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Friday, May 17, 2019

Brutal Attacks by Islamic Invaders to Influence Upcoming Elections

Once again, placid Offenburg became the scene of a brutal crime committed by an African migrant. There, a 25-year-old Somali attacked a 75 -year-old, retired pensioner in front of the station.

[philosophia perennis] Now Merkel's Baden governor and the allied news organ, "Badische Zeitung", explains how a typical example of a blanket migrant violence could be "politically instrumentalized".

Sure, of course! It was indeed triggered by a politically incorrect decision. Just like the murder of the doctor from Offenburg who had his throat by an African in the middle of surgery (SWR). On the 26th of May it is time to make a statement in Offenburg!


About the brutal attack on the pensioner, the police had this to say:

"On the night of Thursday there was a momentous attack at the crossroads of Freiburg Place and Straßburger Strasse. According to initial information, a young man had brutally kicked a retiree lying on the ground, till he was no longer responsive. A passing witness had noticed this incident shortly before 2 o'clock and alerted the police. Four patrols from the police station Offenburg as well as two vehicles of the federal police arrived at Freiburg Place only a few minutes after the emergency call  and found what was presumed to be the attacker there on the ground beside the severely injured older man.

“The slightly injured 25-year-old Somali resident of Hesse was provisionally arrested. The 75-year-old had to be admitted to a clinic with severe head injuries. The background of the attack and further information on the persons involved are currently the subject of police investigations.”


Meanwhile,  the ruling system’s official mouthpiece, the  Badische Zeitung is plagued by the concern that the constant crimes in the area of ​​the station - including a rape, as well as the beastly murder of a doctor, could compromise the "sense of security in the Ortenau city" at the foot of the Black Forest.

"At that time the situation had become politically instrumentalized and had also shaped the OB election campaign last fall. Now there are already fears that this case could also have an impact on the ongoing municipal election campaign.” The newspaper laments and deliberately represses the fact that, above all, that the failed immigration policy has led to a rapid increase in attacks.

But what has been triggered by a failed policy can also be corrected by a good policy, even if a regime clinging desperately to power and its corresponding elite do not like it. (KL)

Trans: Tancred