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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Journalist Pope-Critic and Anti-Mason Danilo Quinto Fired -- "Purge Continues"

(Rome) The press agency SIR (Servizio Informazione Religiosa) of the Italian Bishops' Conference has dismissed Danilo Quinto, a renowned Catholic journalist and publicist.  They  fired  him  for criticizing Pope Francis. Quinto is one of the best connoisseurs of the secular-Masonic agenda. For 20 years he was a militant activist of the radical liberal, anticlerical Radical Party, whose treasurer he was.
He has the necessary insider knowledge and knows radical secularist actors like Marco Pannella and Emma Bonino, and their motives personally. After his conversion to Christ and his return to the Catholic Church, he broke with the anti-Christian Party and its ideology. In his book "From the servant of Pannella to the free child of God" he settled with this party and its mindset, Founded in 1877, Italy's Radical Party, which was the political wing of the Masonic Grand Orient of Italy in Parliament and government. It was a settlement that led to Danilo Quinto receiving public attacks, slanders and  public humiliations, as far as the arm of his opponent could reach.

Dismissal because of critical remarks about Pope Francis

SIR news agency of the Italian Bishops Conference
Since the spring of 2013, Danilo Quinto,  was a regular contributor to the press agency SIR. At the express request of the press agency his articles were published under a pseudonym. A decision that was taken by SIR out of concern not to provoke the radical liberals. Since then SIR has published 316 articles by Quinto, an average of three per week.
As Danilo Quinto announced himself, this collaboration was abruptly and unilaterally terminated by SIR. The dismissal was justified not with articles he wrote for SIR, but with contributions which he wrote for other media. In a telephone conversation with SIR editor in chief, he was told  on the eve of his release, that it was because of the item broadcast on the traditional Internet sation Radio Spada. In it Quinto voiced criticisms to some of the statements and decisions of Pope Francis. Criticism is not tolerated in official church media.
The dismissal was carried out by SMS:
"In full respect for your freedom, I take note that your position to the  pope is in clear contradiction  to that of the SIR. I will share with the agreement of the management  - since the relationship of trust with the director is no longer present -  that with today's release of your two most recent articles your collaboration with the agency SIR will be considered terminated. Good Luck. "

The main reason: Quintos book against the Church's surrender to the aberro lobby

"Ancilla hominis", Danilo Quinto's latest book oppose gay heresy
However, the main reason is his latest book Ancilla hominis .  Published in the publishing house of Radio Spada, the book critically analyzes the Catholic Church's approach to the gay agenda under Pope Francis. Danilo Quinto askes in the subtitle: "If the Church is the mystical body of man?" On the book cover is a caricature depicting Pope Francis showing him with an outstretched hand and giving a thumbs up   against the background of the colors of the gay organizations, signing his approval.
Quinto had also leveled criticism that Pope Francis called the abortion lobbyist and declared enemy of Church Emma Bonino Quinto. It is not the act itself that was so wrong, said Quinto, but its handling,  it necessarily gives  the public the impression that the Church of today would even recognize the inhuman, anti-Christian attitude of Bonino. "The task of the Pope,  is not to converse with just anyone," said Quinto  (see"Woohoo" by Pope Francis with radical abortionist Emma Bonino in German). Bonino was from 1995-1999 EU-Commissioner, from 2006-2008 Italian Minister on International Trade and European Affairs and 2013/2014 Italian Foreign Minister.
The dismissal was surprising because Quinto at SIR worked under a pseudonym and the news agency received no embarrassment  by his pope-criticism, which he published under his full name elsewhere.
The press agency SIR emerged 27 years ago as an initiative of the Federation of Catholic Weeklies Italy, most notably the Church newspapers and the Italian Episcopal Conference.

"The cleansing" against Pope's critics "continues"

Emma Bonino with Gustavo Raffi, Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy
Danilo Quinto thus joins himself to an ever-lengthening list of Catholic journalists and writers who have been dismissed because of their criticism of Pope Francis. The purge began in fall of 2013 with the release of Mario Palmaro and Alessandro Gnocchi  at Radio Maria. "The cleanup continues," said Radio Spada about Quintos dismissal.
From Radio Spada, a relief operation has been launched to financially help the family man Danilo Quinto, because the employment at SIR (net 1,200 euros) represented the livelihood of his family. That Quinto yet will find a job in an official Catholic media in this pontificate, seems very unlikely. magazine for Church and Culture would like the colleagues Danilo Quinto to express its solidarity    and thank him for his previous work  as a qualified Catholic journalist and publicist.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Radio Spada / MiL
Trans: Tancred

Monday, January 12, 2015

Papal Purge: Bishop Coadjutor Assigned to Traditional Diocese of Albenga-Imperia

Bishop Oliveri Celebrates the Old Rite
(Rome) Pope Francis has found a coadjutor for the Bishop of Albenga-Imperia, Msgr. Mario Oliveri with right of succession to the side. As Bishop Oliveri enjoys good health, the papal decision appears as a disempowerment  without disavowing the ruling bishop entirely through impeachment. It is the indirect, more elegant form of impeachment. The direct form was felt by Bishop Rogelio Livieres of Ciudad del Este. A dismissal with no ifs or buts.
A coadjutor, sometimes with right of succession, is an auxiliary device, such as when an incumbent bishop is no longer in a position to fully exercise his office fully for health reasons.  This form is also utilized to correct undesirable developments in a diocese or to  reconcile  a successor fluidly without drastically making  visible a public break.

Heavy State of Tradition in the World and Especially in the Church

No this is occuring in the diocese of Albenga-Imperia Riviera.  The traditional alignment of Bishop Oliveri is undesirable. A minority of the diocesan clergy made fierce resistance to the renewal of the diocese in the Catholic faith, which Bishop Oliveri, by replacing   folk altars in churches with appropriate high altars,  promoting the sacrament of penance, the traditional Rite, establishing old ritual communities, and the unabbreviated preaching the doctrine. Majorities play no role in the church, but it should be noted that the majority of the clergy followed this bishop. The diocese has far and wide the highest number of seminarians who are trained in both forms of the Roman Rite.
But then, Pope Francis took the Chair of Peter and quickly found someone in Liguria to afford the opportunity to get rid of the bishop. They quickly sought the anti-clerical media. The liberal daily, Secolo XIX took over the role of the battering ram. Because of their attitude which is critical of the Church they have already offered skirmish in the past few years  with the bishop. That it was seriously meant, with the intention  to drive Bishop Oliveri from office, became clear  a few days ago even as the German media jumped straight into slander mode.

Standardized Strategy of Slander Against Faithful Church Representatives

The ingredients have long been standardized in the case of orthodox bishops. The spreading of rumors, outraged mention of unproven allegations. There are always enough people who accept any slander willingly.
 Secolo XIX has been well informed about from Church circles by the end of October 2014, announced the appointment of a Coadjutor for Albenga-Imperia. A provisional administration of the diocese and disempowerment of the officiating bishop, which was welcomed by the newspaper. Rome was silent. Startled devout Catholics were mocked as seeing "ghosts" and having, attempting to raise and lift  a "blind" antipathy against the reigning pope.
But the rumor was not a rumor. On January 10, Pope Francis, the previous bishop of Pitigliano-Sovana-Orbetello, Msgr. Guglielmo Borghetti has been sent to the diocese of Albenga-Imperia as Coadjutor with right of succession.

Why the Fear of Tradition?

Two things would appear from the new "purging": Pope Francis applies "tolerance and compassion shown demonstratively"  to everyone, but not for traditional Catholics, so says Secretum meum mihi . Against them he cherishes a "deep-seated inner aversion".  Second, it seems the pope can not bear that bishops have full seminaries and numerous priestly vocations, as soon as they turn to the tradition. Tradition was tolerated only within the separate, manageable and controllable enclosure of "Ecclesia Dei".   But where  tradition leaves this enclosure and radiates into the new ritual Church, they will fight relentlessly as the treatment of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, Bishop Livieres and now Bishop Oliveri show.
"Why are even high church officials, including the Pope, so afraid of  tradition? Why don't they exercise their proverbial cherished tolerance? Is it because it holds up the mirror to them and thus call into question their own life's work and understanding of the Church? On closer examination, even brings them to falter?" asks Secretum meum mihi.  Perhaps because the crisis of vocations and all related implications surrounding the priesthood, Holy  Orders, Sacrament of Penance and the Eucharist, including the considerations and plans for the approval of viri probati (priests who left and are now married), the abolition of celibacy, the admission of women to the diaconate and priesthood could collapse within itself?
On December 22, Pope Francis listed 15 "diseases"  in his Christmas message to the Roman Curia, on which  they suffer. "The action against the small Ligurian diocese has confirmed at least ten  of the fifteen pathologies mentioned by Pope Francis," said Traditio Catholica . But in this case it is the Pope, who seems to have a short memory.
Unlike Bishop Livieres of Paraguay, Bishop Oliveri is taking the papal humiliation in silence, as is common in Europe. Bishop Livieres had been ordered to Rome, but he had learned from the media of his deposition. In vain he had asked the Pope for an audience. But the Pope granted him neither an audience yet another opportunity to defend himself against the complaints. Then the bishop had informed the media that he had "naturally accepted the decision" of the Pope, but that the Pope would be "responsible" before God for his decision. Bishop Livieres has been also active since then in evangelization, but without a diocese.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: diocese of Albenga-Imperia
Trans: Tancred

Monday, November 24, 2014

Purge at Radio Maria Continues

Padre Livio of Radio Maria
(Milan) The wave of purges at Radio Maria continues. After the sacking of Mario Palmaro and Alessandro Gnocchi in the fall of 2013 and in spring 2014 Roberto de Mattei, now Gianpaolo Barra, the chief editor of the Catholic monthly magazine was Il Timone is being fired from the radio broadcaster.
The wave of Epurations can in no way be attributed to Pope Francis, but it still has  to do with him. Don Livio Fanzaga, the program director of Radio Maria Italy, the mother of all Radio Maria stations worldwide, is engaging in  a relentless anticipated obedience. In his effort to demonstrate actual or even alleged loyalty to the Pope, he showing employees with many years of outstanding employees the door because they dared not even on the radio, but elsewhere, to comment critically about  statements, decisions or gestures of Pope Francis.

Barra Should Have Dismissed Antonio Socci

The recent purge relates to the journalists Gianpaolo Barra, chief editor of the Catholic magazine Il Timone . He was in charge of, designed and hosted Radio Maria for three years on a "Faith Foundations Class".
Barra became the radio's internal guillotine victim after he had hesitated, to remove the Catholic journalist Antonio Socci from the list of Timone award winners at the Timone festival in Modena, even before  his latest book "Non è Francesco" (He is not Francis ) was published. The author doubts the legality of the election of Pope Francis in his book.
Socci should have been awarded in Modena for his publishing activities. Padre Livio had been informed before going to print  of the contents of the new Socci book and ordered Barra  by e-mail, to delete the publicist from Sienna and Rector of the School of Journalism of Perugia, from the festival program of TimoneIl Timone and Radio Maria are institutions completely independent of each other.

Account of Hesitating From Purgsing Now Purge Themselves

Barra initially, actually forced Socci  from the program, but with some hesitation and concerns. This tentative purging displeased the leaders of Radio Maria and they took their turn to purge Barra from the radio  themselves, as Riscossa Cristiana reconstructed the course of events. That Radio Maria does not dispute the view can be seen as confirmation that it is a credible reconstruction.
Just as an aside, it should be noted that in addition to the late Mario Palmaro,  that Alessandro Gnocchi, Roberto de Mattei and Gianpaolo Barra, Antonio Socci also belonged to the staff of Radio Maria. They were all, even though they were defending the truth of faith in their programs, in another context, but engaged in well-founded criticism of Pope Francis away from the broadcaster. A form of papolatry, which confuses "loyalty to the Pope" with the worship of a particular person.
Based others purged, their criticism on specific statements and actions of the reigning Pope, Socci is however, beyond that and even questions the election of the pope himself. An attitude that is within the Church, almost continuously rejected as inadequate in its reasoning. Socci had found a number of objective errors, showing that he interpreted the facts in support of his thesis were not only risky, but largely ignored,  partly distorted.
Notwithstanding anger with the removal of Gianpaolo Barra at Radio Maria Italy the guillotine continues. "A practice that is  little  suitable for a station that is called "a Christian voice in your house,
 says  Riscossa Cristiana .
To so called, World Family of Radio Maria , is the umbrella organization of all radio stations including Maria in German-speaking Radio Horeb , Radio Maria Austria , Radio Maria South Tyrol and German Radio Maria Switzerland. All TV channels are independent in their programming.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Corrispondenza Romana
Trans: Tancred

Friday, November 7, 2014

Bugnini Man Appointed to Congregation of Divine Worship -- 4 More Ratzingerians Dismissed

Purge in the Congregation of Divine Worship
(Vatican) Pope Francis continues to purge the liturgical sensibility of his predecessor, Benedict XVI.
On 5 November it was announced in the daily bulletin of the Holy See that Pope Francis had appointed a new Under-Secretary for the Congregation for Divine Worship. What was not there is that the two other undersecretaries were also dismissed. The Congregation has had no Cardinal Prefect since the beginning of October, after Pope Francis sent back the previous head of the dicastery, Cardinal Antonio Cañizares   as archbishop of Valencia in Spain. Now the number two of the Congregation has been exchanged and thus within a month, the entire leadership.

Previous  Undersecretaries Have Learned of their Ouster from the Bulletin

The previous Undersecretaries, the Marist Father Anthony Ward and Msgr. Juan Miguel Ferrer-Grenesche had learned from   the publication of the bulletin that they were not re-elected. The dismissal was not preceded by a conversation with the Pope, nor they were previously informed in other ways about it.  Msgr. Ferrer is a priest of the Archdiocese of Toledo, whose Vicar he was. Cardinal Cañizares, the former Archbishop of Toledo, brought him to Rome in 2009.
Msgr. Ferrer is an acknowledged expert in the Mozarabic rite, those Visigothic rite, which was celebrated in Spain before the introduction of the Roman rite and which has been preserved during the Spanish rule in underground and still maintained in some places,  including Toledo and Salamanca. Msgr. Ferrer  is distinguished by a special liturgical sensibility and a close relationship to the Old Rite.

New Undersecretary a "Staunch Bugninist"

The bulletin from Wednesday announced the appointment of the new undersecretary, Monfortian Father Corrado Maggioni. As Pope Francis seems to be the liturgical antipode to Pope Benedict XVI., the same for Father Maggioni seems similarly in comparison to his recently deposed predecessors. 
The Montfortian is a "confident Bugninist" as Riposte Catholic  reports and a "great friend of Msgr. Piero Marini", the papal master of ceremonies of John Paul II. Annibale Bugnini (1912-1982) was largely responsible for the development and implementation of the liturgical reform of 1969/1970.
At the beginning of his pontificate, Francis dismissed all of Benedict XVI's liturgically related consultants in the Office of papal ceremonies. From the staff of Benedict XVI.  who performed ceremonies according to the "reform of the reform", only the papal master of ceremonies, Msgr. Guido Marini is left. One of the members appointed by Pope Francis  as a consultant was Father Maggioni.

Four Ratzingerians Dismissed in One Month

With Msgr. Miguel Ferrer falling within a few days, another head of the Ratzingerian Vatican has fallen, already replaced by  Pope Francis on October 8, Msgr. Celso Morga Iruzubieta as secretary of the Congregation for the Clergy and Msgr. Alberto Gonzalez Chaves as office manager of the Congregation for Bishops. Taking into account Cardinal Cañizares as the highest-ranking dismissed figure, four senior Ratzingerians were removed last month. Including the full leadership of the Congregation for the Clergy and the Congregation for Divine Worship,  the staff in those two congregations most clearly showed the signature of Benedict XVI. 
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Riposte Catholique
Trans: Tancred