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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Holy Father Abdicates His Office Amid Tremendous Pressures and Threats to His Life

Edit: last year on February 10th, the Telegraph reported a prediction that Pope Benedict would be assassinated in the following year at some point. It is in the back ground of such a threat that the present resignation seems to play itself out, and indeed there was at least one attempted attack against the Holy Father's person in Lebanon last year. At present, there are discussings about a theological and geopolitical struggle going on not only related to positions of power, but the Vatican Bank and the old P-2 conspiracy related to the CIA.

Of course, there is the assertion that the paper tiger of the sex-abuse crisis and an underground sexual cabal and Satanists, according to Father Amorth, and a Polish Priest researcher on deviant personalities, Father Oko,  who says that the Holy Father is "waging a tireless war against evil".

The Setting

An urgent message was handed to the Holy Father from the Archbishop of Palermo Paolo Cardinal Romeo, whose indiscrete comments during a trip to China were passed on to Dario Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos of Colombia.

Fuel to the fire has been added by additional speculation from a German Journalist at Compact that there the Holy Father was indeed being threatened implicating the Central Intelligence Agency.

It was last year during the Pope's visit that he was threatened in Lebanon by an attempted terror attack thwarted by Anti-Terrorist Units and what seems to be a tip off from Hezbollah.

The German COMPACT magazine reports extensively about the murderous threat against the Holy Father

The completely surprising resignation of Pope Benedict is an unparalleled proceeding. In the history of Christendom there has only been one similar case in the last 2,000 years. In the back ground there is an internal power struggle in the Vatican, which is not only theological, but of a geopolitical nature: Ratzinger fought against CIA-insiders with concealed accounts in the Vatican bank, which had whacked his predecessor. COMPACT reports in an interview.

Jurgen Elsasser, born 1957, worked through the 90s primarily for the left media like Junge Welt, Konkret, Freitag, Neues Deutschland. Since there the climate of opinion became increasingly more restrictive, he went on his own way. Today he is the Chief Editor of COMPACT magazine.

The following in German, for now:

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Melkite Archbishop Injured in Attack

Erzbischof Jean Clément Jeanbart
© Pressefoto
On Thursday, a Catholic Archbishop was injured in an attack in north Syria.

(  Archbishop Jean Clément Jeanbart (69) of Aleppo was wounded in an attack on Thursday.

This was reported by the site '' on Thursday.

Particulars are not presently known.

His Residence Was Plundered in August

The crime was perpetrated by imported jihadists, who are supported by Western regimes.

Msgr. Jeanbart belongs to the Melkite Catholic Church.   These are Byzantine Catholics who speak Arabic.
Already in August the residence was plundered by Islamic terrorists.

Aleppo is a 1.7 million population city in outer northwestern Syria.  It is located 150 km from the Turkish border.

Approximately 15 to 20 percent of the population is Christian.

Assad is increasingly popular

A collaboration between Saudi and Turkish secret services in the attack is not ruled out.

The US CIA, British MI-6 as well as the German 'Bundnachrichtendienst' deliver weapons and communications equipment to the terrorists.

In the course of the battle Assad is considered even more popular and heroic with the general population, regardless of religion, as he ever was.

He can depend on the help of Russia, Lebanon, Cyprus, China, India as well as Shi'ite Iran.

He Warns the USA

The Western Jihadis are leading a brutal campaign against the minorities -- especially against Christians.

Their most serious enemies are the various Bishops, who call for peace, or the various Sunni Imams, who call for dialog with the government of the Alawite President Baschar al-Assad (47).

As the US imputed that his country had weapons of mass destruction and so that they could support Iraq in 2003, Archbishop Jeanbart explained:

"That the USA has designs is very possible, and we must prepare ourselves, because they spread disinformation."

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