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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

"Transgender" Motorist Nearly Beaten to Death by Protesters for George Floyd

[rt] A violent mob of over 30 people brutalized a black transgender woman as she attempted to seek shelter in a Minneapolis convenience store after getting in a car accident. The attack has further fractured the community.
Iyanna Dior was swarmed by more than 30 people on Monday night in a violent attack captured on video. The assault reportedly stemmed from a car accident and has escalated tensions in the community, with LGBTQ advocates and many others denouncing the apparent hypocrisy of a crowd of black men and women attacking one of their own even as the city is gripped by protests against racism and police brutality.
Dior is seen taking refuge behind the counter in the store and briefly taunting her assailants, who hurl abuse back, reminding her “you gotta come out!” After surrounding her inside the shop, they continue the onslaught, demanding she “get [her] f****t ass out the store!

Monday, June 24, 2013

New FSSP Parish in Minneapolis of All Places

Edit: this parish was one of those which was slated for closing, now it's being given new life.  We'd earlier felt that the Archbishop's subordinates were being deliberately unfair in their choice of parishes to close, but this really makes up for that.
Minneapolis is one of the more Liberal cities in the United States.  Its conservative working class community in Northeast Minneapolis should appreciate this.
Here is the Archbishop's letter:
June 22, 2013
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
I am happy to announce that the parish of All Saints of Minneapolis will have a pastor and an associate to serve you beginning next month.
minneopolis-all-saints5As you have likely seen and heard in parish communications over the past few months, the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter has offered to send two of its members to care for the parish of All Saints, which has been without a pastor for more than a year. After consultation with your parish trustees and your parish pastoral council, as well as the presbyteral council, a representative body of priests from across the Archdiocese, I have accepted the Fraternity’s offer.
Father Peter Bauknecht and Father Simon Harkins will begin their service at All Saints on July 3, 2013. Fr. Bauknecht will serve as pastor.
As you may know, the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter is a Catholic Clerical Society of Apostolic Life dedicated to providing Catholics access to the extraordinary form of the liturgy according to the liturgical books of 1962. You can find out more about the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter at their website: Mass in the extraordinary form will be offered at All Saints. Mass in the current form to which you are accustomed will be offered, as well. A Mass schedule will be established, in consultation with All Saints parish leadership.
Please join me in welcoming Father Bauknecht and Father Harkins. I will be praying for these priests as they begin service in your parish and I ask that you join me supporting their work through prayer, as well.
With every good wish, I am,
Cordially yours in Christ,
Most Reverend John C. Nienstedt

The Most Reverend John C. Nienstedt
Archbishop of Saint Paul and Minneapolis

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Minnesota: St. Joan's Provides Platform for Dissent Against Archbsihop Nienstedt

Edit: The Land of 10,000 heresies strikes again! Take note that the actively Gomorrist church of St. Joan of Arc's is giving a forum for those attacking the Archbishop's program to support the marriage amendment. Recently, the Archbishop himself went on record saying that he will tolerate no dissension on this matter, but then, some people have to test the waters.

Another interesting question might also be: who are the speakers? Surely they're not from CPCSM! Even better!
Adult Learning Board Sponsoring Forum on the Marriage Amendment Update, from a reader:
This will be a “forum” and not a “debate”. The two sides - pro and con - will be represented by two constitutional law experts - Dale Carpenter, from the University of Minnesota Law School, and Teresa Collett, from the University of St. Thomas Law School. The program will be moderated by Lynda McDonnell, a faculty member at the University of St. Thomas.
Is either side or the moderator really Catholic? The only Catholic thing about Lynda McDonnell seems to be the Irish name and the fact that she teaches at a school that has "Catholic" on its billboard. A brief perusal of the internet gives cause for concern. Dale Carpenter is a homosexualactivist and contributes regularly to homosexual publications, including a book on the abrogation in the supreme court of Texas' sodomy law.
By the end of his book, Carpenter celebrates the 6-3 ruling in favor of Lawrence and Garner. The court, in essence, declared sodomy laws unconstitutional because they impinged on personal relationships.

The real surprise comes when we find out that he's being given a platform at an allegedly Catholic men's forum, AOTM [Argument of the Month Club]

Saint Joan's contends that at the end of the evening, parishioners should be able to make an informed decision about something which the Archbishop has already spoken in favor of by publishing a CD and making a number of public statements. But considering the curricula vita of both speakers, it seems that they are merely tailored to suit the decades-long hostility of St. Joan's pastors and parishioners on Catholic moral teaching.

It's a scandal that either of these speakers should be given a platform to confuse the laity further about an issue the Archbishop has more than amply held forth upon.

It even cost one parish employee, Lucinda Naylor, her job. How she ever got hired in the first place is quite a mystery. But will the Archbishop take this opportunity to clean house and do more than make a few symbolic dismissals?

[From St. Joan of Arc Bulletin] On Sunday, April 15, at 2 p.m. in the St. Joan of Arc Gym the SJA Adult Learning Board is sponsoring a forum on the constitutional questions around the proposed marriage amendment to the Minnesota constitution.

The format will be twenty-five (25) minute presentations by each side – [Oh my, it's only fair] for and against the amendment - and then written questions from the audience answered by the presenters. The purpose of the forum is to provide information on the constitutional law considerations surrounding the amendment and encourage each of us to form our conscience before we vote.

We hope you will attend the forum and support this first effort by our new Adult Learning Board.
This is St. Joan's program for Holy Week:
You just know that St. Joan's will have demonic puppets on hand and a "farmer's Liturgy"! Liturgical abuses will likely be in abundance!

Evil Puppetmaster Controls St. Joan's Liturgies

H/t: Stella Borealis

Contact: Fr. Jim DeBruycker 4537 3rd Ave. So. Minneapolis, MN 55419 Phone: 612.823.8205 Fax: 612.825.7028
Contact: Archdiocese 226 Summit Avenue Saint Paul, MN 55102 (651) 291-4400

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Concerns about Voter Fraud in Crime Ridden Democratic Districts

[Minnesota, USA] Now's the time to complain about voter fraud when immigrants and others not legally able to vote are liable to exercise that "sacred" duty without the benefit of citizenship. Unfortunately, the mainstream media isn't very concerned about that.

Mark Dayton is awaiting the results of the governors race in downtown Minneapolis at the Hilton. There have been reports of irregularities at the polls and accusations of "overzealous" citizens at the polls trying to stop it. Considering that it's widely reported in the past that the Democrats employ ballot stuffing, it's not surprised that there are citizens who are more than concerned about what's going on.

The NPR report on the radio claimed that voting was going smoothly with some complaints about voter fraud, but they did say that in the high-crime Cedar Riverside Neighborhood, the polling station claims they need "translators". Considering that basic English is required to pass a citizenship examination, it seems strange to expect that a citizen would not know English unless they were naturalized. Despite the inaccuracies about the voting running smoothly, it was laughable in that it featured a woman struggling to vote for Governor. The Election Judge was trying her best to explain that she couldn't vote for two candidates for Governor.

In any case, it's hard to imagine how you could make an informed decision about politics unless you knew the language proficiently. In any event, this is Minnesota. Just to remind, there's a $500 for information leading to the capture of someone committing voter fraud. Seems like there's a high likelihood of finding such people at the polling station at Ceder Riverside with its large Somali population. It goes to some length to explain why Jesuit Educated, Congressperson Keith Ellison was so concerned about campaign buttons with handcuffs on them featuring the Neighborhood Watch organization. Understandably many of his constituents in the inner-city are not sophisticated enough to understand the campaign, and he was even caught lying about it at a press conference, but that's another story.

Photo from story about Minnesota Somalis going on Jihad in Afghanistan.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Somalis are being recruited to Fight in Jihad in Minneapolis

A 24-year-old local Somali man has been indicted in U.S. District Court in Minneapolis on charges of conspiring to provide support to terrorists.

Omer Abdi Mohamed, an unemployed employment counselor and father of a 2-month-old boy, was indicted on charges of conspiracy to "kill, kidnap, maim or injure" people in foreign countries, according to an indictment filed Tuesday but made public Thursday.

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