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Monday, September 3, 2012

USCCB Retires Evil Counselor John Carr

“I’m just so used to John being our leader,” Rabbi David Saperstein, the Reform Jewish movement’s longtime D.C. representative, said last week after describing what he called Carr’s role in convincing a major senator of the impact of climate change on the world’s poor. Carr, it turned out, wasn’t actually at that meeting. But that’s the way it is with Carr — he’s been so influential for so long that sometimes Hill faith lobbyists just assume his involvement in key events. -California Catholic Daily

Edit: after a generation of influencing the Catholic Church, helping to run it into the ground, he's retiring early, at 62'.

We shouldn't have to look too far to find reasons for why this man's influence has been destructive.  He established the debate supporting Obamacare in the first place, and then tried to play a rearguard action against Obama when what anyone with any sense knew would happen, that he was going to expect Catholic institutions to fund birth control.

He came under fire for being responsible for supporting homosexuality and abortion through the CCHD, and he was a polarizing figure, giving the impression that a Catholic could disagree about Catholic doctrines regarding abortion and homosexuality and yet still remain Catholic.  Maybe someone in charge is finally listening to those who've identified this man's corrosive policies and active promotion of moral evil?

Carr, whose work with the CCC goes back at least as far as 1983, was hired by the USCCB in 1987 as the next secretary for social development and world peace.  Annual reports from the CCC reveal that Carr was on the CCC’s board of directors in 1999200020012002200320042005, and 2006, serving on the executive committee from 1999-2001.  Given his cozy relationship with the CCC, it’s no wonder the CCHD never responded to our concern over grantee membership with this radical group.
Many readers over at California Catholic Daily are relieved he's going, but who will replace him?  Will it be someone who lives and breathes the Catholic Faith, or one who is bent on continuing the American Church's downward spiral into social irrelevance?

Friday, August 31, 2012

Old Liberal Cardinal Martini Goes to His Judgement

Edit: Eternal rest grant upon him ... 

 Fox news coverage got most of the details. It's not to be liked that Fox insists on perpetuating this false notion that Pope Benedict's hierarchy is highly conservative. They must have a nefarious agenda, no doubt.

[Fox] Italian Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, a rare liberal [sic] within the highly conservative Catholic Church hierarchy who was nevertheless long considered a papal contender in the last conclave, died Friday. He was 85.

Martini, a Jesuit and former archbishop of the important archdiocese of Milan, had been battling Parkinson's disease for several years. His death was announced by the Milan archdiocese, which said his condition had worsened Thursday evening.

Martini frequently voiced openness to divisive issues for the church, such as using condoms to fight HIV/AIDS, priestly celibacy and homosexuality, which, while not at odds with church teaching, nevertheless showed his progressive bent. He was an intellectual and a noted biblical scholar, yet he nevertheless was warm and personable and seemed to connect with his flock like few high-ranking prelates.
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Friday, August 3, 2012

Detroit Archbishop Lauds Priest Trampling the Faith

 The Late Cardinal Bernardin to Windy City Gay Men's Chorus

Edit: In case it was thought +Vigneron was an improvement over his hapless predecessor,  perhaps it was a bit naive to have entertained the thought that at last, after many years, the dry desert of Detroit, which truly is a post-modern wasteland by the way, was passing by.  Not so.

One of his priests is campaigning for a local Pro-Abort Democrat. He's ok with that.

Archbishop Vigneron is also an exponent of the "seamless garment" like his spiritual masters, like the late Cardinals Bernardin and  Cushing.

If you want to trample on the Church's teachings, that's ok, but just don't try and put on a priest hat and try and do-it-yourself like Micheal Voris did, or there'll be trouble.   As reported from the American Dream Talkshow:
Detroit archbishop OK with priest’s radio endorsement of liberal candidate

By Jay Mcnally on July 31, 2012

For long-time Detroit Catholics it is barely news that Detroit Archbishop Allen Vigneron is permitting a prominent left-leaning pastor, Fr. Norman Thomas, to publicly endorse a liberal candidate for Congress in advertisements on a major radio station. 
The new page in the continuing saga of the archdiocese’s participation in the Culture of Death — even as it simultaneously panders to the pro-life movement – is the public endorsement of pro-abortion candidate for Congress, Hansen Clarke. He is running in Michigan’s 13th District, which covers a large swath of the city of Detroit. Fr. Thomas is pastor of Sacred Heart Church, which is located in Detroit. 
I discussed this scandal on my radio talk show last Saturday, on WAAM 1600.While I normally broadcast live from the plush WAAM studios in Ann Arbor, I called in to my radio sidekick and fill-in, attorney Chip Kleinbrook. To hear my commentaryclick here on these links. The commentary is in two parts, the first two minutes of the first link are about the swelting Kansas heat, then Chip and I discuss the scandal of the political endorsements.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Benedict XVI Fires Another Old Liberal Bishop

Yet again there is another Old Liberal Bishop of the rundown Post-Conciliar Church --- named by Benedict XVI -- who has been removed. 

 ( Pope Benedict XVI has accepted the surprising resignation of Archbishop Vincenzo Di Mauro (61).

The reason for the resignation is not known.

Vigevano is a 64,000 population city 35 km southwest of Milan.


Msgr De Mauro was the Secretary of the Vatican Prefecture for Economic Affairs.

His dismissal after only three years in an unimportant Italian diocese was widely interpreted as a demotion.

The Italian news agency '' spoke of the dissmissal of the Archbishop.

A broad education

Msgr Di Mauro was ordained a priest by the Old Liberal Archbishop of Milan, Giovanni Cardinal Colombo (+1992) in June of 1976.

Along with theology, he studied Literature, Journalism and Economics.

He was active in the Archdiocese of Milan as a chaplain in various parishes.

Roman Career with Interruption

From 1994-1998 he worked for the first time in the Vatican with the Papal Office of Laity.

Then he came back as a pastor from Milan.

Career Jump Under Benedict XVI

In January 2004 he was named as a Delegate to the Ordinary Section of the "Administration of the Patrimony of the Holy See".

In September 2007 the Pope raised him to Secretary of the Prefecture for the Economic Affairs of the Holy See.

For this administrative post, Benedict XVI consecrated him Bishop on the 29th of September.

Co-Consecrator Was Secretary of State, Tarcisio Cardinal Bertone.

Transfer with Consolation Prize

On the 22nd of November 2010 Msgr Di Mauro was surprised to be named as Coadjutor-Bishop of the small Diocese Vigevano -- 35 km south west of Milan.

As a consolation prize, he was granted the personal title of Archbishop by the Pope.

Msgr Di Mauro published various catechetical works.  He wrote text and composed also downright horrible church music.

The Reason

There are two possible reason for the resignation of the Archbishop: one -- a possible -- entanglement in the disappearance of documents from the Vatican or -- more likely -- sexual indiscretions.

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Civil War in the Conciliar Church

Since the Second Vatican Council the Communio-Ecclesiology has contrived that everyone in the Church fights against everyone else.  Because:  whoever rejects the primacy of reality,  lands in chaos.
Chance another departure.

(, Mannheim)  Already, at the beginning of the Mannheim anti-Catholic meeting on Thursday the president of the German President "Central Committee of Germany Catholics',  Alois Gluck, demanded the establishment of a diaconate for women.

Gluck is very impatiently wishing for women's ordination.

At the end of his address he gave an honor to Europe's largest Catholic website, ''.

He criticized "groups" which defend the Western Christian values, but deny at the same time the "worth" to some Gomorrists -- which are be tramped themselves by the homosexuals' own feet.

Gluck thanked the weather vane Old Catholic Bishops for their distancing from ''.

 A Bishop Says It's So

On Tuesday, the Hamburger Bishop Hans-Jochen Jaschke enthused about the deaconess propaganda.

He said in an article for "Christ und Welt' in the newspaper "Zeit":  "The question regarding the women's diaconate is not decided."

Another Bishop Says Otherwise

Bishop Franz-Josef Overback (47) of Essen criticized the women's ordination propaganda in the newspaper 'Rhenische Post'.

Pope John Paul II has clearly stated, "that the Church has no power, to include women in the priestly office."

Women's ordination is also viewed in the same connection.

It is a  a little beneficial that 'Central Committee' always proposes this theme.

Msgr Overbeck  would rather address problems which are solvable now.

"Very Important", but if only it were otherwise

Archbishop Ludwig Schick of Bamberg desired more influence from women at Katholikentag.

There won't be any ordination of women.  That has been allegedly "so affirmed" by Pope John Paul II.

The women should be department heads in Diocese:  "That would be very important".

Kindergarten teacher more important than a Kindergarten Liturgy --- Presider?

The Archbishop asked a question, "if  the service of a nun or the kindergarten teacher is more important for the kingdom of God than what a pastor does."

Msgr Schick said of the reconciliation with the SSPX that unification with "splintergroups" is a requirement for every Christian.

But that could not happen against the catastrophic Council and its abandonment.

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Diocese of Aachen Distributes Birth Control Financing

Old Liberal Bishop of Aachen,
Msgr Heinrich Mussinghoff
© iba, Pressefoto Bistum Aachen
The inhuman Aachen 'Caritas' has set itself against morality.  In that they mirror in any case, the opinion of the Bishop and in essence, the entire compromised Bishops' Conference.

(, Aachen) The city area of Aachen has set aside a cost subsidy for birth control.

This was reported by Stefan Rehder yesterday in the Catholic newspaper 'Tagespost'.

His report appeared under the cynical title: "Now Everything is OK"

Subtitle: "In the Diocese of Aachen citizens of the region even in Catholic helpline offer support for sterilizations and long-term birth control protection."

Multi-lingual:  The Muslims are Target Groups

The advertising for the birth control assistance appears in German, English, French, Arabic and Turkish.

The birth control fund has given 30,000 Euro this year.

The things requested were long-term birth control like contraceptive coils, hormone implants or sterilizations.

In some circumstances the fond even pays for abortifacients. [anti-child pills]

Birth Control Advertisements in Kindergarten

Information pamphlets for these inhuman actions were even distributed in the schools of Aachen and in kindergartens.

That isn't enough.

On the back side of the pamphlet there is contact information for the collaborating help lines.

It is presented as an advice line of the 'Caritas Organization for the Diocese of Aachen', of the 'Caritas Organization for the Region of Eifel' and the 'Catholic Womens' Social Services".

Interested persons could make an application at all the listed help lines.

Sterilization?  No Problem!

Rehder gave a sample of an inquiry.

He called the Counselor "Advice and Help" of the 'Catholic Womens' Social Services" about a sterilization.

The answer on the telephone:  "We can set up a simple appointment, at that we can then get a picture of your  earning capacity."

If he were qualified, then the rest would be no problem.

Artificial Birth Control:  Something for everyone

After that Rehder confronted the supposedly Catholic 'Caritas Organization for the Diocese of Aachen' with the results of his research.

The social service made a statement without shame, to work with a procedure.

It didn't result, however, in a "distribution of contraceptives".

The people were passed into a situation, through the mediation of the contraceptive-subsidy to come to a supposedly informed decision.

The prevention of  children is a mortal sin, which every informed conscience detests.

Knowledge and ignorance is the same here

At that point the statement, that the Church's moral teaching is discretionary "to the use of chosen methods for the knowledge of those concerned."

"Knowledge" is meant in the same connection with ignorance.

Rehder found the statement "more than questionable".

He cited the 'Catechism of the Catholic Church', which the inhuman sterilization and artificial birth control are strenuously condemned.

The Bishop of Aachen also hides under this cover

A colleague of the contraception campaign said to Rehder, that it was "generally not" difficult, to get the Catholic help lines to cooperate.

The crowning of the scandal was published by Rehder at the end of the article.

He asked the press speaker of the Diocese of Aachen, Franz Kretschmann, for a clarification.

Kretschmann explained:

"Assume that the opinion of 'Caritas' also reflects the attitude of the Diocese."

Link to original...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

German Catholicism -- the Old Liberals of Yesteryear

The object is derived from the same pattern:  One talks about "reform" -- and really wants to ditch religion.  The end result is dissolution.
Silesian Apostasy-Priest and Nationalist
Johannes Ronge (+1887)

(kreuznet)  German Catholicism was a phenomenon of the 19th century.  It was also called the German Catholic movement.

Since the middle of the 1840s the movement was active in the German Federation.

"Rigid and Reactionary"
The German Catholics did not want to follow the faith of the Church any longer.

They considered these to be "rigid and reactionary".

The initial event of their rise was a protest against the display of the Holy Robe by Bishop Wilhelm Arnoldi (+1864) in Trier.

This happened in 1844.

Nationalism Instead of Religion

The German Catholic Movement was affected by the ideology of Social Liberalism and German Nationalism.

After the collapse of the nationalistic March Revolution in 1848/49, they were initially thrown in the crate by the anti-nationalistic Principalities.

German Catholicism formed itself together with the originally protestant Lichtfreunden [Friends of Light] in a "Free Religion Movement".  This finally disintegrated.

The Back Ground

After the coronation of King Friedrich Wilhelm IV. (+1861) in Prussia, the Kulturkamp [cultural war against Catholicism] and the persecution of Catholics ceased.

The most visible expression of this was the allowance of Trier's pilgrimage to the "Holy Robe".

It was an indescribable success.

Within fifty days, half a million pilgrims drew near the reliquary.

A Luther too Late

The Silesian apostasy-priest and Nationalist, Johannes Ronge (+1887), protested with a public outcry against this "charade".

That was an opportunity for him to turn against the allegedly "tyrannical power of the Roman hierarchy."

Ronge fell into the role of a second Martin Luther in the eyes of Catholics.  He found, none the less, an echo chamber in the anti-Church media.

Modern to the Death

The movement initiated by Ronge contrived to make the overwrought Protestantism new.

It subjected Biblical exegesis to a rationalist ideology, which it asserted absolutistically as the only norm.

He rejected the Catholic Magisterium and Papal Primacy.

Naturally he disparaged the language of the Church, the veneration of Saints, Penance [Confession], and above all, celibacy and the traditional form of the Liturgy.

It was merely baptism and the "Meal" which he recognized as Sacraments.

He also opposed the Church's practice regarding mixed marriages.

A New Morality

Under Ronges' leadership the last German Catholic Council too place in Leipzig in 1845.

It was organized  by the soon to be hung Nationalist, Robert Blum (+1848) from Vienna.

Blum was a media boss and a skirt chaser, who impregnated many women and left them in the lurch.

And then the Spirit Left

The center of German Catholicism were the industrial regions in Silesia and Saxony as well as in Rhineland.

In 1847 there were around 250 communities with about 60,000 members, a quarter of whom were former protestants.

The German Catholic Movement was not religiously oriented, rather it was a religious breakaway movement.  It would only last for a few years.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bishop of Linz Continues Persecution of Priest

Edit: Father Skoblicki, a very conservative, Polish Pastor in Linz, Austria, was unjustly driven from his parish, only to be reinstated briefly. Subsequent to that, he announced that he would not be returning owing to his spent health. Well, as it turns out, he was forced to leave by the Bishop. It's on again, it's off again. It seems to us that the Bishop waited for the furor to calm down and reasserted his unjust treatment of the Polish priest. This isn't over. Remember Father Wagner?

Skoblicki tells KATH.NET:  He was forced to resign.  There was no evidence for the case raised against him.  Andreas Skoblicki wrote this in a letter.

Kopfing ( The well known Polish priest, Andreas Skoblicki, did not leave the Diocese of Linz willingly.  This is from a letter received by KATH.NET from the priest.  He was more "forced into this decision".

He had a meeting with Bishop Ludwig Schwarz last year on December 14th. At that time the Bishop had said, "that the Diocesan staff that I not return to Kopfing, or otherwise expressed: it would be better that I not return".  Further on the letter continues: "Today this evening I notified by Bishop Ludwig what was expected of me and said that I am being forced into this decision."

The Diocese of Linz had announced the resignation of Skoblicki as parish administrator of Kopfing.  In a press release the situation was represented as though Skoblicki had resigned on his own.  He had used his sick leave in order to consider the situation in the Parish and to observe recent developments from a distance, wrote the Diocese.  "On the 16th of December 2011 he had written Bishop Dr. Ludwig Schwarz his decision in writing, to no longer continue in his position up until now and resign his position as parish administrator of Kopfing on the 31st of December 2011.",  is how it appeared in the press release.  Bishop Schwarz, it continued, followed intently the priest's arguments and thanked him for his work in the parish of Kopfing and accepted his resignation.

KATH.NET has contacted the Diocese of Linz for a statement of a public explanation of Skoblicki's letter and the Diocese representation of the events.  The Diocese acknoweldged in its answer only the press release of December 16th without going into Skoblicki's statements.

He also  reported the situation with charges, which were directed against him, wrote Skoblicki.  Neither the ordinary nor the activists have given him evidence for the accusations.  He had not made the alleged statements.  "These are perverse lies, untruths, half truths, all kinds of manipulations and contortions," the priest wrote.

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