Monday, April 8, 2013

SSPX Protests Holds Prayer March in Freiburg Against Abortion

Leftists Weren’t Able to
Stop Them
Edit: it’s interesting to take note from time to time about the Society’s efforts in Germany where they still play a significant role in culture and politics on behalf of the Church against Her enemies.

[] On Friday, April 5th, the Society of St. Pius X held their yearly prayer march against abortion in Freiburg city center.

Lefto Fascists attempted to interfere with their free speech by disturbing the prayer march.  Through the professional intervention of the Freiburg police, the officially approved demonstration was allowed to continue without any further problems.  Left radicals, who put themselves in the way, were dispersed by three appeals to their sensibility with a special unit of police.

During the procession through the city center, the estimated 200 Catholics -- most young -- continued with their prayers and songs for the children murdered in their mother’s wombs.  The interlopers were kept well in check by the police.

Herr Walter Ramm, president of Action Leben, held a concluding speech at the Kartoffelmarkt.  From afar, the horns and shouts could still be heard.

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Anonymous said...

Praise be to God + ! I am so happy I am beaming. Thanks for this great report. Bless them...Bless them + ! Aren't we all quite tired of Lefto Fascists ! Thanks for this very descriptive Label. Words are indeed important. If we are labeled Homophobes, Etc. we definitely need our own pocket dictionary. You can be a great contributor. I have one I find useful: antisspxic. I realize the word could be better constructed but I like it this way because it is exactly expressive of exactly I want it to express. There can be variations for each other particulars. The reason I need this word is that I keep encountering people even some Catholic people who are forever throwing around the antisemitic word in various instances and then more adamantly and loudly when decrying the SSPX. I'm fed up !