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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Too insignificant for Wikipedia?

It looks like the skateboarding grifter Thug Gordon is having a hard time finding free advertising.   We thought it was odd a few weeks ago when someone pointed out that he had a biography on Wikipedia.   Granted, it wasn't as nauseating as the self promotion done by his old boyfriend Preppy Taylor, but it was still as phony as Gary Voris' hair.  Now, a reader has sent us this screen shot.   Wiki is a great repository for useless information, what made them think this wandering shred of human debris wasn't worth an entry?

With McDonald's now paying $23/hr, why is he wasting his time in these trivial pursuits?  It doesn't make sense to us but neither does going to law school to teach ninth grade religion.

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Stay Home Thug!

How is showing up looking like a Black Bloc thunderhead going to help Trump?
I want to see the checks you've been cashing lately.   It's Saturday, watch cartoons or something.  Stay away from all the State Capitals.

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Bill Kristol's old roommate interviews Thug Gordon

Will either Never-Trumper ever admit they were wrong?

 NB: Gordon dropped the word instantiate in the first minute.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

30 years from now, Thug Gordon won't be skateboarding

He'll be riding public transit (Über is too expensive) and still fighting BLM. Watch out! Tim has weed and he'll punch you in the head. Bring Amberlamps!

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Taylor Marshall and Tim Gordon Slander E. Michael Jones

Update/up 17:12 GMT:

Update: here’s the video. I felt he was being a little hard on Voris, but I’m sure Voris can take it.

Inb4 anyone does a Taylor Marshal and tone polices this blog, I want to point out that he’s the one who’s shooting at Catholics for no good reason and carrying water for George Soros. He’s worse than Mark Shea.

Edit: like a creeping viper, Taylor Marshall moves in to devour another promising Catholic apostolate. A few years ago, he managed to get a small, rare Catholic Liberal arts school in Texas shut down because he didn’t like the tone of his fellow faculty members, so he joined forces with the local ordinary to get the Mass shut down on the basis of some fairly shaky accusations on Marshall’s part.  AKA Catholic’s take was very charitable, and the thing was also covered
At Rorate as well as this blog.

Now he and his new foil, Tim Gordon (Butthead), are aiming their sites at the prolific polymath, E. Michael Jones.  Gordon started out by accusing Jones of calling mother Angelica a lesbian, and Jones took to a video to contradict this false witness.  At that point Marshall did what he does and flagged Jones for copyright.  What kind of Opus Dei snake flags someone’s youtube because it makes them look bad?  Could it be Taylor Marshall, who’s finding E. Michael Jones’ tone and very Catholic teaching about the perfidious Jewish nation to be too much?

Things are heating up on the Twitter and Facebooks!

Taylor Marshall must be doing it wrong because his channels never get flagged.