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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Pope Names "Transparence Commission" for Bishops' Synod-- Tense Atmosphere in the Vatican

Bishops' Synod: Press Conference of Cardinal
Baldisseri and Speaker Lombardi
(Rome) Behind the walls of the Vatican there is currently an uphill struggle. Pope Francis especially to criticism that there would be little transparency  in the forthcoming Synod of Bishops. To allay fears appropriate that were the Pope several times, argued vociferously most recently  by some cardinals after the bad experiences of the previous year in Santa Marta, today announced the establishment of a transparency commission was announced. It's an unusual step that reveals the tense atmosphere on all sides.
A ten-member commission whose spokesman for the Synod  will be Cardinal Peter Erdo from Hungary, will be  "to ensure full transparency" said Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, the Secretary General of the Synod of Bishops today in Rome. The Commission will bring together representatives from all five continents. The Commission's appointment is seen as confirmation of the criticism which was put forward last year by cardinals like Raymond Burke and Gerhard Müller,that the Holy See wished to validate a unilateral information policy in a certain direction. What he meant was the direction set by Cardinal Walter Kasper.

Vatican spokesman: Synod Fathers will have no restrictions in dealing with media

"A  final text  is desired that will be the outcome of the considerations and interventions of various Synod Fathers", said Cardinal Baldisseri that this did not specify whether this is to be a final document of the Synod or a Post-Synodal Letter of the Pope. In recent days, it was reported by well knowns such as Vatcanist Sandro Magister  and Edward Pentin, that there would be no final report of the Synod. The reason for this is, so the supposition, is that the pope did not wish to be bound by it.
The criticism for lack of transparency is also being responded to by Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi SJ, who said at today's press conference, that there were no restrictions on the synod in dealing with journalists. The Synod Fathers could talk "responsibly" with media representatives. The Vatican spokesman did not disclose whether the 2014 practice information blackout on the interventions at the synod, is to be repealed.

Ceremony "50 Years of the Synod of Bishops" the Vatican - Pope appoints Cardinal Schönborn to guest speaker

This coming Sunday, the second and final part of the Synod of Bishops on the family begins. Nearly 300 bishops and 120 experts will discuss three weeks in the presence of Pope Francis on Marriage and Family. Controversial topics are the proposal of Cardinal Walter Kasper to allow divorced and remarried to the sacraments under conditions, and the proposal of Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia to recognize homosexuality factually.
The prelude just before the start of the Synod will be a prayer vigil on Saturday from 6 O'clock on St. Peter's Square.
On October 17th, a ceremony will be held around  the Synod, the Synod of Bishops celebrated 50 years as a Jubilee. The institution of the Synod of Bishops was introduced as an independent, advisory body of the world church at the end of the Second Vatican Council by Pope Paul VI. Pope Francis and the Synod Fathers will participate in the ceremony. For the main speaker, the Pope appointed the Archbishop of Vienna, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, a declared Kasperian.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Mil
Trans: Tancred
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