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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Faithful Catholic Priest Sues Campaigner David Berger for Libel

The Saga Continues

Edit: David Berger was a theology professor who also taught in the Diocese of Cologne until he was finally fired over his appearances in indecent clothing on an immoral dating website.  David Berger has since been campaigning to get removed from the internet.  This time he's stepped on a legal land mine.

(Herzogenrath)  After intensive evaluation by several attorneys, Dr. Guido Rodheudt, a speaker for the faithful to Rome, Priesternetwerks (Priest Network) has filed a complaint with the District Attorney of Aachen on December 12th, 2012, against Dr. David Berger for abuse, defamation and libel.  The object of the complaint were his statements in an interview which were published in the Aachener Zeitung December 15th, 2012, last Saturday.

"I believe he distanced himself so clearly from, because it could have otherwise become dangerous for him. A few months previously, he had not distanced himself and for a long time he used the page as a willing instrument, in order to bring his ideology to the people.  An approval of the site is the same thing as a collaboration on the other hand."

When the Aachner Zeitung pointed out that the District Attorney assigned from Berlin was not proceeding against Pastor Rodheudt, Berger said:

"Rodheudt has a close connection with Jolie, who has always had a connection with  It's interesting that the homepage posted a Rodheudt organized Liturgical event in Herzogenrah a few hours before it went offline.  I am therefore convinced, that there was discussed and that it was a signal to those responsible that the arch was under strain."

The legal case against Dr. Berger became necessary after after the vulgarity of diverse allegations now by many in the local media from him, were inflicted by his statements in the interview and rendered serious damage to Pastor Rodheudt's reputation as a priest. Pastor Rodheudt sees himself as the victim of a campaign that Dr. Berger is directing in his own interest, because he, as a practicing homosexual and therefore as someone who is openly against the moral standards of the Catholic Church, does not hold any official position in the Church anymore.

"But I am not directly or indirectly causally responsible for the professional demise of Dr. Berger, nor are the Christian moral laws, which he has failed at toward myself, despite the fact that I represent as a Catholic priest," says Pastor Rodheudt. Pastor Rodheudt is exposed as a representative of the Catholic Church a proxy war, the Dr. Berger against the Catholic Church as a whole leads because they have "discriminated against" him from his point of view in that it does not adopt his morals. In this context, David Berger does not hesitate to put innocent people under suspicion in public, without having facts to prove this.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Hunt for Continues: Victims Will be Created

Diocese Mainz:  Father Jolie Regrets "rash and ill-considered actions"

Statement by the Diocese of Mainz on the discussion with Father Hendrick Jolie over his connection with  The public should respect clarifications and Father Jolie will not make any more dehumanizing statements in connection with [Hopefully, he can make them with us.]

Mainz (  The Diocese of Mainz has published and offered a statement about its discussion with Fr. Hendrick Jolie because of his "relationship" to, that was participated in by a discussion with the Diocesan General Vicar Prelate Dietmar Giebelmann, Herr Canon Law Professor Micheal Ling and Personell Department Head Honorary Cathedral Chapter Klaus Forster.  In the discussion the Diocese expressed the notion that Fr. Jolie had made contact with the (remaining anonymous to him) redaction of and contrary to earlier statements even offered texts to them.

The statement verbatim is as follows:

This concerns till today "current state of the church and judgments, indeed over ecclesiastical persons". To that extent, in conversation to assess the diocese of Mainz in the statement of 16 November confirmed the nature of the involvement of the pastor Jolie.

The representatives of the Diocese of Mainz have left no doubt that those contacts that have brought unacceptable violations to a number of people, even without formal involvement with other pronouncements by, are unworthy of a priest, and in addition to the persons concerned and have also damaged church.

Cardinal Lehmann of Mainz and Friend
Pastor Jolie has participated in the following the meeting with the representatives of the Diocese in a letter dated 23rd November to the Bishop of Mainz, Cardinal Karl Lehmann, and it expressed his regrets of "an unwise and imprudent action personally to great harm to the diocese, and for me". He has attempted to express himself using erroneous opinions, in serving the faith of the Church, and and sought means of expression, which are contrary to the Christian faith. He apologizes and asks for forgiveness. He wants to rethink his public witness and draw conclusions therefrom.

The Bishop of Mainz has accepted this request. He thanked the participants for their contribution to the call for clarification, but also Pastor Jolie for his willingness to critically reversal. He exhorts him to continue to deal sensitively with the public statements of any kind. The Diocese of Mainz offers pastor Jolie for any assistance.

The Diocese of Mainz asked the public to respect the clarifications after this conversation and not to associate Pastor Jolie with other defamatory, punishable and inhuman manifestations of Therefore according to current knowledge, there is need of any further action.

Mainz 27, November 2012

 Diocese of Mainz

Edit Note:  Wow, it's a good thing Father Jolie wasn't selling pornography or trying to promote the Traditional Latin Mass!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Berlin Attorney General Receives List "Revealing" Operators

Edit: don't these people have more important things to do? hates and probably wants to see them go away.  Of course, they neglect details about the various accusers of which could be useful to an honest story.

Volker Beck loves
children @Gemeinfrei
Bruner Gmünder Verlag (Berlin) [A publisher of homosexual pornography.] has given a list of five Church associates who are closely associated with the "radical" website "".

Bonn ( The Bruno Gmünder Verlag (Berlin) has handed a list of names of five Church associates who are supposed to be closely associated with the website "". One lives in Germany, three in Austria, one in Switzerland, reported the Spiegel Online in consultation with the former religion instructor David Berger, now living in Berlin, who has been seeking out the figures behind the portal on his own. All five are associates of the Catholic Church.

Verlag Gmünder has offered previously a 15,000 Euro reward for information on the operator of "". According to Spiegel Online, over 600 letters from the publisher, of which 90 percent had been unusable, the rest were clearly helpful. The German Bishops Conference had distanced itself from the website, which describes itself as Catholic. Its secretary, Father Hans Langendorfer, had written to Green politician Volker Beck [A homosexual who has argued for the legalization of sex with children]: "It is our common goal, to bring this site to a quick end."

"" operator shows itself as an "Initiative of an international private group of Catholics in Germany and overseas, who are mainly active in the Church". The website shows itself to give provocations to Protestants, Homosexuals, but also, even against Catholic Bishops and Laity, who are aligned with Liberal thought. [They forgot Jews]

The press speaker of the German Bishops' Conference, Matthias Kopp, stressed in the meantime that the Bishops' Conference has on its own initiative established contact with individual bishops, if they are aware of individuals in contact with who are employed by the Diocese.

Four names were brought forth by "Spiegel" in connection with, said Kopp in a statement, which appeared in the Katholischen Nachrichten-Agentur (KNA). So, Prelate Georg May is in connection with the Polish Archdiocese of Breslau. Fr. Reto Nay is a priest in Switzerland. There is also a religion teacher, Hubert Hecker who has already been published in 2010 by The Mainz Pastor Hendrick Jolie, who was also identified by "Spiegel", has stressed himself, that had published his texts illegally, said Kopp.

Spiegel online also cited the Press Speaker of the Diocese of Mainz, Tobias Blum, with the words that Jolie in the mean time has been questioned about his connection with "He has denied being in contact with and has expressly distanced himself", says Blum.

Berger, [A homosexual who accused the Pope of being himself one, was exposed by] who had been dismissed by the Archdiocese of Cologne from his license to teach, explained on Sunday, that he knows a great deal about the technical aspects of the site. On some days, the server changes three times. There are suggestions from around that the operators are ecclesiastical associates.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Father Jolie says Dissidents are not Catholic

Edit:  He heads the German "Netork of Catholic Priests" and promotes the old Mass while  residing in one of the worst Diocese in Germany.

It is absurd to describe normal priests as conservative. It's like insulting someone who stops for a red light while others keep going, with the term right-wing radical.

 ( The German dialog process is the attempt to cover the substantial fracture in the German Church with the motto "we can discuss anything".

Pastor Hendrick Jolie of Mühltal in the Diocese of Mainz said on the 22nd of February for the Old Liberal Cologne 'Domradio'. [Cathedral Radio]

Fear of the word "Schism"

Things were discussed that weren't just describing physical location.

The clergyman stressed that no one wants to knowingly promote a schism.

But still there is increasing polarization.

Wheelchair Reformers Roll Offside

The one man show, 'Pastors' Initiative' of Fr. Helmut Schüller, which promotes women's ordination in Austria, isn't in the the Church any longer, according to Father Jolie.

In this case it is not the dialog about the means, rather a theological clarification, about what is Catholic.

Fr. Schüller is right to say, however, per Fr. Jolie, that "Communion for all" has long been a practice in most communities.

At the same time Fr. Jolie remarked: whoever stands against such grievances and defends the Faith, will find himself in serious difficulties.  Fr. Jolie didn't say from whom -- but it's the Old Liberal Bishops.

The request of "Network of Catholic Priests' to the Bishops, is for them to step forth as defenders of the Faith, is described by Father Jolie as a "call for help".

That's going to fall to the helpless.  

The Society of Saint Pius X is certainly not Heretical

As to the question if there is the possibility of splits like the Priestly Society of St. Piux X, Father Jolie said:

"Because  you can only say where the extremes meet"

There is danger "on both extreme sides",  which can lead at least de facto from the authority of the Pope.

Whoever leaves the ground of common Faith, creates their own church.

The Moderates are in the Middle? 

Fr. Jolie calls for the Priest Network, to stand "in the middle".

His reasoning:  "We say, we're not doing anything extreme, nothing strident, but we want to be Catholic priests."

It is absurd to be regarded as conservative or rightist.

That is, like "when you stop for a red light, and everyone else goes thorugh, and you are regarded as a  >>radical rightist<<."

As necessary reform measures Fr. Jolie named the promotion of the Old Mass, or a the interpretation of the Pastoral Council in the light of Tradition.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

In Liturgy It's Only the Right of the Powerful

How can it be that in the Church where "Tolerance" has long been the Superdogma, such intolerance exists? Answer: Because tolerance is only valid for the devil.

( The German Bishops invite to dialog. They are, however, "not immediately dialog-ready" about the Old Mass.

Pastor Hendrick Jolie from the Diocese of Mainz said in the middle of this May on his website.

This is how he sees the Bishops' Offer of Dialog

There interest in the Old Mass is small -- cited Fr. Jolie the Bishops. That has a diverse number of causes said Father Jolie.

He says there's a "steadily growing indifference of many Christians for Faith and Liturgy".

Fr. Jolie sees a second cause in the "open secret that in many Seminaries, the interest in the Old Mass alone can be dangerous."

The clergyman knows seminarians who are hesitant to participate in the Old Rite, because they fear the consequences.

He cites a Seminarist with the words: "I just want to get ordained."

That cause Fr. Jolie to comment: "Is this how the Bishops see dialog?"

In the Diocese of Mainz there are priests who are open to the Old Liturgy, but are under pressure.

On that point he recalled the word of then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger from the year 2000:

"Whoever today is inclined to this Liturgy or participates in it, will be dealt with as an outsider; here all tolerance comes to an end."

Fr. Jolie put the question: "How can it be that in our Church where "Tolerance" has long been spoken of as the Superdogma, can such intolerance rule?"

Only the Right of the Strong

The clergyman is appealing to the consciences of the Old Liberal Bishops:

"Experience teaches that unresolved injustice in the Church can have fatal consequences."

Because: "Through silence, ignorance and the "right of the strong" solves no problems in the Kingdom of God."

Fr. Jolie recalled then that the Pope in 2007 had described the de facto prohibition against the Old Mass a "profound injustice".

Then he asked the question:

"Is it not indisputable, that on the one hand in our Church ecumenism is written of highly, while at the same time even Catholics, who are, very directly addressed and given permission from the Pope, are still punished with marginalization?"

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Old Mass: Some Will Force Hand Communion

Editor: refers to hand Communion as being sacrilegious, we don't.

As expected the German Bishops are attempting to construe the generous allowance for the Old Mass with "arbitrarily and restrictively".

( "Even in the community there have been those set apart, because faithful -- who apparently have come with the purpose -- to force communion in the hand on the Old Rite."

This is according to the famous Paster Henrick Jolie from the Diocese of Mainz on the 20th of May in an interview with the German website ''.

The horror of Communion in the Hand at the Old Mass

Fr. Jolie would have liked that the Pope would have introduced the question of hand Communion in the recent instruction on the Motu Proprio 'Summorum Pntificum'.

Because: "There are Diocese in which hand Communion is given at the Old Mass".

Individual Bishops had even instructed their priests -- in contravention to the Liturgical norms--, not to refuse the sacrilegious communion in the hand.

Bishops react with Arbitrariness

Fr. Jolie is pleased that the Instruction insisted that the stable groups, which can request the Old Mass, don't have to come from the same Diocese or Parish.

That is for him an indirect criticism on diverse Diocesan "implementation regulations", which have been published in the wake of 'Summorum Pontificum':

"Here is where completely arbitrary restrictions are decreed."

They have attempted to define "narrowly and as expected, restrictively" the size or the composition of these groups of believers.

There's no relying on Rome

Fr. Jolie views has skepticism that the faithful have been offered the possibility of appealing their right with respect to the Old Mass to Rome:

"We know, how the Roman Community have dealt with the court of appeals over liturgical abuses."

Because: "The Canons have changed nothing."

[another article follows this one, soon]\

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Father Jolie Takes German Colleagues to Task

Editor: Father Jolie is head of the German Network of Catholic Priests, which has a wide membership. It supports initiatives coming from Rome, particularly concerning the new translation of the Mass which contains the words "pro multis" for the Consecration. He was also a signatory of the petition which is now being presented to the German Bishops in a room at a Hotel where they are meeting. Never mind that.

Why Celibacy Looks Rigid, Anachronistic and Bizarre.

Father Hendrick Jolie: In sex-crazed Germany priests are viewed with a mixture of consternation and sympathy.

The German battle against celibacy always leads back to the laicization of the country's clergy. This was according to Pastor Hendrick Jolie (47) at the beginning of February in an interview with the Catholic portal ''.

Today a priest in sex-crazed Germany is viewed with a "mixture of consternation and sympathy".

Father Jolie warns that this expression appears to be exaggerated:

"I experience it on location where it happens and I tell it factually firmly and without a trace of self-pity."

The Old Liberals Gentrified

The clergyman maintains that many priests are not convinced of the holiness and value of their station:

"You could recognize that already in the outer manner of many priests."

Most don't want to be "anything special", let people call them "Mr. XY" and lead average lives that can be hardly distinguished from an unmarried single burger bachelor.

Fr. Jolie tallies it off: "Home, car, vacation, free time, television, hobby -- most are into sports or a trendy hobby."

The address "Reverend" is painful to most priests:

"One of my colleagues, who upon seeing, for example, that I wear the soutane, makes a deep bow and insists on taking every opportunity to joke about it."

Just Not Priestly

The worst allegation in priestly circles is calling a colleague "clerical" -- "whatever that might mean".

Today a Catholic priest can be anything: "Homosexual, a masher [lecher], an apostate, a bird of paradise or a fantasy priest, just not: clerical."

Fr. Jolie continued: "Then they are socially complete."

In Liturgy he becomes fawning and takes great pains to avoid all appearance of distance or Sacrality:

"The more human, worldly and -- as people say amongst us -- "more charming" the priest's appearance the more beloved and folksy he is supposed to be."

Not a few priests go on vacation in the most common areas without the daily celebration of the Mass and not bringing priestly clothing.

What Father Jolie says then is conclusive:

"In the back ground of this manner of life celibacy appears in fact as extremely rigid, anachronistic and close to bizarre.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

"May Be That Some Think I'm Crazy"

The Mass of All Ages
"People from my community, who are not liturgically educated and therefore don't know that the pre-Conciliar Rite is supposed to be 'evil', speak of the old Mass in the meantime with complete naivete as the 'proper Mass.'"

( "surely there are not a few German chief shepherds, who are concerned about the unique path of Germany."

There you can read "much that is crying out from between the lines".

Fr. Hendrick Jolie (46) explained this in his most recent interview with the monthly magazine 'Kirchliche Umschau".

Fr. Jolie is the member of a team of speakers of the German 'Priest Network'.

Dissenters will be hard to unpack

"Our shepherds should know that they are not standing alone, if they decide to stand on the side of the Pope." -- he said.

Because: "There are countless priests and believers out there, who are waiting for a sign of solidarity from the Holy Father -- a sign that are not exhausted in words, rather something that can be read in concrete acts."

A bishop will find it much easider to distribute a Roman Instruction to his Diocese if he knows which priests and believers he can leave to its implementation.

Fr. Jolie himself believes the Pontificate of a German Pope is a "moment of grace for the Church".

This must not elapse.

Why since the death of the Fulda Bishop Johannes Dyba (+2000)  is that the Senior Sheperhds don't dance out of line, he finds it hard to explain:

"The case of +Mixa has shown then that the episcopal conduct of "dissidence" can be compared to everything else but brotherly."

"May be that fear rules here" -  concluded Fr. Jolie.

The Old Mass is the Mass of tomorrow

Fr. Jolie was asked how he priestly soul can be relighted.

His answer: "Priesthood and the offering of Sacrifice go together."

The obedience of the priest is shown above all in the offering of the Sacrifice of the Mass:

"How will they show the obedience of Christ in the ritual, if they are at the same time narcissitically attempting ever newer gimmicks?"

For him the Old Rite is an outstanding school of obedience: "The priest opens himself in the requirements of this Rite to be stamped in a certain way, which is completely alien in the new Rite."

Fr. Jolie did not experience the Old Rite in his childhood for long.

Because: "after I had learned this Rite and celebrated my "First Mass" in the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite, a feeling gripped me of homecoming."

Fr. Jolie also explained the reactions of his Parish:

Afterward: "People from my community, who are not liturgically educated and therefore don't know that the pre-Conciliar Rite is supposed to be 'evil', speak of the old Mass in the meantime with complete naivete as the 'proper Mass.'"

The Clergyman isn't too concerned about his repution:

"May be, some think of me as crazy, but according to my clear understanding the Old Mass is necessary for the healing of the Church."

Then he cited the Priest Rodhaudt from Aachen: "The old Mass is the Mass of tomorrow, because without it there won't be another morning."

© Bild: Christopher.M., Flickr, CC

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rome is Powerless in Germany

Most of the colleagues in 'Networks of Catholic Priests' are not prepared any longer to endure the patience-solutions, which have been proposed by the Roman authorities.

There are still only old Liberals coming in German, unscrupulous careerists in mitres.

( "As the Priest Network was in Rome for the Priestly Year this Summer and we have been in contact with various dicasteries,  we were shaken by the powerlessness and helplessness of the Roman authorities in the face of Germany's plight."

Hendrick Jolie (46) said this in an interview in the most recent edition of the Catholic monthly magazine 'Kirchliche Umschau'.

 Fr. Jolie is a Pastor in the Diocese of Mainz and member of the Spokesman Committee of the 'Network of Catholic Priests' [Netzwerks Katholischer Priester].

"It is not even so, that one doesn't know in Rome, what is going on in Germany." -- he continued.

The 'Network' has been on a visit to Rome preparing an appeal, as it brought its own dossier on conditions in the German Church: "The opposite was actually the case."

A Congregation answered that it is "still much worst" than portrayed in the dossier.

In Germany The Problems Pile Up

Especially in connection with the British Hero Bishop Richard Williamson Rome was schoked, that the Bishops themselves were not too shy to distance themselves from the Pope rather than defend him.

Fr. Jolie counted numerous problems in the German Church:

-  The Pro-Abort organization 'Donum Vitae'

-  The ecumenical scandal- 'Kirchentag' with its homosexual propaganda

-  The distribution of Holy Communion to unbelievers.

-  The 'Central Committee of German Catholics' with its unspeakable President

-  The infamous ‘Königsteiner Erklärung’

-  The so-called pastoral teams which bury the office of shepherd.

For Fr. Jolie it is "always the same little game":  "Rome writes an instruction, a reprimand or the Pope admonishes the Bishop personally, to correct certain erroneous developments, and what happens -- nothing!"

The Thread of Patience is About to Break

 In Rome they feel powerless to go publicly against the powerful German Church-tax apparatus:

"Letters, reprimands and directions from Rome are met by the local authorities with so much disinterest, that it takes your breath away, is what someone in the Secretary of State Office told us."

For Father Jolie nothing else can be done, "than either to wait for the disintegration of the German Church-tax Monster or even waiting for a >>biological soluion<< in expectation on a decision maker."

Then he finally adds:  "Most colleagues in the Network are not ready to put up with the "Patience-Solution" being proposed by the Roman authorities.

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Does One Have to Obey the Disobedient Bishops?

"On the practical level it is often the case that the appeal of Papal instructions are not used by the pastor locally."

Should You Obey the Pope More than the Bishops?
( "How should pastors acquit themselves, when -- as it is mostly -- universal Church and particular-legal regulations contradict one another?"

Fr. Hendrick Jolie (46) asked this question in an interview for the most recent edition of the Catholic monthly 'Kirchliche Umschau'.

Father Jolie is a pastor in the Diocese of Mainz.

The clergyman is remainded then, that is at least in theory the particular law is subordinate to the universal: "On the practical level it is often the case that the appeal of Papal instructions are seldom used by the Pastor locally."

And what did the Cardinal say?

An example of this for Father Jolie is the incorrect translation of the words of consecration in the Novus Ordo Eucharistic Celebration.

The corrections that were ordered by the Pope four years ago have been thoroughly ignored by the old Liberal Bishops.

For this reason, the German 'Network of Catholic Priests' -- in whose executive committee Father Jolie sits -- had written to the Roman Congregation for Divine Worship.

They asked the Prefect of the Congregation, Antonio Cardinal Cañizares Llovera, to answer the question, "how we should conduct ourselves in this inner conflict".

Tactical Chess Move

'Kirchliche Umschau'  suggests that Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller of Regensburg recently pled for an implementation of the Papal wish.

Father Jolie held the push of the Bishop for a compromise, which the German Bishops and the Pope would consider a loss of face:

"Without wanting to step on Bishop Müller, the question is in any case allowed, why is it that it's been four years since this proposal has come to the table."

And:  "Why then these wordy explanations, when in any case, the new edition of the German Missal has already been tendered by Rome?"

For Father Jolie this progress is not understandable:  "There the 26 Diocesan Shepherds to complete a newly revised Missal  -- in which the they have a hearing where  "for the many" [as the Pope asked] is not, rather it remains "for all" still --  and finally one of these Bishops publishes an explanation in which he pleads for another translation of the words of consecration."

Fr. Jolie comments: "Here it appears -- if I may put it politely -- that there is not only a communications problem within the German Bishops Conference."

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