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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

France: Muslim Faces Three Months in Prison For Refusing to Officiate "Gay Marriage"

Sabrina Hout is being recommended by prosecutors for
three months in prison, because she refused to
conclude a "gay marriage".
 (Paris) France teaches you to  rotate the world around yourself and be confused.  Three prosecutors are seeking three months in prison for a Vice Mayor, Socialist and "practicing Moslem"   because she had refused to officiate a "gay marriage."
Sabrina Hout was voted in the municipal elections in 2014 as part of the ruling Socialist Party of Francoise Hollande as  President to the Municipal Council of the VIII. Secteur Marseilles. Actually, the case should have been handled with caution. But it turned out differently.The Marseilles prosecutor, Marie Blanche Regnier, is asking for three months in prison and a fine of 1,500 euros because of "discrimination based on sexual orientation". The young District Vice Mayor in the second largest city in France after Paris refers to herself as "a practicing Muslim" and demanded "respect for her religious beliefs".

"Gay marriage" law does not provide for conscientious objection

Sabrina Hout is the first case in France, where a government representative has been brought to justice, since 2013, the Socialist Party, to which  Hout belongs,  legalized "gay marriage" (Marriage pour tous). The law put in force   by President Hollande does not provide a clause for conscientious objection.
As at 16 August 2014, two lesbians appeared at the city hall of the VIII. Secteur to enter into a "gay marriage,"  while  Hout,  who is responsible for the family area, asked another council to represent them. That would, however, not have been possible for legal reasons. Hout, therefore, had to sign the relevant documents for the couple, but was represented at the ceremony for the actual formal act.

"Instead of Catholics and fascists we have a young, modern, leftist Muslim in front of us"

The Deputy Mayor was denounced in-house. The lesbian "gay marriage"  was first canceled and then subsequently confirmed. The result was that they initiated a complaint against the Deputy Mayor.  District Mayor Samia Ghali, of Algerian descent, also Moslem and socialist as Hout, withdrew her colleague from all responsibilities. The prosecutor opened proceedings for the falsification of documents.
On September 29 Hout will know whether the judges will follow the recommendation of the prosecutor.  The prosecutor referred to her  plea to fight  on behalf of the two lesbians as "legitimate and correct."
The lawyer of the two complaintants, Philipe Vouland, is also pushing for a condemnation, "to set a precedent." Literally he said: "In the fight for marriage for all, the [homosexuals]  associations expect to have to cross  blades with proper heterosexuals,  Catholics,  sexists and fascists. Instead, we came across a young, modern, single, leftist woman,  and Moslem."

Aberrosexual organizations have labelled Hout as a "homophobic monster"

Hout told the court that she had "never wanted to discriminate against  anyone," but just wanted to respec her religious beliefs. She finds support in the Mayors'  Association mayors pour l'enfance.  This found that the Taubira-law legalizing "gay marriage" known as Article 9 of the ECHR,  infringes upon the assurance to every person of freedom of thought, freedom of conscience and freedom of religion.
President Hollande had assured the French Mayors on 20 November 2012: "The law is applied to all, but in respect for freedom of conscience."
2015 brought nothing more to hear. The aberrosexual organizations have branded Sabrina Hout  as a "homophobic monster."  "You have insulted me by calling me a homophobe, which is completely false.  I've been through Hell. My name was in all the newspapers ... At  work I was insulted in every possible way, even as a terrorist and Jihadist!"
The lesbian couple, Claude and Helene, hopes to reach a judgment against Sabrina Hout  that "is an example for the implementation of the law".
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Tempi
Trans: Tancred

Friday, November 8, 2013

Courageous French Mayor and His Council Refuse to be Intimidated by Gomorrist Law in France

(Paris) In France the mayor wrote a letter to the citizens of his town in which he told them: "I can not believe in gay marriage. Should I be forced, I am resigning." The community is Fontgombault. There is a world-famous Benedictine abbey, which maintains the traditional rite of the Catholic Church and is bound to tradition.

In late spring, the socialist parliamentary majority decided for the legalization of "gay marriage" despite massive resistance from a broad civil rights movement. Since then, the mayors of France are under pressure. If a gay couple wants to get married, they have to make a fundamental decision. To break any resistance, the government of President Hollande has issued corresponding penalties for the same. Should a mayor refuse to honor a sodomite couple, it threatens him not only impeachment and a fine of 75,000 euros but even five years in prison.

"There is a Natural Law That Stands Above the Laws of Man"

Jacques Tissier, the Catholic mayor of Fontgombault has made his decision. He wants to withdraw: "There is a natural law that stands above the laws of man." The decision of the mayor is shared by the entire council. Municipal Government and council want to resign, should the community be forced to have to perform a "marriage" of two homosexuals. A similar decision has been taken by the entire council on this last 24th of October.

Since the legislature has expressly denied the mayors of the freedom of conscience, there are only two options: either to be dismissed and face a fine or go to jail.

Jacques Tissier sees the denial of freedom of conscience, a serious violation of religious freedom. In addition, the "gay marriage" is an absurdity because it is two same-sex persons categorically impossible to conceive new life of their own will, but just based on the basic transmission of life is the essence of marriage.

The daily Nouvelle Republique reported that the decision of the mayor had been referred to by some as "scandalous" and "shocking".

Mayor Tissier called on those who have "problems" with his decision to contact him directly and talk to him.

The Mayor Has Already Received "negative" Attention: After the Earthquake in Haiti, he Prayed for the Victims

Tissier, has been the mayor of Fontgombault since 1977, hit the headlines in 2010. After the earthquake in Haiti, he asked the council to pray the Our Father and a Hail Mary with him before the meeting for the victims of the earthquake. In the country where for over 100 years, the secularism is the official state doctrine, it was an outrageous affront.

Church opponents and proponents of "gay marriage" already called to the fact that gay couples are moving especially to Fointgombault and there are to force the mayor and the council to resign by the requirement of "marriage".

The legalization of "gay marriage" has troubled thousands of French mayors. You have to resist the introduction of the new law in the platform of Maries Pour l'Enfance (Mayors for childhood). There are already criminal complaints against some mayors who have refused to honor "gay marriage" already. Just as against Jean-Michel Colo., mayor of the French town of Arcangues since 1983.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 Image: Commune de Fontgombault
Trans: Tancred
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Friday, July 26, 2013

Hollande and His Government: "A Troop of Cathophobes"

(Paris) Fabrice Madouas addresses "Catholics on the Black List" in an excellent way, in his published article for "Valeurs Actuelles" about the situation in laicistic [secular] France at a worrying point.

The growing gap between the Catholics and the government can not be explained only by the indifference of the President. From the first day of his term, he placed his seat under the patronage of radical secularist Jules Ferry [1] , whose goal is to organize a "humanity without God and King." This is a reason why Catholics are concerned about his program and are outraged about the humiliation and harassment that the left inflicts on the Church. This strongly suggests that, the government wants confrontation, hoping to mobilize their own camp by it.

Christiane Taubira [2] provided the best example when she received Cardinal Vingt-Trois with casualness, when he wanted to talk to her about the marriage, which bordered on contempt. The deputies of the Left could feel such a hostile environment that they gave him to understand so that the opinion of the Church for them counts for nothing in the debate. This abruptness is not surprising: not a single government minister, says Ayrault of himself, are practicing, only six call themselves believers, including Cecile Duflot.

Last winter, the housing minister had the audacity to publicly comment on the assumption that the Church cares little for the poor, so he threatened to confiscate ecclesiastical buildings to house the homeless. But it's still Vincent Peillon who wins the prize for anti-Church Aggression: In January he contested the existence of Catholic doctrine in question in public debates on gay marriage [aberromarriage]. Cardinal Vingt-Trois reacted strongly: "If not even a discussion is any longer possible, then there is an official state doctrine and the thought police." [On Education Minister Vincent Peillon see separate report .]

Are Catholics become second-class citizens? The question is all the more justified because the government shows a lot more respect to other religions this year took [Interior Minister] Manuel Valls twice breaking bread, taking part in Ramadan. "One way for the Republic, to show their affection to the Muslims of our country," he explained. Also, something never seen by the public authorities, when churches and Christian cemeteries are desecrated, although it concerns more than 80 percent of all anti-religious violence in France.

Text: L'Observateure de la Christianophobia / Giuseppe Nardi
Image: L'Observateure de la Christianophobia
Trans: Tancred

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

French Mayor Refuses the "Farce of Gay Marriage" -- He is Threatened With 5 Years of Prison

(Paris), Jean-Michel Colo is the mayor of the French town Arcangues. He announced his decision that he would not perform the "gay marriage" legalized by the government of President Francois Hollande in his community, "because it is a farce," said Colo.The law "is not for but against something, it gives an inadequate and absurd privilege for a tiny minority, but it attacks the family, for whose protection the marriage exists," said Colo.
"I'm not  giving any lessons and call on no other mayor does to follow my example. But I will not perform an illegal act," said the mayor of the municipality of Aquitaine.
"My seven council members agree completely agree with me that in this fare, we  'do not participate in this, and we thank the thousands of support and congratulatory messages we have received for our decision." Jean-Michel Colo. since 1983 mayor of the 3,100 -inhabitant village near the southwestern French town of Bayonne, near the Atlantic coast and the border with Spain.
The law imposed by the Socialists law provides severe penalties for non-compliance. Whomever as a public official denies or impedes the implementation of the law faces five years in prison, up to a 75,000 euro penalty and the immediate removal from office.
In April, just before the adoption of the "gay marriage" legalization by the French Parliament, Franck Meyer, spokesman for the platform Mayors Pour l'Enfance (Mayors for  Childhood) had stated that approximately 15,000 mayors of France will refuse "to conduct  marriage between two persons of the same sex."  Hollande, the Socialist government then declared that there is "no freedom of conscience" in the matter related to civil servants and public officials.
Interior Minister Manuel Valls has already threatened  Mayor Colo  with the statement that the laws are to be applied and any breach of this duty would be punished with the rigor of the law.
Two homosexuals who've recently deliberately  intended to file for "marriage" in Arcangues, have filed charges against Mayor Colo with the Bayonne Prosecutor's Office..
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
picture: Religion en Libertad
Trans: Tancred

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pope to French Parliamentarians --- Act on "Gay Marriage... Override it again"

(Rome) Pope Francis has urged the French parliamentarians he received, by quite frankly telling them to "override" the already adopted law legalizing "gay marriage" again. Laws must be overridden if they are not "possessed of the necessary quality that elevates and ennobles man", said the head of the Catholic Church. The Pope was referring to the law on "gay marriage," the law of adoption for gays, abortion and euthanasia. [Aka Taubira's Law]

He reminded the MEPs that they must engage in legislation "not only the ideas and fashions of the moment". The Catholic Church is willing "to contribute to basic questions that allow a more complete picture of man and his destiny." The Pope addressed the members of a large Vatican friendship group of Parisian deputies, as he received them on Saturday at the Vatican.

The meeting with the deputies had been expected with anticipation because of the simmering for months in France dispute over the "gay marriage", which was recently legalized by the Socialist majority in the French Senate and the National Assembly. Without explicitly interfering in domestic issues, the Pope gave his rejection of "gay marriage" to recognize adoption rights for gays, abortion and euthanasia clearly.

The pontiff stressed the principle of secularity of the French state could "mean no hostility towards religion, and not their exclusion from social life and the debates held there." The Pope showed himself pleased, addressing the mass rallies Manif Pour Tous, without naming them by name, "about the fact that the community of the French has rediscovered a certain image of man and his dignity" representing the will "of the Church and others".

Millions of people have since the fall of 2012, protested with the participation of many church groups in Paris, and many other cities to protest against the introduction of "gay marriage".

A note in its own right, [from Mr. Giuseppe Nardi to his German readers]. We apologize for the initially muted coverage of the statements of the Pope to the deputies. It was based on the report of the German editors of Radio Vatican, where the content and scope Pope words were either not understood or was deliberately trying to downplay this possible.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi Image: L'Osservatore Romano Link to katholisches... Editor's note: let's face it, Radio Vatican's coverage usually leaves a lot to be desired and a lot of it never makes it into English.