Monday, December 5, 2016

Upcoming Green Politician's Interjection Reveals the Strong Influence of Pedophiles on Her Party

[Welt N24] The sanitation of pedophile tendencies among the Greens seemed to be complete. But a new investigation brings Renate Künast into difficulties. It is about a debate in 1986 - and an interjection.

The paragraph that could still be dangerous for Renate Künast, only appears on page 74. It involves a report that made the headlines this weekend involving the horrific acts with which the "Commission for the Investigation of the Involvement of the Berlin Regional Association of Alliance 90/The Greens with pedophilia and sexual violence against children."

Especially in the 1980s, Pederasts had seized whole working groups of the eco-party and from there tried politically to enforce their impure desires for sex with children. The pedophiles in the alternative protest district of Kreuzberg were particularly bad. It remained a focal point for sexual predators till the arrest of a Green Party member at the beginning of the 90s. "We see this looking the other way as an institutional failure," admitted Green Party President Bettina Jarasch now, apologizing more than 20 years later. The party was "blind to the victims of sexual abuse".

But the chapter is not finished yet. Because in the confusion there are not just references to Green perpetrators. The report also provides an insight into a culture, which had penetrated not only into radical minorities, but into the mainstream of the Green Party, especially in the 1980s. Sex with children was regarded as acceptable in the Green ideological world for as long as it was "consensual and nonviolent."

Green work child abuse

The Berlin Greens are trying to deal with pedophilia in their ranks. A report concludes that abuse was part of its program as well.

Source: N24 At least, a protocol was heard during a meeting of the Berlin House of Representatives in 1986. In this state parliament Renate Künast was a deputy. She later rose to the chair of the faction, even to the Federal Minister of the Interior and from Bundesminister to candidate for mayor. On May 29, 1986, this had not yet come to pass, Künast already a Green spokesman, was known for her snotty interjections.

While a Green MEP was addressing domestic violence, a CDU [Christian Democratic Union] deputy asked the questioner about the decision of the Greens in North Rhine-Westphalia, to abolish the punishment for sexual acts against children. But instead of the speaker, who should have spoken according to the protocol, it was Renate Künast who interrupted: "Come on, if there is no violence in play!" Does not that sound like sex with children is ok as long as there is no violence?

It was a misunderstanding, says Künast. In the debate, it was not about sex, but about violence to children. She had only wanted to point out that the CDU accusation was way off base. However, she views that former discourse critically today - and her role in it: "We discussed the abolition of criminal laws involving sex with children in terms of a law theory. Too late did we start to realize that there are people who are absolutely in need of protection, about whom this debate is impossible."

Künast finds it difficult to look back

In fact, the proposals for an extremely broad decriminalization in the justice system, was well suited for the campaign by pedophiles to legalize sex with children. "I have never voted to legalize so-called consensual sexuality between children and adults," stresses Künast.

On her role in the Green milieu, she still looks contrite: "Today, I object to not having been part of the Kreuzberg women who were very active in the end of this debate. But I was not on the other side either. I did not know the "Falkensteiner Keller" in Kreuzberg. "In this torture chamber, disguised as a juvenile institution, two Green pedophile party members had sexually abused children for years."


STEPHAN KLECHA, Social Scientist

Stephan Klecha, a social scientist and formerly employed by the Göttingen Institute for Democratic Research, also considers Künast's role critically. Along with the political scientist, Franz Walter, he has researched for over a year on behalf of the Green Party, the paedophilic tendencies in the establishment phase of the Green party .

"Mrs. Künast, with her interjection, indicated the overall acceptance of the Green Party in the mid-1980s. The position of keeping consensual sexual relationships between adults and children possible for a long time was a kind of endorsement," says Klecha. What was astonishing was, above all, the timing of Küntast's remark in Parliament.

A strange time for her interjection

For in May 1986, according to Klecha's research, the Greens had no "prospects for majorities" for consensual on sexual relations between adults and children. After a catastrophic election in the provincial elections, the state association in North-Rhine-Westphalia had also withdrawn from the child-sex proposals. The actual protagonists of the debate, Klecha said, "were also hesitantly pushed out of the party at this time."

Bettina Jarasch, today's Berlin President, considers the interruption to be almost exact to the Green discourse going on then in which perpetrators understood themselves: "Renate Künast, like almost the entire Green Party at that time had made the fatal distinction between consensual sexuality with children and sexuality with children in which violence played a role. This distinction seemed like a sedative, and prevented us from questioning our positions." Trans: Tancred: AMDG


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Who...US ???

Kathleen1031 said...

It is almost impossible to simply discuss this issue, so vile is this behavior it is actually almost physically nauseating to contemplate, and one reflexively wishes to try not to allow the mind to contemplate it. That we are even discussing it at all is a sign we are indeed a very sick world, perhaps irredeemable.
Not much dialogue to have on this topic, except to say that whoever proposes such evil, despicable actions should be dealt with harshly, shouted down, thrown out forcibly, at the very least of it. This crime against nature, this evil offense, cannot be overstated. The damage it inflicts on innocent children, the corruption of their innocence, is an act so devious, so grave.
We must all be ready and determined when these predatory monsters start to peddle their sickness, asking for civilized society to "stop stigmatizing those who are 'minor attracted'". This euphemism is unacceptable, people who have this particular disorder are not fit for human society. They are sick individuals who must be penned up so that they cannot inflict their disease on any child. God help us all if we do not do everything in our power at all times and everywhere to protect children.

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Pizzagate is not "fake news" look into the story.
No one is saying that everything on the internet about the story is true.
With that said,there is an overwhelming amount of bizarre evidence to pizzagate.
The mainstream media is trying hard to cover their tracks for their supervisors and simultaneously using the "fake news" angle for internet censorship.