Thursday, August 8, 2013

Already 14 Catholic Priests Murdered in 2013

(Rome) In the first seven months of 2013 14 Catholic priests have already been murdered. The recent murder happened in Europe. 2012 was an encouraging downward trend, but the number in 2013 is already well above the previous year. First place of the macabre goes to Colombia with four priests killed. With ten murdered priests, the Americas stand out among the continents. In Colombia, the priests Jose Francisco Velez Echeverri (16 January), Luis Alfredo Suarez Salazar (2 February), Jose Mejia Ancizar Palomino (4 February), Jose Valle Bayona were 7 May) were killed.

In Mexico: Jose Flores Preciado (February 5), Ignacio Alvarez Cortez (22 July) in Venezuela: Jose Ramon Mendoza (17 February) in Canada: Louis Bourgeois, attacked on the 15th of October 2012, died from injuries (14 February) and in Haiti: Richard E. Joyal (25 April) and in Brazil: Elvis Marcelino de Lima (July 13).
In Asia, two priests were killed: In India, KJ Thomas (April 1) and in Syria Francois Murad (June 23). In Africa, the priest Evariste Mushi (February 17) in Tanzania. The recent murder of a Catholic priest happened in Europe. A priest, Giuseppe Peterlin fell victim to robbery and murder in the Marano in the town of Isera in Trentino Italy.

The trail of blood of murdered priests is long 2009: 37 priests; 2010: 15 priests, 18 priests murdered in 2011, 2012 10 priests.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 Image: Prophet's Mystique et
Trans: Tancred

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