Friday, June 1, 2012

US Women Religious Still in Denial

Edit: "I'm not a feminist", she cried, despite the full length poster behind her advertising NOW and the autographed photo of Gloria Steinem. This is a fanciful portrayal of a spokesman today who insists that US Women Religious, amazingly, that they're being unfairly treated.  It's just this kind of response that demonstrates a profound absence of humility in the face of adult supervision and portrays a breathtaking ability to ignore the facts and deny them show that this spokeswoman, and the women she claims to represent are delusional.

In light of the demographic, doctrinal and moral collapse of women religious, it's difficult to understand how they expect people to believe them.

They probably expect that public opinion will still remember them when they used to wear their habits, tirelessly instruct young children and told their prayers on a rosary rather than sitting in the lotus position in a Buddhist temple somewhere.

Whether you're talking about Obamacare nuns and the six-figure salary Sister Keehan, or you're talking about the more garden variety type of nun who resides in various parts of the United States with only an obscure cross-shaped item prominently hanging around her bent neck.

These women religious are defiant and convinced that their manifest departure from Catholic belief and practice is acceptable.  They're defiant even when they're caught red handed, as was one nun of the Dominican order called the Sinsinaua.  They only apologized after tremendous public outcry, but a trip to their web site shows little improvement and a worldly left of center, 1968 feel that reminds one more of elderly hippies trying to relive their heyday than a legitimate religious association.  It's a good thing they don't like the Latin Mass and wear traditional habits.
Sister Donna Quinn
Assisting in the Slaughter at
Here's what the anti-Catholic Washington Post had to say:

Leaders representing most American nuns pushed back on Friday against a stinging Vatican report that was issued in April and called for their “reform.”

After a special meeting this week in Washington, the 21-member board of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious issued a statement calling the Vatican report “unsubstantiated “ and saying it has “caused scandal and pain” and exacerbated polarization throughout the Catholic church community.

The board of the conference, whose members represent the vast majority of the 57,000 nuns in the United States, met for three days to consider how to respond to the Vatican report accusing the group of “radical feminism” and of publicly undermining the leadership of the bishops.
The thing about this is that despite being smaller in number, male religious are an even more serious problem and will be no less defiant and in denial than these recalcitrant women are.

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Anonymous said...

They are not in denial but in apostasy.

Tancred said...

That's true, but the delusion is a symptom of their apostasy.

LeonG said...

...and the symptoms of their apostasy can be detected very clearly in the murky waters of VCII as applied, developed and extended by the past five liberal modernist papacies. It is they who have encouraged primacy of individual conscience over the spiritual imperatives of The Roman Catholic Faith and our obedience to it. It is they who have led the rebellion against these. It is The Vatican which is also in denial.