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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Journalist Pope-Critic and Anti-Mason Danilo Quinto Fired -- "Purge Continues"

(Rome) The press agency SIR (Servizio Informazione Religiosa) of the Italian Bishops' Conference has dismissed Danilo Quinto, a renowned Catholic journalist and publicist.  They  fired  him  for criticizing Pope Francis. Quinto is one of the best connoisseurs of the secular-Masonic agenda. For 20 years he was a militant activist of the radical liberal, anticlerical Radical Party, whose treasurer he was.
He has the necessary insider knowledge and knows radical secularist actors like Marco Pannella and Emma Bonino, and their motives personally. After his conversion to Christ and his return to the Catholic Church, he broke with the anti-Christian Party and its ideology. In his book "From the servant of Pannella to the free child of God" he settled with this party and its mindset, Founded in 1877, Italy's Radical Party, which was the political wing of the Masonic Grand Orient of Italy in Parliament and government. It was a settlement that led to Danilo Quinto receiving public attacks, slanders and  public humiliations, as far as the arm of his opponent could reach.

Dismissal because of critical remarks about Pope Francis

SIR news agency of the Italian Bishops Conference
Since the spring of 2013, Danilo Quinto,  was a regular contributor to the press agency SIR. At the express request of the press agency his articles were published under a pseudonym. A decision that was taken by SIR out of concern not to provoke the radical liberals. Since then SIR has published 316 articles by Quinto, an average of three per week.
As Danilo Quinto announced himself, this collaboration was abruptly and unilaterally terminated by SIR. The dismissal was justified not with articles he wrote for SIR, but with contributions which he wrote for other media. In a telephone conversation with SIR editor in chief, he was told  on the eve of his release, that it was because of the item broadcast on the traditional Internet sation Radio Spada. In it Quinto voiced criticisms to some of the statements and decisions of Pope Francis. Criticism is not tolerated in official church media.
The dismissal was carried out by SMS:
"In full respect for your freedom, I take note that your position to the  pope is in clear contradiction  to that of the SIR. I will share with the agreement of the management  - since the relationship of trust with the director is no longer present -  that with today's release of your two most recent articles your collaboration with the agency SIR will be considered terminated. Good Luck. "

The main reason: Quintos book against the Church's surrender to the aberro lobby

"Ancilla hominis", Danilo Quinto's latest book oppose gay heresy
However, the main reason is his latest book Ancilla hominis .  Published in the publishing house of Radio Spada, the book critically analyzes the Catholic Church's approach to the gay agenda under Pope Francis. Danilo Quinto askes in the subtitle: "If the Church is the mystical body of man?" On the book cover is a caricature depicting Pope Francis showing him with an outstretched hand and giving a thumbs up   against the background of the colors of the gay organizations, signing his approval.
Quinto had also leveled criticism that Pope Francis called the abortion lobbyist and declared enemy of Church Emma Bonino Quinto. It is not the act itself that was so wrong, said Quinto, but its handling,  it necessarily gives  the public the impression that the Church of today would even recognize the inhuman, anti-Christian attitude of Bonino. "The task of the Pope,  is not to converse with just anyone," said Quinto  (see"Woohoo" by Pope Francis with radical abortionist Emma Bonino in German). Bonino was from 1995-1999 EU-Commissioner, from 2006-2008 Italian Minister on International Trade and European Affairs and 2013/2014 Italian Foreign Minister.
The dismissal was surprising because Quinto at SIR worked under a pseudonym and the news agency received no embarrassment  by his pope-criticism, which he published under his full name elsewhere.
The press agency SIR emerged 27 years ago as an initiative of the Federation of Catholic Weeklies Italy, most notably the Church newspapers and the Italian Episcopal Conference.

"The cleansing" against Pope's critics "continues"

Emma Bonino with Gustavo Raffi, Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy
Danilo Quinto thus joins himself to an ever-lengthening list of Catholic journalists and writers who have been dismissed because of their criticism of Pope Francis. The purge began in fall of 2013 with the release of Mario Palmaro and Alessandro Gnocchi  at Radio Maria. "The cleanup continues," said Radio Spada about Quintos dismissal.
From Radio Spada, a relief operation has been launched to financially help the family man Danilo Quinto, because the employment at SIR (net 1,200 euros) represented the livelihood of his family. That Quinto yet will find a job in an official Catholic media in this pontificate, seems very unlikely. magazine for Church and Culture would like the colleagues Danilo Quinto to express its solidarity    and thank him for his previous work  as a qualified Catholic journalist and publicist.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Radio Spada / MiL
Trans: Tancred

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Europe Between Sodom and Gomorrha

(Rome) The historian Cristina Siccardi wrote for the Corrispondenza Romana a review of the book " L'Europe tra Sodoma e Gomorra " (Europe between Sodom and Gomorrah) by Danilo Quinto (Arkadia, Cagliari in 2014, 188 pages, € 15). [Ed: The book is not in English yet as far as we know.]
The foreword to the book was inspired by the late legal philosopher and papal critic Mario Palmaro. The last, that he published.  Danilo Quinto was for 20 years a militant representative of  the Radical Party of Italy, from which the former European Commissioner and abortion activist, Emma Bonino began her efforts. Ten years ago he found the Catholic faith through  his present wife and broke with the Radicals.
Is the title of his latest book, pure provocation, or does it really recall today's Europe to the two biblical cities that were punished by God because of the spread there of aberrosexuality and razed to the ground? "Danilo Quinto proves in this book with insightful and well-documented arguments that the comparison is entirely legitimate," Mario Palmaro writes in his preface. "It is a shockingly objective judgment, which not a few contemporaries will be thrown by the concept, who are used to a gentle and lulling politically correct language. And by that, I mean not only those engaged in the construction of a new world in which the criteria  of true and good  are turned on their heads, and work for this project of moral devastation. I also think of many people who are sensitive to the so-called non-negotiable values, whether individuals or institutions that would oppose this destruction of value."

Increase in Sexual Freedom, Loss of Mental powers

In the 70s a crisis of values was spoken of by the substitution of being with having, from the generation gap between children and parents. The idea of ​​the Christian family, with God and His laws into the center, broke down. With a loud voice, on all fronts freedom was proclaimed by the rules: sexual freedom (licentiousness and immorality) to have freedom of divorce, to use freedom of contraceptives, freedom of abortion (murder), female emancipation (Feminism), gender equality, class hatred (envy) were very concrete, while the spiritual powers, those which allowed people to do the best in tests, to make sacrifices,  practice renunciation for a greater good, to perfect oneself, which baptism calls one to sanctify one's own life, was getting weaker and has almost completely lost its meaning and raison d'être.
Just as the good brings forth goods, evil brings out evils: in  2003 the European Parliament called on the Member States, to give same-sex pairs  equal rights. Simultaneously, the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union (Nice, 2000) recognized  for all the right to marry and form a "family". "These are the results of several decades of European secular culture that encourages the human dynamics, rather than to curb and steer. That should be their job, to serve the public good, which is not an abstract, but a thoroughly concrete category, it is the part of life of a community or at least should be. To be used for the common good, i.e. to act in the sense of ethics. Abortion and divorce are considered by the European policy as social phenomena. As such, they are perceived and accordingly can be covered using laws. It's exploitation. The policy uses the things of life, making of it a political instrument," says Quinto.

Race Between the Governments to Make "Demonic Decisions"

The author makes understandable, explained and presented with great expertise. Not only because he knows the history of Europe, not only because he detailed its various problems and the legislation of the various States shows they  try to outdo each other in ruthless and demonic choices, but because the destructive system that is directed against the Christian Civitas, he knows from the inside. Through his years of work in the Radical Party at the side of  radical secularists like Marco Pannella and Emma Bonino 1 he got to know the policies and strategies used in the field, followed by its flagellant machinery.

The author concludes his strikingly truth telling book with the commitment to trust in the intercession of the Mother of God and Virgin Mary, to whom he appeals as a militant and pious son.  "If our God-fearing, Catholic ancestors had seen today's world, they who were aware of the seriousness of the earthly as well as of the supernatural life,  would have been horrified and would have asked Christ  to punish this perverse society, just as Sodom and Gomorrah were punished, "  said Cristina Siccardi.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Corrispondeza Romana
Trans: Tancred
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