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Monday, December 10, 2018

California Women Religious Embezzle a Million to Gamble in Vegas

Edit: I just got this article from Mr. Wood about some nuns from California.  This sort of thing seems to go against the saintly mythology surrounding women religious in the USA. I think we know better.

[Irish Central] It is believed that two nuns pocketed up to half a million dollars from a Catholic School in order to go to casinos.

Edit: they look like those brave women religious who can’t be shackled by outmoded uniforms and scruples of a
bygone era.

The California-based sisters allegedly embezzled the money from fees, donations, and tuition belonging to St. James Catholic School.

The Long Beach Press-Telegram reports that the nuns had told parents that the school in Torrance was operating on a shoestring budget.
The paper reports that the $500,000 figure "represents only what auditors have been able to trace in six years’ of bank records" - and that many more cash transactions may be unaccounted for.
Officials from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles told parents and alumni gathered at a meeting in Redondo Beach after it came to light that now-retired Sister Mary Margaret Kreuper and Sister Lana Chang had been reported to the police.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bishop Olmsted to Head Congregation for Religious in Rome

Edit: this decision is already being lamented in certain quarters where it was already reported earlier last week, here, they say he's not going, and here.

(Vatican) The new Secretary of the important Congregation for the Institutes of Consecrated Life and for the Society of Apostolic Life, better known as the Congregation for Religious, will be the American Bishop Thomas James Olmsted of Phoenix in Arizona, USA.  The appointment by Pope Benedict XVI. comes immediately before, as La cigüeña de la torre reported.  Msgr Olmsted has made his name as a Traditional, loyal to Rome and militant Bishop.  The 1947 born ++Olmsted became a priest in 1973 and was named as Bishop Coadjutor of Wichita in 1999 by Pope John Paul II.  From 2001, the Diocesan Bishop of this Diocese was called to Phoenix.

Excommunication of a Nun: no false understanding of "freedom of conscience" concerning abortion

In 2010 he excommunicated a Nun, who was attempting to justify abortion as part of an Ethical Commission on unborn children.  Bishop Olmsted then clarified:  "The murder of an unborn child is immoral in any circumstance. The life of an unborn child is exactly as inviolable as that of his mother, no life may be subject to the other."

Since 2011 he established that only see males will serve at the altar in the Cathedral of Phoenix.  With that the Bishop discontinued the practice of female servers.  "Not because of any form of misogyny or hyserical clerical sexism, as some in ignorance of Catholic doctrinal teaching carelessly and hastily have charged,"  said the Bishop.  The service of the altar by young boys and lads has deep reaching roots in Church history, still long before there were seminaries providing a modern style of education for the priesthood, just as the Conciliar Fathers of the Council of Trent desired. [We've been saying this for years, here.] The service of the altar was seen as an "apprenticeship" and introductory step to the priesthood, so the Diocese of Phoenix said on the decision of the Bishop.  Bishop Olmsted belongs to those Bishops, who has already celebrated the Roman Rite in its Extraordinary Form [Immemorial Mass of All Ages].

No Female Servers:  The Service of the Altar is for the Church, the First Step into the Priesthood

Bishop Olmsted follows the American, Msgr. Joseph William Tobin to the office of the Secretary of the Congregation for Religious, who according to Rome, Msgr Tobin was dismissed from the Roman Curia, because of his too "soft" line against the rebellious US Women Religious. The Redemptorist (since 1952), who was the General Superior of the Redemptorists from 1997 to 2009, was call to Rome from where he was Archbishop of Indianapolis in Indiana. His activity in the Roman Curia remained a brief interlude.  Then in 2010 he was called to the Congregation of Religious, where he attempted there after the retirement of Cardinal Franc Rode to take a "soft" line in a tug of war with a progressive, feminist and at times drifting into obscure New Age movements, aging part of American Women Religious.  A position, which was not well-received in Rome and led to his dismissal.

Conflict with Rebellious Esoteric Deistic Feminist Nuns Has Priority

The situation that an American will again be called to an important position for Religious affairs after another American, underscores, that for Rome the resolution of the conflict with the rebellious part of the American Women Religious is a priority coming all the way from the top.

Text: Giuseppi Nardi
Bild: courageouspriest


Friday, June 1, 2012

US Women Religious Still in Denial

Edit: "I'm not a feminist", she cried, despite the full length poster behind her advertising NOW and the autographed photo of Gloria Steinem. This is a fanciful portrayal of a spokesman today who insists that US Women Religious, amazingly, that they're being unfairly treated.  It's just this kind of response that demonstrates a profound absence of humility in the face of adult supervision and portrays a breathtaking ability to ignore the facts and deny them show that this spokeswoman, and the women she claims to represent are delusional.

In light of the demographic, doctrinal and moral collapse of women religious, it's difficult to understand how they expect people to believe them.

They probably expect that public opinion will still remember them when they used to wear their habits, tirelessly instruct young children and told their prayers on a rosary rather than sitting in the lotus position in a Buddhist temple somewhere.

Whether you're talking about Obamacare nuns and the six-figure salary Sister Keehan, or you're talking about the more garden variety type of nun who resides in various parts of the United States with only an obscure cross-shaped item prominently hanging around her bent neck.

These women religious are defiant and convinced that their manifest departure from Catholic belief and practice is acceptable.  They're defiant even when they're caught red handed, as was one nun of the Dominican order called the Sinsinaua.  They only apologized after tremendous public outcry, but a trip to their web site shows little improvement and a worldly left of center, 1968 feel that reminds one more of elderly hippies trying to relive their heyday than a legitimate religious association.  It's a good thing they don't like the Latin Mass and wear traditional habits.
Sister Donna Quinn
Assisting in the Slaughter at
Here's what the anti-Catholic Washington Post had to say:

Leaders representing most American nuns pushed back on Friday against a stinging Vatican report that was issued in April and called for their “reform.”

After a special meeting this week in Washington, the 21-member board of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious issued a statement calling the Vatican report “unsubstantiated “ and saying it has “caused scandal and pain” and exacerbated polarization throughout the Catholic church community.

The board of the conference, whose members represent the vast majority of the 57,000 nuns in the United States, met for three days to consider how to respond to the Vatican report accusing the group of “radical feminism” and of publicly undermining the leadership of the bishops.
The thing about this is that despite being smaller in number, male religious are an even more serious problem and will be no less defiant and in denial than these recalcitrant women are.

Link ...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Update on Visitation of Women Religious

Edit: If it's hard to confront an alcoholic, it must be impossible to confront modernist religious who have been falling down on their apostolic mission now for half a century. Yet despite saying what most people already know, and for no apparent reason, the investigation of women religious was rendered toothless when Cardinal Rode was retired from the position after rendering his own conclusion that the religious “simply acquiesced to the disappearance of religious life or at least of their community,” while others “have opted for ways that take them outside communion with Christ in the Catholic Church.”

The good Cardinal was at the statutory retirement age of 75, but yet substantially scandalous Cardinals have been kept for longer. Why not let him finish his job?

Catholic Culture seems to be describing the smattering of whiny articles by faux Catholic periodicals and academic journalist coupled with sympathetic bleating from the usually anti-Catholic secular media as a serious backlash.

A Catholic Cardinal says something that Catholics and even secular cultural observers have noticed for years and he's retired to be replaced by a toothless intermediary because of a serious backlash?  Is that right?
Early reports that the apostolic visitation would result in calls for a crackdown on dissident women’s religious orders produced a heavy backlash, with a number of prominent American women religious saying that religious orders should not cooperate with the Vatican probe.  That resistance complicated the work of Mother Mary Clare Millea, who spent most of 2009 and 2010 gathering information from the American communities of women religious.
Link to Catholic Culture... 

Obviously, there was a lot of resistance, considering that some don't want to be held accountable.  The National Catholic Register cited Sister Millea, who conducted the investigation.  Her response is stunning in its breadth of credulity.

Not all of the attention drawn by the visitation was positive, [are you toying with us, NCR?] as some communities challenged its mandate and opted not to provide requested information.
However, Mother Millea called the three-year process “demanding, but equally refreshing,” a reminder of religious orders’ “history and vital role in the Church in the United States.”
She said after submitting her report to the Vatican congregation, “As I learned of and observed firsthand the perseverance of the religious in the United States in their vocations, in their ministries and in their faith … I have been both inspired and humbled.”
Read more:

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Just Kidding Women Religious, Your Liberal Ways Are OK

The Infamous Abortion Nun of Wisconsin

Editor:  Remember the Visitation of US Women Religious and all the tears being shed about how habitless social-worker nuns who have no visible religious vocation were being subjected to unjust scrutiny?  Well,  the US Women Religious have found an enabler for their dysfunctional behavior as reported by commerce website, Catholic Culture:
[Catholic Culture] The prefect of the Congregation for Religious has said that his main goal is to “rebuild trust” in the Vatican office—implicitly criticizing his predecessor for efforts to address doctrinal and disciplinary problems in religious orders.

Archbishop Joao Braz de Aviz told the magazine 30 Giorni that his congregation must recover the confidence of religious because of “some positions taken previously.” His reference was evidently to Cardinal Franc Rodé, who headed the Congregation for Bishops before Archbishop Braz took over in January.

Cardinal Rodé had insisted on calling attention to the rapid decline in membership of many religious orders, and suggested that some religious communities had “simply acquiesced to the disappearance of religious life or at least of their community,” while others “have opted for ways that take them outside communion with Christ in the Catholic Church.” It was Cardinal Rodé’s initiative to undertake an apostolic visitation of women’s religious orders in the US—a visitation that is now winding down, with ample indications that the Vatican will avoid any confrontation with fractious nuns.

 Link to Catholic Culture...

And  at the National Catholic Reporter, "we started to listen again..."

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Vatican Removes Head of Chile's Ursuline Sisterhood

Editor: We eagerly await what will happen in other Monasteries where the Nuns have been running amok for over forty years as the Visitation makes its recommendations. Of course, the Vatican is being vague about what has happened. At least in the good old days an auto de fey could provides some much needed light and warmth.

Written by Ignacio Gallegos   

Wednesday, 16 March 2011 21:45
[Santiago Times] Isabel Margarita Lagos of the Ursulinas sisterhood in Chile, better known as Mother Paula, was removed from her position by Vatican authorities, who alleged "illegitimate use of her power as Mother Superior."

Parents of schoolchildren at the Santa Úrsula were called for an extraordinary meeting on Tuesday, where Mother Angela Gandner, headmaster of the school, read a letter from the Archbishop of Santiago. The letter mentions the "illegitimate use of power as Mother Superior ... which has lasted longer than it is established by the Ursulinas constitution."

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Vatican official speaks of a 'strategy of reconciliation' with Pro-Abortion Women Religious | NCR

Why do they always make concessions to these people? Perhaps it's because they have no intention of really addressing the problem. With all the caterwauling from trendy elder religious, you'd think they were being sent packing without bread or crip. But anyway, if history has taught us anything, it's that concessions to such people are always fruitless. If US Women religious want to be infelicitous social workers, they should do that and not pretend to be legitimate Roman Catholic religious.

Once again, heterodoxy, financial mismanagement , material participants in abortion, religious indifferentism, misrepresentation and the like are not the most serious things of which you can be guilty.  This is incredible, really, in light of all of the charges which can be leveled at this collective body of very unfaithful Brides of Christ:

A number of leaders of women’s congregations have said to me that they’ve been surprised by the depth of anger and hurt that exists among the sisters. I think that can’t be ignored. It has to be addressed, it’s a sign of the times

Vatican official speaks of a 'strategy of reconciliation' with women religious | National Catholic Reporter

When they've been pushing for socialism and the murder of innocents as Sister Carol has, you really have to marvel at the gall of these women, and the fact that despite the part they've played in the destruction of the Catholic Church worldwide, if not just in the USA where this visitation is taking place, but here they are crying for preferential treatment as if they're owed something for doing a bad job, doing the exact opposite of the things that they are professed to do and being treated with kid gloves all the while... amazing...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why the Weak were Corrupted and the Good Were Cast Out

The following article by Matt C. Abbott of "Renew America" highlights a chapter in a book that starkly illustrates a major component in the disintegration of Catholicism in America. In light of what has happened throughout the Catholic Church in the last half-century, almost nothing is so instructive as the unlawful and heretical intrusion of modern psychology, which often helped to encourage the feeble minded, the credulous, vulnerable and the malevolent among religious to abandon Church teachings on sexuality in favor of sexual liberation. The result was catastrophic for the Catholic Church, and the children who'd been put in its care. The prayerful atmosphere of religious houses suddenly turned noxious to those who did not embrace the new modes of self-expression so that most who did not collaborate with this new and vile spirit were thrown out into the street.

It's for this reason why we think that Women Religious are so reluctant to participate sincerely with a spirit of obedience in the visitation now investigating them. In this case, the patient does not want to be cured and is even adverse to holy things. Not only will not sound doctrine be tolerated in many Catholic religious communities in the United States, but Catholic sacramentals as well. Enter any so-called Catholic religious order's church and you will be hard pressed to find any visible Catholic sacramental presence.

By Matt C. Abbott

The following is a lengthy excerpt from the book Sacrilege: Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church, authored by Leon J. Podles, Ph.D. Many thanks to Mr. Podles and Charles Eby of the Crossland Foundation for allowing me to reprint this material. (Caution: contains disturbing descriptions.)

Read the entire article...

h/t: Sir Wolfram

Saturday, January 23, 2010

America Magazine Encourages Delinquency in US Women Religious

Like chronic alcoholics who've been confronted with a sudden dose of reality, America's religious are expected to submit to some questionnaires designed to address the extent and seriousness of their dysfunctional behaviors. Unfortunately, American Religious have bad friends like America Magazine who encourage them to continue merrily down the road of destruction.

Mother Mary Clare Millea, superior general of the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and charged by the Vatican with directing a three-year study of U.S. women religious congregations, has sent letters to religious leaders asking once again for their full cooperation in filling out questionnaires, which are part of the process.

The questionnaires, sent last year to the heads of some 325 religious communities, were to have been returned by Nov. 20. A substantial number of the religious communities -- some women religious leaders saying the "vast majority" of the communities -- refused to comply with an initial Millea request to fill out all the questions on the questionnaire and instead filled out only some or none. A number of religious communities chose, instead, to return to Millea their order's Vatican approved constitutions.

Link to America...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

US Women Religious: Dysfunctional Family Values

Congregation heads no longer required to supply ownership, asset, age information

Women religious will still have to answer other questions related to how they conduct their ministries, but like alcoholics, the mentally ill and habitual miscreants, they don't like being held accountable, and perhaps, like an overly permissive parent, Sister Millea, who is overseeing the visitation has caved into the complaints requesting asset, age and ownership information.

It's hard to understand why they would object to such requests for this information, unless, contrary to popular belief, a life of poverty is out of the question.

U.S. women religious superiors will no longer have to supply to the Vatican some of the most controversial information it had requested as part of a three-year study of religious congregations.

Word of the change in procedures came in a letter dated Nov. 5 sent to the women religious superiors by Apostolic Visitator Mother Mary Clare Millea.

It's good to see, however, that there will still be other questions, like the following, still trying to hold rebellious nuns accountable for their manifest failure to follow the rules and live lives that have more than an impressionistic resemblance to the visions of the founders of their communities.

Part B involves some 60 subjective questions regarding vocations, governance, financial, liturgical and spiritual life within the congregations. For example, questions include the following:

How often is the Eucharist celebrated in primary houses of the unit whether a mother house, formation house, retirement facility, skilled-care facility, etc.?

Do your sisters participate in the Eucharistic liturgy according to approved liturgical norms? [We know that in most cases this is, "No"].

Despite having serious disciplinary, doctrinal, honesty and emotional problems, US Women religious have some pretty serious enablers in their corner who are willing to help them on the path of destruction, like liberal family member, Fr. McBrien of Notre Dame who teaches "theology" to unsuspecting students, who's willing to step in and give a defense of the US women religious which not surprisingly attacks the Church as "sexist". Of course, he begins his article by citing another article from a Sacred Heart Sister who teaches at Berkley. She doesn't believe that many people with an opinion have the back ground to make their judgements, she says, "too many critics of religious life in the United States "have no lived experience of or academic competence" in regard to it.

But she doesn't stop there. She wants to talk about religious habits and cloisters from a feminist perspective that boarders on the pathological. Her issues with religious habits and religious discipline are almost too stupid and inaccurate to mention, especially for someone who holds others to high standards when it comes to judging her and her consorors' work in the US, like a lot of charlatans, she tries to slither behind academic degrees and hope that she won't be challenged. It has often been the case that such women and men in the Church, like Fr. McBrien, have gone unchallenged. It's time that was ended. If you don't really believe the Church is good for humanity, why bother with it? Get out. Please.

It's typical for dysfunctional family members to cover for their relatives' sins and crimes. In this case, it seems clear that misrepresentation and malfeasance is one possible accusation and the natural tendency is to defend one's self or others who are guilty of the same crimes you are.

Well, now US Women Religious have to be held accountable because their decadence and dysfunctionality has grown to such catastrophic heights that you don't need to be a person with trained proficiency to know that US Women's Religious are in trouble. All you have to do is read one of Sister Joan Chittister's columns or take time to visit a nominally "Catholic" college where you can find Female Religious Professors who will admit to you that they want to destroy the Church.

Read the article here...