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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Pope Francis to Order: "No to Novice Trade, Otherwise We Will Form Little Monsters"

Edit: Also reported by Vatican Insider for a contrast.  It's unclear what he means by "novice trade", but it could refer to some orders which are growing, one in particular.  It's somewhat difficult to come to other conclusions looking at the topics for discussion.

(Rome) The Jesuit journal   La Civiltà Cattolica published an address by Pope Francis in its latest issue with the participants of the General Meeting of the Union of Superiors General (USG) of the last 29 November. "You have to form the heart, otherwise we will make little monsters", the Pope said.
At the curial headquarters of the Salesians at the General Meeting in Rome conducted the 82nd Assembly of the Union of Superiors General on 27 - 29 November 2013, 82nd.  Pope Francis personally took part, in contrast to previous general meetings on 29 November.
Pope Francis called on the religious superiors to put an end to the "novice business".  Civiltà Cattolica had published this with a notice to the new edition, which was published on the internet already yesterday.
The Pope on 29 November with 120 representatives of the Catholic Women's Orders. "You have to form the heart, or we will make little monsters. And then, these little monsters form the people of God. That gives me the creeps,"  is how Civiltà Cattolica cited the exhortation of Pope Francis to the Superiors. The quote is part of a detailed conversation between the Pope and the superiors about the challenges of religious life in today's world and the challenges in the Church.
Among the topics covered the Jesuit magazine writes:  "the complexity of life between grace and sin, the Prophetic being in our world; the brotherhood, the indictment of the" novice trade"; hypocrisy and fundamentalism; praise for Pope Benedict XVI. for his fight against child sexual abuse by clergy and the importance of charisms and the pressing challenges; the relationship between the religious and the bishops, the need of tenderness "to caress conflicts," and a jolt to awaken our unfeeling world. "
This edition of the Civilizations of Cattolica with the conversation appeared yesterday. On the Internet, they will be available from 15 clock in Italian, Spanish and English. Father Antonio Spadaro, the editor of the Jesuit magazine was one of the 120 religious superiors, the 29 November were received by Pope Francis. At 15 pages it summarizes the free and spontaneous approach proposed by Pope's address together.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: USG
Trans: Tancred

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Holy Mass Against the Building of Israeli Wall Around Bethlehem -- Next Week Israeli Court Decides

(Bethlehem)  On February 8th Abuna Mario Carnioli, Catholic priest of Beit Jala in the valley of Cremisan near Bethlehem will celebrate Holy Mass in the olive grove, "to cry out to heaven", as Fides reports, "that the time is, to let this land return to righteousness, because justice will bring security and peace",  says Abuna Mario in his appeal.  The valley lays near Beit Jala west of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.

Since October 2011, the priest has prayed and celebrated Holy Mass and the Stations of the Cross as well as the Rosary in the olive grove of Tales.  Today the Mass intention is special.  In the coming weeks the Court of Appeals of Tel Aviv will decide over the recourse, which the owners of the property of Tales have brought against the Israeli wall construction.  An appeal was also made by the Salesians, who have had a cloister in Tall since 1885.  In addition to an expanding wine growing business, the cloister has, above all, a home for orphans and children from needy families and several schools, among them a vocational school teaching many different jobs and not least, a theological seminary with students from the whole world.  Since 1996 it hasn't just accepted Christians, but children and students of all religions.  With the start of the second Intifada and the Israeli sealing of the occupied areas almost all of the projects of the Salesians were choked off.  Since Israel has pursued the wall, Bethlehem has been completely threatened with being shut off completely from the outside world.

"Unite yourselves in prayer, so that the Lord will enlighten the Israeli judges", wrote Fr. Carnioli in his appeal. For the priest can only imagine that  "a sick mind have developed this wall of shame of the division," because "it does not bring security, but only robs our families, the country and stifles our community whose lives are made impossible." The wall also destroys "one of the most scenic areas of the Holy Land," said Mario Abuna. Because of the Israeli construction of the wall more than 50 Christian families living in the valley have to be expropriated. The Salesian monastery of Cremisan has given these families a secure existence for more than 125 years, with its vineyards and olive trees. "Now they risk losing everything," said the priest.

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Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: Kloster Cremisan

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Salesians In Rome Are Talking About Punishing Dutch Salesians Over Legalization of Pederasty Remark

UPDATE: We were told that the Salesians have relieved both men from their positions as of 17:45 GMT.

Editor: what a terrible breach of trust that not only one of the rank and file, but the leadership itself is thoroughly corrupt, shiftless and morally numb. It's even more horrifying when you realize that the order of Dom Bosco has a mission to care for young boys and educate them. At least someone in Rome has a moral sense. Frankly, this is why the Inquisition should be restored. Such shameless monsters should be hurried to trial and given punishments all the way up to death, for their heresy and perfidity. This should put the Inquisition in proper perspective for those who still believe the Black Legend.

Incidentally, this is something which the left has long been promoting both in Europe and the United States, here. It just might be that people might not want to have to travel to far away places to enjoy forbidden pleasures.

Disciplinary measures urged against Dutch Priest, who has suggested the liberalization and decriminalization of Pedophilia.

Rome-Utrecht ( Salesian Order has decided to distance themselves because of the statements and demeanor of a Dutch colleague's statements on the subject of pedophilia. The Order's Headquarters has strenuously condemned the deportment of Father B and suggest disciplinary measures, it was said in a statement on Monday.

The 73 year old religious has outed himself as a member of the militant organization "Martijn" for the liberalization and decriminalization of pedophiles. The Roman Headquarters of the Order criticized the statements of the Dutch Salesian Superior, P. Herman Spronck, who referred with sympathy for the behavior of Fr. B and said "certain relationships are not necessarily punishable".

Members of such organizations as Father B. is, are "absolutely unacceptable" with the principles, values and traditions of the Salesians, the General Procurator of the Order, P. Francesco Maraccani, was heard to a signed statement. The Congregation has distanced itself from the conduct of a single colleague. You complain that with this announcement that we've injured a lot of people: "WE understand the pain and offer our apology in the name of the Order of Dom Bosco".

The Salesian Order will stay true to the pedagogical tradition of Don Bosco and to the teaching office of the Church, it said in the text. "The complete and total respect toward children, adolescetns and youth remain for us a fundamental and unalterable position", said the Order's Administration.

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