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The People Want the Old Church Back

The people want the old Church back -- Society of St. Pius X on the Street -- Stormtroopers Attack a Funeral Procession -- "Homosexual" insult every normal person -- An errant fringe group

The People Want the Old Church Back

Germany.  In many parts of the parishes there is now as before difficulties for the acceptance of the Second Vatican Council. The Essen Dogmatic theologian, Ralf Miggelbrink said this for the Catholic weekly 'Tag des Herrn' in the Diocese of Dresden-Meissen, Erfurt Gorlitz and Magdeburg.  In the hearts of people, the Pre-Conciliar still endures, the Dogmatic theologian says: "Many a pastor,  who had collected a lot of money from their communities in order to saw up  a linden wood high altar during the 70s, has produced harm which still has an effect."

Society of Pius X on the Street

Germany.  Last week about 150 Catholics prayed in front of the baby-slaughter organization 'pro familia' in Saarbrucken.  This was reported by ''.  The human butchery is part of the international child-murder firm 'Planned Parenthood'.  The human rights activists prayed the way of the cross for the unborn and drew along with candle light and torches through Saarbrucken.  They carried signs which had messages like: "God's Fifth Commandment: You should not kill" or "Abortion is Murder and therefore a serious sin".

Occupation Troops Attack a Funeral Procession

Occupied Palestine.  This Wednesday Israeli occupation troops attacked a Palestinian funeral procession in the 13,000 population city Beit Ummar -- eleven kilometers north west of Hebron.  This cause injury to some of the funeral guests.  The coordinator for the local people's committee against the building of the wall and new settlements, Mohammad Awad, reported to the news agency 'WAFA', that near the city cemetery, troops attacked the procession.  They fired tear gas grenades and noise bombs amid the people.  The inhalation of gas caused most of the injuries.

"Homosexual" insults every normal person

Germany.  Whoever reviles police officials as "homosexuals" will not be charged with a criminal offense.  The decision of the court of Tubingen went according to the anti-Church news site ''.  The concept "homosexual" is apparently not damaging to the reputation or degrading but value-neutral.  The accused had insulted a police official as "homosexual", "dirty ...." and "fairy".  For the last two insults and further infractions like assault with bodily harm the accused was fined with a fine of 1,350 euros.

An errant fringe group

"A very strong presence, in the armor of Our Lord, against the homosexual minority, who are treated as if they were a significant part of our society, and not as an errant fringe group.  Keep it up, continue to expose the lies of those who are lost, so that they can be brought to truth."

From a missive to Europe's largest Catholic site ''

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