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Thursday, December 6, 2018

The Sweet Life of Cardinal Maradiaga’s Right Hand

Cardinal Maradiga with the now retired auxiliary bishop Pineda. In Honduras, the serious allegations have not been investigated and worked on. An online newspaper calls for a “thorough investigation.”

(Tegucigalpa) In late July, at about the same time as  Cardinal Theodore McCarrick had to renounce his cardinalatial dignity, a suffragan Bishop was also lost. The two cases have many parallels and also a similarity refarding how Rome deals with them. In both cases, the problem could not be eliminated, because the will for real purification seems to be lacking.

In the context of the McCarrick case, the dossier of former Apostolic Nuncio to the US, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, is putting pressure on Pope Francis. The head of the Church  is silent and hopes that things will soon be forgotten in this fast-moving time.

The second case, which concerns the Archdiocese of Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga in Honduras, continues to be a major problem. Like McCarrick, Cardinal Maradiaga is very close to the papal line. In July, Maradiaga's right-hand man, Auxiliary Bishop Juan Jose Pineda Fasquelle, was forced to resign because of sexual abuse and a double homosexual life. However, the matter was handled slightly differently from the McCarrick case. The New York Times even reported about  the now ex-cardinal from the US in the summer. The Pineda case medially could be kept on a smaller flame. Officially, he did not have to resign, but had "at his own request" asked for his resignation in order to turn to "new tasks.”. This was at least the version of the Holy See and the Archdiocese of Tegucigalpa. Instead of investigating Pineda and imposing canonical sanctions on him, the Vatican helped drop everything under the table.

The reason? Pineda is a protégé of Cardinal Maradiaga, who is in turn one of Pope Francis' closest confidants and advisers and, as coordinator, key figure in the C9 Cardinal's Council for Curia Reform and World Church Leadership. Maradiaga, according to Tosatti, has also played a role in important episcopal appointments since the election of Pope Francis, for example (with McCarrick) in the appointment of Blaise Cupich as Archbishop of Chicago and Peña Parra as the new substitute of the Vatican Secretariat of State.

"Big problems" not overcome

The Vatican's Marco Tosatti, about four months after Pineda's "voluntary" resignation, took a look at the situation in the Honduran Archdiocese. His conclusion: the "great problems" in the Diocese of Cardinal Maradiaga and in the whole Church of Honduras have not been overcome.

On the 8th and 16th of November, the "credible" Honduran online newspaper ConfidencialHN published the story of a "key witness" and new documents, Tosatti said.

"They not only confirm many of the allegations against the former, disgraced Auxiliary Bishop of Tegucigalpa, but also provide new details of the case."

Initial reports on Pineda were published outside Honduras by the Italian weekly magazine L'Espresso at the turn of the year 2017/2018 and were directly related to Cardinal Maradiaga. It has been revealed that the cardinal receives $600,000 in extra donations a year from the Catholic University of Honduras, of which he is the Grand Chancellor (see also The Dark Side of Cardinal Maradiaga and "Cardinal Maradiaga, the right hand of Pope Francis  cheated us ").

Pope Francis, however, immediately took his confidant under his protection and indicated that he wanted to cling to him. Since then, his "right hand" in the archdiocese of Tegucigalpa moved more into the glare of the headlights  What was revealed was astonishing.

Allegations against Auxiliary Bishop Pineda

Auxiliary Bishop Pineda was accused of having sexually corrupted and abused seminarians of the central seminary. Forty-eight of a total of 180 Honduran seminarians wrote a letter of protest last June to draw attention to the unsustainable conditions in the seminary. Already in 2016, the former Rector had revoked Pineda’s teaching authority and banned to his house. Cardinal Maradiaga, however, came to the aid of his auxiliary bishop, stopping the Rector and giving Pineda access to the seminary again in 2017.

Bishop Pineda "wasted money on lovers, cars, motorcycles and real estate"

Pineda was also accused of not only hunting for sex objects in the seminary, but also playing a number of homosexual games outside the seminary. With one of them, the Mexican Cravioto, he maintained a homosexual relationship for a long time in the archiepiscopal palace Villa Iris - next door to Cardinal Maradiaga. He does not want to hear any of this and continues to deny the gay double life of his Adlatus (see Maradiaga - the blind cardinal).

Pineda was also accused of loosely handling the archdiocese's finances in order to afford his sexual escapades. When the sex games with Cravioto in the archiepiscopal palace were already causing too much talk, Pineda apparently had rented or bought an apartment in the old town for him. A number of cash flows for the Archdiocese were allegedly poured into the auxiliary accounts of the auxiliary bishop, including government grants, like the National Catholic Register reported in March. Overall, Pineda is said to have appropriated $ 1.3 million of state subsidies granted for charitable purposes. The money was "completely gone" according to the new sources.

The visitation report and an idle pope

The now 57-year-old Pineda headed the Archdiocese during the absence of Cardinal Maradiaga, and he was often absent since becoming cardinal in 2001. In 2005 he was even singled out by certain media as Papabile.

The allegations of moral and financial nature against Pineda led to an apostolic visitation in the spring of 2017. Pope Francis sent a personal confidant, the Argentinean Msgr. Alcides Jorge Pedro Casaretto, emeritus bishop of San Isidro, to Tegucigalpa. He presented his report to the Pope in May 2017. Nevertheless, Cardinal Maradiaga managed to keep his protective hand over Pineda for more than another year. Pope Francis remained inactive. Finally, last July Pineda had to leave his post, but to this day he does not need to fear any legal consequences.

ConfidencialHN relies in its revelations on the statements of a key witness to the Vatican Casaretto investigation. The witness reports that Pineda visited a number of parishes to explain their projects and provide details in order to receive state subsidies. "Some priests obeyed, others did not" because they knew or suspected. The suffragan bishop applied for state subsidies, which were also granted, but did not pass on the money to the parishes.

Homosexual lovers and false priests

The author of ConfidencialHN, David Ellner Romero, also reports on the lover of Bishop Pineda, Erick Cravioto Fajardo, a Mexican layman, whom Pineda misrepresented as a priest, to receive a tax allowance for a car he bought him. It does not seem to have been the only case where Pineda falsely declared a gay lover a priest. Another lover was on Pineda's intervention, the ten-year chaplain of the Honduran police. Meanwhile, there are great doubts as to whether he has ever been ordained a priest.

Pope Francis with Cardinal Maradiaga

Cardinal Maradiaga signed all documents. Ellner Romero spares the cardinal and writes that the documents involving the "plunder of state funds" by Pineda were apparently faked  "so well" that the cardinal could not have seen through the "true intentions" of his auxiliary bishop. Others have considerable doubts about that.

According to ConfidencialHN, Pineda has used the money to "pay for, among other things, sexual favors, to entertain a network of lovers, buy various real estate, cars and motorcycles, and travel abroad with a paid lover." The allegations are listed in detail on the website, as well as the homosexual practices of the bishop.

The witness not only confirms Pineda's homosexual relationship with Cravioto, but also with others. Although everything was done "secretly,” but not so secret that it would have gone unnoticed.

Oscarito and the Valle de Angeles

When Pineda visited parishes, he often took with him a man named Oscarito, whom he introduced as his "assistant". Although three people had to be accommodated, including the driver, he always reserved only two rooms. Pineda slept with Oscarito in the same room.

Pineda, according to the witness, often brought ministrants to the Valle de Angeles, including seminarians who assisted him in the Mass. "In the house there was only one bedroom with a bed and a divan, and he [Pineda] stayed there with two children. The strange thing was: The next morning, when we had breakfast, the divan was unused. That is, he slept with them in bed,” says the testimony found in the Vatican investigation report.

When Pineda parted company with Cravioto, Auxiliary Bishop Oscarito became a lover, while Cravioto lived out homosexuality with a certain Denis who received a full scholarship from the Catholic University of Honduras.

Cravioto and Denis had then split so hard that Pineda had to intervene to prevent things becoming worse. Cravioto then took a certain Darwin as his beloved, who in turn received a full scholarship to the Catholic University.

Ellner estimates that the $ 1.3 million that disappeared meant that someone would not shut up anymore. When the first media reports appeared abroad, the seminarians dared to voice their protest.

Pineda, according to the witness, wrote the names of a dozen priests and lay people who had betrayed him in response to the large mirrors in the Villa Iris with a red pen. This behavior is considered by the witness as an expression of "his delusional state.”

"Thorough investigation" and the special summit in the Vatican

ConfidencialHN cites other serious cases and calls for "a thorough investigation" to "shed light on the crimes committed in the bosom of the Church of Honduras."

In February 2019, Pope Francis convened a special summit on sexual abuse by clerics. In doing so, measures are to be taken to combat the phenomenon. What these should consist of is not known for the time being. It is known that on November 12, Pope Francis prevented the US Bishops' Conference from taking concrete action. The point at issue is how to deal with bishops who are guilty.

The special summit in the Vatican would also have to deal with the Pineda case. At the moment it does not look like it.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: NBQ / ConfidencialHN / (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Pope Francis Throws Ex-Superior General of the Mercedarians out of the Priesthood and the Order

Announcement of the Mercedarian Province of Chile:
Pope Francis Acknowledges Dismissal of the Former
Superior General from the Priesthood and Order
(Rome / Santiago de Chile) On April 20, the Chilean Mercedarian Province published the scarcely noticed news that the most severe Church punishments have been imposed by Pope Francis upon the former Superior General of the Order, Mariano Labarca Araja. The Vatican has not given any opinion on this.

The message of the Order, the silence of the Vatican

The Chilean Mariano Labarca was from 2004-2010 the 86th Superior General of the Order of Our Lady of Mercy for the Ransom of Prisoners (Ordo Beatae Mariae de Mercede redemptionis captivorum) founded in 1218, better known as Mercedarian Order. Since 1574, the General Magister has been elected for six years.
The Chilean Province said:
"Father Pedro MLA (ex-General Superior) was dismissed from the priesthood and the Order by decree of HH Francis, so he is no longer a priest and no longer a religious. This decision, which is irrevocable, has been taken after careful examination of the case brought to light in 2013, because of the serious damage to the priestly dignity and religious vows."

Labarca in "better" times

According to Spanish and Latin sources, the "reported case" appears to have involved sexual abuse. The case started in May 2013. The extent to which Pope Francis himself has been personally interested in the matter or has routinely signed the laicization decree is not known.
It is more astonishing that "there are cases of priests who are broadly and publicly treated and accused, and others, of whom we hear nothing, or just as good as nothing, as is the case here. The Spanish Catholic columnist, Francisco Fernandez de la Cigoña, is an attentive observer of the Church's developments in Latin America.
Mariano Labarca, for six years as a Superior General, led this Order rich in tradition, which included numerous Saints, including the founder and first General Magister Petrus Nolascus, Raimund of Peñafort, Raimund Nonnatus, Petrus Armengol and Seraprion, the first martyr of the Order. All these saints lived in the first 100 years of the Order, which at that time developed a very extraordinary charism.

The Mercedarian Order - For the Ransom of Enslaved Christians

The Holy Founder Petrus Nolascus

The Mother of God had appeared to the Occitan nobility, Petrus Nolascus, in 1218, who asked him to found an order to buy Christians, who were in Islamic captivity. Even then the south of Spain was still under Islamic rule. Until the eighteenth century, Islamic princes, army leaders and pirates sailed all over the Mediterranean and the European coasts. They attacked ships and Europe's coastal areas and, according to recent estimates, carried at least two million Christians as slaves to North Africa and the Middle East.
The Mercedarian Order collected money to buy the enslaved Christians in the south of Iberia, as well as in North Africa, which, because of the great hardship caused by the slaving of the Muslims in Iberia, also a few other Orders. When no money was available, the Mercedarians offered themselves as pledge to obtain the release of other Christians. Their actions were a "triumph of mercy" in the history of the Church.
Because of this original charism, the Order is still active in the prison system.
During the period when the Habsburgs also ruled over Spain, a Mercedarian monastery was established in Vienna, but in 1782 it fell victim to the Josephine sack of the monasteries.

Determined defense by the progressive side

Today, the Order is only a shadow of its former greatness. Today, however, little is known about the names of the great saints from the beginning of the Order. In 2015 it counted 581 members, but in large part this is over aged. The Mercedarian Order is responsible for the most important place of pilgrimage in Sardinia, the Basilica of Our Lady of Bonaria, named after the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires.
While the Labarca case is hardly to be read in the media, the former priest and former Mercedarian, the Basque Xabier Pikaza Ibarrondo, published on the progressive Spanish news site Periodista Digital an unconditional defense of the former Superior General. The contentious, progressive theologian Pikaza was not laicized punitively, but gave up his priesthood and left the Order to marry.
Pikaza criticizes the "zero tolerance" as unchristian. It contradicts the commandment of repentance and reconciliation. Labarca, who until a few years ago played a considerable role in the Church of Chile and was described as a possible bishop, had not been condemned by any secular court. His ecclesiastical condemnation had taken place in the silent chamber. The possibility of defense was doubtful, no one knew with what he was being charged. He, Pikaza, had tried to contact his old religious brother during the proceedings, which was not possible. He had only been informed by the Order that the ex-Superior General should not be in contact with the outside world on the instructions of the Vatican.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Mercedarian Chiles / Wikicommons (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
Link to Katholisches...

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Who Conducted the Sex-Abuse on Children?

The Sexual Ideologue Kinsey

An alleged 26 orgasms were measured during a 24 hour period on a four year old child.  by Dr. Judith A. Reisman
 Alfred Kinsey House in USA
© gemeinfrei, en.wikipedia

( The US American sex ideologue Alfred Kinsey (+1956) found pedophiles in the USA and from abroad to abuse children.

He ordered them to violate infants and children because through this he could allegedly come by a normal "child sexuality".

There was a total of between 317 and 2035 infants and children were victims of Kinsey.

Many of these crimes against children -- oral and anal sex, sexual intercourse and abuse -- was committed on behalf of Kinsey and his research.

"Technically Trained Assistants"?

Kinsey has evaluated them in his tables and diagrams.

"Table 34" on page 181 of his book "Sexual Behavior in the Human Male" contains the allegedly scientific records of "multiple orgasms in adolescents before puberty."

The table contains records of infants at the age of five months, whose "orgasms" were measured by "technically trained assistants" with stop watches.

That is the basis for sexual maturation of children

A four year old child is apparently was measured having an orgasm 26 times.

Till today sexual pedagogues, pedophiles and those sympathizing draw on this supposed data, in order to determine that children have homosexual, heterosexual or bi-sexual inclinations and for that reason requiring "safer-sex" education.

The data is regularly used therefore to "prove" that children are already sexual at the time of birth.

Manipulated Results

Kinsey's team operated behind closed doors.

The subjects of the study were forced to give the desired answers to their sex questions.

That is how three quarters of the research data was secretly suppressed.

Finally he based his findings were based on the manners of the "normal man" on questions with men, of which over 86 percent had abnormal sexual encounters.

Of the men with abnormal sexual encounters belonged 200 sexual psychopaths, 1,400  who had committed sexual crimes and hundreds of criminals, hustlers and promiscuous homosexuals.

Prostitutes instead of normal women

Only a few women were ready to answer the questions of the Kinsey team.

For that reason he graded the subjects all women, who lived longer than a year with one man as "married".

The data about prostitutes and other women of unconventional life were assessed in the data as "normal house wives".

No one asked questions

How was it possible that a dry, scientific tome could become a best seller and neither a scientific reporter nor a scientific researcher questioned where the children came from who participated in the sexual experiments.

In his book on men Kinsey indicted the crying of infants, who still couldn't speak as "orgasms".

In actually they were screams, to writhe from pain, swooning and crying fits.

Who were the child abusers?

Who conducted these sexual experiments on children?  Where were the parents?

In none of the thousand and more national and international book readings was Kinsey questioned about this.

Instead of this, he was described by the homosexual US author Gore Vidal (+2012) as "the most famous man of the century".

Kinsey was the mann who the homosexuals and the pedophile movement has much to thank for their progress.

The author is a Communications Researcher, author and President of the 'Institute for Media Education' in Sacramento in California.  She was the adviser for American Justice, Education and Health authority.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sex Abuse: Medievalism and Secrecy Runs Rampant in Hockey

Edit: it must have something to do with the institutional structure of the religion of Hockey.  Its medieval secrecy, homosexual subculture must have something to do with the way that these children are preyed upon by  homosexuals.

Are we really expected to believe that this problem could be any worse in Hockey than it is in football?  As with Judaism, there really needs to be more government oversight and regulation of these sports teams and religions.
Sheldon Kennedy urged American lawmakers to "empower" anyone who suspects children are being sexually abused to speak up in an impassioned plea to a congressional hearing delving into the Penn State college football scandal.
Pedophiles count on the fact that most people have trouble believing trusted adults in their fields — coaches, teachers, priests — would ever abuse children, Kennedy told a U.S. Senate subcommittee on Tuesday.
"Senators, you need to give all adults working with youth and all parents the tools to recognize and respond to abuse when it first arises," he said in prepared remarks.
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another "Jesuit" Suspended for Abuse

A leading scholar, speaker and onetime advisor to the US bishops, one of the Stateside church's most celebrated liturgists has been "permanently removed from ministry" over a credible allegation dating to the early 1980s.

After word first emerged from Jesuit circles last week, the move against Fr J-Glenn Murray has been announced over recent days in the various apostolates where he's served over 32 years of priesthood. Ordained for the Society's Maryland Province in 1979, Murray served for many years as worship director of the Cleveland diocese, and was most recently assigned to a parish in Washington.

Link to Whispers in the Loggia.

H/t Liam

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Study blames U.S. clergy sex abuse on poor training of priests, upheaval of the 1960s

Editor: The Bishops need to start taking responsibility for what they've failed to do in their training of priests and opening the doors of the Church to modern psychological techniques, moral relativism, Marxism and ultimately, Modernism.  It's a convenient time to point out what happened in California with the IHM Sisters at the hands of practitioners like Doctor Coulson who destroyed the lives of the Nuns there by appealing to their desire for becoming more modern.  They became more modern, alright., here and abstract here. Rather than identifying the problem, doing public penance and making restitution, the Bishops have instead, by and large, attempted to nullify the problem through various meaningless gestures and participate with those outside the Church who want to make this a cause for more, not less, Liberalism entering into the Church.  This Liberalism takes the form of sex education, which was part of the problem in the first place, increasing more lay involvement and pushing for an end to clerical celibacy, priestesses and an electoral process for Bishops.

In fact, this observation about the moral ineptitude of the Bishops and their conferences is not that controversial or original as Catholic Church Conservation notes: Cardinal Baggio in 1977 when Prefect of the Congregation of Bishops, addressed the Circulo di Roma, a group of diplomats and intellectuals based in Rome.

While dressing up his assessment of Bishops' Conferences in a generally positive light, he declared that, « as they were entirely human institutions, they reveal grandeurs and servility, ambiguity and contradictions, such as improvisation and inexperience, empiricism, group mentality when it comes to expressing an opinion, bureaucratic and administrative inertia, a refusal to take responsibility, a loss of energy and time- these defective elements lead one to consider sometimes that the Bishops’ Conferences are a aberration of pluralism »
Considering that sex-abuse is far more likely to occur among Protestants, and Jews, this study reiterates the true source of the problem, which is Liberalism and Modernism, sins upon which modern Judaism and Protestantism are founded.  

Although the victims studied by the researchers were all legally minors, the authors said only a percentage of accused priests - less than 5 percent - could be technically defined as pedophiles.

Associated Press
Updated: 05/17/2011 11:50:26 PM CDT

WASHINGTON - Researchers commissioned by the nation's Roman Catholic bishops to analyze the pattern of clergy sex abuse over decades have concluded that homosexuality, celibacy and an all-male priesthood did not cause the scandal.

The report from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York said about 44 percent of the known abuse cases involved priests who were ordained in the 1940s and 1950s, at a time when seminaries did not properly train them to live a celibate life. These men were not equipped to withstand the social upheaval of the 1960s, which was a time of an increase in sexual deviancy and a spike in crime in society at large, the authors said.

The full report is the last of three studies commissioned by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops as part of child protection reforms adopted in 2002 at the height of the American abuse crisis. Dioceses nationwide have received allegations from more than 15,700 people against about 6,000 clerics since 1950, according to reports John Jay and others compiled for the bishops. The findings are scheduled to be released Wednesday. A person close to the bishops provided a copy to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity since the person was not authorized to release the information.

The debate over what caused the crisis has fallen along ideological lines, with liberals blaming mandatory celibacy or the lack of women in positions of authority. Conservatives pointed to gay priests, since the overwhelming majority of known victims were boys.

The John Jay researchers, however, said that the offenders chose boys mainly because the clergy had greater access to them. [This is the politically correct thing, of course, denying the obvious link to deviant sexual behavior and mental conditions which lead to the abuse.] According to the researchers, abuse cases peaked in the 1970s, then began declining sharply in 1985, following a similar trajectory for the rate of abuse in society at large.

The bishops hoped the results of the study, which were first reported by Religion News Service, would help them better identify potential offenders. The researchers, however, said they found no "psychological characteristics" or "developmental histories" that distinguished guilty priests from clergy who did not molest children.

"No single 'cause' of sexual abuse of minors by Catholic priests is identified as a result of our research," the authors wrote.

Although the victims studied by the researchers were all legally minors, the authors said only a tiny percentage of accused priests - less than 5 percent - could be technically defined as pedophiles. The John Jay researchers define pedophile as an adult with an intense sexual attraction to prepubescent children. However, victim advocates have disputed that classification, since boys ages 10-14 were the largest group of known victims, which could include children who had not yet gone through adolescence.

Critics argue the study cannot be trusted since the raw data was provided by the bishops.

In February, a Philadelphia grand jury alleged that the local archdiocese kept 37 credibly accused clergy in public ministry, despite repeated pledges by the nation's bishops that no offenders would stay on duty. In response, Philadelphia Cardinal Justin Rigali suspended about two dozen clergy and hired a former prosecutor to review the cases. Ana Maria Catanzaro, the head of the Philadelphia review board, which was formed to advise bishops on abuse cases, said last week that the archdiocese had "failed miserably at being open and transparent" and had kept some cases from the board.

"What Philadelphia does is reveal the flaws in the process," said Ann Barrett Doyle of the advocacy group, which is compiling a public database of all records related to the scandal.

The Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests said the study is useless for protecting children because the focus is on priests, not bishops. No bishops have been disciplined by the pope for keeping offenders in ministry without warning parents or police.

Sister Mary Ann Walsh, a spokeswoman for the bishops' conference, said the bishops fully cooperated with the $1.8 million study, which was funded by the bishops, foundations and a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice.

"John Jay was chosen to do the study because of its independence from the church," Walsh said. "John Jay was free to consult whomever they wanted and they did so."

H/t CDL and Stella Borealis. Link to article, here.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Perhaps Bishops Will Get Locked Up?

Editor: one such committee was tried at an Abbey in the United States, and it failed abysmally. The man who founded the thing resigned from it because the Abbey and the people it was designed to over watch stonewalled it, no pun intended. It is impossible in the absence of the mere understating of what Justice is to assume that these people can be trusted to do anything but participate in the auto-destruction of the Catholic Church. Many parts of the Church are so infested by what Archbishop Lefebvre has called, "Spiritual Aids", that we have no right to expect them to recover without Divine assistance, and perhaps even anger.  Here's the call from Belgian lawmakers to "reform" something they couldn't fix even if they knew what the problem was.  It seems mighty odd that men who have been running Europe into the ground since World War II shoud expect to do much for the Catholic Church, but there it is.

The Seal of the Confessional Can be More Flexible.

One consequence of the abuse-hoax promoted by the Bishops lies in that which the-- anyways hardly used -- secret of the confessional is made "more flexible".

( In Belgium a Parliamentary Special committee for sexual abuse will provide a final court of decision in and outside of the Church. This was reported by the Belgian website '' this 31st of March.

The report has 400 pages and contains conclusions and about seventy recommendations.

The Belgian Bishops have already explained that they will bend to the recommendations.

The report proposes that the Church should erect an Arbitration Panel, which will adjudicate possible damages by abuse victims.

Additionally Bishops should -- even if they haven't committed abuse themselves -- be held responsible for the deeds of their subordinate priests.

Additionally, the secret of the Confessional according to the report of '' will be made "more flexible", so that certain cases can be brought to justice.

The obligation to report incidents, which are made known in the confessional, are not, in any case, demanded by the report.

Therefore a committee is to be supplied so that all recommendations are moved into practice.

Read the german

Friday, February 19, 2010

Irish Bishops to Do Severe Public Penance for their Negligence

We suggested this, being especially inspired by the scene where Henry II was whipped by Benedictine Monks after he had St. Thomas Becket murdered, that the Bishops would do well to make public acts of penance, but you don't have to be a genius to see that was where Holy Father was going. St. Thomas Becket himself walked 20 miles to his Cathedral after he was consecrated, in his bare feet. Nothing inspires so much as when you set the example, especially if it costs something to do it, as Holy Father says, "we must follow Christ into the desert."


The Irish bishops will perform an act of penance during Lent, equivalent to putting on 'sackcloth and ashes' to demonstrate their humility and their empathy with victims of clerical child sexual abuse, Cardinal Brady has said.

Speaking after the 24 Irish bishops' meeting with the Pope and flanked by four bishops, Cardinal Seán Brady told the world's media that a victim told him that he wanted the see the bishops humiliated and this is what is happening.

He said that the bishops had discussed penitential acts, such as climbing Croagh Patrick or going to Lough Derg but that whatever they do, it will be the equivalent of ''sackcloth and ashes''.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Archbishop Nienstedt dismisses USCCB Sex-Abuse Study

Archbishop Nienstedt says that he wouldn't put too much credence in the (Soviet?) USCCB 2 Million Dollar Sex-Abuse Study, but one has to wonder about David Clohessy of SNAP who is suggesting that the problem isn't seated in the problem with homosexuals in the first place. Everyone has an agenda, and sometimes it's only as long as the nose.

We were treated to a weird statement, however, from +Sean of Boston who said something about teasing the study. How about admitting that you got rooked and think about getting rid of the people who authorized people essentially hostile to the Church to make the study in the first place? Isn't this a bit like sending seminarians to hostile, atheistic psychologists to weigh the worthiness of their vocations? Why, oh why, won't the Bishops trust the counsels of Tradition in these matters. They worked for the Dominicans of old.

Link to related article...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Priest Criticizes USCCB Study and the USCCB

The Post-Standard
November 19, 2009, 7:10AM
In today's Post-Standard, a Roman Catholic priest criticizes bishops' handling of reported sexual abuse by priests.

To the Editor:
As a Roman Catholic priest in good standing, I find myself in the midst of a great dilemma. Of which should I be more ashamed? The fact that less than 3 per cent of my priest brothers have been credibly accused of the sexual abuse of minors? Or the fact that 97 percent of the nation’s Roman Catholic bishops seem to be in a state of invincible denial?

The assertion that “homosexuality is no factor in abusive priests” (Post-Standard, Associated Press, Nov. 18) is so utterly absurd as to defy rational credibility. Fact: Ninety-five percent of all reported cases of sexual abuse by priests involved the homosexual predation of teenage boys! What was the bishops’ response as this crisis was festering for more than 50 years? Instead of reaching out in a pastorally responsible and sensitive manner to the victims and their parents, they called in their attorneys to protect their assets.

This adversarial relationship that the bishops themselves created exacerbated the problem to the point where it became completely unmanageable. They have destroyed the morale of many good and holy priests and have alienated the faithful to the point where no one now living will ever see the healing of the injuries caused by this unspeakable abuse of power.

Memo to bishops: “Denial” is not the name of a river in Egypt!

Rev. Eric K. Harer

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

USCCB does not find that there is Intelligent Life at Commonweal

The USCCB is still ignoring the problem. In a usual pattern of deception, they seem bent on ignoring reality and their own canon law. By all appearances, they will most likely continue to ordain homosexuals in large numbers despite the danger they pose to the purity of boy chilren.

A preliminary report commissioned by the nation’s Roman Catholic bishops on the roots of the clergy sex-abuse scandal found no evidence that gay priests were more likely than heterosexual clergy to molest children, the study’s lead authors said yesterday.

First their title dishonestly implies that the USCCB states that "Homosexuality is not linked to sex-abuse, rather it's the other way around. Then another journalist steps in and sights a spurious study with some poorly reasoned arguments.

The full $2 million study by researchers at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice won’t be completed until the end of 2010. But the authors said their evidence to date found no data indicating that homosexuality was a predictor of abuse.

It's still amazing that the USCCB spent all that money to tell us that sodomites and criminality were at the heart of the problem.

UPDATE: Longer analysis by David Gibson over at Politics Daily.

“What we are suggesting is that the idea of sexual identity be separated from the problem of sexual abuse,” said Margaret Smith, a researcher from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, which is conducting an independent study of sexual abuse in the priesthood from 1950 up to 2002. “At this point, we do not find a connection between homosexual identity and an increased likelihood of sexual abuse.” [The Soviet Union made all kinds of "scientific" studies like this]

A second researcher, Karen Terry, also cautioned the bishops against making a correlation between homosexuality in the priesthood and the high incidence of abuse by priests against boys rather than girls — a ratio found to be about 80-20. [It's actually more than that]

“It’s important to separate the sexual identity and the behavior,” [But why?] Terry said. “Someone can commit sexual acts that might be of a homosexual nature but not have a homosexual identity.” [This is a false distinction and we don't in any case know what Terry means. Based on her special pleading, I doubt that it's very well defined.] Terry said factors such as greater access to boys is one reason for the skewed ratio. [Not really, priests have more freedom, and less accountability than average workers and can go anywhere they want. Fact of the matter is that they don't go after girls because most of them are homosexuals] Smith also raised the analogy of prison populations where homosexual behavior is common even though the prisoners are not necessarily homosexuals, or cultures where men are rigidly segregated from women until adulthood, and homosexual activity is accepted and then ceases after marriage. [Still reaching for an excuse. She's like he guardian of an alcoholic child who refuses to acknowledge reality.]


When asked by a bishop at Tuesday’s meeting whether homosexuality should be a factor in excluding men from the seminary, Smith responded, “If that exclusion were based on the fact that that person would be more probable than any other candidate to abuse, we do not find that at this time.”

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