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Thursday, June 15, 2017

AfD-Faction Threatened With Anthrax

Hamburg Parliament: picture alliance/dpa

HAMBURG. Allegedly left-wing extremists have threatened the AfD faction in the Hamburg Parliament with an anthrax attack. On Wednesday, the faction received a threatening letter with a bag containing flour. The letter read: "G20. Bag content today: Flour. On July 7th, And 8.7. 2017 Anthrax. "According to information from JUNGE FREIHEIT, other factions in the Parliament have also received similar threats.
On the two days, the G20 summit will be held in Hamburg, where US President Donald Trump will also be expected in Germany for the first time. The President of the AfD Group, Bernd Baumann, sees the threat as a new dimension in political debate and a low point of political culture." Extreme Left terrorists are afraid of those who think differently and threaten them with the deadly substance Anthrax," he complained.
The police are switched on
The red-green Hamburg Assembly proposed to promote left-wing extremism through financial donations and the provision of premises. Baumann is calling for a change of course: "It is absolutely absurd to foster enemies of democracy, who are partly fighting our state by force." A faction spokesman told the JF: "We handed the parcel in question to the police now. We are convinced that they will take the incident seriously. "(Tb)

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Friday, July 15, 2016

At Least 84 Dead From Islamic Terror Attack in Nice -- The Ineptitude of Jacobin Policy

Tractor Trailer as Tool of Murder in Nizza: 84 Dead and Over
100 Wounded by Islamic Attack
(Paris) There are at least 84 dead and over 100 injured last night at a terrible bombing in Nice. A truck raced at high speed into the crowd on the famous Promenade des Anglais, which had just admired fireworks there. The fireworks took place for the French national holiday, the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille. 

Tunisian Muslim with French Passport

The attack took place around 2300 hrs in the evening when the beach promenade was crowded with  locals and tourists. The fireworks went straight to its end.
According to the first reports, the assassin was killed in a firefight by police. He is supposed to  be a 31-year old Muslim of Tunisian descent, but with French nationality. The talk is of at least two accomplices. It is not yet clear whether they were on board of the truck, where weapons and hand grenades were found.
French President Francois Hollande, who in recent days hit the headlines because because his barber cost the state coffers more than 10,000 Euros every month, conceded that it is a "terrorist attack".  As a first step he extended the state of emergency in France by another three months.

Extended state of emergency - Restriction of civil rights

The state of emergency was imposed after the Islamist terrorist attack of 13 November 2015 on the Bataclan concert hall in Paris, which killed 89 people and injured hundreds. The measure is controversial in France, as it restricts the rights, including freedom of assembly of all citizens, while the terrorists can still strike.

Beach promenade of Nice: a place of horror and death

The restriction of civil rights is justified by the "threat to the state and its institutions".
Each prefect, as well as officials,  can impose curfews, block squares and lock meeting places of any kind and prohibit any gatherings. The police can perform house searches as instructed by the Minister of the Interior, or prefect, for which a court order is normally required.
Any person who makes himself "suspect" may be arrested or placed under house arrest. Also in this case judge no longer decide, but the Home Secretary and his officials.
Also,  the Home Secretary and his prefects can dissolve. without examination procedures and without jurisdiction, clubs and organizations, which are seen by them as a "threat".
Just yesterday Hollande had announced the lifting of the state of emergency on July 26 after eight months. Not 12 hours later he extended it again.

Jacobin Contradiction: "Cosmopolitanism" outward - State of Emergency Within 

The Islamic terrorist has forced France to an emergency, without undertaking sustained action to improve the situation. Recently, France imposed the state of emergency took place in the 50s and 60s during the Algerian war, but in the Fourth and Fifth Republic, never in peacetime.
A "war," say French politicians, however, is also the fight against Islamic terrorism. The enemy is visible and invisible at the same time.
In France today there are more than six million Muslims who were generously allowed into the country out of a "cosmopolitan" politics. Some Muslims already sit  in the highest government positions and do harm to France there in  radical left-liberal positions in other ways.
"The whole of France is threatened by Islamic terrorism"
said President Hollande with the addition that there are also "several children" among the dead at Nice.

Noteworthy "Coincidences"

French policy has proven itself incapable. For several decades the Grand Nation dawns only according to itself. The government has allowed on the one hand, the Islamization of France by mass immigration into the country from the Islamic world, allowing thus the formation of parallel cultures and the decline of entire neighborhoods that have become social hotspots, and claimed the Islamic terrorism directly and due to the Islamic parallel milieu is hardly controllable.  At the same time a dubious policy of France  engages in interference not only in the Middle East, but also in other Islamic countries and thus  ignites the fuse ever anew- even at home.

The storming of the Bastille in 1789

It may be coincidence, and not intended by the assassin, and yet there it is: The attack on the concert hall Batanclan in November 2015 occurred when the American rock band Eagles of Death Metal had just played   the song "Kiss the Devil."  The chorus of the song, the words repeated in a   penetrating way: "Who will love the devil? Who will sing his song? I will love the devil and his song! Who will kiss the tongue of the devil? I'll kiss the devil on his tongue!" On November 29, 2015 ​​Msgr. François Schneider , pastor of Wisembach,  in the Lorraine Vosges, made people aware of the Satanic connection, which earned him an immediate  reprimand from the Bishop, and according to media reports, the prefect was ordered  at the direction of the interior minister and had threatened criminal sanctions against the pastor. Certain truths seem to be hard to bear.
The assassination in Nice was held on the national holiday, on which France commemorates the opening of the  bloody French Revolution, thus the prelude to the overthrow of the social order, the radical struggle against the Church and Christianity and the beginning of the tyrrany of the Jacobins, who since then have done great harm to the world and the people  and even govern yet again in France.
Text: Andreas Becker
Picture: n-tv / 0e24 / Wikicommons (screenshots)
Trans: Tancred
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Saturday, August 8, 2015

It Should Have Been the Largest Bloodbath of Christians -- Jihadist Shoots Himself in the Foot

Massacre of Christians Prevented in France
(Paris) He wanted to inflict the biggest massacre on Christians in France. The attack was held on Sunday,  April 19. Sid Ahmed Ghlam stood ready, armed with a Kalashnikov to penetrate during the Sunday Mass in the Catholic Church of Villejuif. His goal: to kill hundreds of Christians. Then the jihadist accidentally shot  himself in the foot ...
On April 19,  an emergency call center was contacted.  A man asked for help. "I'm outdoors. I've been shot in the foot," the duty officer in the emergency center carefully asked for a clarification:  "Shot in the foot! With a gun? "

Bombers had Chosen Two Churches in Villejuif Near Paris

It is hard to imagine what would happen to would not undermine the Islamic terrorists Sid Ahmed Ghlam the misfortune.The 24 year old Muslim Sid Ahmed Ghlam comes from Algeria and was planning on that Sunday, April 19, 2015 to storm  the Catholic church Sainte Therese of Villejuif in Val de Marne south of Paris. He had two chosen among the churches of Villejuif, Saint Therese and Saint Cyr-Sainte Julitte. He wanted to cause a bloodbath like the Islamist militia Boko Haram in Nigeria and al-Shabaab in Kenya. Wanted, with the difference that Sid Ahmed Ghlam would wreak carnage in the middle of Europe and therefore attract a lot more attention. He named his assassination target even after his arrest.
Three months after the "prevented" assassination   the daily newspaper Le Monde reported the background.
As Sid Ahmed Ghlam was brought bleeding from an ambulance to the hospital, arrived and police. Then it happened in quick succession. The police followed the trail of blood and went to his car. In the vehicle they found a Kalashnikov, two pistols, a bulletproof vest and written evidence of a planned assassination, including accurate location information to the two churches of Villejuif.

Murder of young mother Aurelie Chatelain

He is accused of the murder of 32 year old Aurelie Chatelain, mother of a five year-old daughter. Chatelain had been shot and then set on fire in her car. When the police found the charred body, initially a robbery was suspected.  Meanwhile, the investigators believe that Chatelain had to die because Ghlam mistook her for a police officer in plain clothes.
Ghlam claims meanwhile, to have nothing to do with the murder of Chatelain. He confirmed that an attack had been planned at the church, but wanted another person present at the scene to commit,  which was prevented. He had suffered the gunshot wound.
When the police carried out a house search at the home  address of Ghlam, they found three Kalashnikovs and other bulletproof vests. Who had armed him? According to Le Monde, Sid Ahmed Ghlam was "remote controlled from Syria" to the last detail. His direct contact man was a French citizen of Toulouse, who had converted to Islam and has joined the battle of the Islamic State (IS) in 2014 in Syria. Previously, he was incarcerated in France five years in prison for supporting terrorism. Ghlam also maintained contacts with Mohammed Merah,  Islamic terrorist, who committed three separate attacks in Toulouse and Montauban on March 2012 in which three French soldiers, a Jewish rabbi, whose two children and the daughter of the Jewish headmaster were killed. Another soldier survived, seriously injured, as well as a 17 year old Jewish student. On March 22, the Islamist bomber was located ​​and killed.

Islamist network in Europe: contacts with assassins of Paris, Toulouse, Montauban and Nice

2013/2014 Ghlam lived in Reims. His apartment was only a few meters away from that of  Saïd Kouachi, one of the two bombers to the editors of Charlie Hebdo.
In addition to handlers in the Middle East  three additional personas have helped Sid Ghlam in opbtaining  the arsenal.  One of them, Rabah R., is known  to the French secret service as an "old acquaintance". Several times he was questioned in connection with the Islamic terrorism. The other two men were not yet known to the security forces. As it turned out, they were close to Moussa Coulibaly who had attacked three French soldiers last February in Nice, and had contacts with a Moroccan jihadist group.
In the home of Sid Ahmed Ghlam the police discovered documents proving connections to other people in the Islamist network. Sid Ahmed Ghlam is just one of the ticking time bombs who is preparing, under  the protection of Europe's legal and social order, a  cathartic terror act. The attack on the church in Villejuif should have caused many more deaths than the assassination of the editor of the satirical leftist weekly Charlie Hebdo. At the church selected by Ghlam, 300 people participate in Holy Mass every Sunday.
In  2001, he came for the first time with his family to France. In 2003 he returned to Algeria. After finishing school, he moved in 2010 in the wake of "family reunification," all the way to France.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Tempi
Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

News Clips -- Planned Attack on Marriage at Bishops' Synod

Conspirators Handled as Advertised -- Objection to Illegal Criminal Penalty ---- Settlers Storm an Abandoned Outpost -- Bad Comparison -- The Crimes of Syrian Terrorists

Plotters Handled as Advertised

Vatican.  The conspirer Bishop Felix Gmur of Basel stood in -- as it had been long planned before -- on behalf of adultery at the Bishops' Synod.  Msgr Gmur the specially drilled journalists, how the Church addresses people, who "live in other family forms".  He prated on of two divorced bigamists, who have lived for fifty years in adultery.  Bishop Gmur would like to know if fifty years of fornication "can't be really valid in our eyes".  The Church should recognize adultery -- demanded Msgr. Gmur.

Objection to Illegal Criminal Penalty

Germany.  The British SSPX Bishop Richard Williamson has lodged a claim against the new German penalty.  The penalty was conformed to a non-existing sin, according to international legal standards, of "inciting hatred".  Another hearing will take place next year.

Settlers Storm an Empty Outpost

Occupied Palestine.  Dozens of Jewish settlers recently attack -- under the protection of heavily armed occupation soldiers -- in the abandoned outpost of the settlement Tarsala south of the 40,000 population city of Jenin in the northerly West Bank.  Witnesses reported that fourteen vehicles with bands of settlers stormed the place.  After that security patrols were led into the streets between Jenin and Nablus.  The inhabitants were threatened and insulted.

Poor Comparison

Germany.  The New Evangelization must be begun by individuals.  The Neoconservative Cardinal Joachim Meisner said this for the to the press official of the Diocese of Basel.  As Christianity received its freedom under the Emperor Constantine in 313, it didn't give Christian families and Christian schools:  "Then one began at point null and we appear to be again at that point."  Only:  Then, Catholics were highly motivated and anchored firmly in the faith.

Crimes of the Syrian Terrorists

"The refugees from the terrorist infested part of Aleppo report of abortion, kidnapping, abuse and burned from their homes and their cars stolen.  'My son was shot by a sniper of the [so-called] Free Syrian Army', shouted a father infuriated in an abandon school functioning as a refugee camp.  The boy has a cast on his foot and metal rods in his bones after an operation.

From an article on the online-edution of 'Springer' daily news 'Welt' about the foreign terrorists inciting a Syrian civil war on the 25th September.

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Murdered Syrian Defense Minister Was Greek Orthodox

The Syrian Christians will be in serious danger if the Sunni terrorists continue. Under Assad, they are safe.

( The murdered Syrian Minister of Defense, Daud Radscha (65) was Greek Orthodox.

This was reported by a free journalist Andrea Ricci today on a German website independent of the media bosses, 'Compact Magazins'.

In May Radscha had survived a poisoning by the "Free Syrian Army".

This group is a band of Sunni terrorists, who have been armed by the US-Israeli power block.

Nest of Terrorists Dug Up

Ricci informed 'Compact Magazin' this morning by telephone.

He reported that the Syrian government troops have freed an outlying area of Damascus from terrorist incursions.

This was still proceeding, up to the city center and even penetrating to the hotel where Ricci was held up.

During the night, the situation cooled down.

The West is Seized by Fear and Panic

The detonations on the edge of the city continue.

There, the helicopters of the government were in action.

Ricci maintains that the terrorists never had even one single city district under control.

The surprise operations were undertaken much more to spread fear and panic.

The Western Media Bosses Disinform

Presently the situation is peaceful.

After the havoc wreaking terror attack against members of government, President Baschar al-Assad immediately named a capable successor and appeared on television.

Suggestions that he had sent his family out of the country has been demonstrated as Western disinformation.

Christians in serious danger

In his Hotel Ricci has noticed a "grim resolution": "We will defeat the terrorists!"

As to the situation, Ricci explained:

"The Christians here will be in serious danger if the Sunni terrorists continue. Under Assad, they are safe."

Unsuccessful Strategy

The staunchness of Peking and Moscow in the UN Security Council has -- according to Ricci -- has contributed to the calming of the situation:

"Apparently the terror of the last days has, above all, attempted to shake the position of the Russians and the Chinese."

Ricci commented: "That is unsuccessful".

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Iraq: Catholic Family Man Murdered

Editor: Catholics were in Iraq long before the Muslims. Don't forget that, at least.

Kirkuk ( idea) In Northern Iraq a 29 year old Christian was murdered.  The body of the family father with three children Ashur Issa Yaqub was found on May 16th by Police in Kirkuk.  As the aid organization Open Doors (Kelkheim bei Frankfurt am Main) reported, his body revealed signs of torture and bite wounds. Hands and arms were tied and the head had been completely removed.

According to reports of a local pastor, members of the terror network Al Kheda pressured his employer to dismiss the construction worker \because he was Christian.  Yaqub, who belongs to the Chaldean Catholic Community, was abducted.  Al Kaida fighters demanded a ransom of about 70.000 Euro for his release.  According to estimate by Open Doors, which cares for Christians persecuted and oppressed world wide, the situation in Iraq has significantly worsened.

Christians have lived almost 2.000 years in Iraq.  In the mean time their numbers have been decimated because many of the attacks of Islamic "extremists" happen to them.  1990 figures show that around 29 million inhabitants and 1,4 million Christians were present, now there are about 200.000.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Iraq: New Attacks on Christians -- Three Dead, 26 Wounded

Archbishop Matokas cries for help to the international community of nations: 'If someone would like to drive us Christians out of the country, then they would succeed.  We don't know any more what we should say.  Families want to leave.  It is horrible!'

Bagdad []  In Baghdad a new wave of attacks against Christians: On Wednesday in the early morning between 4 and 6AM explosive devices were set off at several Christian homes.

The attacks took the lives of at least three people and 26 were wounded, as reported by a representative of the Interior Ministry.  Already on Tuesday evening, three Christian homes were attacked in Mansur.  No one was injured in those attacks.

"What could we do, what should we say?", complained the Syro-Catholic Archbishop of Baghdad, Atanase Matti Shaba Matoka.  "In our communities there is great panic.  The wave of violence will become much greater. Ten days ago there was a terror attack against our Cathedral.  Today our homes were targeted.  Families are aggrieved and want to flee.  It is horrible!"

Before his visit to stricken families the Archbishop said to Fidesdienst:  "All of the forewarning and urging the government has done nothing to halt this wave of violence which has swept over us.

Police are standing in front of the churches, really it's the homes of our faithful which have become targets of attack.  Among the victims there are Christians of various confessions in the district of Doura.  The terror knocks on our doors.  The families are horrified.  This is not life any more, they say."

If one would like to drive us from the land, then it would succeed.  This country is the victim of desolation and terror.  The suffering of Christians will become ever greater and lead them to leave their country.  We don't know any more, what we should say."

Finally, the Archbishop appealed to the international community of nations and the world Church:  "We pray for a quick response of the international community of nations and hope for the assitance of the Holy Father and the world Church.

Today there is nothing else for us to hope for and to pray and to put our lives in the hands of God.  Through their tears the Iraqi Christians are saying: In manus tuas, Domine".

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Chaldean Church attacked and Election Candidate Killed in Bomb Attack

Church hit and election candidate killed in Iraq attacks
By Mujahid Mohammed (AFP) – 14 hours ago

MOSUL, Iraq — A pre-Christmas attack on a church killed two people in the Iraqi city of Mosul Wednesday while a Sunni Arab candidate died in a bombing in Fallujah, the first such murder ahead of March polls.

They were among 13 people killed in violence across the country, despite security forces ramping up their presence ahead of Christmas and the Shiite commemoration ceremonies of Ashura.

In Mosul, two people were killed and five others wounded Wednesday morning when "a handcart used to carry flour, left across the street from the Syrian Orthodox church of St Thomas, exploded," witness Hamis Paulos said.

A hospital official in the main northern city said the two people killed were Muslims, based on examination of their identity papers.

"Christians are being targeted during Christmas time -- the security forces, police and army must provide security, the police and army are responsible for this," said Father Abdul Massih Dalmay of the church.

"Is the number of security forces not enough? There is negligence on the part of the security forces."

The attack was the sixth on Christians in Mosul in less than a month, and came after the army said it put its forces on alert in areas with significant Christian populations because of intelligence they could be attacked.

In the former rebel bastion of Fallujah, a Sunni Arab candidate for parliamentary elections on March 7 was killed in a "sticky bomb" attack.

Saud al-Essawi of the Iraqi Unity Alliance (IUA) and his two bodyguards were killed when a magnetic bomb attached to his car exploded in the city, 50 kilometres (30 miles) west of Baghdad.

The IUA is a multi-confessional grouping led by Ahmed Abu Risha, a key Sunni leader who turned against Al-Qaeda to play a major role in reversing Iraq's insurgency, and current interior minister Jawad al-Bolani, an independent Shiite.

Iraqi political leaders and senior American generals have expressed concerns in recent months about violence linked to the election.

The security situation in Fallujah has improved dramatically in recent years.

Since 2006, Sunni tribesmen and former rebels, known as the Sahwa (Awakening) movement, have made common cause with the US military against Al-Qaeda, greatly reducing the jihadists' presence in the area.

In Baghdad, violence killed six people, including three men at a Shiite mourning ceremony as worshippers were participating in Ashura rituals.

Twenty-eight others were wounded, including four women and five children, in the bomb attack in the east Baghdad neighbourhood of Mashtal, a police officer said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Another person was killed and four wounded by a bomb at a Shiite mosque in the capital's central shopping district of Karrada, police said.

Security officials have said they will increase their presence during Ashura, which in the past has been used by Sunni extremists to target Shiites. In the holy shrine cities of Karbala and Najaf, for example, 46,000 policemen and soldiers will be out in force.

Also in Baghdad, Brigadier General Riad Abdel Majid, an inspector for the defence ministry, was killed by "unknown persons who opened fire on him while he was in front of his house," an official said a day after the attack.

A magnetic "sticky bomb" affixed to a minibus in the predominantly Shiite north Baghdad district of Kadhimiyah killed one person and wounded three at around midday (0900 GMT) on Wednesday, a police official said.

Outside of Baquba city, northeast of Baghdad, two Sahwa militiamen, including local Awakening leader Adnan Serhid, were killed by a roadside bomb, according to a policeman who did not want to be named.

The Sahwa, known as the "Sons of Iraq" by the US army, joined American and Iraqi forces to wage war in 2006 and 2007 against Al-Qaeda and its supporters, leading to a dramatic fall in violence.

Attacks still remain common however in Baghdad, Mosul and some other areas.

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Office of Chalden Patriarch Under Attack

Auxiliary Bishop Shlemon Warduni of Baghdad revealed yesterday that the offices of the Chaldean Patriarchate in the Iraqi capital were damaged by the terrorist attacks on Tuesday that left 127 dead and 500 wounded, reports Catholic News Agency.

According to the SIR news agency, the bishop noted that “fortunately only the buildings were damaged. The sisters and the Patriarch were not present at the time of the explosion. They had left to celebrate the feast of the Immaculate Conception.

“Doors, windows, window panes were all blown out, and the walls were also damaged,” he added.

Bishop Warduni said Baghdad residents are convinced that those behind the attacks are linked to political groups. “What is left now is the great desperation, pain and suffering of death that haunts our people,” the prelate concluded.

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Moscow Bound Train Attacked by Terrorists


Rescue workers are searching for survivors of a Russian express train crash who may be trapped in wreckage.

The government says 25 people are known to have died in the derailment, amid speculation that it may have been caused by a bomb blast.

Earlier, one official reported that 39 people had died, but that has now been denied by the authorities.

The train, travelling from Moscow to St Petersburg, crashed on Friday night near Bologoye town in Tver region.

About 90 people were injured as at least three carriages of the express train came off the tracks as it travelled on one of Russia's busiest rail links.

An investigation is under way into the cause of the crash. A small crater at the scene of the wreck has raised suspicions of sabotage.

"Several versions are being considered. It must be just a pit someone dug out. Or the crater was left by an explosive device," a law enforcement official was quoted by Itar-Tass news agency as saying.

Some witnesses heard a loud bang before the crash, Russian media reports said.

In 2007, a bomb on the same line derailed a train, injuring nearly 30 passengers.

Link to article...BBC

Also, another very successful and charismatic young Orthodox priest was shot dead in his own Church. He was himself of Tartar descent and was very active prosylitizing among Muslims.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Somalis are being recruited to Fight in Jihad in Minneapolis

A 24-year-old local Somali man has been indicted in U.S. District Court in Minneapolis on charges of conspiring to provide support to terrorists.

Omer Abdi Mohamed, an unemployed employment counselor and father of a 2-month-old boy, was indicted on charges of conspiracy to "kill, kidnap, maim or injure" people in foreign countries, according to an indictment filed Tuesday but made public Thursday.

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jihadist Gunman kills American Troops in Fort Hood

Ever eager to be fair minded and get all sides of the story, the New York Times is eager to deflect speculation that this is related to the man's religion and superior loyalties to Islam over those of the country which is his home. There were two interesting and incredible comments in the New York Times article covering this tragedy. Feeling bullied about one's religion is an everyday occurance for a Catholic:

"There is no evidence, however, to suggest the attack was linked to terrorism, he said."

"The New York Times reports that Hasan felt he was harassed because he was a Muslim. CNN said he was being tracked by the federal government because of inflammatory views about suicide bombings expressed on the Internet."

Link to the rest of the New York Times article.