Monday, March 15, 2010

Germany's 'Spiegel' offers 1 Million Euro Bounty on Pope Benedict


Seems like they're desperate because they want to crown their assault with something more sustainable. You know, it's a cruel irony in all this, though we repeat it often, that the people responsible for the abuse in the first place are themselves, largely of the same political and philosophical bent as the journalists and political low-jobbers craving the power and financial resources of the Church.

It's funny too since 'Spiegel', Germany's 'Time', was founded by a National Socialist.

[] The Goebels-Successors want to celebrate Pope's homosexual violation. The thing does not need to be in tune, the main thing is that it be set forth into the world.

Whoever accuses the Pope of a homosexual violation, 'receives one million euros from the Anti-Catholic German magazine, Spiegel'.

This was reported by German web page '’ yesterday with 'apparently reliable' press circles.

The 'Spiegel' was founded by a former Nazi-Journalist apprentice and Lieutenant in the German Wehrmacht.

The Schmiermagazine will offer multiple former Seminarians and Theology students of the 60s and 70s who studied in Munster and Tubingen, this enormous bounty, "if it nails the Pope as a homosexual child molester."

According to the data of '', the accusation does not have to be correct. It is primarily the concern of 'Spiegel' to set these slanders loose in the world.

The offers are going to make the rounds for two weeks.

'Spiegel' informers are to have thick bundles wagged in front of them.

The German Street Magazine, 'Stern' -- of a former National Socialist journalist based - only offers 50,000 for its Pope slanderers.

The magazine doesn't "have so much money any more" since its pratfall with the falsified Hitler diaries in the early 80s according to ''.

According to the web page, the investigative journalist and political editor of the 'Süddeutschen Zeitung’ Hans Leyendecker (60) "crept incognito into the Vatican as as a boy prostitute and ran into German journalist colleagues there."

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Anonymous said...

nope, it's a classical hoax

Anonymous said...

Additionally, isn't a source, it's like using the ku-klux-klan on health care for blacks questions. (extreme right, you'd be ashamed if you and they were called at the same time catholic - and I#m conservative ...)