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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Things Were More Liberal and Free Then

Back When Leftists Were Open Predators

She was abused in the 70s as a child for pornographic shots.  Now she is demanding damages from her own mother.  The German smut magazine 'Spiegel' is also included in the scandal.
© Marco Bernardini,

(  The French actress Eva Ionesco (47) has sued her mother, the pornographer Irina Ionesco (77).

Irina Ionesco published naked shots of her then eleven year old daughter for the US-smut magazine 'Playboy' and 'Penthouse".

She was between four and twelve years old

Mrs. Ionesco demanded 200,000 euros in damages from a Paris court.

She also asked for the handing over of the naked photos, which had been taken between the ages of four and twelve.

The judgment is expected in mid-Decemenber.

Pedophile Networks

Even the former National Socialist and SS people founded German smut magazine 'Spiegel' printed a pedo-naked photo of Eva Ionesco in May of 1977.

Her attorney maintains that "pedophile netoworks' had a lot of influence then.

The victim was never as a child to her mother, but rather photographed as a "dressed up prostitute".   His client had been robbed of her childhood.

The mother of the attorney countered that by saying that the times then were "more Liberal and uninhibited".