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Randy Engel on Radio Maria

The Second Vatican Council Was Manipulated Through Obvious Acts of Sabotage

The Second Vatican Council must be discussed, says the Vaticanist Americo Mascarucci.

(Rome) Much attention is being paid to the debate on a revision of the Second Vatican Council, which was started by Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano. It moves Catholics who take their faith seriously and live and suffer with their Church. The journalist and Vaticanist Americo Mascarucci, author of two books on the pontificate of Pope Francis, also speaks. In 2018, "The Revolution of Pope Francis was published. How the Church transforms from Don Milani to Luther"[1] and in 2019 a book on the changes in the Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI) "The Church in Politics. How the CEI has changed from Ruini to Pope Francis"[2] Marco Tosatti has published the statement of his colleague on the proposal of Archbishop Vigano.

After a short introduction, "I am not a theologian", but "a simple journalist who is passionate about  Vatican affairs," Mascarucci comes straight to the point.

"The historian Roberto De Mattei refuted in his book "The Second Vatican Council: A Hitherto Untold History" the thesis of the hermeneutics of continuity, which both Wojtyla and Ratzinger were so concerned with, and proved that it is impossible to separate the Council from the errors that followed it. (...) Today, De Mattei's thesis seems to be taking shape in the face of certain behaviours typical of the current pontificate, precisely where the Council becomes the cover for certain, at least questionable, positions to be reclaimed."

Pope Francis was "perhaps the best example of how the Second Vaticanum, far from renewing itself in the sign of continuity, was rather the event that put an end to the Catholic Church as the only Church of Christ in apostolic continuity, the one and only Church in which salvation lies."

According to Mascarucci, the theologian and philosopher Karl Rahner's thesis, "a great supporter of the Council as a break with tradition," according to which it is not belonging to the Church that guarantees salvation, but that the just conscience, which is oriented towards good, brings people closer to God, even if they do not believe in him (the theory of the 'anonymous Christian'), "seems to be the guiding star today, on which the current Pope orients himself."

"It is no coincidence that he is applauded and praised more by atheists than by practicing Catholics, and that he has never made a secret of having a greater affinity for certain infidels like Eugenio Scalfari than with the so-called traditionalist Catholics."

Thus, if it is not possible to separate the errors from the Council, "then it is not possible to believe that the schism of Isolotto, which developed in "Catho-Communist Florence," which gathered around the ideas of Giorgio La Pira, was the result of a false interpretation of the Counciliar spirit".

This entreaty requires a little excursion.

The schism of Isolotto

The schism of isolotto from 1968 refers to the one between the pastor of the Florentine district of Isolotto, Don Enzo Mazzi, and his archbishop. Don Mazzi, a "worker priest" who seemed to have more in common with Communists and Socialists than with the Christian Democrats, followed his own course. He justified this with the aim of "overcoming the dividing lines between believers and unbelievers, between good and bad, between priests and laymen, between the sacramental and the profane, between the parties." He made changes to the liturgy by introducing the vernacular and celebrating Mass facing the people. He was supported by Giorgio La Pira, then the mayor of Florence on the left.

Don Mazzi demonstrated against the Americans in Vietnam, showed solidarity with blacks in the United States, and supported a group of students from the Catholic University of Milan, which occupied Parma cathedral in September 1968 as part of the student protests. While Pope Paul VI condemned the action, Don Mazzi showed solidarity with the students. When Don Mazzi held a "basic democratic" meeting of his parish, even though his archbishop had forbidden it, he deposed him as a pastor.

Don Mazzi did not, however, depart, but founded a "base community" in the District of Isolotto as a substitute for the deprived parish, which became the model of the base communities in Europe. That was the schism. In 1974 he was suspended a divinis and was no longer allowed to exercise his priesthood. Shortly thereafter, he was transferred back to the layman. Although the basic community was not recognized by the Church, it was visited by like-minded priests from all over the world who celebrated there.

Mazzi himself became a permanent columnist for the left-leaning daily La Repubblica by Eugenio Scalfari and the Communist daily Il Manifesto. His last book, "The Value of Heresy"[3], was published there in 2010. Mazzi died in 2011 at the age of 84. According to his final request, his body was burned.

So we return to Mascarucci's remarks.

Therefore, the commitment of many Catholics to the side of the Communist Party or the support of divorce in the referendum by well-known priests and theologians was not the result of a "false interpretation" of the Council. Nor was it  due to a "misinterpretation" that Giacomo Cardinal Lercaro, Archbishop of Bologna from 1952 to 1968 and one of the four Council moderators, "in the middle of the Cold War, delivered his famous sermon against the Vietnam War and American imperialism, while the Communists drowned the uprisings in the countries of Eastern Europe in blood and tortured priests and religious."

The Second Vaticanum was manipulated by outright sabotage

Archbishop Vigano had rightly pointed it out:

"The Second Vatican Council was in fact manipulated by veritable acts of sabotage, which, inside and outside, saw proper centers of conspiracy at work. Among these, an organization called Opus Angeli deserves attention, whose main initiators were the ultra-progressive Belgian Cardinal Léon-Joseph Suenens and the Brazilian Bishop Helder Camara, one of the most important representatives of the liberation theologyoften praised by Francis."

They tried "with the support of powerful media they attempted to influence the work of the Council and, above all, its final result.

"Although they failed, that the Council should approve their civil rights agenda, the abolition of priestly celibacy, the opening up to the priesthood of women and the change in sexual morality by allowing the laity to use artificial contraceptives for birth control by colusion with the state, they were very adept at clouding the clear water, confusing the contents and contaminating the texts, so that a free and ambiguous interpretation of the council documents and the doctrine of faith was opened to a modernist key, which became the basis for the errors following the Council.'
Pope John Paul II recognized many of the wrong developments and made an active, sometimes courageous, effort to put the Council on the right path in its perception and effect. He was tirelessly supported by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, his Prefect of Doctrine and the Faith.

"But he too was misled on some issues that abounded, perhaps because he was the first foreign pope in the midst of a Vatican curia still wholly controlled by Italians, the heirs of the Montini era, who themselves were often associated with the Council period and its errors."
In other words, Mascarucci says, the hard line taken against Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, the great critic of the Council, and the Priestly Fraternity of St. Pius X, which he founded, cannot be explained. A line vigorously defended by Cardinal Secretary of State Agostino Casaroli (1914–1998) and his spiritual son Achille Cardinal Silvestrini (1923–2019), even after the death of Paul VI, as well as both influential defenders of the Eastern Policy and its rapprochement of the Church with the Soviet Union and the Communist Eastern Bloc.
"Archbishop Lefebvre was excommunicated in 1988, as demanded by the most left-wing sectors of the Roman Curia, although Cardinal Ratzinger had spoken out against it."
However, according to the above-mentioned sectors, the French archbishop had to be punished precisely because "he denounced with the greatest determination the lack of continuity of the Second Vatican Council".

John Paul II could not completely contain the "Spirit of Assisi" and other excesses, "as even his friend and great admirer Vittorio Messori repeatedly lamented."

"Messori noted the unacceptable episode of the World Day of Peace,which took place on 27 May. On October 1, 1986, in Assisi, in the presence of representatives of all world religions, pagan rites took place in the Basilica of St. Francis, chickens were slaughtered on the altar of the Basilica of St. Clare, esoteric dances and other, denounced excesses that had themselves escaped the attention of Cardinal Ratzinger, who had intervened vigorously in the days before to prevent other questionable and sacrilegious initiatives."

The German influence on the Church

Mascarucci concludes from the development:
"All this has laid the foundation for this ecumenism, which, far from promoting a relationship of mutual respect between the different faiths in the spirit of dialogue, has led to the legitimisation of the idea of a universal church, the one and the same God for all, for a person who is almost entirely free to choose the Church that best suits his preferences, because it is sufficient to believe in the true God in order to find salvation independently of baptism.
An idea that, in the years since the end of the Ratzinger era, which was marked by Benedict XVI's attempt to counter the projects of the German episcopate, based on ideas of the theologian Hans Küng to accelerate the break with tradition, by affirming the hermeneutics of continuity, especially in the ethical questions and independence of the national Episcopal Conferences from Rome. Under Bergoglio, these projects fall on fertile ground thanks to the influence exerted on the current Pope by the German Cardinal Walter Kasper, the keynote speaker for the Family Synod and the openings to remarried divorcees, dissolute marriages and homosexuals. Kasper also has the promotion of ever closer relations with that of the Lutheran and Protestant worlds as a whole." 
Cardinal Walter Kasper and his influence on the pontificate of Pope Francis

The Amazon Synod was the logical consequence of a policy "aimed at affirming the triumph of syncretism in the name of the only God of a world unity religion." As such, this could be "recognized and revered under every form, symbol and deity, whether Christian or pagan."
The result is a Catholic Church "which, despite assertions to the contrary, is reduced to a mere agency for the promotion of good, a kind of NGO empowered solely for support, solidarity and hospitality without any conversion purpose, and rather interested in subjecting faith to the project of planetary globalism. Only in this way can the Koran recited in the Church be declared a sign of respect for Muslim migrants who are welcomed in the name of universal Soros goodness."
Archbishop Vigano is therefore right, says Mascarucci:

"The time has come to discuss the Second Vatican Council and the fruits it produced, in the hope that the future Pope will submit the request for a profound revision in the sign of the only true faith, the only true Gospel, the only true Magisterium and the only true Incarnate Word, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the God incarnated for the salvation of mankind, as its own."

Text: Giuseppe Nardi Picture: MiL/Vatican.va (Screenshot)

[1] Americo Mascarucci: La rivoluzione di Papa Francesco. Come cambia la Chiesa da don Milani a Lutero, Historica Edizioni, Cesena 2018.

[2] Americo Mascarucci: La Chiesa nella politica. Come cambiata la CEI da Ruini a papa Francesco, Historica Edizioni, Cesena 2019.

[3] Enzo Mazzi: Il valore dell'eresia, ManifestoLibri, Rome 2010.

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Aberrosexual Parish Has Drive-Through Communion

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minneapolis, July 20, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — A Catholic parish in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis has published a YouTube video instructing laity to collect Holy Communion from plastic bags at the back of the church and consume the hosts in their cars because of the coronavirus. 

The video was produced by the Pax Christi parishin Eden Prairie, Minneapolis, and was highlighted last week on the blog of American priest Father John Zuhlsdorf. 

The parish has now removed the video and Zuhlsdorf reports that a priest of the archdiocese has informed him that “this sacrilegious farce was shut down.”

It's on!

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Liberalism is a Sin

Francis Elevates Junipero Serra’s Last Mission Church to a Basilica

Edit: what a maverick! He is going starkly against the wishes of his usual clients and revolutionary dependents.

 The Mission Church of San Buenaventura in Ventura was founded in 1782 by St.  Junipero Serra.  It is the first basilica in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

 Ventura (kath.net/jg) Pope Francis has elevated a California mission church built by St.  Junipero Serra to the rank of minor basilica.  The Archdiocese of Los Angeles has announced that the San Buenaventura Mission in Ventura, California is now a basilica, reports the Catholic Herald.

 Jose Gomez, the Archbishop of Los Angeles, confirmed the decision on July 15, the eve of the feast day of St.  Bonaventura, announced and then celebrated a Mass, with Auxiliary Bishop Robert Barron and Thomas Elewaut, Pastor of San Buenaventura Mission, concelebrating.

 The church is the eighty-eighth basilica in the United States and the first in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.  A church is elevated to a basilica if it has a special pastoral or liturgical meaning.  In 2014 Pastor Elewaut asked the congregation for the elevation of his church to the basilica.  In a brief statement, he thanked Pope Francis and Archbishop Gomez, who had always supported the request.

The San Buenaventura Mission was founded on Easter Sunday 1782 by St.  Junipero Serra.  It was the ninth and last mission station that the Franciscan Father established.  Serra campaigned for the indigenous people and their rights, which repeatedly brought him into conflict with the Spanish colonial authorities.  In 2015 he was canonized by Pope Francis.  The mission stations he founded later became the largest cities in California, including San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

 Despite his commitment, statues of the saint have been damaged or destroyed in protests in recent weeks.  Some churches and the Catholic University of San Diego then removed publicly accessible statues of Junipero Serra to protect them from damage.  The church of the San Gabriel Mission, which was recently partially destroyed by fire, was founded in 1771 by Junipero Serra.

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Warmongering Weigel the Popemaker?

Edit: one might ask, is there a Cardinal who represents all of the characteristics described by Weigel? Why does Weigel have the requisites to examine the attributes of the ideal future leader of the Catholic Church?  Is warmongering for and groveling to Israel among the ideal characteristics described Weigel?  

Anyway, either receiving an endorsement from Cheesehead or an endorsement from Weigel are very encouraging. 

Ignatius Press used to be promising, even if it did publish some odd titles. Father Fessio SJ himself was always pretty suspicious, suggesting that America. Catholics aren’t very knowledgeable about Freemasonry and wouldn’t be interested, when he put the kibosh on a  relationship between Ignatius Press and the Italian Right Journal 30 Days, put out by Giussiani’s Communion and Liberation.

From Kath.news:

 Critics say that by sending out George Weigel's book "The Next Pope" the cardinal broke with a long-established practice. 

 Commentary by Martin Bürger

 New York (kath.net/mb) Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the Archbishop of New York, is currently under criticism for addressing the Cardinals to George Weigel’s book published by  Ignatius Press, “The next Pope ”.  The message contained just one sentence, in which Dolan thanked Ignatius Press for providing "this important reflection on the future of the Church to the College of Cardinals".  

The Catholic News Agency (KNA), for example, citing the US National Catholic Reporter newspaper, said it was a "breach of the long-standing practice that top Church officials are reluctant to publicly influence potential candidates for the Pope." The National Catholic Reporter later followed up, claiming that Dolan had mistaken the next conclave "for the upcoming US presidential election" in November this year.
The absurdity of the allegations against Cardinal Dolan can only be seen from the fact that the books were not sent by him, but by Ignatius Press (the German-speaking cardinals, by the way, received the German translation from Media Maria).  But this finding only shifts the criticism from the Archbishop of New York to the publisher.  So did Ignatius Press ultimately influence the next papal election?
 In fact, if one consistently thinks the allegations to the end, cardinals should no longer be able to read anything if the threshold for influencing a conclave is set so low.  Because what did George Weigel do in his book?  He summarized qualities that the next Pope should have, and also mentioned some things that are better to avoid.  Worth mentioning is personal holiness as well as the ability to manage sensibly, set priorities correctly and promote good people to important positions.  In other words, Weigel compactly summarizes what any cardinal, bishop, and simple priest or layperson could painstakingly work out from numerous other books.
 Should a cardinal no longer be able to read the saints' lives of Pius X or John Paul II, because at least the author would influence the election of the pope?  Imagine a cardinal sending such a life of saints to another.  Is that already influencing?  This also applies analogously to other books, of course, even if they are very mundane works, for example on the development of leadership qualities.
 Weigel does not describe any of the 222 members of the College of Cardinals, of whom exactly 122 are currently eligible to vote, as a good candidate for the Pope.  He makes no election recommendations.  And even if Weigel would introduce or even rate a number of cardinals, as did the Rome correspondent for the National Catholic Register, Edward Pentin, a member of the EWTN group ("The Next Pope. The Leading Cardinal Candidates"):  Isn't it a good thing that cardinals have the opportunity to get to know their brothers on the other side of the planet better, without researching for days or even weeks?  Why should they be asked to vote at the next conclave for a candidate they know next to nothing about?  That can certainly go well - or not.  There is no reason not to provide all cardinals with a solid foundation on which they can open themselves to the Holy Spirit at the next conclave and vote accordingly.

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Aberrosexual Activists Attack Catholic Prayer for the Family in Italy — Mayor Sides With Reprobates — Police Ignore Mayor

Two days ago, the parish-priest of San Nicola in Lizzano, Taranto Archdiocese, called for a prayer for the Family. The Family is presently threatened in Italy by aborrosexual propaganda.

[Gloria.tv] At the same time, militant homosexuals gathered outside his church for an unauthorised demonstration.

Therefore, the local priest called the police to re-establish order, while the militants alarmed the mayor, Antionietta D’Oria, who did not defend the freedom of worship but sided with the lawbreakers and asked the police to identify those who participated at the prayer.

In keeping with the law, police refused to do so. At this point D’Oria who calls herself a “Catholic” attacked the Church in a written statement.

At the moment, the leftwing Italian parliament is working on introducing a muzzle law which will prohibit criticizing gay propaganda.


Before you get outraged and call the Catholic League....

Ask yourself, how much of this has been made possible by the fact that enough of our priests have been acting like rabbis for the past six decades? In the past, tracts like Maria Monk relied on an ignorant Protestant population being shielded from the Faith for success. You can't even pick at minor details in this video. For example, the priest is offering Mass in a black suit and collar. But, I'm sure this has happened at a Nervous disOrdo parish somewhere with a lectern placed in the middle of the sanctuary aping the Calvinists. The only thing that could still leave us incredulous is all of the people going to confession and a priest talking about Hell. That's libelous.

Live Feed: Ancient French Church on Fire in Nantes

Live Feed:


Friday, July 17, 2020

Skip it. It could've been an interesting show if they got anyone else to debate.

Heretical Social Justice Bishop Refuses Communion to Kneeling Communicant

Edit: this is Fr. Erik Richtsteig’s Dioese.  This bishop should be deported. Let Duterte deal with him.

Masked Salt Lake City Bishop Oscar Solis denied a father accompanied by his young veiled daughter Holy Communion trying instead to push the host into his hand (sequence below).

During a live-streamed July 5 Mass, the man came along in the Communion queue and knelt down with his daughter when it was his turn. A discussion started between the bishop and him.

Then, another priest, Father Martin Diaz, got involved. He finally waved the bishop away, continued to distributed Communion in the hand, and sidelined the kneeling man who after a short while returned to the pews without having received Communion.

Father Diaz and the man knew each other. The week before, Diaz regularly gave him Holy Communion after a short debate to avoid further discussion.

Under the pretext of the coronavirus, Bishop Solis decreed on May 27 a compulsory Communion on the hand.


Friends of Mark Shea

North American College Has Pervasive Aberrosexual Predator Culture

Edit: seen this before myself. Sodomite clergy gets mad when one finds their degeneracy to be degenerate.

One of the recurring features of this situation is that the episcopacy will sometimes apologize and promise reform, but then nothing happens. 

[Complicit Clergy]
Your Eminences/Excellencies,
I regret to inform you that my investigation into allegations of clerical misconduct at the Pontifical North American College (NAC) has revealed that the problems of heterophobia and retaliatory seminary homosexual subcultures is much broader than I had originally reported. Not only have present and past NAC seminarians spoken confidentially of how seminarians were reprised against for addressing this problem, but many of them identified gay subcultures at seminaries they attended even prior to studying in Rome (e.g, Pontifical College Josephinum, St. Joseph’s in Dunwoodie, St. John’s near Boston, etc.).
Insofar as neither the Vatican nor the U.S. Episcopacy has taken action to investigate the allegations reported to the Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Christophe Pierre; Cardinal Beniamino Stella, and others, I feel it necessary to offer an “immigration advisory” to the episcopal conferences of countries that have contributed the largest number of seminarians and priests to serve in the United States in recent years.
The following translated letter, available also in its original Polish format, will provide you with an example of the warning that will be conveyed to various episcopal conferences in their respective languages.


Thursday, July 16, 2020

Even the losers on the Left Coast aren't buying it any longer.

Edit: an alternative title for this fragment could be, "Pro-Gay Faux-Catholic Blogger Endorses Biden".

 Will this backfire on the forces trying to get rid of Trump? Don't be so sure.    People are already saying that Biden needs to get elected or else we'll be stuck with these masks for four more years. Finding  it  hard to believe anyone could  be that dumb?    Well, you've  obviously  never read 

Open Letter to Archbishop José Gomez

Your Excellency:

With all due respect for your attempts to stop the spread of COVID-19, the faithful of the Los Angeles Archdiocese feel betrayed that you have allowed state officials to step in and impose a political lock-down of the Church. You couldn’t act fast enough to heed Governor Newsom’s latest directive to close the churches in response to the “increase” of COVID-19 hospitalizations, yet supermarkets and other non-essential enterprises continue to operate at full capacity.   

Why do you dignify this modern-day pharaoh who is using COVID-19 as a tool to oppress the Church? Is Newsom your master? You seem to have forgotten that the Church is not bound to the state, and this would especially apply when state officials are accomplices to crime.

Certainly you must know that Governor Newsom and L.A. Mayor Garcetti were calling for a disbanding of the police for the purpose of encouraging race riots. Newsom told Black protesters, "I want you to know that you matter. To those who want to express themselves [riotously] ... keep doing it. Your rage is real." https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/your-rage-is-real-gavin-newsom-tells-california-protesters/ar-BB14THDJ       

According to Newsom, criminals "matter" but the innocent owners of looted shops don't matter.  Neo-Nazis like Newsom want to prosecute the Church, not those who burn down the Church. Are these the people you consult in directing Christ’s Church?

COVID-19 was sprung on us by these very socialists to place society and Church on lockdown, so your duty as bishop is to ignore tyrannical state rulings and to remember your fidelity to God who commands that you listen to Him and not to corrupt state officials that have exaggerated the COVID-19 figures for their own political gains.

The numbers are way over the top. Doctors have testified to how the government has pressured them into lying about COVID-19 death figures. They deliberately up the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths to justify continuation of their socialist lockdown, which is all the more reason for the Church to ignore these state rulings and recommendations.  

Even if the state was just in its recommendationswhich it is notthe final decision is with the Church, not the state, since the state cannot impose itself on the Church. The Church is autonomous and is even protected by the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment (Separation of Church and State) that says the state cannot interfere with the Church. Even the  CDC admits that “The federal government may not prescribe standards for interactions of faith communities in houses of worship,” so why do you allow the state to bully the Church?  

We often praise the martyrs who accepted persecution and death at the hands of pagan leaders because they stood up against these tyrants, but when it's our turn we suddenly shrink and make excuses for fleeing the cross. You wrote a book about "Men of Brave Heart," so please live up to it by rebuking these Neo-Nazis who want to boss the Church. 

AND PLEASE DO NOT allow Cardinal Mahony to exert any more influence in the church, because he and his deep-state cronies are also using COVID-19 as a tool to impose Communion in the hand. Several churches in the Archdiocese are mandating this practice in accord with your directives, though the state hasn't actually required this of you. Why are you encouraging this practice, to please Mahony?

What is absurd is that receiving in the hand poses a far greater COVID-19 contagion risk than receiving on the tongue, proving all the more that these imposed restrictions have little to do with COVID-19. We've become like the hypocrites in Christ's time, touting our hand-washing and "sanitary" procedures and adopting ridiculous "traditions of men" while the work of God is ignored! 

By definition, Communion in the hand is an indult, and a sacrilegious one at that, and as such, may never be imposed on the faithful. Pope John Paul II's Redemptionis Sacramentum (March 25, 2004) clearly states: 

“Each of the faithful always has the right to receive Holy Communion on the tongue” (n. 92), nor is it licit to deny Holy Communion to any of Christ’s faithful who are not impeded by law from receiving the Holy Eucharist (cf. n. 91).
Anti-church progressivists were hoping to use COVID-19 to get Communion in the hand mandated on a permanent basis, so we ask that you stand against this sinister plan to profane the Eucharist under the guise of “public health and safety.” All this fuss about face-masks, social distancing, limited attendance, and receiving in the hand has accomplished nothing more than to turn the Church into something of a police-state. Let’s drop the protocol and open the churches without reserve that the people might be on their knees in reparation for the many sins in the Church that brought this chastisement upon us to begin with.

For COVID-19 is a chastisement for our profanation of the Church through modern practice, especially the practice of receiving Communion in the hand. When chastisements are given by God, we’re supposed to learn by them. Have we learned our lesson or are we continuing like Pharisees to impose sin upon God’s people?

Sincerely in Christ and His Holy Mother,

David Martin
Our Lady’s Workers of Southern California

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

“Turkish Mosque in Cologne to be Rededicated to Lutheran Church”

"Turkish mosque in Cologne was rededicated by the federal government to the Evangelical Church"

 Freiburg Islamist Abdel-Hakim Ourghi satirically reacts to the rededication of the status of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.

 Freiburg (kath.net) “I had a dream tonight.  The Turkish government has rededicated the Turkish mosque in Cologne to the Evangelical Church. ”The reform-oriented Muslim and Freiburg Islamic scholar Abdel-Hakim Ourghi wrote on his Facebook page.  With his satirical contribution, he responded to the change in the status of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.  As a result, everyone was outraged, he continues.  “Jews, Christians, Muslims, atheists and Buddhists demonstrated on the streets.  The two speeches by the President of the Council of the Evangelical Church of Germany Bedford-Strohm  and Cardinal Marx were particularly moving.  They want more tolerance for Islam and the Muslims.”
 Background: Hagia Sophia in Istanbul will be restored to the status of an active mosque, it may be the Turkish President Erdogan himself who is driving the conversion into a mosque.  Previously, the cathedral in old Constantinople, which was once the “Vatican of the Eastern Church” was once of immense importance to the world Church and also of architectural and historical importance, had been designated as a museum to avoid tensions between religions.  Hagia Sophia was the coronation church of the Byzantine emperor (since 641), the cathedral of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople and the site of important historical events.  After the conquest of Constantinople by the Ottomans in 1453, it lost its importance, but the structure remained largely unchanged.  It was a mosque for a long time before it was converted into a museum under Ataturk.  It is still considered a landmark of Istanbul today.

Inescapable Connection Between Antifa and Pedophilia



Cardinal Brandmüller Responds to Viganò

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