Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Perhaps Bishops Will Get Locked Up?

Editor: one such committee was tried at an Abbey in the United States, and it failed abysmally. The man who founded the thing resigned from it because the Abbey and the people it was designed to over watch stonewalled it, no pun intended. It is impossible in the absence of the mere understating of what Justice is to assume that these people can be trusted to do anything but participate in the auto-destruction of the Catholic Church. Many parts of the Church are so infested by what Archbishop Lefebvre has called, "Spiritual Aids", that we have no right to expect them to recover without Divine assistance, and perhaps even anger.  Here's the call from Belgian lawmakers to "reform" something they couldn't fix even if they knew what the problem was.  It seems mighty odd that men who have been running Europe into the ground since World War II shoud expect to do much for the Catholic Church, but there it is.

The Seal of the Confessional Can be More Flexible.

One consequence of the abuse-hoax promoted by the Bishops lies in that which the-- anyways hardly used -- secret of the confessional is made "more flexible".

( In Belgium a Parliamentary Special committee for sexual abuse will provide a final court of decision in and outside of the Church. This was reported by the Belgian website '' this 31st of March.

The report has 400 pages and contains conclusions and about seventy recommendations.

The Belgian Bishops have already explained that they will bend to the recommendations.

The report proposes that the Church should erect an Arbitration Panel, which will adjudicate possible damages by abuse victims.

Additionally Bishops should -- even if they haven't committed abuse themselves -- be held responsible for the deeds of their subordinate priests.

Additionally, the secret of the Confessional according to the report of '' will be made "more flexible", so that certain cases can be brought to justice.

The obligation to report incidents, which are made known in the confessional, are not, in any case, demanded by the report.

Therefore a committee is to be supplied so that all recommendations are moved into practice.

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Maria said...

This is where self-idolatry and a prayerles life leads: a belief that one can re-invent the Sacraments. Unbelievable.