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Friday, August 27, 2010

Journalists See "Systematic Attacks" on Pope Ratzinger

The Vatican Reporters Tornielli and Rodari analyze the attacks on this Pontificate: it is typical that the attacks against the Pope occur after important Vatican decisions.

Rome ( Pope Benedict XVI is, according to the view of Andrea Tornielli and Paolo Rodari, beset by attacks from the International Media. There were "negative attacks" against everything that the Pope did or said; his visits and his initiatives were pushed to the the limit, write the Vaticanists in their book "Attack on Ratzinger" (Attacco a Ratzinger)which appeared last Wednesday in Italy. A conspiracy or a united regime is not behind this, warn these authors, even when there are thoroughly common interests of groups or currents, wanting to discredit the Pope and to weaken the moral authority of the Catholic Church.

Tornielli (Il Giornale) and Rodari (Il Foglio) analyze the great themes and discussions of conflict against this Pontificate by this "Piemme" (Italian publisher of non-fiction books) published 315 page thick book. They begin with the Regensburg Address and the "politically incorrect" Mohamed-Citation, discuss the appointment and resignation of the controversial Warsaw Archbishop Stanislav Wieglus and the Motu Proprio for wider permission of the extraordinary form of the Mass. They then go to the [sic] part-rehabilitation of the Traditionalist Bishops and the "case" of the [sic] Holocaust-denier [Bishop] Williamson.

They elaborately summarize the newly rekindled pederast scandal since the beginning of the year in 2010. It is apparent that the attacks against the Pope are often initiated after important Vatican decisions. The most recent pederast scandal occurred a few weeks after the recognition of the heroic virtue of Pius XII, suggest the Authors.

The denunciations and attacks against the Pope had multiplied beyond a doubt, write the Authors in their forward. Once one misquotes the Pontifex in an unclear manner of expression, occasionally errors in communication, one other time one understands that the Curia was insufficiently coordinated or confounded by unqualified colleagues gaggling about them.

One thesis of the Author: The Pope is followed by good, close and loyal colleagues. But when things get dodgy, Pope Benedict XVI. becomes "objectively alone". It gives the team, who are often concerned, that certain problems do not happen without sufficient consideration to efficient reactions. The attacks came mostly from the outside, sometimes even from the Church itself; and were followed by a deficient system of crisis management.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

A New Book By Vaticanista Tornielli and Paul Rodari on The Papacy of Benedict XVI

Editor: Here it is all under one roof, a summation of the world-wide assault on the Papacy. We don't know yet if there will be an English translation yet, but considering Tornielli's growing popularity in the United States and England, we'd say yes. The astonishingly fine google translation is here:

Attack on Ratzinger

Accusations and scandals, prophecies and conspiracy against Pope Benedict XVI (Edizioni Piemme, pp. 322 - EUR 18) is my new book, on sale in Italian bookstores from today. It's a long investigation that tells some behind the scenes moments of the first five years of the pontificate of Pope Ratzinger. I've written it with Paul Rodari, Vatican correspondent of the paper. Over 300 pages of unpublished documents and testimonies that reveal the background of crisis and media attacks that have characterized the papacy of Benedict XVI. The book was born in the wake of recent scandals involving clergy. The Pope was put in the dock as were others (too many) times in the last five years: criticisms and controversies raised by the Regensburg speech, the sensational case of the resignation of newly Wielgus Archbishop of Warsaw as a result of his old partnership with the secret services of the Polish communist regime, the controversy over the publication of the Motu proprio Summorum Pontificum, the case of revocation of the excommunication of the Lefebvrist Bishops, which coincided with the broadcast video interview on the denial of the existence of gas chambers, issued by Swedish TV from one of those Bishops, the diplomatic crisis for papal condemnations of the condom use during his first day of travel in Africa, the burgeoning scandal of child abuse, that shows no signs yet of subsiding.

From storm to storm, from polemic to polemic, the effect was to "anesthetize" Benedict XVI's message, beating on the cliché of the retrograde Pope, weakening its course in the paper today is almost entirely in advance the preface.

You can buy online, hosted by Piemme . We also point out this thorough review by Massimo Introvigne and the link to listen to the episode of "Catholic Chronicles", the column that hold monthly on Radio Maria, dedicated to this subject.
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Read the original Italian, here.