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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Persecution of Christians in Austria: For the Sake of State Security

Persecution of Christians in Austria

A house search against two upstanding clergymen faithful to Rome, allegedly because of offering their opinions on or, was in reality to get insight into their activities and personal back ground. 

Commando Raid Against the Clergy

According to press reports two ordained dignitaries, in Vienna and Upper Austria, are supposed to have been the object of house searches by the security forces.

The State Prosecutor in Feldkirch in Vorarlberg in cooperation with the Federal Office for Protection of the Constitution.

There are "mountains of admissible evidence secured" that have been secured.

Only: Admissible evidence for what? In order to prove that clergy have drunk coffee in a Café? Or even purchased a newspaper?
St. Veit was burned in oil. He refused to offer
sacrifices to the false gods.  Altarbild von Franz Xaver Palko
 (Ausschnitt), Sankt Veit am Vogau [Bild: kreuz-net]

Catholic -- and Not Homosexual

Both dignitaries will be charged, for the honor of strictly rejecting homosexual depravity ("Sins against Nature", see Moral Theology) not only conducted, but from theological grounds --- following the Introduction of the Holy Father Benedict XVI.

This "crime" will be made more severe by the fact that they are supposed to have spread the teachings of the Church on the internet.

Since the -- apparently Christian -- Volkspartei conspiring with the political Left, made homosexuality into the treasured divinities of the Republic by way of a sedition paragraph, aberrosexual activists and haters of the Church, are trying to criminalize Catholics for holding their faith.

Catholic -- and Against the Murder of the Unborn

There is a circumstance which is attached to both clergyman: they weigh -- still in public and with evident success via the internet -- against the liquidation of unborn children.

If one still considers this, which business the abortion advertisers are opposed, that human life is inviolable and protected by (actual) human rights, one understands the outrage behind the interest:

In one single abortion facility in Vienna the abortion Dr. Radauer boasted that in her practice of one branch, she killed a child almost daily: high estimates are 13,000 unborn. 13,000 child murders per 300 Euro add up to 3,900,000 Euro: a "powerful" Republican argument.

Catholic -- and Against Euthanasia

Next noticed there is also for the two Catholic clergymen that the value of human life doesn't boil down to a "break-even-point."

Thus, they reject every form of euthanasia. That makes them even more suspicious.

Clearly "Unteachable"

The "enlightened society" had turned loose their most ravenous hounds -- the Journaille -- on both clergymen: Instead of putting them on the grill, they were brought into public by the most powerful extra-parliamentary entity in the land.

Even with a cue from the National Socialist past on the part of the media Führer Cadres. But the pressure of the media was not effective enough, both clergymen remained -- clearly "unteachable" -- Catholic.

Strong "Tobacco"

If "good" advice doesn't work, "more persuasive" methods must be used.

Perhaps they had once said "Neger" or "Faggot" -- or at least thought it? Or even implied it?

That is some luck, that the original Catholic website "" can be used as an angling point by the media-interested Republicans.

Could the both not simply once have called up this web site? Or sent a report denouncing a clergyman to the Email address Or even mentioned an un-Catholic intrigue by the Vienna Cardinal?

You really have to study -- the best site!

And so it happened that they came: the ladies (?) and gentlemen of security -- the State Security Police and the Anti-Terror Squads.

"Terror" of the Catholic Faithful Needs Anti-Terror

Qualities, "unteachable" Catholics really constitute a danger for the basic values of an "enlightened" society: for abortion and homosexual depravity!

Really that Helps -- the Sedition Paragraph

It actually "grabs" here: both clergymen were charged with expressing "falsity": they had published "possibly" "radical right", "anti-gay" and allegedly anti-Jewish" articles. Even if it isn't right.

With the character assassination words "radical right", "anti-gay" or even "anti-Jewish" the uninvolved , "self acualized" world citizen really accepts that the State Security was being a little "snoopy". Only just a little.

That's to make to order the freedom of speech again: the freedom of Catholic opinions.

The Grist of the Matter

The journalism is a copying and hack job apparatus, has been known for a long time. With blooming flowers like the "Kölner Stadtanzeiger", which entitled an article on the 11th of August 2013: "Searchers have confiscated material from". Usually such flights of fancy are "seen" in court.

This manner of proceeding (not only in the media) is clearly: through the matching up of terms rejected in society with the names of persons or internet platforms to destroy the reputation of both.

As a rule that functions also very well.

As a "collateral effect" one may snoop through the private and business background of the affronted.

And these manner of actions have an instructive effect -- for the other Catholics: Don't adopt any Catholic positions (at least not persistently), otherwise we will come "to visit".

In the service of State Security, naturally.


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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Already 14 Catholic Priests Murdered in 2013

(Rome) In the first seven months of 2013 14 Catholic priests have already been murdered. The recent murder happened in Europe. 2012 was an encouraging downward trend, but the number in 2013 is already well above the previous year. First place of the macabre goes to Colombia with four priests killed. With ten murdered priests, the Americas stand out among the continents. In Colombia, the priests Jose Francisco Velez Echeverri (16 January), Luis Alfredo Suarez Salazar (2 February), Jose Mejia Ancizar Palomino (4 February), Jose Valle Bayona were 7 May) were killed.

In Mexico: Jose Flores Preciado (February 5), Ignacio Alvarez Cortez (22 July) in Venezuela: Jose Ramon Mendoza (17 February) in Canada: Louis Bourgeois, attacked on the 15th of October 2012, died from injuries (14 February) and in Haiti: Richard E. Joyal (25 April) and in Brazil: Elvis Marcelino de Lima (July 13).
In Asia, two priests were killed: In India, KJ Thomas (April 1) and in Syria Francois Murad (June 23). In Africa, the priest Evariste Mushi (February 17) in Tanzania. The recent murder of a Catholic priest happened in Europe. A priest, Giuseppe Peterlin fell victim to robbery and murder in the Marano in the town of Isera in Trentino Italy.

The trail of blood of murdered priests is long 2009: 37 priests; 2010: 15 priests, 18 priests murdered in 2011, 2012 10 priests.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 Image: Prophet's Mystique et
Trans: Tancred

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pope Francis: Criticizes the Closed Religiosity of the Jews

Francis Pearl of the day: the community life isolated on itself for the defense of truth is always constant slander and gossip without tenderness in the sole knowledge of duty. By Armin Schwibach

Rome ( / as) “Look to Christ who has sent us to preach the Gospel to proclaim His name with joy": this call by Pope Francis addressed a group gathered this Saturday on the fourth week of the Easter in the chapel of Vatican Guest House "Domus Sanctae Marthae". The Christians should have no fear of the "joy of the Spirit.” That withdrawal to self would be defeated. At the service, the staff of the Vatican post office and the charitable organization "Santa Marta” participated. "Santa Marta” has supported children of needy families, every nationality and religion in Rome for 90 years.

"It seemed as if this happiness can never be worn down," the Pope said on the text of the reading of the day (Acts 13:44-52) on trust in Christ, the community of the disciples in Antioch, when they had gathered to hear the word of the Lord. Thus, Francis wondered why the community of “withdrawn Jews", "a small group", "good people", such were jealous when they saw the multitudes of Christians, and so began to persecute them.

"Simply because the community had a closed heart, because it was not open to the novelty of the Holy Spirit," said Francis, "They believed that everything had already been said that everything was as they thought that there must be, and therefore they felt themselves to be the defenders of the faith and began to speak against the apostles, to slander them ... "

"The slander ..." exclaimed the pope: "And so they went to address the pious women who had power. They filled their heads with ideas, with things, and urged them to talk to their husbands, which they would proceed against the apostles. This is an attitude of this group and also of all other groups in history, the closed groups: to negotiate with the powerful, solve the problems, but between ourselves' ... Just as those who had done on the morning of the resurrection, when the soldiers had gone, to tell them, 'We have seen the' ... ' Shut up! Go ... '. And with the money they have covered everything.”

Precisely, for the Pope, the attitude of this "closed religiosity" which does not have the freedom to be open to the Lord: “Your community life is in constant defense of the truth - because they believe that defending the truth is always slander, chatter ... Really, they are a community of talkers who talk against it, destroy the others and look inward, always inward as closed off by a wall. The free community, however went ahead with the freedom of God and the Holy Spirit, suffering also under the persecution. And the word of the Lord spread through the whole region.”

Preceding the spreading of the witness is just the property of the congregation of the Lord, "because the good thing is this: it spreads more! The good does not retract into itself. This is a criterion, a criterion for being Church [sic], for our conscience: how are our communities, religious communities, parishes? Are they communities that are open to the Holy Spirit, Who always brings it forward to spread the word of God, or are they closed communities with very specific commandments that are unloaded on the shoulders of the faithful as the Lord had said of the Pharisees?”

The persecution begin "just for religious reasons and because of jealousy." Yet the disciples "were not only full of the joy of the Holy Spirit, they spoke of beauty, they provided a route.”

The closed and confident community, seeking their safety in negotiating with the powerful or the money, “speaks with spiteful words, they insult, they condemn. That's just their attitude. Maybe they forget when they were little the caresses of the mother. Such communities know nothing of tenderness, they know something of the duty how to do something, they know how to lock in an apparent observance of the commandments. As Jesus had told them, 'You are like a grave, like a tomb, white, beautiful, but nothing more.' We think today of the Church, which is so beautiful: this Church continues on. Think! many of the brothers and sisters who are suffering because of this freedom of spirit and are persecuted now in many parts of the world. But these brothers and sisters are fulfilled in the suffering and joy of the Holy Spirit.”

Finally Francis directed them to see Jesus, "He sends us to preach the Gospel with joy to proclaim His name, full of joy." The Pope underlined that you never could have "fear of the joy of the Spirit," a fear that leads to closing in upon itself.

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Edit: surely the Pope is talking about professional celebrities, the self-appointed Saducees and Pharisees who rule the Catholic media in many parts of the West today.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Pope Condemns Calumny: Victims of Persecution by the Sanhedrin Yesterday and Today

Edit: in today’s address, the Holy Father addresses one of the first victims of the Sanhedrin’s persecution of Catholics, St. Stephen, protomartyr and the sin of calumny, as if he could be addressing the false accusations of anti-Semitism. It’s interesting that there are many who wring their hands over these allegations, when a Christian is martyred every five to ten minutes for his faith, where Muslims are baptized in secrecy. Indeed, it’s very hard not to take the Holy Father’s words in any but the most encouraging ways. Here they are from Zenit:

[Zenit]Drawing from the First Reading account of Stephen, the first martyr, being dragged before the Sanhedrin, Pope Francis today strongly condemned the sin of calumny.

At his customary morning Mass in Domus Sanctae Marthae, the Holy Father noted that Stephen was accused of "false witness," and that his enemies chose "the path of calumny.”

Vatican Radio reported on the Holy Father's homily, noting that Francis described calumny as worse than sin and a direct expression of Satan.

"We are all sinners; all of us. We all commit sins. But calumny is something else. It is of course a sin, too, but it is something more. Calumny aims to destroy the work of God, and calumny comes from a very evil thing: it is born of hatred. And hate is the work of Satan. Calumny destroys the work of God in people, in their souls. Calumny uses lies to get ahead. And let us be in no doubt, eh?: Where there is calumny, there is Satan himself," he said.
Link to Zenit…

 It’s persecution like this which not only brings to mind martyrs of the past, the very first martyrs who fell victim to the Sanhedrin, but those martyrs of the recent past:

And it so happens that even the leadership of the Church raises a hand against its own champions, in order to shame them and destroy them if possible in an autolesionistic festering. How obedient and eager to serve Roman Catholic Faithful was back in 1997 when Father Paul Marx was unjustly accused of hating Jews:

We reject in the strongest possible terms any suggestion that HLI is anti-Semitic. The allegations of "bigotry" and "anti-Semitism," made by members of the chancery staff and by the news media against HLI are serious and defamatory.

We are deeply saddened that Archbishop Harry Flynn has reneged on his previous commitment to HLI and to Father Paul Marx to celebrate the opening Mass of our international conference of pro-life leaders.

We hold Archbishop Flynn in highest regard. Even as recently as February 24, 1997, we received a warm letter of welcome from him, which included high praise for Fr. Marx. Therefore, we wholeheartedly believe that his actions today are out of character and that he has been ill-advised and ill-served by members of his staff.

Furthermore, we deplore the manner in which this matter has been handled. Since November, we have repeatedly contacted the chancery to request a meeting between the Archbishop and any one of the members of our Board of Directors, all Catholic priests. These requests were repeatedly denied.

Then, upon receipt of false, inflammatory and defamatory information about HLI, rather than communicate directly with our office, the chancery communicated with us through the media, with a story that appeared in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune on Holy Thursday, casting aspersions on the integrity of Fr. Marx and HLI. This news report went statewide. Continuously, our requests to speak with the Archbishop have been denied.

At the same time however, it is evident that a "dialogue" has been conducted between members of the chancery bureaucracy and groups that oppose HLI and the pro-life cause. It is emphatically clear that such groups have an agenda of their own which has nothing to do with "interfaith cooperation." Has ecumenism come to mean abandoning one's own to the lies and calumny of the pro-abortion opposition?

One only need to examine the past — the HLI 1995 World Conference in Montreal for example — to see the well-orchestrated campaign against HLI, which has as its genesis a 1994 report about HLI by Planned Parenthood.

The charge of anti-Semitism is a smokescreen to hide the real agenda of the Culture of Death that HLI meets at World Conferences: Planned Parenthood, the Fight the Right Coalition, Refuse and Resist, Love and Rage, radical feminists, radical gay activists and anarchists.

The Archbishop has been deceived.


Front Royal, VA — Rabbi Yehuda Levin, Jewish Advisor to Human Life International expressed his extreme dismay at allegations of anti-Semitism made by the American Jewish Congress against HLI Founder and Chairman, Father Paul Marx.

"I've been involved with Father Marx in furthering protection for unborn Jewish babies in Israel and North America for more than ten years. Father Marx is providing seed money to mobilize public support for Jewish pro-life efforts. What kind of Anti-Semite does this?" said Levin.

Rabbi Levin pointed out the close working relationship that Fr. Marx has with other Jewish leaders such as Midge Dector, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Norman Kurland and Dr. Judith Reisman. He also noted that for the past two years Fr. Marx has spearheaded interfaith cooperation with the Jewish community by signing the Judeo Christian Pro-Life Alliance, a document that binds both groups to work on behalf of the unborn of all faiths: Jewish, Christian or Muslim.

"I agree with my Jewish colleague Midge Dector, former contributing editor to Commentary magazine, that 'the charge of anti-Semitism has become, alas, a sinfully cheapened currency, and we feel that it is long since time to put a stop to its...tendentious circulation.'"

"Many secular Jews tend to be overwhelmingly liberal, even supporting abortion on demand. Why else would B'nai Brith or the American Jewish Congress or other such organizations not take a stand on saving the lives of pre-born babies, Jewish or non-Jewish" Levin added.

Rabbi Levin concluded with an invitation to members of the American Jewish Congress to join Human Life International's efforts to protect unborn Jewish babies and support their mothers.

Link to source at Roman Catholic Faithful…

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

“The Faith is Not to Be Negotiated Over” -- Pope Francis and the “Pretension” to Change the World

(Rome) A month after his election to Pope, there is word that Jorge Mario Bergoglio has not yet pronounced the concept religious freedom. Vaticanista Sandro Magister warned about this. Pope Francis did not even use the word, despite the associated expectations, even in his speech on the 22nd of March before the Diplomatic Corps accredited to the Holy See with the envoys from around the world.

Once he talked about it, but without mentioning it by the name of religious freedom, and then on Saturday, the 6th April in his morning, improvised short sermon in the chapel of the Vatican guesthouse Domus Sanctae Martae where he lives.

Pope Francis has still never mentioned Religious Freedom

He did so, but in a very special form. Pope Francis said not a word against the persecutors even against those who are trying to strangle the freedom of the believers in a subtile way.

He took a stand in his brief discussion on the side of the persecuted: “In order to meet a martyr you need not go into the Catacombs and the Colosseum: The martyrs are now living in many countries. Christians are persecuted for their faith, today, in the 21st Century, our church is a Church of martyrs. “

Then he identified with the early Christians, by quoting the words of Peter and John, "We can not but speak of what we have seen and heard" [Acts 4:20).

Church Church of martyrs, they are not negotiating the faith

To them there were no ifs and butts to derive a statement: “The faith is not to be negotiated over.”

He continued: "In the history of God's people, there was always this temptation: omit part of the faith, perhaps not much. But the belief is, as we confess in the Creed. The temptation must be overcome to take a little bit so as do like everyone, not to be so very strict, because right there is a journey that begins and ends in apostasy. In fact, when we begin to cut away a piece of the faith, to negotiate the faith in order to sell it to the highest bidder, we enter the road of apostasy, unfaithfulness to the Lord.”

This is religious freedom for Pope Francis, especially, "have the courage to bear witness to the Risen Lord." An unabridged, public faith. A faith that claims to change society, and thus the world.

The “pretension" to change the world - criticism of theory of laicism of the "neutral" state

“The Pretension" is also the title of the book, published a few days ago the sociologist of religion Luca Diotallevi. Practice it started hard criticism of theories of laicism. Theories that are widely apparent even within the Church, appealing improperly to rely on the Second Vatican Council. It specifically concerns the denial of a direct and inseparable link between the Gospel and the social order, which is justified by an alleged "neutrality" of the state.

Diotallevi poses the paradigm of secularism against the paradigm of religious freedom, as it is typical done in the Anglo-Saxon world, but with a theological basis, based on De Civitate Dei of St. Augustine, and eventually to the New Testament.

Accordingly, the Saeculum between the first and second coming of Christ, an encounter between time and eternity, a conflict between sin and grace. This conflict is also attended by the prince, whether thrones or dominions, of which the New Testament speaks, and those who are considered to be the powers of this world. It's the rebel forces, on the cross and resurrection of Jesus who are to win the final victory. A victory that has not yet found its fulfillment. In Saeculum these powers still fluctuate between the extremes of anarchy and absolute rule, while the Church, as a guardian of victory is constantly trying to keep her away from the one and the other extreme.

Diotallevi and historical theology of Joseph Ratzinger

According to Augustine, the New Testament view of history has developed in our day, especially as developed by Oscar Cullmann and Joseph Ratzinger, the latter also in a theology of history, is quoted by Diotallevi in detail.

The really original part of the book, however, is that in which Diotallevi identifies with the celebration of the Eucharist as the source and summit of this “pretension" of the Christian faith to have a design for the social order. Here too the author is seen in continuity with Benedict XVI..

"The Eucharist is the Church visible. It is the victorious work of God breaking into history and it serves as a vision for the people. It is between the two thieves where the scourged Jesus is crucified, with the centurion who recognizes Him and the earth which trembles,” says Sandro Magister. The educated pagans of the first centuries were not wrong when they spoke of the celebration of the liturgy to describe Christianity.

Books for those interested (so far only in Italian edition):

Luca Diotallevi La pretesa. Quale rapporto tra vangelo ordine e sociale? (Entitlement. Which is the relationship between the gospel and social order?) Rubbettino, Soveria Mannelli, 2013, pp. 140, € 12.00.

These days, a book was published by the Archbishop of Milan, Cardinal Angelo Scola, the relationship between state and religion, which deals also critical of the prevailing model of secularism:

Angelo Scola: Non dimentichiamoci di Dio (God does not let us forget), Rizzoli, Milan, 2013, pp. 112, € 15.00.

From katholisches...

Text: Settimo Cielo / Giuseppe Nardi
 Image: Asianews
Translation: Tancred

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Chinese Patriotic Church and the Heresy of Americanism

Edit: it’s wonderful that others are noticing and pointing out, the similarity between the Chinese Patriotic Church which is hostile to Rome, the US Catholic Bishops and the “phantom heresy” Americanism.  Americanism was called the phantom heresy, because all the Bishops in the United States told the Nuncio they didn’t have any problems with it, with a wink.

 No one should doubt that the institutional hostility to Michael Voris lies primarily with the fact that he points these things out rather than that he is “uncharitable”,  “wears a toupee”,  or is “strident”.  We’ve never seen him strident and we sometimes think he’s too soft on people who’ll never give him credit for it anyway.  Really, it’s just an attempt to discredit one of the few voices in the wilderness calling attention to some serious problems in the modern Church.

It’s kind of like some of the crusaders for niceness attacking Rorate Caeli lately.  They’ve never been anything but cautious and measured.  What they reported about Pope Francis in his Diocese in Buenos Aires, among other things, was 100% true.

Ultimately, this just boils down to the official "Patriotic” Catholics attacking the Catholics who are faithful.  You can also see wedges being driving between faithful Catholics and so-called Traditionalist Catholics too, by the way.