Wednesday, June 15, 2011

In Liturgy It's Only the Right of the Powerful

How can it be that in the Church where "Tolerance" has long been the Superdogma, such intolerance exists? Answer: Because tolerance is only valid for the devil.

( The German Bishops invite to dialog. They are, however, "not immediately dialog-ready" about the Old Mass.

Pastor Hendrick Jolie from the Diocese of Mainz said in the middle of this May on his website.

This is how he sees the Bishops' Offer of Dialog

There interest in the Old Mass is small -- cited Fr. Jolie the Bishops. That has a diverse number of causes said Father Jolie.

He says there's a "steadily growing indifference of many Christians for Faith and Liturgy".

Fr. Jolie sees a second cause in the "open secret that in many Seminaries, the interest in the Old Mass alone can be dangerous."

The clergyman knows seminarians who are hesitant to participate in the Old Rite, because they fear the consequences.

He cites a Seminarist with the words: "I just want to get ordained."

That cause Fr. Jolie to comment: "Is this how the Bishops see dialog?"

In the Diocese of Mainz there are priests who are open to the Old Liturgy, but are under pressure.

On that point he recalled the word of then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger from the year 2000:

"Whoever today is inclined to this Liturgy or participates in it, will be dealt with as an outsider; here all tolerance comes to an end."

Fr. Jolie put the question: "How can it be that in our Church where "Tolerance" has long been spoken of as the Superdogma, can such intolerance rule?"

Only the Right of the Strong

The clergyman is appealing to the consciences of the Old Liberal Bishops:

"Experience teaches that unresolved injustice in the Church can have fatal consequences."

Because: "Through silence, ignorance and the "right of the strong" solves no problems in the Kingdom of God."

Fr. Jolie recalled then that the Pope in 2007 had described the de facto prohibition against the Old Mass a "profound injustice".

Then he asked the question:

"Is it not indisputable, that on the one hand in our Church ecumenism is written of highly, while at the same time even Catholics, who are, very directly addressed and given permission from the Pope, are still punished with marginalization?"

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