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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Vatican and the UN Organize Event With Leftist Mayors on Climate Change -- Rapprochement Continues

Curial Archbishop Sanchez Sorondo, Papal Confidant and
Architect of the Collaboration Between the
Catholic Church and the UNO
(Rome) on the 21st and 22nd of July, mayors from around the world meet at the Vatican to discuss the global climate and modern slavery. What sounds so politically correct, should be through and through. Initiator of the Mayor Meeting is the Argentine, Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, Curial Archbishop, the chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences . He was the organizer behind the eco-Encyclical Laudato Si who besides creating the contacts next to the dead letter, especially at the United Nations and the "high politics".
He organized ahead of the encyclical, the concept of an international workshop of "climate change and sustainable development" in the Vatican. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon will give the opening speech. The keynote speaker will be his right hand, the UNSDNS Director Jeffrey Sachs (UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network). Thus, not only will the representatives who believe in  manmade global warming will gather in the Vatican, but also the neo-Malthusians.  Not only that, but climate skeptics were systematically removed from the registration list. The Vatican has been (see the promoters of a guided, one-sided meeting in accordance with the UN World Warming thesis  Climate skeptics Excluded From  Vatican Meeting - Other Opinions Undesirable ).

60 Mayors from Around the World Meeting in the Vatican - are "Exclusively" of the Left

The end of May  Sanchez Sorondo gave an inglorious interview in which he meant to identify the causes for the global children's killings by abortion and climate change (see Abortion and Climate Change: In the Vatican someone was persuaded of great nonsense ). The Curial Archbishop has since been an architect of the approach of the Catholic Church to the UN agenda. It's an initiative  that he can develop only with the necessary backing from the highest level.
Sanchez Sorondo's next step will be to bring 60 mayors from around the world to the Vatican  next week. The cross-section is impressive, and the political positioning of the mayors rather "colorful". Coming will be  the leftist Catholic Mayor of Rome, Ignazio Marino; the communist mayor of Milan, Giuliano Pisapia; the left-liberal mayor of Naples, Luigi De Magistris; the left-wing mayor of Madrid, Manuela Carmena (from the beginning of her judicial career a member of the Communist Party of Spain, then without a party, the 2015 top candidate of an electoral alliance between the Socialists and the radical left movement,  Podemos); the feminist, Socialist Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris.

Abortion and Homosexualization not an issue -  Climate Change and New Slavery Instead

Sanchez Sorondo between UN General Ban Ki-moon and Pope Francis
The previously mentioned reveal a political flip side, at least the preference of the parties and their representatives on the left of center are without fear of contacting   the extreme left. That these leftists are fighting for abortion as a "human right" and the unconditional legalization of "gay marriage," apparently it does not bother the Vatican. Rather, it is operating by the new closing ranks, as Sanchez Sorondo reaffirmed in an interview and by the climate change agenda.
The invitation of the Mayor of Lampedusa, Giusi Nicolini,   seems more to serve a media-compatible appearance. Under Pope Francis it was already apparent since the  then inconspicuous Bishop of Agrigento, was raised to Cardinal because Lampedusa is in his diocese. Since the apple does not fall far from the tree, Nicolini is included, who received the mayor's office with 26 percent of the vote, and who belongs to the appropriate political spectrum. She was supported "by a member of the Left Democrats and the little that there is in civil society on the island," said the leftist daily Il Fatto Quotidiano in the arrogant tone of the Jacobins.

Symposium in Cooperation with the UN - Opening Speaker: the Neo-Malthusians Jeffrey Sachs

Sole representative of the German-speaking countries is the Social Democrat Christian Gaebler be who will represent Berlin. Gaebler is, since 2011, Secretary of State for Urban Development and Environment in Berlin and a member of the SPD left wing.
On July 21, they will gather for the conference "Modern Slavery and Climate Change: The Commitment of the Cities", in which Pope Francis is to participate and speak words of greeting. Thus, there are apparently  two "interconnected emergencies" to be  discussed, "the world's climate and the new forms of slavery". On July 22, the mayors will participate, also  in the Vatican, in the symposium "Prosperity, People and Planet: Achieving Sustainable Development in Our Cities," which will take place in cooperation with the UN. The opening speech of the symposium will be given by  the aforementioned neo-Malthusian Jeffrey Sachs, who it befalls since he is a member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.

"The UN is not the Devil, but the Opposite" - Unilateral Invitations

Session on the new forms of slavery
"The United Nations is not the devil, but the opposite," said Sanchez Sorondo to a journalist's question, whether it was not strange that the Vatican was harboring a UN event. "The symposium is not organized by the UN, but by the Pontifical Academies and the UN," said the Archbishop. He meant the two academies, whose chancellor he is. Already Paul VI. has visited the United Nations in New York goes the justification of the Pope's confidant. "In September, Pope Francis will visit them. I do not see where there should be a problem. In the United Nations to recognize the devil, is position typical of   the right, that is not the position of the Holy See. The united left gathered in the Vatican  would all be  happy with this statement.
On the question of other journalists, whether the "exclusive presence of mayors of the left of   center is not a sign of partiality," Sanchez Sorondo answered mockingly: "The invitation is open to everyone, if you bring us another mayor, we are grateful. We have no reservations."  The one-sided color preference of the loaded mayor guest list suggests the opposite. It should rather have been a selective contact  including invitation.

Group Santa Marta

Symposium in cooperation with the UN on climate change
Sanchez Sorondo founded the two events with  "urgency". This is, says the   Archbishop, also so the "Group Santa Marta" was emphasized. As the Argentine explained it is the closest familiar circle of Pope Francis, one of the groups formed from the Pontifical Academy of Sciences   by the Pope and Cardinal Nichols two years ago, which includes  police chiefs and bishops belong from around the world and maintain an exchange of views. "We followed their advice, and tried also to gather the mayors together to find a better approach to mitigate climate change and to eliminate new forms of slavery" says Sanchez Sorondo.
The discussion on the 21st and 22nd of July will be held on the basis of the Pope's address to the "social movements" in Bolivia and the eco-Encyclical Laudato Si. Sanchez Sorondo explicitly praised Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi, "who is a  Jesuit as Pope Bergoglio is."  The Argentinian said: "If you want to understand Pope Francis or Father Lombardi, then check out the movie The Mission on  the Jesuit Reductions in Latin America."
On the new slavery the Archbishop said: "We want the mayor to work to put the abuse, exploitation, trafficking in human beings within their towns to an end" and "we want just that using the Mayor for programs for social to develop integration of the victims at national and local level in order to avoid deportation or expulsion to their countries of origin ".

The full list of participants

The full list of participants: Christian Gaebler (Secretary of State, Berlin), Betsy Hodges (Minneapolis), Ed Murray (Seattle), Charlie Hales (Portland), Marty Walsh (Boston), Mitch Landrieu (New Orleans), Anne Hidalgo (Paris), Stian Berger Rosland (Oslo), Ignazio Marino (Rome), Dario Nardella (Florence), Luigi de Magistris (Naples), Giusi Nicolini (Lampedusa), Piero Fassino (Turin), Antonio Decaro (Bari), Gregor Robertson (Vancouver), Eduardo Paes (Rio de Janeiro), Eduardo Accastello (Villa Maria, Argentina), Tony Cham Many (Kochi, India), Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf (Tehran), Julius Ihonvbere (Edo State, Nigeria), Rose Christiane Ossouka Raponda (Libreville, Gabon) Aliou Sall (Guediawaye, Senegal), Jaroslaw Jozwiak (Vice Mayor, Warsaw), Yelgi Lavinia Verley Knight (Siquirres, Costa Rica), Alfred Martin Aruo (Soroti, Uganda), Karin Wanngard (Stockholm), Angela Brown-Burke (Kingston , Jamaica), Matthew Appelbaum (Boulder, Colorado), Marcio Lacerda (Belo Horizonte), Fernando Haddad (Sao Paulo), Monica Fein (Rosario), Gustavo Petro (Bogota), Miguel Angel Mancera Espinosa (Mexico City), George Ferguson ( Bristol), Jose Fortunati (Porto Alegre), William A. Bell (Birmingham, Alabama), Milan Bandic (Zagreb), Enzo Bianco (Catania), Edwin Lee (San Francisco), Leoluca Orlando (Palermo), Massimo Zedda (Cagliari) Sam Liccardo (San Jose, California), Mpho Parks Tau (Johannesburg), Kagiso Thutlwe (Gaborone, Botswana), Paulo Garcia (Goiania), Gustavo Fruet (Curitiba, Brazil), Alfred Okoe Vanderpuije (Accra, Ghana), Tony Lloyd (Manchester), Manuela Carmena (Madrid), Mahamudo Amurane (Nampula, Mozambique), Giuliano Pisapia (Milan), Antonio Carlos Magalhaes Neto (San Salvador), Nasereddine Zenasni (Algiers), Virginio Merola (Bologna), Giorgio Gori (Bergamo) , Jean Oscar Sanguza Mutunda (Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo), Federico Pizzarotti (Parma), Edmund G. Brown Jr. (governor of California), Mambe (Governor of Abidjan, Ivory Coast).
The next stages of the rapprochement between the Holy See and the United Nations are the Pope's speech before the UN General Assembly in September and the UN Climate Change Conference in December after the doubleheader next week.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Mil / Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences (screenshots)
Trans: Tancred
LInk to Katholisches....

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Eco-Encyclical to be Released on June 18 -- Over-watched by UN Rottweilers

(Rome) This Thursday, June 18  the Eco-Encyclical will be presented at 11 clock in the New Synod Hall of the Vatican by Pope Francis.This was announced by the Press Office of the Holy See  and confirmed for the first time officially, that the encyclical will be titled "Laudato si" after the Canticle of St. Francis of Assisi. It will also be the first encyclical of history to also have a subtitle: "About the concern for the common house". Encyclicals have so far received the first words as a title with which they begin.
The presentation of the encyclical will be made by Cardinal Peter Turkson, President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. At his side will be Metropolitan Joannis Zizoulas of Pergamum, an  84  year old representative of the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople. Similarly Hans Joachim "John" Schellnhuber a representative of the international institutions. Schellnhuber is the founder and director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), Chairman of the German Advisory Council on Global Change (WBGU) and long-standing member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate (IPCC). 

IPCC and UN Are Sitting at the Presentation Table - as Watchdogs?

While the presence of the Orthodox representative underlines the appreciation of  Catholic-Orthodox relations, the presence of Schellnhuber's is evidence that makes use of the eco-Encyclical, the thesis of human-inflicted global warming and thus the UN Millennium Agenda. Schellnhuber is one of the leading advocates of a drastic and costly IPCC climate policy. It's a step that would mean a serious surrender of the Catholic Church to the powerful of the world. One step,  Pope Benedict XVI. had fought against throughout his pontificate.
The warnings and concerns of climate skeptics, conservatives and pro-lifers were obviously justified. The rapprochement between the Vatican and the United Nations has been announced since the election of Pope Francis. The new cooperation was sealed with a climate conference at the Vatican late April 2015 in the presence of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and UN Director Jeffrey Sachs. Already the two were mentioned at the Vatican meeting, who gave the content guidelines and direction. Is the Vatican following orders on the issue? Is Schellnhuber sitting  like a watchdog at  the presentation table? The presence of special guests or co-presenters has not been previously common.
The eco encyclical will be presented in original Italian and in French, English, German, Spanish and Portuguese translation on Thursday. One issue in the church language Latin, in which almost all encyclicals have been drawn up, has not yet been made.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Vatican Insider

Sunday, February 23, 2014

[Update] Pedophiles - As If! -- Catholic Institutions are 16 Times Safer for Children

Dangerous For Children
(Rome / Geneva) [Unfortunately, erroneously reproduced figures, make an update necessary.  Were specified by a reader error of too many pedophile priests: see text corrections and as  supplemented] This UN Children's Rights Committee made a frontal assault against the Catholic Church and took to the work-up of sexual abuses of minors by clerics as a reason. An abuse of the abuse, which the UN "experts" contributed. There are enough people who are willing to raise their index finger against the Catholic Church and are only too happy to see their hostility to the Church justified by the allegation of pedophilia. However, neither the media nor the international institutions are willing to put the facts in the overall social context and give the complete figures. A unilateral selective perception determines the image as if pedophiles  exclusively or primarily come from  the Church. Those who think this is unintentional are naive. 
Certain lawyers in the U.S. have earned a fortune from  "pedophile" priests. The dioceses that have been held liable and asked to pay had to pay billions of dollars. But that's not all anti-Catholic directors, novelists and the above-mentioned UN Children's Rights Committee  rushing in principle to manipulate "pedophile priests" against the Catholic Church and stage a new one of those black legends against Popish Rome.

Catholic Institution 16 Times Safer for Children Than Society in General

The sociologist and former OSCE representative against the discrimination and persecution of Christians, Massimo Introvigne and the psychologist Roberto Marchesini wanted to find out. In their new book "Pedophilia. A Battle That is Won by the Church"  (Pedofilia. Un battaglia che la Chiesa sta Vincendo, publishing Sugarco, € 16, -) the two authors  have  evaluated  the topic of pedophilia on the basis of statistical surveys. The result is amazing, judging from the public generated impression. The facilities of the Catholic Church  intended for children and young people are the safest places in society.
The numbers speak for themselves: Other Christian denominations, schools, non-Catholic sport associations, youth associations have statistically more sexual assaults on, or at least as many, but from the media we hear little or rarely of it: except blatant abuse scandals.

"Temple of PoliticalCorrectness" Relieved Catholic Priesthood

The American Bishops' Conference, as the the scandal began to roll and then spread to other countries, requested the John Jay College of New York, one of the world's most prestigious centers of criminology, and the City University of New York , a "Temple of political correctness" (Introvigne)  to examine the phenomenon of pedophilia in the Church. The answer: since 1950, [Update] 0.11 percent of Catholic priests have been condemned in the U.S. for sexual assault.  A larger number was reported to the police, but acquitted despite a general willingness to accept a debt in the course of pedophilia scandals. One indication of that, many innocent priests were  accused and slandered in the course of a medial generated  hysteria and a whole retinue of lawyers and clients wanted to capitalize.  In particular, the ratio was overwhelmingly positive, with regard to the propriety and correctness of an overwhelming part of  Catholic priests. This has not altered, that some perpetrators are already dead and therefore could not be held accountable.
[Update] The exact numbers of the study of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice on the subject of pedophilia in the U.S. and particularly among Catholic priests: Since 1950, 4.392 Catholic Priests (4 percent of the entire priesthood) have been accused in the U.S. for sexual contacts with minors  (contained therein are very different cases of verbal harassment to rape). 958 cases (0.87 per cent) were under investigation for pedophilia. Overall (1.06 per cent) were indicted by the prosecutor and slightly more  than 1,000 priests were filed suit against. A total of just over 100 priests  were sentenced   (or 0.11 percent).  A total of 54 priests (or 0.049 percent) were convicted of pedophilia. This corresponds to an average over the whole period of one each year.  81 percent of priests charged with sexual contact with minors had a homosexual inclination. The criminological institute also presented a massive decline in cases since the introduction of countermeasures from 2002, especially under Benedict XVI.
Similar studies among the major Protestant denominations in the United States have showed that there the incidence of cases of pedophilia are four to ten times higher.  Two-thirds of all cases of pedophilia occur in the U.S. in the narrower group of relatives or acquaintances. One-third in non-domestic sector in the broad sense of the word. The figures give an idea of the scale, which was reduced to an anti-Catholic campaign on the Catholic Church. It is therefore clear that the campaign was not against pedophilia, but against the Catholic Church. According to estimates by the World Health Organization, approximately 150 million girls and 73 million boys are abused by pedophiles worldwide. Two million children are kept in the status of sex slaves. Worldwide, the number of Internet sites with pedophile content is estimated at 30,000, on which images of 12 million children are shown. Pedophilia is a big business and has a magnitude in comparison to the portion of pedophile priests, as bad as he may be,  a factor of one thousandth.

Countermeasures of the Catholic Church exemplary

The psychologist Marchesini begins his analysis of the phenomenon with the infamous Kinsey Report , which caused a sensation in the 50's and 60's. [The Kinsey Report actually involved the sexual abuse of children for its data.]  Introvigne and Marchesini openly speak of  the responsibility and the heinous guilt that  clearly belongs  not only to pedophile priests, but also some supervisors who  covered for them. However, they provide evidence that the counter-measures undertaken by the Catholic Church, especially during the pontificate of Benedict XVI, have been taken to work and the problem could be eliminated effectively in many countries.
The measures taken have even   made the church  a model for other institutions to follow in its  example. Nevertheless, the Church remains the preferred target of a politically correct lobby, which continues, with almost methodical [to say nothing of unethical] meticulousness to cite decades-old cases and so  generate an air of hostility against the Church, reminiscent of the clichés of witch hunt.

SNAP, the Victim Club for Their Own Pockets

The main actor in the indictment  is the U.S. organization SNAP. The Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests receives preferential treatment by the New York Times. This always ensures new, global access to other media, who rely on the "reputable" sources. The association, which makes money from the abuse scandal, claims to support the victims of priests. In fact, the organization had in 2012, under pressure from diocesan lawyers, to disclose its finances. It was revealed  of the society  that in 2007, the peak of the processes that followed the scandal, although millions were collected, they had spent but   only $ 593 for all of the victims. Main sponsors of the association are law firms who enriched themselves with the trials of the dioceses. The Association "recommends" victims who turn to it, to its generous sponsors among the law firms.
In 2011 the man who was SNAP chairman, who worked for the organization itself, was  sentenced in Louisiana for possession of child pornography to two years in prison.

Smear Campaign Orchestrated "Pedophile Priests" as the Biggest Scandal "Since the Shoah"

But the smear campaign remains unilaterally directed only against the Catholic Church. The pedophilia of others seem like trivialities and  trifles, while "the occasional pedophile   among the Catholic clergy was the worst  that  has happened in the world since the Holocaust," said Introvigne.
A more detailed study by the John Jay College revealed that there is a distinction between convicted and sentenced. Of the two percent convicted since 1950  because of sexual acts  priests only 15 percent can be called pedophiles. The study itself came to the conclusion that the media wrongly gave the public the impression as if it were in principle that Catholic priests belong to a category that was "dangerous to children". But that, according to the study of the criminological institute was "wrong".

Prejudice Against Catholic Church to be Cherished and Cared For

In the U.S., neither the Protestant communities, the Mormons, the Jehovah's Witnesses, Jews, public schools, private schools, non-religious bodies, or the Boy Scouts who have even undertaken rudimentarily what the Catholic Church has done as countermeasures. She has opened her archives to allow detailed investigations. Statistically speaking, Catholic parishes, Catholic schools and Catholic institutions are in principle,  sixteen times safer than the aggregate of American society. Clear numbers, clear proportions, but so many do not want to hear. There is simply nothing but prejudices. The photomontage is by Frank Kopperschläger and was found on the "Red Flag" of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany found (MLPD).  This is not understood by way of "experts."
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Red Flag (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

UN Demands the Church Alter its Teachings, Including on Abortion

The Vatican defends itself against criticism of the UN Children's Rights Committee (UNCRC) on the ways the Catholic Church treats the sexual abuse of minors.

Vatican City / Geneva ( / CBA / red) The Vatican is defending itself against criticism of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) on the role of the Catholic Church in the sexual abuse of minors. Some of the claims published by the Committee in Geneva   were interfering in the Church's teaching about the dignity of man and the freedom of religion, said the Vatican press office. Details are not mentioned.  The Holy See recognizes its commitment to defend the rights of the child in accordance with the religious and moral values of Catholic doctrine in the agreement signed by it and the UN Children's Convention.

The Vatican representative to the United Nations Office in Geneva, Archbishop Silvano Maria Tomasi,  expressed the suspicion in an interview with Vatican Radio that the opinion of the Committee of the report on the most recent child report  had been prepared in the Holy See before the inspection. The assessment was not at the height of the current situation. It did not take into account the measures that would have long since been taken by both the Vatican and the National Episcopal Conferences on the Protection of Minors against abuse.   Therefore  the Committee to the United Nations is doing a disservice, said the Vatican diplomat.

The UN Committee had criticized that most recent child protection report of the Holy See to be insufficient on Wednesday.  Some necessary measures were missing so far, said the UN experts in their report. They complained that in practice sex offenders could remain unpunished in the Catholic Church. The Committee requested the Holy See to to bring the canon law in accordance with the UN Convention on the protection of children.

 Certain provisions of the Catholic Church law did not correspond to the demands of Child Protection Convention. This concerns in particular the right of children to protection from discrimination, violence and all forms of sexual abuse. The Holy See must ensure that ecclesiastical laws are adjusted to provisions  the Convention. In addition, the UNCRC demanded further information on the extent to which clergymen were obliged at all levels, to report cases of abuse to state authorities.

The Holy See has undergone as a signatory to the Child Protection Convention for the first time a regular evaluation by the UNCRC. On 16 January discussed the UN Committee and the Vatican's representative in Geneva open questions, among others, to child pornography, measures against sexual abuse and discrimination against girls. P. Bernd Hagenkord, director of Vatican Radio in German, has pointed out in the afternoon in an article for Vatican Radio that the UN paper claims that the Church's teaching on homosexuality contributes to social stigma. In paragraphs 25-27 according to Hagenkord, he  insinuates more than is proven that church doctrine leads to violence and discrimination. The same will be said about the gender debate, the Church represent here a doctrine of the distinction between male and female, the way they would represent lead to discrimination.

 The UN paper becomes absurd  then at point 55 on the subject of abortion. There the Church is even asked to change the doctrine of the Church. The Church should allow that under certain circumstances abortion is permitted. Then the Church will even be asked to read the Bible in "prescribed manner". The UN wants to dictate how biblical texts are to be interpreted. (C) 2013 Catholic News Agency KNA GmbH. All rights reserved

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Father Nicholas Gruner Addresses European Parliament Concerning Consecration of Russia

Edit: a kind reader just sent us this link.



October 24, 2012

Strasbourg, October 24, 2012 — On October 23, 2012 Father Nicholas Gruner of the Fatima Center in Canada and Catholic attorney and author Christopher A. Ferrara of the United States appeared at the headquarters of the EU in Strasbourg, France to speak in support of a motion for a declaration by the EU Parliament calling upon Pope Benedict XVI to carry out the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The motion is being sponsored by two members of the Parliament of the European Union, the Honorable Mario Borghezio and the Honorable Lorenzo Fontana, who invited Father Gruner and Mr. Ferrara to speak in its support at the time of its official introduction.

The motion refers to the threat of "great danger at the present time to world peace and the serenity of all European peoples" and notes that "the Blessed Virgin Mary has promised a long period of prosperity and peace, if and only if, the Holy Father will consecrate Russia in a solemn and public manner, as precisely specified by Her in the Message of Fatima."

The motion provides for a declaration by the EU Parliament formally requesting that "His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI... fulfill the will of the Queen of Heaven" by performing the Consecration in order to address European and world problems.

Speaking before the international press corps in the press hall of the EU Parliament headquarters in Strasbourg, Father Gruner and Mr. Ferrara made presentations in support of the measure, including a discussion of the content, undeniable authenticity, and absolute urgency of the Fatima Message for the Church and humanity at large. They were introduced by MPs, Borghezio and Fontana, who appeared with them at the press conference.

"This was a God-given opportunity to advance the cause of Our Lady of Fatima in a forum whose deliberations will have considerable impact at the Vatican. MEPs. Borghezio and Fontana are to be commended for their courageous defense of the Blessed Virgin before a hostile world. I pray the motion passes and the EU Parliament calls upon the Pope to do his duty," said Father Gruner.

"I believe we succeeded in making a case for the Consecration of Russia that would appeal even to rational non-believers, who have nothing to lose by voting in favor this measure," said Mr. Ferrara.

The motion has been lodged with the EU Parliament as an official legislative document and will become part of the public record of EU proceedings. It has already attracted the signatures of a growing number of additional sponsors in the Parliament, including members from Italy, Austria and Ireland.

Press inquiries should be directed to: Europe: Monica Tomassini, The Fatima Center, 011 39 06 39 73 5296, Rome

 North America: Joseph Paonessa, The Fatima Center, 905 871-7607, Canada