoers, who have often proven themselves prepared to do violence in the last days. The Pro-Lifers want to march again in the coming year on the 10th year of the time limit to march again.The "Marsch für s’Läbe" 2011 has motivated them to fight in other ways that people in Switzerland have an unlimited right to life from their mother's wombs to their natural grave!

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

German Bishops Conference Cooperates With Abortionists

It is an open secret that the staff of the Cardinal  is infiltrated by neo-Liberal abortion lobbyists .  By Markus Miller.

( In Germany there is a 'Catholic Federated Society of Works for Marriage, Families and Life Counseling, Telephone Counseling and an Open Door'.

It was established by the Bishops Conference as a Super-Diocesan point of contact for questions of Marriage, Families and Life Counseling.

A Determined Life Defender

Its current chair is the Diocesan Administrator for Marriage, Family, Life Issues in the Archdiocese of Cologne, Dr. Hannspeter Schmidt..

The Association resides in Bonn and also the Archdiocese of Cologne.

Joachim Cardinal Meisner of Cologne has always presented himself personally as a determined defender of life.

He has courageously compared the murder by abortion of millions of innocent children with the atrocities of King Herod and also of Hitler and Stalin.

He also gets to be cursed by the mass media, which finds itself safe in the hands of the international abortion mafia.

Entangled with the hard core abortion lobby

It is, however, an open secret that Cardinal Meisner's staff is infiltrated by neo-Liberal abortion lobbyists.

The Cardinal appears to be effectively powerless against this.

An example?

The so-called 'Catholic Work Association' has participated for years in a collaborative effort.

This bears the name 'German Work Team for Marriage, Youth and Family Planning.'

The other members of the 'Work Team' are:

- a 'Conference Assocation for Childcare'

- a 'German Work Society for Youth and Marriage Counseling'

- the 'Evangelical Conference for Families and Life Planning'

- the Association 'Pro Familia'.

That is an bitter enemy of the Church

'Pro Familia' is a charter member of the 'International Planned Parenthood Federation'.

The first president and founder of 'Pro Familia' was the former National Socialist politican and racist Hans Harmsen († 1989).

'Pro Familia' insists upon the right of a mother to abort her own child.

The grouping is part of a world wide string pulling operation of the international abortion industry.

In Germany 'Pro Familia' operates numerous abortion facilities.

These are advertised to the public deceptively under the euphemistic title "Medical Center".

Such places for the killing of children are located in places like Rüsselsheim, Bremen, Saarbrücken, Mainz, Kassel and Berlin.

'Pro Familia' propagates a sexual morality that is diametrically opposed to Catholic teaching.

This is the Consequence

The so-called 'Work Team' sees its mission under the direction of 'Pro Familia' as, providing "Essentials and Standards in Institutional Planning" of youth, married couples, families or even pregnancies.

For this purpose, the counselors have partners to cooperate with.

For that reason the website of the Work Team has published a written literature.

These are also combined together with the 349 Marriage, Family and Life Planning operated by the Catholic Church and their 1.200 skilled employees.

The publication list contains among other things advertisements for 'Pro Familia Magazine'.

That is the house newspaper of the German abortion lobby.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rainbow Ron Flip-Flops on Abortion

Here's an apologia and critique of the Pro-Life movement on his behalf by Lew Rockwell, here.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

SSPX Organizes Pro-Life Procession in Freiburg

From the District Website: The yearly demonstration for unborn life has taken place in Freiburg!

With the approval of the police, the Society of St. Pius X organized an event for the prayer demonstration in front of the Abortion Clinic 'Pro Familia' in Freiburg on Wednesday on 27. April. There were approximately 200 faithful praying the stations of the cross and drawing finally through to the city center. The concluding speech was given by the Pro-life Movement, President Walter Ramm.

There were at times eighty policemen present to protect the pilgrims.

And from, the following:

If the defense of the violence of abortion is obviated, then the National Socialism of modern Germany can be swallowed without a problem.

(, Freiburg)The day before yesterday about two hundred brave defenders of human rights demonstrated against the violence of abortion.

It involved a democratic demonstration of the healthy forces among the people.

It was organized by one of the most famous Catholic groups in Germany -- the internationally active Society of St. Pius X.

The abortionists know only one argument: violence

The human rights advocates brought about two dozen of the leftist defenders of the violence of abortion to burning white hot. They had flocked together to fight against democracy and human rights.

The enemies of children violated the personal rights of the democratic demonstrators with a fanatical howl.

They were even encouraged in this to assault the human rights demonstrators with condoms.

The enemies of children found powerful allies in the media bosses.

So, the 'Baische Zeitung' played down the left fascist street violence.

The paper of the regime also underrated the number of the demonstrators down to "120“.

Stupidly they weren't in agreement with the anti-life fascist online news site ''.

Because this one reported -- even still evasively-- twice as many human rights protesters than were there.

'Badische Zeitung' downplayed the fascist racism

The courageous life defenders prayed in front of an abortion "clinic" of the German child murder firm, 'Pro Familia'.

This company was founded after the Second World War by a National Socialist, Racist.

The 'Badische Zeitung' unscrupulously downplayed the company's function by saying that they provide a place where, "in 'pro familia' pregnant women are advised".

The peaceful human rights demonstrators carried posters in order to call people's attention to this manipulation.

There we were to learn, for example: "What does an abortion cost? Not much -- a human life".

Or: "A right to choose to kill?"

A large police force had to protect the human rights defenders from the leftist rowdies.

These disturbed the prayers and songs of the human rights activists with their demonic choruses.

The police officials escorted the human rights activists in their prayer procession with two rows.

Two violent child haters were arrested by the police.

Link to original, here.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gloria Thurm und Taxis Exhorts the Bishops to be Courageous

Princess Gloria asks, what everyone is thinking: "Where are the courageous Bishops, who dare, to go against the Zeitgeist and defend unborn lives?" A quiet protest scribble won't do: "Opposition is the duty of a Christian."

( Every year about 100,000 children die from abortion -- "if one believes the official figures".

The Regensburg Princess, Gloria von Thurm und Taxis wrote this in an article for the German magazine 'Focus'.

Death instead of Help

The Princess is angry about the numbers, about "which we have unfortunately grown accustomed to."

"Will we really just look on, as we kill our own children?"

She asks, as many Einsteins, Goethes or Manns about death.

That the State supports "this mass genocide", supporting the cost in over ninety percent of the cases, makes this a perfect scandal .

Mothers, who don't desire their children, can give them up for adoption -- continued the Princess.

It's an objection that a mother will not be able to give her own child away once she's given birth.

But: "It is madness, to kill your own life's blood, rather than to give entrust it to another pair."

Not merely, rather, but because of Birth Control

Princess Gloria insists that most are exposed to condoms at twelve years of age.

For that reason every fifth child in Germany is slaughtered:

"For over forty percent of the mothers, it would have been her first child."

Hence ,insists the Princess, don't learn a responsible approach to sexuality:

"Here, there needs to be a revision of thinking -- also on the part of the State."

The schools and "the entire public propaganda machine" must reestablish the value of an unborn person again -- she insists.

Every child is a wonder of nature.

Today they would have aborted Beethoven

Princes Gloria argues, using the German composure Ludwig van Beehtoven († 1827).

He had nine siblings. Several of them were handicapped.

The brutal reality:

"Ludwig van Beethoven would have been prophylacticly aborted, no one would want to take the risk of bringing a handicapped child into the world."

The Princess bluntly insists that almost every mother willing to have an abortion could be persuaded by money not to kill her child:

As far as that goes, she insists that the State would profit when the number of births climb:

"We should promote our human capital, instead of liquidating it."

All of the Union Parties [supposedly pro-life] are Falsely Labeled

Since the introduction of abortion it has been the case that "all of the Union Parties are falsely labeled" -- stated Princess Gloria.

For her it is "only consequent" that now the Christian Democratic politicians should set themselves against the pre-implantation diagnostic for the selection and killing of artificially implanted children.

Bishops are Cowards

For the Princess it is "absolutely inconceivable", why the Church is not causing a decisive storm against this situation:

"Where are the courageous Bishops, who dare, to go against the Zeitgeist to defend unborn life?"

The Princess knows no one among the Bishops, "Who has made an ongoing outcry against this injustice which cries to heaven."

Hopeless initiatives against the mass slaughter were quickly silenced by the media:

"Then Bishops lose the courage, alone of all the concerns, to become unloved."

The Princess holds the mirror before the irresponsible senior Bishops: The cowardice of the Bishops will still be bitterly avenged -- she reckons.

Chemical Club against Minors

Princess Gloria offers a hard judgement against the "Green" extremists.

She exponsed this as "horribly inconsequential":

"One can not on one side promote sustainable thinking and a back to nature while on the other side proclaiming the right to an abortion."

The anti-child pill she described as "a pure chemical club", which is already prescribed to adolescent girls.

Euthanasia hits old and poor

Finally, the Princess turned against the growing threat in Germany of the euthanasia of lives considered to be unworthy of life.

This is dangerous for the poor and the wealthy -- she continued with her analysis:

"Whoever is poor, must consider, that they will be given a fatal injection, because perhaps the room of the elder home is in need of being used and is too expensive."

And: "Whoever is wealthy, has to deal with an inheritance, who hope for a quicker death."

Princess Gloria recalled on this that there are sufficient elderly from Belgium and the Netherlands who are coming to Germany, because they fear to be killed in their own homelands.

The Princess's Fatal Conclusion:

"As soon as human life is not seen any longer as a gift fromm God, the intent will climb to find methods to end it quickly -- freely or not."

For her it would be high ime that the Church should loudly rebel.

Because: "A quiet scribble of protest won't do. Resistance is the duty of the Christian." auf Deutsch.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Unrepentant Thug Condemned -- Vienna Pro-Lifers Win Legal Battle

A milestone in the case law:  For a year now law breakers in Vienna -- unapprehended by the police - -  continued their dark work.

[ Vienna] On Monday a Viennese district court condemned the thug Andreas T., who worked for the Viennese child murderer Christian Fiala.  The criminals were found guilty of three crimes.

This was according to video site ''.

For years Andreas T. had been paid by child butcher Fiala for that, to terrorize praying sidewalk counselors.

The comrades of the undercutting Vienese authorities who have stood till now always on the side of the psychoterrorists.

Actually now the judge had no choiceL:  the attacks of Andreas T. were filmed with a hidden camera.

The Abortion Employees Were Violent

On Monday four offenses were handled.  In reality Andreas T. had been responsible for countless offenses in the last years.

Thus he cut the rosaries of two praying sidewalk counselors.  One of the attacks were filmed.

On the next day Andreas T. kicked against the back of a life defender's leg.

Two of those kicks were filmed with a camera.

The stricken life defender made a complaint about the injury he received on his back leg.  A Doctor documented a bruise.

A fourth crime was reported as a theft: on the 15th of June 2009, Andreas T robbed the victim of his wallet, which he took from the life defender's jacket pocket, for a hidden camera.  

He Lied to the Court

Despite the filmed data Andreas T attempted to deny the charges -- to the anger of the judge.

So he argued to the end that he hadn't stolen the gold purse.

His lie:  the visible brown square wallet he said was a folded flier.

The judge did allow himself to be held as stupid: a theft of a wallet also goes to self-enrichment -- he explained to the contrary.

The website '' shows excerpts immediately preceding the theft:  they show how he takes a wallet from the life defender's jacket -- and not some flier.

On the video there are concidentally also excerpts, where Andreas T. steals yellow fliers from the jacket pocket --  a crime, that was not handled on Monday morning.

On the face of it the evidence must have finally implicated the terrorist in a kick.

Previous he had still stolidly insisted  not to have trod on the leg of his victim, rather on an "object" before the leg.

The pained expression of his victim, explained the judge cynically, must have been from the "wind" hitting him.

The judge had to explain to the liar that a confession could serve as a mitigating factor.

Thereupon Andreas T. withdrew to consult with his lawyer.

Finally he insisted begrudgingly: "The video said that I had stepped on him, therefore I had probably stepped on him."

His defender encouraged him to more clearly state his confession.  First he could then convince himself to tell the truth: "I did step on him from behind."

This confession forced by facts, begruding confession was greeted by the judge as mitigating.  He gave failed, in any case, to give any contrition.

In aggravation he indicated that there were more punishable acts to come.

The judge condemned the thug to 100 daily rate for every 2 Euros plus legal costs.

Further, he was required to pay the life defender damages. here.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Violence Against Pro-Lifers in Salzburg

At a Pro-Life demonstration of "Youth For Life" in Salzburg an activist was punched out by a  Pro-Abortion fanatic and had to spend the night in the hospital.

Salzburg ( At a peaceful demonstration by the Austrian life defense group "Youth for Life" this last Saturday in Salzburg a life defender was punched.  The group broadcast this information recently.

The event, at which  Salzburg's Auxiliary Bishop Andreas Laun took part, was disturbed by a counter-demonstration.  This demonstration did not shrink from obscene and unworthy provocations like "If Mary had aborted, we would have been spared."  After the end of the chain of light, as the life defenders had left Mass at the Mullner Parish church, five members of the Youth For Life were occupied with removing torches and banners and were confronted by the pro-abortion people and assaulted.  A young life defender suffered a concussion from a punch and had to spend the night in the hospital.

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bishop Pates of Des Moines is Challenging New Abortionist

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa, November 30, 2010 ( - Bishop Richard Pates of Des Moines has not taken lightly the news that a notorious late-term abortionist is seeking to move into his backyard.

The Iowa prelate has issued a call-to-arms to local Catholics against plans by abortionist Leroy Carhart to move his business to the area.

Carhart left his longtime abortion location in Bellevue, Nebraska after the state passed a bill banning abortion after 20 weeks’ gestation. He has since aroused widespread indignation from Iowa pro-lifers with his plans to resume aborting late-term children in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

'Pro-Life' - Activist Frank Pavone: Tea-Party is the 'Home' of Defending Life

Famous Pro-Life Priest in a press conference in Vienna: the principle goal of the movement remains, in any case, to make abortion legally unallowable. 

Vienna (  An insight in the engagement of the US-American "Pro-Life" - movement was given by activist and President of "Priests for Life" - initiative, Frank Pavone this Thursday in Vienna.  The principle goal of the movement remains in any case, to make abortion legally unallowable, said Pavone during an encounter with a journalist.  The movement also has in any case to raise consciousness in the population:  "We want to make abortion unthinkable."  He could himself "not imagine a situation, in which abortion [were] a solution to a problem",  says the priest. That does not indicate that there will be a denial of the obligation to care for every woman, who has undergone an abortion and been traumatized.

Pavone has come to Vienna on the invitation of Cardinal Schönborn and "International Technical Institute" (ITI). The purpose of his visit is the comprehensive concern of the Pro-Life movement, which has more than 300,000 activists and thousands of action groups, to make it more well-known in Austria" and the strengthen the Church as well, which will be a consequence of protecting life," says Pavone.  Concrete steps for instance will be in the founding of Austria's own "Priests-For-Life" group and a spiritual center for the care of women traumatized by abortion.

A legal no to abortion does not aim to, "touch a woman's rights to be free", said Pavone.  It is much more through the demonstration of alternatives in the face of an abortion in the foreground to facilitate her decision not to abort. The actual liberal legal situation does not allow freedom, rather immediately removes the freedom of the woman because of erroneous information and advice.

As the question for the legal punishment Pavone said, it is the goal of the movement, to fine and punish Doctors who perform abortions.  Women on the other hand, who have procured an abortion, will not be punished, as these are "already in prison" in a figurative sense and at the most must suffer the psychological and physical consequences of such an attack.

Critic of Obama's Healthcare Policies

Pavone has been critical of the health care policies of US President Brack Obama.  He holds to the liberal position on abortion and strengthens it,  for instance through the "Supreme Court" replacement of American justice with personal choice.  Under Obama "a lot has been changed", says Pavone regarding the introduction of Universal Health Insurance.  This is not per se bad, he foresaw -- like the American Catholic Bishops -- but there is the danger that in the coming foreseeable State provisions of government funds could be used for abortion.

The Obama-Politic is favorable declares Pavone that the people are increasingly motivated to be strengthened by the themes of the Pro-Life movement.  So, the "Tea Party" is also a movement which serves as a reservoir for a wide circle of the Pro-Life movement.  It is also that the there are "countless overlaps", even as the "Tea Party" at the most recent "Mid-term" - vote put the focus on the social questions, says Pavone. Principally, the "Pro-Life" movement is therefore "at home with the Republicans".

Despite his critique of Obama's politics, he sees the USA  though "on the right way in the direction toward our goals", said Pavone finally with great conviction.  So there is consequently legal proposals which is aimed to the protection of the child in the mother's body and to advise women about a possible abortion.  If one advised women over the health risks of an abortion, for example the danger of cancer formation, sterility etc., then the numbers would sink, according to Pavone's expectation.

No to Embryonic Stem Cell Research

The movement takes a clear position on the area of bioethics.  They pronounce an emphatic "no" to every form of embryonic stem cell research, which will result in the death of the embryo with this kind of research.  In place of this the "Pro-Life" position is for the use of adult stem cell research - found consequently from umbilical cord  blood.  This is morally permissible and is also even more promising of success.

There is support for the movement, says Pavone, in all religious communities --from the Catholic to the Protestant, Evangelical to the Baptists, Methodists, Judaism and Islam.  For this reason  the supporters from Judaism or Islam, however, are infrequently in the public, that the "Pro-Life - movement is conceived as a Christian movement.  His goal is then also not to unite these Pro-Life voices, rather to strengthen them, for the theme of defending life is part of any respective religion and to give each and every one his own voice.

Pavone is also accompanied on his visit to Austria among others, by the foundress of the "Pro-Life" associated help organization for traumatized women, "Rache's Vineyard", Theresa Burke, as well as Janet Morana of the "Silent no more awareness" campaign.

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