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Saturday, August 8, 2015

It Should Have Been the Largest Bloodbath of Christians -- Jihadist Shoots Himself in the Foot

Massacre of Christians Prevented in France
(Paris) He wanted to inflict the biggest massacre on Christians in France. The attack was held on Sunday,  April 19. Sid Ahmed Ghlam stood ready, armed with a Kalashnikov to penetrate during the Sunday Mass in the Catholic Church of Villejuif. His goal: to kill hundreds of Christians. Then the jihadist accidentally shot  himself in the foot ...
On April 19,  an emergency call center was contacted.  A man asked for help. "I'm outdoors. I've been shot in the foot," the duty officer in the emergency center carefully asked for a clarification:  "Shot in the foot! With a gun? "

Bombers had Chosen Two Churches in Villejuif Near Paris

It is hard to imagine what would happen to would not undermine the Islamic terrorists Sid Ahmed Ghlam the misfortune.The 24 year old Muslim Sid Ahmed Ghlam comes from Algeria and was planning on that Sunday, April 19, 2015 to storm  the Catholic church Sainte Therese of Villejuif in Val de Marne south of Paris. He had two chosen among the churches of Villejuif, Saint Therese and Saint Cyr-Sainte Julitte. He wanted to cause a bloodbath like the Islamist militia Boko Haram in Nigeria and al-Shabaab in Kenya. Wanted, with the difference that Sid Ahmed Ghlam would wreak carnage in the middle of Europe and therefore attract a lot more attention. He named his assassination target even after his arrest.
Three months after the "prevented" assassination   the daily newspaper Le Monde reported the background.
As Sid Ahmed Ghlam was brought bleeding from an ambulance to the hospital, arrived and police. Then it happened in quick succession. The police followed the trail of blood and went to his car. In the vehicle they found a Kalashnikov, two pistols, a bulletproof vest and written evidence of a planned assassination, including accurate location information to the two churches of Villejuif.

Murder of young mother Aurelie Chatelain

He is accused of the murder of 32 year old Aurelie Chatelain, mother of a five year-old daughter. Chatelain had been shot and then set on fire in her car. When the police found the charred body, initially a robbery was suspected.  Meanwhile, the investigators believe that Chatelain had to die because Ghlam mistook her for a police officer in plain clothes.
Ghlam claims meanwhile, to have nothing to do with the murder of Chatelain. He confirmed that an attack had been planned at the church, but wanted another person present at the scene to commit,  which was prevented. He had suffered the gunshot wound.
When the police carried out a house search at the home  address of Ghlam, they found three Kalashnikovs and other bulletproof vests. Who had armed him? According to Le Monde, Sid Ahmed Ghlam was "remote controlled from Syria" to the last detail. His direct contact man was a French citizen of Toulouse, who had converted to Islam and has joined the battle of the Islamic State (IS) in 2014 in Syria. Previously, he was incarcerated in France five years in prison for supporting terrorism. Ghlam also maintained contacts with Mohammed Merah,  Islamic terrorist, who committed three separate attacks in Toulouse and Montauban on March 2012 in which three French soldiers, a Jewish rabbi, whose two children and the daughter of the Jewish headmaster were killed. Another soldier survived, seriously injured, as well as a 17 year old Jewish student. On March 22, the Islamist bomber was located ​​and killed.

Islamist network in Europe: contacts with assassins of Paris, Toulouse, Montauban and Nice

2013/2014 Ghlam lived in Reims. His apartment was only a few meters away from that of  Saïd Kouachi, one of the two bombers to the editors of Charlie Hebdo.
In addition to handlers in the Middle East  three additional personas have helped Sid Ghlam in opbtaining  the arsenal.  One of them, Rabah R., is known  to the French secret service as an "old acquaintance". Several times he was questioned in connection with the Islamic terrorism. The other two men were not yet known to the security forces. As it turned out, they were close to Moussa Coulibaly who had attacked three French soldiers last February in Nice, and had contacts with a Moroccan jihadist group.
In the home of Sid Ahmed Ghlam the police discovered documents proving connections to other people in the Islamist network. Sid Ahmed Ghlam is just one of the ticking time bombs who is preparing, under  the protection of Europe's legal and social order, a  cathartic terror act. The attack on the church in Villejuif should have caused many more deaths than the assassination of the editor of the satirical leftist weekly Charlie Hebdo. At the church selected by Ghlam, 300 people participate in Holy Mass every Sunday.
In  2001, he came for the first time with his family to France. In 2003 he returned to Algeria. After finishing school, he moved in 2010 in the wake of "family reunification," all the way to France.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Tempi
Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Trappist Nuns In Syria Do Not Fear Fate of Trappists in Algeria

(Damascus)  They came to the near East in 2005 with the intention to live out the Christianization of the first centuries after Christ.   Their history is comparable to the Trappist monks of Tibhirine in Algeria, who in 1996 were murdered by a moderate Islamic group.  Xavier Beauvaus created a memorial for them and their martyrdom by the film "Of Men and Gods".

The comparison is more pressing when one things of the five Trappists, who left their peaceful and isolated Cloister in Valserena in Tuscany, Italy, in order to go to Syria.  A land whose internal situation had been already tense and in the midst of a civil war with thousands of deaths and flooded with hundreds of thousands of refugees.

Why have they decided to found a new Cloister in an unstable country like Syria?  "Because Christianity had developed here and spread from here to Asia Minor, Greece, Rome, Armenia, India and China", say the sisters.  "in the first centuries the mission was led by a living Monastic movement, which existed alone and independently of one another here and in Egypt."  The sisters recall St. Ephraem the Syrian, Saint Simeon the Stylite, St. John Chrysostom or St. John of Damascus, whose traces they follow.  "Going out from our Latin and Benedictine Tradition we want to follow the stream, because we are convinced of the rich fruits, which will come about in an exchange between the West and Eastern heritage of Christendom."

So the Cloister of Azeir exists amidst the civil war afflicted cities of Homs and Tartous in Central Asia. The sisters feel a mission in that, which resembles that of the monks of Tibhirine:  to help Christians and Muslims without respect to religion, to be a lighthouse of peace and harmony in the civil war,  which they did not foresee when the five Trappists set foot for the first time on Syrian soil. "Now we belong to these people.  The fate of the Syrians is our fate,"  says Abbess Monica to AsiaNews.

The nuns reported on their internet site established and independent of all propaganda of one of the other sides of the civil war and the fate of Syria's Christians.   Some of the letters of the last months could have been called out.  They described for everyone the suffering of the civilian population.  For them the Cloister is clearly a sign of hope, because it is "a place, where God is really present through the Eucharist and through the Church, through the prayer and the brotherly community.  It is a blessing for all."

"Why should we go away?" was the astonished response of the sisters.  "The people here ring our door.  They seek help, diverse help.   They ask for food, they seek consolation, young men have started to come to us, because they are seeking someone to help them to understand things, to reflect, to grow innerly."  The Cloister offers already numerous people sanctuary and accommodation, people, who are have been made refugees by government troops or the rebels, people who are pursued by one side or the other.  Even as a place for secret business, the Cloister is on hand.

"We are called to give a witness of our Christian hohpe, which is stronger than all worry.  Why should we go away from a place, where the people so desperately need this hope",  said the Abbess to Asia News.

Text: Religion en libertad/Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: Valserena

Sunday, January 29, 2012

France: Judge Wants Murdered Trappists Exhumed

The background of  the murder of Trappists in Algeria  1996 are still unclear today.  The corpses were never found, rather only their decapitated heads.

[Kathnet] The background of the murder of Trappists in Algeria in 1996 and seven murdered Franciscans has a judge wanting to exume their skulls.  According to the story by the newspaper >>Marianne<< [Friday].  Judge Marc Trevidic has made a corresponding inquiry to authorities in Algeria.  A DNA-analysis is required, in order to identify the victims.  The judge has already received the approval of family members in October.

The motives for the murder of the Trappists is still unclear. The corpses were never found, rather only the decapitated heads. A French General testified in 2009 that the Algerian Military accidentally killed the monks by a helicopter attack on an Islamic position. The Algerians disagree however, that the Islamic movement GIA had beheaded the religions after a month of captivity.

The case was treated in  2010 film by French director, Xavier Beauvois in his film "Of Men and Gods".  The work received numerous prizes, among others the film festival in Cannes.

See the German language trailer, here...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Converting Mussulmen is Easy

Apparently Christians don't have the power anymore to be the light of the world.  The alternative to the Gospel"  Assissi-Meetings.  by Blessed Fr. Charles de Foucauld (+1916)

Blessed Charles de Foucaud

( It seems that the interaction with the Mussulmen consists in first civilizing them, then to instrict them and to finally make them human beings like us.   When that's done, then their conversion will be done practically by themselves.

Because Islam can't withstand instruction.

The work here in Algeria -- as with all Mussulmen -- to be performed, consists in the work of moral uplifting:

- to bring them by all means to moral and intellectual heights.

- to grow close to them and maintain contact with them

- to bind with them in friendship

- to remove their antipathy towards us through daily and friendly interaction in conversation and change their view through the example of our lives. 

- for an actual appreciation in instruction

- to instruct these souls completely in the whole of their lives and bring them up with help in school and college, that which is learned in school and college.

- teach them by way of daily and close contact, what is learned in the family.

- to become their family.

When this result is reached, then their disposition will be massively altered and their morals improved.

The commission of the Gospel will be easily procured.

From a letter to Fr. Caron in the year 1906.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Algeria: Christian Fastbreakers are Threatened with Years of Incarceration

Two Algerian Christians were observed in the fast month of Ramadan as they drank water and are now going to stand before the court. They are threatened with 36 Months of confinement.

[] Two Christians from Algerian must answer to the court, because they were observed drinking water during the Islamic month of fast, according to "Spiegel".

On August 13th of this year the two, one 34 and the other 44 years old were apprehended at the construction site where they were working. During the Ramadan fast, they were observed drinking water. The Courts have introduced a charge of neglecting the State Religion, and the state prosecutor seeks 36 months of incarceration for both Christians.

The men are confident about what their trial will hold for them. "I don't regret anything, I am a Christian and I stand on that." With these words, both were cited in the "Spiegel". Countless local inhabitants and human rights advocates have protested against the charges of the courts. Mustapha Krim, Superior of the Protestant Church in Algeria, has taken the sides to protect the defendants against what he calls a "laughable" case. The Judgment is expected by "Spiegel" on October 5th.

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