Saturday, May 12, 2018

More Violence in Hospitals Since the Migrant Invasion in Vienna

Staff representatives in the well-known Viennese Wilhelminenspital have raised the alarm: drawn  knives, threats, insults and brawls have increased since the migrant movement in 2015.

Vienna ( "The violence in the hospitals in Vienna has increased since the migration movement in 2015. No one dared say it so far."   Heinrich Schneider, the staff representative in the well-known Viennese Wilhelminenspital, explains this for Krone. Schneider now demands that only one accompanying person be allowed each patient. Schneider explained that in the ambulances, when Austrian people have come for medical reasons, there are always riots. Then there would be drawn knives, threats, insults and brawls.

"We need signs in German, English and Arabic that only one additional person per patient is allowed." he explains. Also more security employees have become necessary, according to Schneider. He also wishes that refugees be educated about how the home health system works. The sentence "I do not want to be treated by a woman" is common. "Doctors are not accepted, arrangements questioned or not followed."

Trans: Tancred



Anonymous said...

No! Really? Can't be! Shhhh.....

Kathleen1031 said...

They need more understanding and dialogue.
That'l fix it.

Anonymous said...

all these demands from patients......the very definition of "the inmates running the asylum!"

I'm sure it'll all be fine

Anonymous said...

The problem for us in America will start once they have successfully colonized Canada,Mexico,and Europe.
Yes Mexico is seeing a rise in conversions to Islam & arabic/Islamic immigration.