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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Just when you thought Mark Shea couldn't get more vain

File under: Anger makes you blind  Stupid

Does he really think the algorithm is smart enough to know he's slandering Trump?  How many are interested enough in what this lolcow has to say that Zuckerberg's goons would apply more scrutiny to his posts?   Use the phrase Covid-19 is a hoax in a post trying to downplay the virus instead of mocking the president and the results will be the same.   Can't do it here.  We were banned from Facebook a long time ago for saying far less.

Hey Mark:  

Step away from the snack foods and the computer.  Spend a little time cleaning up that shit hole.
The exercise would do you a little bit of good too.

And if you're serious about shedding the blubber, give your insufferable blogger buddy Jimmy Akin a call.   He may still be hanging on to the Neo-Catholic delusion and not be ready for full-blown Leftism but I think he has enough decency to help out a fellow apologist.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

++Viganò Calls for Disobedience of Gay Primate of America -- "They Are Mercenaries"

(Credit: Tom Brenner/Reuters via CNS.)
Edit: who else but an aberrosexual would support "Gay Pride"  or have such a gaudy crosier and to exhibit gay rage with his girlish jabs at the Trump after he visited a shrine to John Paul II that looks like a nuclear reactor?  Catholic Snooze Network, here.  The don't mention Gregory's obvious gay appeal as a factor in his selection.  Obviously, if he were Orthodox, he would have been passed over.
Soviet Style Shrine to Slavic Pope  Credit: Brendan Smialowski / AFP via Getty
Soviet Style Shrine with Trump and Melania  Credit: Brendan Smialowski / AFP via Getty

[Remnant] Grace and Peace are always with you, in Jesus Christ, our only Lord. Although I am no longer among you in Washington D.C. as Apostolic Nuncio, I feel particularly united to all of you in this time of so grave moral and physical trials with which you are afflicted, and I wish to send you the sentiments of my deepest affection in Christ.
Unfortunately, the Catholic Church is led by many false pastors. Over the past twenty years, your Diocese of Washington, in particular and now for the third time, has been and continues to be deeply afflicted and wounded by false shepherds whose way of life is full of lies, deceits, lust and corruption. Wherever they have been, they were a cause of serious scandal for various local Churches, for your entire country and for the whole Church.
Do not follow them, as they lead you to perdition. They are mercenaries. They teach and practice falsehoods and corruption!
Wow, that's one gaudy crosier. Archbishop Wilton Gregory. CNA/File photo


Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Donald Trump is Elected President of the United States

The War on Christianity Ends.


Election: Peronist Pope Disfavors Donald Trump -- Supports Hillary Clinton

Edit: at the matriarchal society of the Huffington Post, this article appeared.  What better endorsement do American voters need to vote for Donald Trump?
When we were in school, most of the clergy teaching at our school were evil, and therefore voted for Democrats.
[Puffington Post] If you’ve ever wondered how terrible a person must be to get the pope to condemn them, look no further than GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.
At the World Meeting of Popular Movements at the Vatican on Saturday, Pope Francis spoke about the danger of building walls to keep people out and “false prophets that exploit fear and hopelessness to sell magical formulas of hate and cruelty.” 
Sound familiar?
Francis never uttered Trump’s name, and, as The Atlantic points out, his comments could generally apply to other leaders. But it’s hard not to think of Trump himself when the pope talks about walls.