Thursday, October 24, 2013

German Bishops Will Pump Almost a Billion Euro into Its Porno and Esoteric Book Store Weltbild

(Augsburg) The Diocese of Augsburg is ordering liquidity support of 15 million euros for the battered Weltbild publishing group in which it holds a 11.7 percent interest. This was decided by the Diocesan Advisory Committee and the Diocesan Tax Committee, on the initiative of Bishop Konrad Zdarsa.

The envisaged contribution of the diocese to "restructuring of the publishing group" is numerially far in excess of Augusburg's shareholder share, they say. But now we hear that the other partners have provided assistance in view as Augsburger Allgemeine has reported.

Prelate Fuchs, Vice-chairman of Weltbild, declared, after previously strong criticism of the German Bishops' porn business became very loud, on 07-15-2012 according to the Tagespost ( see separate report "German Bishop's Porno Business Continues to Hum") that they would continue operating in the business of pornography, especially violent pornography. The disgusting "novel" Shades of Gray - Geiheimes Verlangen is still available in Weltbild and is sold there without age verification.

Text: Linus Schneider Image: screenshot 24.10.2013 12:00 clock Trans: Tancred

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Lynda said...

Lord save us.

Anonymous said...

What can we do? Is there an address we should write to? Why isn't Pope Francis addressing this? Why are German Catholics putting up with it? There must be something we can do to stop this.

Tancred said...

We've been covering this since 2010, and this has been a problem in Germany for years . Meanwhile, good bishops like Teberst Van Elst get run out of town. It's just part of the rank corruption of the German Church. You won't hear about this on EWTN or the Catholic Snooze Network.

Damask Rose said...

Well, I hope Pope Francis will do something about this... If I lived in this diocese why would I be expected to pay my Church tax? I thought that once this scandal had been exposed, that was the end of it...

Tancred said...

Here's how the whole thing has been spun among the various US media voices. They defend the practice of Church-tax, without respect to other opinions on the ground, including Rome, which say a Catholic can opt out of Church-tax for moral reasons.

One German Catholic was not only very unhappy with the services provided by the Church, but wasn't happy with the lack of orthodoxy from his bishop. His mother was mistreated in their elder hostel, for example. Unfortunately, faithful Catholics in Germany are often expected to pay, pray and obey, and the state will impose the tithe, even when the Church's services, personnel and facilities are sub-par from a Catholic point of view, as is the case with Weltbild here. In the US, Catholics can opt out of the collection plate, or give more strategically, but many "Catholic" institutions are funded with government money, either from grants to Catholic Relief Servies, Catholic Charities, or other Diocesan programs involving some aspect of diversity, or from student loans to "Catholic" colleges and universities.

It doesn't matter that these institutions aren't Catholic, or that they fail in terms of honesty or actual Catholicity, as is the case in Switzerland, here.

Here's part of the case of Doctor Hanker:

gtaylor said...

Apart from the very clear apostasy of so many of the German bishops, the Pope, no less has appointed Cardinal Marx to his 8 cardinal advisory body??? You couldn't make it up. Cardinal Marx's arch diocese publishes pornography!
The bishops ( most ) from the 60's generation have lost their faith, but continue to like the dress up and of course the money.
If they had conscience they would have resigned years ago, but alas, like here in Scotland, they are like our - thankfully gone, Cardinal O'Brien