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Friday, September 20, 2013

Junge Freiheit: New Charges Against Volker Beck

Is Volker Beck lying about his statements?
Foto: picture alliance/dpa
Edit: it’s worth remember that Volker Beck was a fervent persecutor of the Catholic Church in Germany, and even on the hunt for  what was once  Europe’s largest Catholic internet site,  The German Bishops’ Conference were only too happy to join their cause with his and his confrere the faux-Thomist, David Berger.
Now the tables are turned, somewhat, as even the Green Party seems to want to be rid of this liablility.
BERLIN. The Secretary of the Green Party, Volker Beck, apparently lied about his controversial pedophile endorsement  in the year 1988. This is the result of research by Spiegel Online.
Beck had always insisted that the text had been corrupted. A manuscript of the original edition has been, however, and it shows that Beck's statements were not changed by the publisher.  In the essay “Change the Criminal Law?  A Plea for a Realistic Restructuring of Sexual Politics”,  Beck had proposed among other things for the "very decriminalization of paedosexuality ".  Released in 1988, the contribution was in the book "The Pedosexual Complex. Handbook for the Affected and Their Opponents. "
Changes were mainly the headlines
On his website, Beck wrote of the text: "The first printing was unauthorized and its meaning was adulterated  by a free redaction of the publisher. In my memory, the legal department of the Green Party  has now taken action against the publisher and/or editor: An enforcement of non-distribution was probably not attainable, but a new edition of the work with this article was prohibited.” Documents from that time, before 25 years ago are not subject to it.  Today, he is annoyed that he didn’t have scripts and other documents of the time better secured and preserved.
Spiegel Online, however, has now discovered in the archives of the Green-affiliated Heinrich Böll Foundation, a manuscript from the Gay Department of the Green Party, which is "almost identical” with his contribution from the book "The pedosexual complex" is. Mainly the title and a subtitle have been changed.
Beck Maintains His Version
Beck still insists, however, that the editors of the book have distorted the meaning of the text by changing the headline. In another statement on its website on Friday that "the typescript thus confirms my recollection that the published article was not authorized and was adulterated in its meaning by a free redaction in headings and text excerpts from the publisher. The typescript also confirmed embarrassingly, positions which I have already distanced myself from several times and have explained in several interviews that it was a totally false assumption that between theoretically ‘harmless’ sexual contacts with consent and violent, harmful sexual contacts between adults and children, there could be a distinction. "
This incorrect assumption of the text is marked. "I apologize now for the presence of the original script and again sincerely dissociate myself again. I have described my thoughts from back then repeatedly as 'unspeakable' deviant 'nonsense' and big mistake. "
Publisher Contradicted Beck Already the End of August
Junge Freiheit has also confronted Beck repeatedly with this text. However, he never wanted to comment on the points at which this was exactly been changed. Moreover, research by JF revealed that Beck had apparently not told the truth regarding a prevented second edition of the book. He was contradicted finally by August Foerster Publishing in the book that was published at the time.
The Managing Director of the publishing house, Joachim Köhler, insured  JF that he could not remember a legal battle with the Green Party. "In addition, no new edition of the book was planned. They would have to have been out of stock in the first place. That was not the case. On the contrary, we even had the rest of the run pulped. "(Krk)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Things Were More Liberal and Free Then

Back When Leftists Were Open Predators

She was abused in the 70s as a child for pornographic shots.  Now she is demanding damages from her own mother.  The German smut magazine 'Spiegel' is also included in the scandal.
© Marco Bernardini,

(  The French actress Eva Ionesco (47) has sued her mother, the pornographer Irina Ionesco (77).

Irina Ionesco published naked shots of her then eleven year old daughter for the US-smut magazine 'Playboy' and 'Penthouse".

She was between four and twelve years old

Mrs. Ionesco demanded 200,000 euros in damages from a Paris court.

She also asked for the handing over of the naked photos, which had been taken between the ages of four and twelve.

The judgment is expected in mid-Decemenber.

Pedophile Networks

Even the former National Socialist and SS people founded German smut magazine 'Spiegel' printed a pedo-naked photo of Eva Ionesco in May of 1977.

Her attorney maintains that "pedophile netoworks' had a lot of influence then.

The victim was never as a child to her mother, but rather photographed as a "dressed up prostitute".   His client had been robbed of her childhood.

The mother of the attorney countered that by saying that the times then were "more Liberal and uninhibited".

Monday, May 9, 2011

Spiegel Editor Says Hans Küng is Narcissistic

"Two old, narcissistic sick old men"

The famous "Spiegel" editor and writer Matthias Matussek has leveled a sharp critique against Hans Küng and Heiner Geissler.

München ( The famous "Spiegel" editor and writer Matthias Matussek has leveled sharp criticisms against Hans Küng and Heiner Geissler. These are "two old, narcissistic sick men, who are holding out for a better Pope. In any case for an infallible one."

Matussek would like also that the Catholic Church returns to Tradition. Celibacy is the "strongest sign" for the "anti-civil shadow world". The "refusal of coitus" is today clearly the "last mortal sin in our oversexualized society". The author was also critical on the promotion of ordination for women. It is "that much energy is wasted, carrying reform papers into the sanctuary." "The Germans think it is too important", says Matussek, who praises Pope Benedict all the more, who has the "most difficult job which this world has" to give.

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Vatican Speaker Denies Accusations Against Benedict XVI

Hamburg "Spiegel" cited in its Monday edition the supposedly incriminating document in the case of a pedophile clergyman.

Vatican ( Vatican Speaker Federico Lombardi has rejected the allegation, there is a new one, that an incriminating document in the case of a pedophile clergyman from his time as Archbishop of Munich.  There are no new findings in this matter, said Lombardi this Saturday for journalists in Rome.  He admonished a report from the Archdiocese of Munich, and also made his earlier statement on the case of the Munich chaplain from the March of this year.

The German periodical, "Der Spiegel" reported in its edition appearing Monday from a letter of the year of 1980 in which a chaplain moved from the Diocese of Essen to Munich because of child abuse, and then had been shifted in an assignment  as pastor by then Archbishop Joseph Ratzinger. The chaplain had been assigned in this letter and in the parish newsletter, from which it also happens, said that he had a lot of contact in a ministerial capacity with adolescents and children, this is according to information from the earlier Munich community of the clergyman.

The Archdiocese of Munich made it clear that the current Pope had no knowledge of the Essen Chaplain's reassignment to a pastoral role in Munich.  Under Ratzinger's initiative it was agreed upon in 1980,  to restrict the chaplain to a rectory, so that he could receive therapy, disclosed the Archdiocese.  Deviating from this decision the current Vicar General Gerhard Gruber had in any case attached the man to a Munich pastoral care.  In the mean time, the retired Gruber had assumed full responsibility for this decision.

Read the

Monday, March 15, 2010

Germany's 'Spiegel' offers 1 Million Euro Bounty on Pope Benedict


Seems like they're desperate because they want to crown their assault with something more sustainable. You know, it's a cruel irony in all this, though we repeat it often, that the people responsible for the abuse in the first place are themselves, largely of the same political and philosophical bent as the journalists and political low-jobbers craving the power and financial resources of the Church.

It's funny too since 'Spiegel', Germany's 'Time', was founded by a National Socialist.

[] The Goebels-Successors want to celebrate Pope's homosexual violation. The thing does not need to be in tune, the main thing is that it be set forth into the world.

Whoever accuses the Pope of a homosexual violation, 'receives one million euros from the Anti-Catholic German magazine, Spiegel'.

This was reported by German web page '’ yesterday with 'apparently reliable' press circles.

The 'Spiegel' was founded by a former Nazi-Journalist apprentice and Lieutenant in the German Wehrmacht.

The Schmiermagazine will offer multiple former Seminarians and Theology students of the 60s and 70s who studied in Munster and Tubingen, this enormous bounty, "if it nails the Pope as a homosexual child molester."

According to the data of '', the accusation does not have to be correct. It is primarily the concern of 'Spiegel' to set these slanders loose in the world.

The offers are going to make the rounds for two weeks.

'Spiegel' informers are to have thick bundles wagged in front of them.

The German Street Magazine, 'Stern' -- of a former National Socialist journalist based - only offers 50,000 for its Pope slanderers.

The magazine doesn't "have so much money any more" since its pratfall with the falsified Hitler diaries in the early 80s according to ''.

According to the web page, the investigative journalist and political editor of the 'Süddeutschen Zeitung’ Hans Leyendecker (60) "crept incognito into the Vatican as as a boy prostitute and ran into German journalist colleagues there."

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Photo: Dallas Observer