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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why the Weak were Corrupted and the Good Were Cast Out

The following article by Matt C. Abbott of "Renew America" highlights a chapter in a book that starkly illustrates a major component in the disintegration of Catholicism in America. In light of what has happened throughout the Catholic Church in the last half-century, almost nothing is so instructive as the unlawful and heretical intrusion of modern psychology, which often helped to encourage the feeble minded, the credulous, vulnerable and the malevolent among religious to abandon Church teachings on sexuality in favor of sexual liberation. The result was catastrophic for the Catholic Church, and the children who'd been put in its care. The prayerful atmosphere of religious houses suddenly turned noxious to those who did not embrace the new modes of self-expression so that most who did not collaborate with this new and vile spirit were thrown out into the street.

It's for this reason why we think that Women Religious are so reluctant to participate sincerely with a spirit of obedience in the visitation now investigating them. In this case, the patient does not want to be cured and is even adverse to holy things. Not only will not sound doctrine be tolerated in many Catholic religious communities in the United States, but Catholic sacramentals as well. Enter any so-called Catholic religious order's church and you will be hard pressed to find any visible Catholic sacramental presence.

By Matt C. Abbott

The following is a lengthy excerpt from the book Sacrilege: Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church, authored by Leon J. Podles, Ph.D. Many thanks to Mr. Podles and Charles Eby of the Crossland Foundation for allowing me to reprint this material. (Caution: contains disturbing descriptions.)

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