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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Adulterers Marry In Vienna's Minoritenkirche

Edit: no word what the Cardinal thought of this, but he's been trying to smooth the way for those who are divorced and remarried.

Was this Habsburg-comedy Catholic? Or old-Catholic? Or Protestant? Or Orthodox? Or Buddhist? In any case there's a scandal taking place in God's house -- complete with television cameras.

(, Wien) On Saturday in a Franciscan, Minoritenkirche, a Catholic Church in Vienna's Old City, a marriage between two adulterers was organized.

An Honorable Professoress of Theology

The principle actors were adulterer Sandor Habsburg-Lothringen and adulteress Herta Margarete Öfferl.

The comedy appeared for 700 guests.

Mrs. Öfferl is the founder and President of the obscure "Union for the Promotion of Peace".

She has the academic degree of "Professor of Theology honoris causa" from a protestant grouping which calls itself "High Church Austria".

Sandor Habsburg-Lothringen is the organization's Vice President. He is also honored by "High Church Austria".

Flower Pedal of the Buddhists

The concubine appeared in a creme colored wedding dress with a green mantel in the style of a mountain girl.

Upon her dramatic entrance into the Franciscan Church she was accompanied by soldiers of the Austrian Army.

In the church the church rector, Father Wojciech Szczepanski, greeted them as reported in an edition of the "Lower Austrian News".

The former Reichsender Vienna [What ORF was called when it served Hitler] (ORF) participated described the participants of the abomination as members of the Roman Catholic and Greek Catholic Churches. Additionally, there appeared members of the Old Catholic, Protestant and Romanian Orthodox Churches.

Apparently, the Old Catholic cult leader simulated the act of giving the vows.

Both divorced people exchanged rings, putting them on the finger and swearing, "till death".

That was an apparent parody of the vows of their existing marriages.

After the laughable ring-ritual a Buddhist Abbot appeared and strewed flower peddles in the direction of the wedding parody couple.

The holy Franciscan church has been used for almost sixty years by the Italian community in Vienna.