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Monday, January 18, 2016

Schönborn's Leftist Wormtongue, Fr. Paul Zulehner, Recommends Self-Censoring of the Hemorrhaging in Church Membership

Cardinal Schönborn Effect: Between 2002 and 2015 approximately 220,000 Catholics have left the Conciliar Church  [graphic: Kreuz-net]

The wave of departures continue unabated

The Schönborn-Church with its devotion to the political left deals mainly  with the business of Muslim immigration. Repulsive example is the convert and Caritas CEO Fr. Michael Landau, who was implanted by  Fr. Helmut Schüller into the troupe of Schönborn apparatchiks.
In return, the Conciliar Church under Schönborn has massively neglected  taking care of the Catholics, rather he's offended them by his political agitation (for example, in the period just before the local elections in Vienna, holding a press photo-op with the socialist mayor of Vienna Michael Häupl).

Mass Departures Under Schönborn 

Since Schönborn took over the Vienna Archdiocese, approximately 300,000 Catholics from the church-tax church have departed: in 2015 there were, according to official Church statistics (presented on 12 January 2016) 16,103 people leaving, in 2014 15,897 Catholics have turned their backs on Schönborn, while in the previous year (2013) it was 15,889.
The house sycophants of Kathpress have downplayed that with the strengthening wave of continued exits, "the number of Catholics in Austria [had] remained broadly stable" - "only" 56,365 departures?

The Nazi Church-tax Revenues Are Still Rising

In 2015 the Church had revenues from the church-tax in the amount of 435 million EUR,  8 million EUR more than the year before. As long as the money (the Church-tax) is in order  then the Church-tax apparatchiks are satisfied. Even in Vienna the revenues from the Church tax have risen despite the loss 1.2 million euros because of departures.

Proselytizing the nadir

The factor that is  primarily  responsible for the defections, is the current Church policy of conciliar emasculation which also leads to a decline of proselytizing.
The protestations of Schönborn's spokesman Michael Prüller, that a focal point in Vienna must be missionary, are empty words: The re-entry numbers are negligible, as are activities also. In addition, the Conciliar Church has no missionary efforts among the heretics. [At least not in Austria]
In fact, the missionary must begin with the Vienna clergy and church officials: A replacement of at least half of the functionaries would be necessary,  in Schönborn's immediate circle, a complete overhaul would be a perfect asset for the Church.

Schönborn's leftist wormtongues and
the instructions for self-delusion

Of particular usefulness is the statement by the religion sociologist Paul Zulehner (one those mainly responsible  for departures), one should expect the numbers leaving to be small. His "very pragmatic Tip", which he has given to the left at Cologne Domradio in July 2015:
  • "We now figure we are 100 percent different from when we came from a time when religion was fate. In the future, we should rather turn the tables and say we expect from zero percent up, and could then say, oh, it's interesting, in many European countries so many people are very committed Christians. It's almost a miracle that people dial in to the freedom of the gospel. We need to 'benchmark,' as it were,  change, and  not from the top down but from the bottom up. Then we would also stop this whining about the departures. "

"Underground Catholics"

Already in 2009, Erich Leitenberger, the former spokesman of the Archdiocese of Vienna, tried to gloss over the numbers of departures by pointing out "that the official number is yet difficult to estimate since the group of 'underground Catholics' should be added" - well that did not change the continuing progressive Development.

The Haze of Mercy in the Decaying of Faith 

The Church is  "reaping" the undiminished  fruits of failing faith and is even more so unwilling under the current  Pope   to rethink, stressing the need to reflect the beliefs: The haze of mercy currently existent in Rome  does not help against the decay of faith.


Monday, November 17, 2014

Highest Religious of Austria Demands Women's Ordination With Church Rebels

Abt Christian Haidinger calls for end to discrimination against women by the Church
Edit:  "Non Serviam".

(Vienna) The senior abbot of the Austrian Benedictine Abbey of Altenburg, Christian Haidinger, feels himself called since his election as President of the Conference of Superiors of Male Religious Communities in Austria,  to publicly attack the Catholic Church and this, primarily on issues that do not concern him as a monk. In a study conference "Women in the Church. Equal dignity - Equal Rights"  Haidinger again renewed the call for women priests.

Abbot Haidinger  has presided over a Benedictine abbey till last March 14,  he is now Abbot President of the Austrian Benedictine Congregation and President of the aforementioned  Conference of Superiors of Austrian male  religious.  There is no higher religious in the Alpine republic. Elected on 25 November 2013,  as President of Major Superiors, he gave an interview upon his entrance in which he berated the Catholic teaching on marriage as a "disaster" and castigated the Church's handling of remarried divorcees as inhuman. He also called for the abolition of priestly celibacy and the admission of women to the priesthood. Amazing polemical, regarding women priests, even heretical statements that have nothing to do with  Benedictine monastic orders. The ecclesiastical hierarchy was habitually silent on the precipitation of the Abbot President.

Heretical  Trysts and disobedient initiatives with Abbot President

Then  Abbot Haidinger asserted this: the No to women priests, it will not stay. Haidinger  proposed to organizers with the suggestion that the religious "considers it not only possible but urgently desirable for"  women to be ordained. 
Relevantly positioned teams invited last Saturday in St. Pölten for the conference "Women in the Church. Equal dignity - equal rights ". The title was program. The result, which was reflected in a resolution at the end,  was already clear before the beginning. Invited were the heretical organization "We Are Church", the disobedient priests of the "pastor initiative", the left Catholic Catholic Women's Movement Austria (KFBÖ), the notoriously progressive St. Pölten "Forum XXIII.," The group "Priest Without Office" and the same spectrum belonging "Taxhamer Parish Council Initiative". The meeting was also included the "Fall Meeting of Reform Initiatives," which is referred to the left side of the Church itself.
Abbot President Haidinger was thus in a society that is more outside than inside the Church. The perspective can be turned around, making it clear how far heretical and  schismatic positions are penetrated into the Church, of course. Never the less it should be told how far these positions are already recognized in the Church in Austria, when  the bureaucratic, highest religious representative of Austria it taken into account, so  assuredly  moves in these circles and accepts its positions as its own.

I Am "Not Alone": Majority of Theologians for Women Priests, Bishops Also for Frauendiakonat

Event advertised on website of the Diocese of St. Pölten
Haidinger flirted in his talk with the new modesty. As the "little monk" he had nothing to propose to the   question of women, but then he did it. "The time will come when women will also get access to our Church offices, which are now reserved exclusively to men." The Abbot President portrayed himself as the preventive courageous sacrifice, for he foresees that he for his criticism and demands  must "take a beating". There's no sense that this is going to happen, for  In St. Pölten, Haidinger only met with vigorous applause.
But, as the Abbot President, he knew he is  "not alone" in his demands. Actually that is to say that a majority of theologians agree. He even knew of bishops who were in favor, "at least  to admit women to the diaconate." There are "theological reasons" for the admission of women to the ordained ministries. In addition, we have had "encouraging experience" with women in pastoral positions and finally there were "great theologians". There were hurdles but  Abbot Haidinger sees no obstacles for women priests only because of the predictable "great irritation" of the Orthodox, who would burden the ecumenical dialogue.  For his thesis, the abbot appealed to  Pope Francis before the Synod of Bishops  for a  "desired open and frank discussion" in the Church. The Pope himself spoke of a need to "deepen the woman question", said Haidinger.
In addition to the Benedictine Abbot President, the feminist theologian Grazer Frau Fischer spoke. Fischer is a member of the advisory board for the new translation of the "Bible in just language". Petra Steinmair-Pösel talked about "the current situation of young women and theologians in the Church" is based on "The latest material from the sociology of religion studies with Prof. (Paul) Zulehner".  Also, there was an "Experience Report of a Nun" by Sr. Maria Schlackl SDS from Linz, a "Salvatorian of the Passion".

Resolution Calls for "The End of Discrimination Against Women" by the Church

The study meeting called in the final resolution for an  "end discrimination against women" through and in the Church. Those present agreed that the exclusion of women from the priesthood is an "impermissible discrimination" is the true remedy it. Finally, women have "effected and inspired" the Church, which is why their exclusion from ordained ministries is untenable.
The resolution reads: "The exclusion of women from the priesthood is a discrimination that can not blame  Jesus for the argument that he  didn't grant them authority. Already, due to the natural divine law, no discrimination is inadmissible; to turn it off, it does not require any special authority. "
The "Fall Conference" demonstratively ended with a "celebration of the Word of God, which was headed by women". The venue was the formation house St. Hyppolit in the diocese of St. Pölten.
Of the said diocese and the competent diocesan Bishop Klaus Küng (Opus Dei) there has been no opinion on the meeting, the resolution and the appearance of Abbot President Haidinger. On the website of the Diocese the meeting was about the Catholic Women's Movement advertised in the official calendar of events. The Diocese of St. Pölten was headed, until 2004 by the late, militant Bishop Kurt Krenn, who braced himself against heretical positions and was brutally put down by the same circles.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: My district / Hilda Schwameis (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Murder Plot Against Pope Francis? The Mad World of Paul Zulehner and the Austrian Media

Pope Zulehner
(Vienna) A neutral statement of the interview appointed new Secretary of State of the Holy See, Monsignor Pietro Parolin, should trigger a new celibacy debate. At least, it is desired in progressive Church circles. The Austrian pastoral theologian Paul Zulehner is sure that Pope Francis wants to abolish priestly celibacy and hopes that the Pope is not killed before he can by his enemies. In the tangled, cabaret plot world of Zulehner the possible perpetrators are also certain: There are, of course, "conservatives".

Two days ago an interview took place with the future Secretary of State of the Holy See, Monsignor Pietro Parolin. Compared to a business newspaper in Caracas, Venezuela, where Parolin is currently still Apostolic Nuncio, the Archbishop appointed number two in the Vatican Curia by Pope Francis, said that the priest celibacy was "no dogma". Which is really no stretch. The need for a purely "formal-technical" response to Parolin is controversial. The new Secretary of State responded to a question from journalists, including several inquiries, but without expressing a personal opinion. Numerous media made of it a sensationalist presentation of readiness for the abolition of celibacy. An intention which can not be seen from Parolin's words like that, but grist to the mill for progressive Church circles that are promoted by the mass media of the unchurched with special fondness. Celibacy is an eyesore to the world.

ORF and verbeamteter churches Definer Zulehner play each other for the ball

Various "tenured" Church officials with progressive soundbites immediately jumped on the media train. In an especially colorful way, it was motivated by the Austrian pastoral theologian, Paul Zulehner. The priest and university professor emeritus, who was from 2000 to 2007 Dean of the Faculty of Catholic Theology at the University of Vienna, is not representative of the Catholic Church, but so aptly represents the state of the Catholic Church in Austria. This also means that in questions about Church, Zulehner is a permanent resident in the ORF [Formerly Reichsender Radio during WWII]. Through his glasses, he explains for Austrian state radio to the Austrians, how things should run in the Church.

Since the wish is father to the thought, and the desire surprising celibacy abolition is also in the ORF religion Editorial little, was promptly re Paul Zulehner asked by the ORF into the studio to tell the Austrian public, what used to think it about celibacy.

Zulehner has reliably fulfilled all expectations and more. In the words Parolins himself gave, the pastoral theologian is "optimistic" that priestly celibacy could fall soon. He assumed the new Secretary of State, who had personally expressed no opinion, just that he would actually loosen celibacy. But that's not enough, he transferred from Parolin, a desire easily subordinated to Pope Francis. The time is "ripe to consider the abolition of celibacy for Catholic priests," said Zulehner, who wants to say something out of his mouth, that the priestly celibacy should have been abolished long ago. Zulehner's position is already known on that.

Zulehner's Antipathy to Celibacy is Nothing New - So He Adds an Assassination Plot

So, if there nothing new under the sun, not even for all the opponents of celibacy, Zulehner was best permitted by ORF to give his opinion, and not a defender of celibacy, and thus the official Church teaching and discipline.

But in order to secure, despite his too-familiar position on celibacy, Zulehner has to put some attention on a log. And pretty brazen at that. Pope Francis would fundamentally reform the church and finally eliminate just like the priest celibacy. Zulehner hopes that the Pope will push through his reform plans, which of course the pastoral theologian is pretending to know exactly, but only he, because the Pope has made known no specific "reform plans". Not all. Because of the alleged intention to eliminate celibacy, he, Zulehner, has fears for the Pope. The pastoral theologian said he hopes that Pope Francis would not previously killed by his opponents.

The Invention of a Rumor - Mythical Applause for a "Different" Church Zulehner literally told ORF Vorarlberg: "Some people also fear that the Conservatives are too many and that some also considering to kill him [the Pope]. There are such rumors. "Rumors, which of course in turn, only Zulehner knows. In other words, ORF viewers were witnesses as a rumor was invented and brought into the world.

The ORF also interviewed the head of pastoral care for the diocese of Feldkirch (Vorarlberg), Walter Schmolly, who applauded the abolition of priestly celibacy, who was "delighted" by Archbishop Parolin's utterance. He also mentioned the lack of priests and celibacy debate in one breath, as there is a "need" to lift priestly celibacy and as could be that the lack of priests, the expression of a far deeper crisis, namely a crisis of faith and radical demographic shifts is to be "structurally" solved.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Trans: Tancred AMGD

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Vienna's Pastoral Office in the Hands of Left Feminist

The old Liberal Cardinal of Vienna is promoting an old Liberal Church functionary, who is associated with the anti-Church group "We Are Church".  The anti-Catholic media bosses will praise her.

Christoph Kardinal Schönborn
Christoph Kardinal Schönborn
(, Wien)Today on the feast of the Immaculate Conception, Christoph Cardinal Schönborn of Vienna has made some of his personal decisions known.

The old Liberal Vienna Regent, Secular Priest Nikolaus Krasa will be the new General Vicar.

Fr. Krasa is a passionate mountain climber. [sounds dangerous]

He proceeded to terminated his position in 'Press Service of the Archdiocese of Vienna", to continue on in the old Liberal line of his predecessors.

The old liberal Viennese Subregent, Fr. Richard Tatzreiter, follows Father Krasa as Regent.  

Fr. Tatzreiter was recently promoted as the supposed result of "collegiality" of priests.

Finally the Cardinal named the old Liberal Pastoral Theologian Veronika Prüller-Jagenteufel as the new director of the Pastoral Office.

The current old Liberal director, Fr. Michael Scharf, will be the Spiritual Assistant to the Pastoral Office.

Everything is on a Course in the Direction of Decline

With the naming of Mrs Prüller-Jagenteufel, Cardinal Schönborn has established a decisive course to put women in positions of responsibility normally held by clerics.

Already, women head the Financial Office, the Office of Schools, the Business and Accounting Departments of the Archdiocese of Vienna in the old Liberal decline.

Mrs. Prüller-Jagenteufel worked as Assistent and received her credentials studying under the anti-Church Viennese Pastoral Theologian, Fr. Paul Micheal Zulehner.

She was decisively involved with the preparation and execution of the Cardinal's anti-Church penance and protest liturgy with anti-Catholic Society, "We Are Church" in the Spring of 2009.

The event served to play up the infrequent homosexual abuses of children in the ecclesiastical area.

Initially, Mrs. Prüller-Jagenteufel's wished for proposal "a 'date of foundation' in the Church":

"We could confront the necessary institutional deconstruction anti-cyclically with many initiatives, experiments, community foundings and departures"  -- the Pastoral Theologian varnishes the the destruction of parishes.

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