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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Voris and CM: Sympathetic to Sex Predators

You Gotta Be Kidding Me: Church Militant ruthlessly goes after SSPX for taking in Fr. McLucas, but Voris’ parish priest, Perrone, literally founded and ran a massive fraudulent non-profit that sheltered countless abuser priests.

[Barnhardt] Folks, the issue here is the RAGING hypocrisy. Yeah, this HAS to be called out. Bear in mind, the whistle-blower in the case was Opus Bono Sacerdotii‘s co-founder’s daughter, Mary Rose Maher. 
Fr. Perrone of Assumption Grotto in Detroit was the second co-founder. Read this piece. It is horrific. If Church Militant and Voris don’t fess up to this wild hypocrisy and projection and apologize to the SSPX bigly and publicly, this should be their demise.  [The article she links to has been deleted, so I offer this one instead which shows how the founders of Opus Bono Sacerdoti were found guilty by the Attorney General of misusing funds.  Even the Irish Press picked it up..]
This is just awful..

A title like this would have been more prudent at America Magazine.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Detroit Archbishop Lauds Priest Trampling the Faith

 The Late Cardinal Bernardin to Windy City Gay Men's Chorus

Edit: In case it was thought +Vigneron was an improvement over his hapless predecessor,  perhaps it was a bit naive to have entertained the thought that at last, after many years, the dry desert of Detroit, which truly is a post-modern wasteland by the way, was passing by.  Not so.

One of his priests is campaigning for a local Pro-Abort Democrat. He's ok with that.

Archbishop Vigneron is also an exponent of the "seamless garment" like his spiritual masters, like the late Cardinals Bernardin and  Cushing.

If you want to trample on the Church's teachings, that's ok, but just don't try and put on a priest hat and try and do-it-yourself like Micheal Voris did, or there'll be trouble.   As reported from the American Dream Talkshow:
Detroit archbishop OK with priest’s radio endorsement of liberal candidate

By Jay Mcnally on July 31, 2012

For long-time Detroit Catholics it is barely news that Detroit Archbishop Allen Vigneron is permitting a prominent left-leaning pastor, Fr. Norman Thomas, to publicly endorse a liberal candidate for Congress in advertisements on a major radio station. 
The new page in the continuing saga of the archdiocese’s participation in the Culture of Death — even as it simultaneously panders to the pro-life movement – is the public endorsement of pro-abortion candidate for Congress, Hansen Clarke. He is running in Michigan’s 13th District, which covers a large swath of the city of Detroit. Fr. Thomas is pastor of Sacred Heart Church, which is located in Detroit. 
I discussed this scandal on my radio talk show last Saturday, on WAAM 1600.While I normally broadcast live from the plush WAAM studios in Ann Arbor, I called in to my radio sidekick and fill-in, attorney Chip Kleinbrook. To hear my commentaryclick here on these links. The commentary is in two parts, the first two minutes of the first link are about the swelting Kansas heat, then Chip and I discuss the scandal of the political endorsements.