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Loyal Pastor Continues to be Persecuted, FatherZ-like

Edit: Augsburg's Bishop, Konrad Zdarsa, is starting to list under pressure from German media friendly to the conservative views of 'Junge Freiheit' and the Father Georg Oblinger.  Even Pope Benedict is aware of the situation according to a sympathetic director of 'Junge Freiheit'.  Bishops often allow themselves to be manipulated by the media and their advisers at the expense of some of the best defenders and promoters of the Church.

The muzzle for Pastor Georg Alois Oblinger of Ichenhausen throws a lurid light on the eagerness of the German capitulation Bishops to give away under public pressure.

Bishop Konrad Zdarsa of Augsburg

( The Pope knows the readiness of the German Bishops to capitulate to the socalled Zeitgeist.

 For that reason he is to have recommended a severe withdrawal from the world.

 This is according to Dieter Stein (44)-- Chief director of the opposition German weekly 'Junge Freiheit' -- yesterday on the website of his paper.

  Bishops as Hunters of Catholics

Stein commented on the muzzle, which the Augsburg Bishop Konrad Zdarsa put on the Ichenhauser town Pastor, Fr. Geeorg Alois Oblinger, because of his published activity at 'Junge Freiheit'.

Stein says this throws "a lurid light on the eagerness of the Church to crumble under public pressure."

He cited from an interview with the Catholic philosopher, Robert Spaeman in his paper.

Spaemann explained further, that theologians, who are obedient to Catholicism, will for the most part be regularly bullied in the Church.

The case of Oblinger is in line of a series of numerous intrigues against pastors, who promote the Catholic Faith.

Nothing to write home about

"This is all happening in the back ground of an accelerating ecclesiastical dissolution"  -- is Stein's analysis.

"The member numbers as well of the Catholic as well as Evangelical Churches is declining in Germany".

Stein cited numbers: in 1990 there were still 67 million Church members, then in 2010 there were only 48 million."

Old Liberal theologians continuously give their prescriptions for the Church like a "mantra". So Stein explains:

"So it is with married women priest, lifting of celibacy, blessing for homosexual marriage and the rejection of the authority is nothing to write home about, because it has seen the decline of the evangelical church, whose adherents who are quicker to flee from the flag and whose church services are even more empty."

Waves of Solidarity

For Stein the muzzle for Pastor Oblinger "is not just a blow to freedom of opinion and press".

It also turns itself against those in the Church, who inveigh themselves for the "strengthening of the Faith and evangelization".

Stein is pleased over the waves of solidarity, which has come out for the priest who has been abused by his Bishop from Christian publishers and theologians.

The Muzzle-Bishop is wanting for courage

At his conclusion, Stein divulged that bishops all in all like to tell the tales of their advisers.

The Bishop of Augsburg apparently is maneuvered "by advisors" into a situation.

This makes a correction of his poor decision only possible at the price of greater headwinds:
"The courage for that is wanting in him."

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