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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Kinsey Belonged Then to the Pederasts We Fight Today

"Representatives of the homosexual movement and especially men who are boy lovers, should know and appreciate Kinsey's work."  by Dr. Judith A. Reisman.

(  In the year of 1989 the US 'National Research Council' decided that the social scientist "to divide time roughly before and after Alfred Kinsey (+1956)."

To date at the writing of this essay the film association of  "20th Century Fox" is planning an all-encompassing film about the life of Kinsey.

The sexual revolutionary from Indiana should be idealized by Tom Hanks or Harrison Ford.

On the 23rd of April 2000 the 'New York Times' celebrated the fact that the University of Indiana had brought forth a man, "who had brought about the sexual revolution."

The Initiator of the Sexual Revolution

On the 17th of April 2000 Scott McLemee wrote in the periodical 'Salon':  "Kinsey's influence on society ran deep and continuously.  His influence was independent of the sales of his books."

Kinsey's influence has involved in itself the destructive consequences in the Sexual Revolution:

"The history of sexuality in America calls in two large, distinct but clearly defined periods.  The first period was the puritanical and Victorian age."

This era of probition ended on January 4 1948:  "On the following day Professor Alfred C. Kinsey of the University of Indiana published his book "The Sexual Behavior of the Human Male".  It generated an earthquake.

A Pioneer of Child Sexual Abuse

Since 1948 Kinsey has significantly influenced conceptions in the USA about sex and love.

The 'North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) -- appealed to Kinsey.

It was the world's largest pederast and pedophile organization.

Everyone, in the modern setting who understands "sexual orientation", must "acknowledge Kinsey's work"  -- explained the association in 1981.

Kinsey's work belonged to the already implied struggle against the limiting of sexuality between adults and children and minor youths.

"Members of the homosexual movement and especially men, who love boys should acknowledge and value Kinsey's work".

And: "Kinsey represented then what we are fighting against today."

The author is a communications expert, author and president of the 'Institute for Media Education' in Sacramento, California. She has been an advisor to American justice, education and health authorities.

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