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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cardinal Scola Doubles the Number of Exorcists in the Archdiocese of Milan

(Mailand) "The Devil? He appears rarely in Milan, but sometimes still", writes the the Vaticanist Paolo Rodari about the city of St. Ambrosius and Charles Borromeo.  The number of people, who day for day use the Archdiocesan clergy offices, because they think, that they have been possessed by the devil or concerned about a person close to them, are steadily rising.

The requests are so numerous, that the Archbishop Angelo Cardinal Scola is adding the College of Exorcists in the Archdiocese and doubling their number through new appointments.  In the mean time the largest Diocese in the world doesn't have 6 exorcists, but 12 exorcists.

"As the inquiries show, the desire has doubled also,"  says Msgr. Angelo Mascheroni, Auxiliary Bishop of Milan and the one responsible as Director of College of Exorcists since 1995.  "There are so many questions, that we had to establish a telephone bank as the first point of contact."  This first telephone contact number gives information, offers the initial information and views the incoming questions according to various criteria, above all according to the principle of location, to spare the sufferer from a long journey.

How does the Devil show himself?, asks Rodari.  "I always ask fundamentally, if the affected person had visited sorcerers to whom they may have paid money to before they turned to us.  I also ask if they have been to a specialist, who can sometimes diagnose a psychic problem.  Finally,  it is also concerned with protect the relatives, where sometimes the parents, siblings or children can persist, that the devil is in play.'  The highest mission of the Exorcist is to be attentive and give consolation, where they are most concerned with experiences of broken people, who curse their neighbors.  It is appropriate to treat all with objectivity and to redirect to give these people notably the right view on reality, above all also the security, that the Lord is always greater and more powerful than the Devil.  The truly diabolical appearances are very rare in my experience."

Who turns to an exorcist? "The young and the old, men and women, people of various levels of education from those with the most elementary educations to academics.  Most call relatives near them, for the children and the youth, the parents.  They report that their son or their daughter rebels, and will not go to school any longer, takes drugs.  In the great majority of the cases there is no possession.  It involves natural generational conflicts much more in the development of youth.  It doesn't have to do with the actual calls for help, where the youth and the parents learn correct ways of interacting, in order to master a period of transition common to al.  It is therefore important to ask the seven questions, in order then to help notably, by recognizing real demonic appearances.  Msgr Lorenzo Longoni, a famous Exorcist says, that in his life he's only conducted one real Exorcism."

Text: Giuseppe Nardi


Friday, September 14, 2012

Monsignor Angelo Amodeo, Canon of Milan Cathedral is No More, RIP

Edit: there isn't much we can add but only that it's fitting that he died so close to the birth of the legislation he did so much to bring about.  God grant him rest and pardon.  Let us not fail him in death who did so much as a shepherd of souls and always carried a generous heart and pray for the repose of his immortal soul.  Here's a slightly edited google translation from the wonderful, Messa in Latino:
We have just been informed by telephone that recently fell asleep in the Lord at the age of 80 years, after a period of illness, Monsignor Angelo Amodeo, minor canon of the Chapter of the Cathedral of Milan, was a great lover of Tradition Ambrosian Liturgy and Roman.
He was ordained in 1957 by Cardinal Montini of Milan, and was priest of great humility. He always wanted to come to the aid generously to all those who needed him, in different parts of Italy (Rome to Imperia, from Venice to Meda) to celebrate Mass in the ancient rite of the Church or to play the role of assistant priest. always remember with immense gratitude that Monsignor Amodeo its September 14, 2007, the day he came into force the long-awaited Motu Proprio " Summorum Pontificum "of the reigning Pope, took a long journey to Loreto to play the role of assistant priest at the Pontifical celebrated by Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos in the Basilica (bottom) of the Holy House.
Hurry, expiate his human faults, his soul will be received into heaven to sing with the angels for divine liturgies.
Link to Messa in Latino...

Friday, August 31, 2012

Old Liberal Cardinal Martini Goes to His Judgement

Edit: Eternal rest grant upon him ... 

 Fox news coverage got most of the details. It's not to be liked that Fox insists on perpetuating this false notion that Pope Benedict's hierarchy is highly conservative. They must have a nefarious agenda, no doubt.

[Fox] Italian Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, a rare liberal [sic] within the highly conservative Catholic Church hierarchy who was nevertheless long considered a papal contender in the last conclave, died Friday. He was 85.

Martini, a Jesuit and former archbishop of the important archdiocese of Milan, had been battling Parkinson's disease for several years. His death was announced by the Milan archdiocese, which said his condition had worsened Thursday evening.

Martini frequently voiced openness to divisive issues for the church, such as using condoms to fight HIV/AIDS, priestly celibacy and homosexuality, which, while not at odds with church teaching, nevertheless showed his progressive bent. He was an intellectual and a noted biblical scholar, yet he nevertheless was warm and personable and seemed to connect with his flock like few high-ranking prelates.
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Monday, May 14, 2012

Cardinal Attacks Catholic Philosopher at Academy for Life

Edit: WOW!  He must be really bitter he wasn't appointed to Milan.

Whoever distances themselves from the child holocaust,  is a "fundamentalist" according to the Old Liberal Curial Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi.

(  The Austrian philosopher Joseph Seifert (67) is a noteworthy thinker and a member of the 'Pontifical Academy for Life'.

At the beginning of May he protested in an open letter against the February General Congregation of the 'Academie'.

There were several speakers who were propagating the immoral artificial insemination.  Other praised the early abortion anti-baby pill.

Stridently Anti-Clerical Vocabulary

Cardinal Giancarlo Ravasi -- the President of the Pontifical Council of Culture -- silenced Seifert as if he were a schoolboy.

In the usual tone of anti-clerical slanderers, he denounced the renowned philosopher indirectly as a "fundamentalist".

It is necessary to have a "precise indentity" -- he explained according to reports from US-Website '' on the 11th of May.

It was then he proceeded to say the opposite:  "This identity is serius and well founded, not simply fundamentalist."

The Fear of the Old Liberals

The Cardinal defended against the opinion of critics, that the Academy should give no forum to the enemies of humanityh.

He supported them with a "fear for dialog".

This stems from the fact that a person can not be in the situation to defend and justify his own principles:  "For that reason he will not listen to others".

The Vatican Doesn't Need Any More Enemies of the Church

There was no understanding of the scandalous statements that the Cardinal had for Belgian moral theologian, Prelate Michel Schooyans.   He is in any case, a member of the Academy.

Speakers in the Vatican were invited to have an opportunity to spea against Catholic teaching, "to refute the respective Church teaching on human life."

"When one begins compromising at the Vatican, then a process is initiated which confuses public opinion.

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Jesuit Cardinal Defends Homosexual Partnerships

Edit: Some will notice a certain similarity to statements by Cardinal Schoenborn and who defended it using the same argument.  Cardinal Martini just spells things about more explicitly in his new book.  Here's an interesting citation from the Jimmy Akin blog:

Cardinal Schönborn, who like his mentor Pope Benedict is a model of openness and transparency, invited the editors of Austria’s dozen or so major newspapers to a meeting at his residence in Vienna. How many bishops can you name who have extended such an invitation to the press? 

Italian Cardinal Martini breaks a lance for homosexual partnerships.

Rome (  The Italian Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini has spoken out for homosexual partnerships.  Against fleeting contacts it is "not bad, when two people have a certain amount of stability in relationships",   wrote the previous Archbishop of Milan in a book, from the newspaper, "L'Espresso" published in the Friday edition.  "I do not share the position of people in the Church, who agitate themselves about civil partnerships",  confessed the 85 year old Cardinal.

If homsexuals are living in a stable relationship, the state could guide this, Martini thinks.  Surely, the traditional family must be defended because it supports society.  "If, however, people of different or the same sex would like to sign a contract, to give their relationship a certain stability, why should we be unyieldingly against it?", asks Martini, one of the most visible churchmen and theologians in Italy, in the volume >>Credere e conoscere<< (Faith and Understanding).

Moral teaching firmly holds "for good reasons",  that God wanted the difference between  man and woman.  Some people have decided themselves in honest conviction, because of their previous experiences and habits, from psychological reasons and "possibly also from an inborn inclination" to live in a same sex partnership.  This ought "neither be demonized nor outlawed".  A durable and true friendship between two people of the same sex have in their view a value, even if as a sexual relationship it can not be raised as a model of life as the family can.

Martini expressed the understanding, "not unanimous agreement", for street parades of homosexuals.    In that their necessity for self-expression is apparent, even if this appears "excessively provocative".    As far as the use of condoms the Cardinal said, this could be viewed "in certain situations as a lesser evil".  Other morally acceptable means such as abstinence should not be therefore moved into the background.

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Of course he's a Zionist

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Italian Media in Frenzy About "Plot Against Pope"

Edit: Rorate Caeli has reported a feeding frenzy in the Italian press over speculation that there is a plot against the Holy Father.  (from Corriere della Sera):

Milan - "Vatican, plots and intrigues. A plot against the Pope, he will die in the next 12 months" This is the title in the first page of Il Fatto Quotidiano in its February 10 edition. Written in German - The news would have been given in a letter handed by Cardinal Castrillon to Benedict XVI. Included in the note, a report of a conversation [in a trip to China in November 2011] of the Archbishop of Palermo, [Cardinal] Romeo, in which he affirms that the Holy Father is in great risk and that an attack is feared within 12 months. The document is dated from December 30 2011, but it was given to the pope in January 2012. ... Romeo would have also spoken of the probable successor and indicated [Cardinal] Scola, Archbishop of Milan. The author of the article is journalist Marco Lillo. The director of Il Fatto Quotidiano, Antonio Padellaro, has said that the document will be published in its entirety in the paper. ... Soon afterwards, the reply of the Vatican arrived through Father Federico Lombardi, spokesman of the Holy See: "These are clearly ravings, which are not at all taken seriously. This is madness."

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fear and Trembling Before His New Office: +Scola Kicked out of Milan Seminary

Cardinal Angelo Scola was dismissed as a student of the Milan Seminary. Now he returns as an Archbishop to his home Diocese.

( The new Archbishop of MIlan, Angelo Cardinal Scola (69, is experiencing "fear and trembling" in the face of his new assignment.

This was according to the Director of the Venetian Caritas, Msgr Dino Pistolato yesterday for the Milan newspaper 'Il Giornale'.

A Dismissed Seminarian

Msgr Pistolato believes that the arrival of Cardinal Scola in Milan will also awaken resistance in the Old Liberal Diocesan leadership.

These forced the present Cardinal to move to another Diocese when he was a young Seminarian.

The Clergyman recalled the Old Liberal Archbishop of Milan, Giovanni Cardinal Colombo († 1992).

This one refused in the late sixties to ordain the young Angelo Scola to the priesthood because he was earlier a member of the Catholic student group, 'Communion and Liberation'.

Today's Cardinal was thrown out of the Seminary.

He withdrew to the southern Italian Diocese of Teramo, where in July 1970, he was ordained a priest.

"You will never come to Milan"

Cardinal Scola was already discussed as a candidate for the Milan Archdiocese in the year of 2002.

Actually, the decisive Old Liberal Milanese Archbishop Carlo Maria Cardinal Martini was categorically against this appointment.

"You will never come to Milan" -- he is said to have told the former Patriarch of Venice.

The Archdiocese of Milan has been in the hands of the Old Liberals for decades.

Resistance in Milan

The neo-Conservative Cardinal sounds correspondingly meek in his first speech to the faithful of Milan:

"I need you all, your help, but above all your sympathy" -- he grimaced.

Msgr Pistolato commented that Cardinal Scola in Milan -- differently than in the relatively small Archdiocese of Venice -- will be dependent upon an enormous apparatus as Archbishop of Milan:

"In Milan even the best Archbishops can't govern alone --- there are three thousand priests alone."

Msgr Pistolato believes that the Cardinal undertook nothing to be named to Milan: "He hoped that the Pope would choose someone else."

But finally he accepted the Pope's decision obediently.

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Here's another assessment of +Scola from Lispers in the Loggia.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's Scola for Milan

Editor: Although reluctant, this Cardinal is going to Milan, the world's largest Catholic Diocese.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Milan Gets New Archbishop -- Cathedra of St. Ambrose

Editor: There will be no decision till the end of June, probably.  This was originally predicted from a report by 'Il Giorno' at  The favorite candidate might be refusing this honor, but the Holy Father may want him in this position very badly. At least the favorite is a friend of Tradition.

(Mailand)For more than a year the naming of the expected Archbishop of Milan has been expected.  This holds not only for Italy, but throughout the world.  The Archbishopric of Milan is the largest Diocese in the World.  The Cathedra which was that of the Church Father St. Ambrose, has brought several Popes in the Twentieth Century.  Because of the Ambrosian Rite, still in use in the north Italian metropolis, it gives the Archdiocese a special position in the Church.

Angelo Scola, Patriarch of Venice is the Favorite

The serving Archbishop Dionigi Cardinal Tettamanzi since 2002, has already passed the age limit two years ago.  Pope Benedict XVI has asked the Cardinal to remain in office.  Since then, the successor carousel has turned.  At the same time two Cardinals are held as favorites for the prestigious See: Cardinal Angelo Scola,  born 1941, the Patriarch of Venice with a very strong relationship with Pope Benedict XVI.  Scola is closely associated with the society of Communion and Liberation (CL) founded by Father Giussiani. He immediately put the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum in effect by establishing it at a church near the Grand Canal, which was entrusted to the Society of St. Peter.  In the past year the Cardinal celebrated Holy Mass in the Old Rite himself during his visit to the church.

Cardinal Gianfraco Ravasi, born 1942.  He's been an Exegete since 2007 of the Papal Council of Rites and since 2010 a Cardinal, and was himself brought into play as successor in Milan.  Both come from Lombardy and the names of both were part of a fiver-proposal sent to the Nuncio for Italy this Spring and submitted to the Holy See.

What is remaining are three names proposed.  One such is included by the Pope with the same or other names.  He can select from them, but also may chose not to.  In the proposal of three, which is only presented to the Congregation of Bishops, is missing Cardinal Ravasi.  Although in Milan the Corriere della Sera is last but not least, advocated for Msgr Ravasi, his naming is becoming more increasingly unlikely, the more it becomes evident that the Pope does not seem to show himself ready to build a balanced Roman curia.

The Diocese of Several Popes

 The Episcopal Congregation has put forth the names of three qualified candidates: in the first place is Cardinal Angelo Scola, Patriarch of Vencice, follwed by Msgr Francesco Lambiasi, Bishop of Rimni and Msgr Aldo Giordano, standing observer of the Holy See in the Council of Europe.  On Thursday 9 June the Congregation of Bishops will evaluate the three remaining proposed three and make a recommendation to the Pope.

Msgr Giuseppe Bertello, the Apostolic Nuncio for Italy directed three different interviews, with which he received the opinions of Bishops, Priests and Laity from Milan and Lombardy.  At the last inquiry in the past weeks were effecting the aforementioned fiver proposal, which included Cardinal Ravasi and Msgr Pietro Parolin, Apostolic Nuncio for Venezuela.  The last mentioned appear in any case, will not appear in the three proposed which the Congregation will evaluate.

According to canon law there is nothing that says the Pope is bound in his decision.  Even the Congregation can propose other names to the Pope. Recently in the last days there were even new members named to the Congregation, which might set a different accent. These are Cardinal Mauro Piacenza and the emeritus Bishop Lorenzo Chiarinelli.

Cardinal Scola is therefore the favorite for the Diocese of St. Ambrose. Before his appointment the Patriarchate of Venice he was Bishop of Grosseto, Rector of the Lateran University and the former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger's valued collaborator in the Congregation for Doctrine and the Faith.

Bishop Lambiasi has been the spiritual assistant of Catholic Action Italy.  Msgr Giordano, who is still not a Bishop, belongs to the Papal Diplomatic Staff.  he has already been on a three list last year for the Archdiocese of Turin.  At that time the Pope decided finally for the Bishop of Vicenza Msgr Cesare Nosiglia.

We won't know Till the End of June Who +Tettamanzi's Successor Will be

This is the first time in a century that the naming of a new Archdiocese of MIlan, one of the most important Diocese of the world, has gone according to orderly election process in place for most of the other Diocese. At the last a naming  will always happen  directly through the Pope without the intercession of the Congregation of Bishops and their procedures.

On the 9th of June the last evaluation of the candidates will take place.  A few days later Cardinal Marc Ouellet, the Prefect of the Congregation of Bishops, will submit a recommendation to  Pope Benedict XVI.  The name of the new Archbishop of Milan will be be made foreseeably known at the end of the month.

(Sacri Palazzi/Giuseppe Nardi, Bild: Sacri Palazzi)

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Patriarch of Venice is in the Running for the Diocese of Milan

Naturally all questions fall under the seal of papal secrecy. In other words: everyone knows everything.

( Patriarch of Venice, Angelo Cardinal Scola (69) and the prefect of the pointless Pontifical Council for Culture, Gianfranco Cardinal Ravasi (68)are the front leading candidates for the Archdiocese of Milan.

The Milan paper 'Il Giorno' reported this on Saturday.

With 4.9 Million Catholics Milan is one of the largest Diocese in the world.

The current office holder, Dionigi Cardinal Tettamannzi is 77 years old now.

As of March 2009 his age of retirement arrived, and Benedict XVI lengthened his mandate for two more years.

But 'Il Giorno' points out that the appointment of his successor is imminent.

In the beginning of March the Nuncio of Italy sent a letter to all Diocesan Bishops of Lombardy, Auxiliary Bishops of Milan, the Presidents of the regional Bishops Conferences and all Italian Cardinals and even lay representatives of the nation.

Among the lay representatives are members of the left leaning 'Catholic Action' and the neo-Conservative movement 'Communion and Liberation'.

They were all asked to recommend candidates for Milan.

From the applied names the Nuncio produced a list of three which was put to the Vatican Congregation of Bishops.

The prefect of the Bishops Congregation, Marc Cardinal Ouellet, compiled a definitive list of three which is sent to the Pope.

Then finally he makes a decision completely independently.

Actually the consultation till now has proceeded under the so-called "papal secret".

But that doesn't mean anything.

Because 'Il Gioarnno' knows the names which are on the list of three: Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, Cardinal Angelo Scola and Bishop Gianni Ambrosio (67) of Piacenza-Bobbio.

Cardinal ravasi and Cardinal Scola were ordained in Milan as priests.

Original, translated from

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Correction: Old Mass Behind Closed Doors

In relation to a story we'd translated yesterday from where Father Jean-Pierre was not permitted to say the Immemorial Mass of All Ages publicly in Milan, Father was good enough to correct us about the situation, and we're reprinting it here too:

Two corrections : I am not THE secretary of Archbishop Leonard, but only one of the collaborators to his secretariate. Secondly, it was not in Milan's Cathedral, but in Seregno, 60 km from Milan, after a lecture on Blessed Cardinal Newman.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Old Mass Only Behind Closed Doors: Milan

Italy [] Recently Father Jean-Pierre Herman - the Secretary of Archbishop André-Joseph Léonard of Brussels -- wanted to celebrate the Immemorial Mass in Milan's Cathedral.  This is according to the website 'BLOG'.  Father Herman was there for a meeting about Bl. John Henry Cardinal Newman and the Liturgy in Milan.  For starters he was forbidden to celebrate the Old Mass in the Cathedral.  Then he contacted the Papal Commission 'Ecclesia Dei'.  They intervened and concluded that the priest could celebrate the Mass behind closed doors within Cathedral with only one altar boy.

Editor: This is +Tettamanzi's watch.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ambrosian Rite. Cardinal Biffi's Ax Falls on New Lectionary


It has come into use in Milan with the approval of the Vatican. But the archbishop emeritus of Bologna, Milanese and a leading expert on Saint Ambrose, has found it to be full of eccentricities and errors. He wants Rome to reexamine it from the top

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Berlusconi gets Smacked with Model of Cathedral

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi of Italy is recovering in hospital after an assault left his face covered in blood following a rally in Milan.

He suffered two broken teeth, a minor nose fracture and cuts to his lip after being struck by a man wielding a souvenir model of the city's cathedral.

Mr Berlusconi, 73, tried to assure supporters afterwards he was OK.

The alleged attacker, who has a history of mental illness, has been charged with throwing the souvenir.

Alleged attacker Massimo Tartaglia was detained at the scene
Massimo Tartaglia, 42, had no previous criminal record, police were quoted as saying.

After the attack on Sunday evening the prime minister, looking dazed, was helped to his feet by aides and put in a car. He got out and tried to climb on the car to show he was all right, before being driven away.

It was a typical show of defiance by a political fighter, says the BBC's Duncan Kennedy in Rome.

Mr Berlusconi insisted he was well at the hospital.

'Metal or plaster'

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