Friday, July 17, 2020

Heretical Social Justice Bishop Refuses Communion to Kneeling Communicant

Edit: this is Fr. Erik Richtsteig’s Dioese.  This bishop should be deported. Let Duterte deal with him.

Masked Salt Lake City Bishop Oscar Solis denied a father accompanied by his young veiled daughter Holy Communion trying instead to push the host into his hand (sequence below).

During a live-streamed July 5 Mass, the man came along in the Communion queue and knelt down with his daughter when it was his turn. A discussion started between the bishop and him.

Then, another priest, Father Martin Diaz, got involved. He finally waved the bishop away, continued to distributed Communion in the hand, and sidelined the kneeling man who after a short while returned to the pews without having received Communion.

Father Diaz and the man knew each other. The week before, Diaz regularly gave him Holy Communion after a short debate to avoid further discussion.

Under the pretext of the coronavirus, Bishop Solis decreed on May 27 a compulsory Communion on the hand.



CJ said...

Run, Bishop! Grab that millstone, put it about your neck and then RUN TO TH SEA.!

bvs said...

Everyone should post a blank post ard with a picture of a wolf or a drawing of a wolf wearing a sheepshead to this bishop. If he received thousands of them from all corners of the world, he'd understand he can't hide. As for Fr Diaz...what a boot-licker he is.

P. O'Brien said...

My innocent eight-year old granddaughter had to receive her First Communion in the hand this past week, by the illegal order of Archbishop Aquila of Denver. I am thoroughly disgusted and angry. As if she was somehow going to contaminate the priest. I am hard pressed to think of one bishop in the USA whom I respect. Sure, retired 97-year old Rene Gracida. Any others?

susan said...

I believe Bp. Strickland of Tyler Texas is a truly faithful priest and believing bishop. He has the heart of a father, and he's come a looong way (just celebrated his first TLM). He's got a ways to go yet I believe, but let's just say, his eyes seem to have been thoroughly opened.

John said...

Here I kneel. I can do no other.

Susan. said...

Need I remind you that Jesús said: take and eat NOT stick out your tongue

susan said...

"Susan"'re an ass

pathetic try feybriel.

Tancred said...

Everything about Feybrielle is pathetic and outmoded.

He's basically outdated theological equipment.