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Warmongering Weigel the Popemaker?

Edit: one might ask, is there a Cardinal who represents all of the characteristics described by Weigel? Why does Weigel have the requisites to examine the attributes of the ideal future leader of the Catholic Church?  Is warmongering for and groveling to Israel among the ideal characteristics described Weigel?  

Anyway, either receiving an endorsement from Cheesehead or an endorsement from Weigel are very encouraging. 

Ignatius Press used to be promising, even if it did publish some odd titles. Father Fessio SJ himself was always pretty suspicious, suggesting that America. Catholics aren’t very knowledgeable about Freemasonry and wouldn’t be interested, when he put the kibosh on a  relationship between Ignatius Press and the Italian Right Journal 30 Days, put out by Giussiani’s Communion and Liberation.


 Critics say that by sending out George Weigel's book "The Next Pope" the cardinal broke with a long-established practice. 

 Commentary by Martin Bürger

 New York ( Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the Archbishop of New York, is currently under criticism for addressing the Cardinals to George Weigel’s book published by  Ignatius Press, “The next Pope ”.  The message contained just one sentence, in which Dolan thanked Ignatius Press for providing "this important reflection on the future of the Church to the College of Cardinals".  

The Catholic News Agency (KNA), for example, citing the US National Catholic Reporter newspaper, said it was a "breach of the long-standing practice that top Church officials are reluctant to publicly influence potential candidates for the Pope." The National Catholic Reporter later followed up, claiming that Dolan had mistaken the next conclave "for the upcoming US presidential election" in November this year.
The absurdity of the allegations against Cardinal Dolan can only be seen from the fact that the books were not sent by him, but by Ignatius Press (the German-speaking cardinals, by the way, received the German translation from Media Maria).  But this finding only shifts the criticism from the Archbishop of New York to the publisher.  So did Ignatius Press ultimately influence the next papal election?
 In fact, if one consistently thinks the allegations to the end, cardinals should no longer be able to read anything if the threshold for influencing a conclave is set so low.  Because what did George Weigel do in his book?  He summarized qualities that the next Pope should have, and also mentioned some things that are better to avoid.  Worth mentioning is personal holiness as well as the ability to manage sensibly, set priorities correctly and promote good people to important positions.  In other words, Weigel compactly summarizes what any cardinal, bishop, and simple priest or layperson could painstakingly work out from numerous other books.
 Should a cardinal no longer be able to read the saints' lives of Pius X or John Paul II, because at least the author would influence the election of the pope?  Imagine a cardinal sending such a life of saints to another.  Is that already influencing?  This also applies analogously to other books, of course, even if they are very mundane works, for example on the development of leadership qualities.
 Weigel does not describe any of the 222 members of the College of Cardinals, of whom exactly 122 are currently eligible to vote, as a good candidate for the Pope.  He makes no election recommendations.  And even if Weigel would introduce or even rate a number of cardinals, as did the Rome correspondent for the National Catholic Register, Edward Pentin, a member of the EWTN group ("The Next Pope. The Leading Cardinal Candidates"):  Isn't it a good thing that cardinals have the opportunity to get to know their brothers on the other side of the planet better, without researching for days or even weeks?  Why should they be asked to vote at the next conclave for a candidate they know next to nothing about?  That can certainly go well - or not.  There is no reason not to provide all cardinals with a solid foundation on which they can open themselves to the Holy Spirit at the next conclave and vote accordingly.

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Anonymous said...

Dolan sent this book to all the Cardinals able to vote. Does he know something alot don't.....namely Francis is eitherA- seriously ill and it's being hidden, or B- he's thinking of quitting....and it's being hidden.
I would believe A before I would think B. I'll bet there is some truth to that.

Damian M. Malliapalli

Michael Ortiz said...

Weigel in his articles, at least, NEVER mentions the sacraments ONCE, in this question of the next Pope.

What the hell is that about?

Anonymous said...

Jews don't have sacraments

Wenselav Weaswadjoshski said...

"For if I do not have JP II, then I am nothing..." -George Weigel