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Monday, July 15, 2013

Critic of Modernist Monastery Banned From Class Reunion

Edit: besides Pat Marker, and the late Tom Roeser, there really have been no serious critics of the Modernist Monastery of Collegeville.  He edits an assiduously documented chronicle of Collegeville's malfeasance with respect to its past deeds and the destruction it continues to wreak as they refuse to acknowledge their misdeeds and pathologically attack those who justifiably expose them.  For all this and despite their interminable and very public dissent from Church teaching and the presence of a very large and dangerous coven of sexual deviants, 23 of whom have been credibly accused (although there are more), Collegeville sails on with generous support from various donors like Tom Petters, Exxon Mobile, UNESCO, Dell Computers, and so on. Even George Bush Sr. wasn't ashamed to appear at St. John's Preparatory, the Abbey's prestigious high school, the receive an award from this same institution.

Part of the reason for Modernist Collegeville's present temperamental outburst must have to do with the fact that Marker has been critical of Father Jerome Tupa, whose pornographic art featuring the use of real gold was recently criticized, along with some credible accusations against Tupa..

We hope some will remember that Tupa testily attacked Marker's work as "calumny" and "being libelous talk" and even attacked the University Newspaper for publishing Marker's words. [Tupa never specifies how Marker's efforts are libelous, but they must not be if the Abbey hasn't taken him to court yet and only resorts to slander.]

Marker was actually invited to his reunion, and was then asked to leave after he had arrived, and was speaking to friends. We're reminded of the strange behavior of other Bishops in the Church.

Here's the story from the St. Cloud Times, where Marker was invited to his High School reunion, but then asked to leave by security subsequently. We think that such pettiness really speaks to the kinds of men who gather at St. John's Abbey.

In defining its core values, St. John’s Preparatory School lists “Community” as its first one — followed by these words: 
Our school is community, providing hospitality and demonstrating citizenship. Life together in this place is built on trust, love, respect and a genuine interest and concern for one another, which includes welcoming, helping, listening, caring and being present to others.” [Words don't mean what they say, clearly, they can't even abide by this mealy 501-C style statement.]
Framed against those words, it’s hard to understand why the school, led by the Order of St. Benedict, decided now to ban a prep school alumnus from all of the order’s property for a year — even if the alumnus is highly critical of how the order has handled clergy sex abuse cases. 
As reported in the Times, Patrick Marker — a member of the school’s Class of 1983 — first was required to leave the prep school’s Class of 1983 reunion on June 29 despite it inviting him to attend. About a week later, on July 8, he received a letter from the order barring him from its property for a year.

Read further...St. Cloud Times...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Things Were More Liberal and Free Then

Back When Leftists Were Open Predators

She was abused in the 70s as a child for pornographic shots.  Now she is demanding damages from her own mother.  The German smut magazine 'Spiegel' is also included in the scandal.
© Marco Bernardini,

(  The French actress Eva Ionesco (47) has sued her mother, the pornographer Irina Ionesco (77).

Irina Ionesco published naked shots of her then eleven year old daughter for the US-smut magazine 'Playboy' and 'Penthouse".

She was between four and twelve years old

Mrs. Ionesco demanded 200,000 euros in damages from a Paris court.

She also asked for the handing over of the naked photos, which had been taken between the ages of four and twelve.

The judgment is expected in mid-Decemenber.

Pedophile Networks

Even the former National Socialist and SS people founded German smut magazine 'Spiegel' printed a pedo-naked photo of Eva Ionesco in May of 1977.

Her attorney maintains that "pedophile netoworks' had a lot of influence then.

The victim was never as a child to her mother, but rather photographed as a "dressed up prostitute".   His client had been robbed of her childhood.

The mother of the attorney countered that by saying that the times then were "more Liberal and uninhibited".